Geek Mob Mercenary (LIGHT NOVEL VERSION) Volume 2 Chapter 28

Mob №28 ” Well, ladies and gentlemen. I look forward to working with you for the next two days! “

After the meeting exclusive to mercenaries, there’s a meeting with the client.
A guild staff member is always present at this meeting.
Moreover, unless specifically requested by the client, only the leader of the escort usually attends.
This system was put in place as a precaution against mercenaries threatening clients for unfair rewards in the past. The face-to-face meetings involve only the leader, with a guild staff member present.
The meeting exclusive to mercenaries is designed to make reporting easier.
However, this time, the client requested the participation of everyone.
It’s a bit of a hassle, but it’s better to do it.
So, we headed to the meeting room where the client was waiting for the meeting.

In that room, there was a staff member and a career woman who looked sharp in a suit.
As soon as she saw us, she stood up quickly.
“Nice to meet you! I’m Rone-Nostru from the Neima Trading Company’s Sales Department. Originally, the head of the department was supposed to come, but due to the sudden unavailability of a high-ranking participant who had been scheduled to attend a previous meeting, the head of the department, who wasn’t planning to attend, was hastily called in as a substitute. So, I, as the deputy head, was drafted as a replacement.”
She apologized with a hint of regret.
Nostru-san, in her mid-twenties, had a lively and beautiful appearance with short hair and a neat style.
“Nice to meet you. I’ll be the leader for the escort this time, Arthur-Lingard.”
As expected of Arthur.
He extended his handshake with a refreshing smile.
After exchanging handshakes, the five of us introduced ourselves, and the meeting began promptly.
However, since our policy was decided in the previous discussion, the main participants in the conversation were the staff, Nostru-san, and Arthur.
We would silently observe.
One of the participants, Seira, who everyone thought would glare at the client, Nostru-san, with a killing intent, surprisingly had a serious expression and was attentively listening to the conversation between the client and Arthur.

By the way, the request for this time :

The client wants transporting a new product to be exhibited at the new product presentation event on the planet Galife.
Job details: Escorting a large transport ship from the Neima Trading Company.
Job duration: Approximately 48 hours from departure from Planet Itz to delivery on Planet Garlife.
Work environment: Refueling of the spaceship. Gate usage fees are covered by the client.
Job conditions: Must own a spaceship.
Repair costs for spaceship damage are the responsibility of the contractor.
Reward: 1.3 million credits per person – payment upon arrival.

In case of combat, hazard pay will be paid for each occurrence.
And so, the meeting smoothly progressed,
“All right, everyone. Let’s work together for the next two days!”
With that, all the meetings for today concluded.

By the way, after leaving the meeting room, Morize-san said to Seira-san,
“I thought, given your personality, you’d probably give that client a killer look while grinding your teeth. But you held it in well.”
She dropped a bomb with a laugh, but Seira calmly replied,
“Perhaps you were worried that she might get too close to Sir Arthur, feel jealous of the client, and intimidate her, neglecting our job. However, in private or among mercenaries, if the client tries to seduce him, that’s a different story. But during work, indulging in romance, glaring, or intimidating while Sir Arthur is talking could tarnish his reputation, don’t you think?”
She responded calmly,
considering the situation, but she did give a pretty intense glare when she announced herself at the exploration distance.
Well, it’s probably better not to dwell on that.

Anyway, since the meeting with the client was over, I decided to head straight to the Paterson Dispensary in the black market.
The purpose is self-evident.
And for some reason, I could see Levin-kun, the black market guy, heading towards the black market as well.
Well, it’s not surprising that he, a clear chuunibyou patient, comes to the black market.
In fact, he blends in too well.
Anyway, no matter when you come here, it’s shady.
Even the benches for resting are suspicious.
Oh, that butcher still has the banner for “Born from Boiling Oil Sludge, the Bitter Dark Golden” = “Spicy Curry Croquettes with Squid Ink-infused Coating.”
I tried them the other day; they are spicy but surprisingly delicious, so it must have become a popular item.
Past that butcher, in front of a store, a group of women suffering from the same chuunibyou as Levin-kun gathered.
It seems like a confectionery store is setting up a stall in front of the shop.
And on the signboard, it was written, “Harbinger of Rainbow Intestines, Housing the Life of Trees from the Blessing of the Ocean.”
This is another incomprehensible mess… oh well.
It’s a taiyaki with fruit-flavored bean paste and fruit sauce.
There was an illustration, so it was easy to understand, despite the strange combination.
And what a fancy illustration it was.
It’s the complete opposite of the setting in the black market shopping district, but I guess it’s okay?
Anyway, the taiyaki had seven types of bean paste: strawberry, banana, orange, grape, peach, melon, and mango. Additionally, there were classic flavors like black bean, white bean, matcha, chocolate, custard, and caramel cream.
I was intrigued, but I couldn’t join the group of girls to make a purchase, so I decided to ignore it for now.


There was also a bookstore with a sign that said “Forbidden Books In Stock.”
A hardware store had a sign that read “Magic Swords and Cursed Blades Half-Price Sale.”
And a clothing store had a sign that said “Twilight Cloth. In Stock.”
Ignoring these, I arrived at the Paterson Dispensary. For some reason, there was also Levin, who I affectionately call Chuunibyou-kun.
He didn’t seem surprised and asked, “Are you here for information too?”
It seems he’s also a friend of the informant.
I simply replied, “Sort of,” and opened the door to enter the store.
“Welcome… an unexpected combination…”
From Gonzalez’s tone, I could tell that Levin was a regular here.
Levin placed cash on the counter and straightforwardly requested,
“I want information on both Neima Trading Company and that ex-cop, Bernard Zag.”
He demanded information straight away.
“Got it. And you?”
“I’m in for the same job, I guess.”
“Understood. It’ll take about an hour. Feel free to wander around.”
Gonzalez collected the cash, then brought his hair tied at the neck forward, exposing the back of his neck. He opened a connector at the nape and took out a cord connected to a PC.
“Got it. I’ll go do some gun maintenance.”
Levin said that and went outside.
“Was he a regular customer before?”
After Levin disappeared, I asked while handing over the cash.
“Not until recently. He heard about us from the candy shop owner. They’re selling fruit taiyaki now.”
“I think he’d suit being a butcher better.”

scene transition

It seems Levin has quite the sweet tooth.
Perhaps, he went to buy that fruit taiyaki while doing gun maintenance.
Now, it’s time for my usual reading.
By the way, Gonzalez is always reading newspapers, but I know he keeps light novels and manga under the PC behind the counter that isn’t glass. When I hear the sound of the door opening, I know he switches to the newspaper, but it’s better not to say anything.
I’m currently hooked on an old light novel called “Reading Island Saga.”

Exactly one hour later.
My informant friend gathered the information as promised.
By the way, it seems Levin bought fruit taiyaki while mingling with that group of women.
“Neima Trading Company doesn’t seem to have anything particularly noteworthy. They’re a legitimate electronics manufacturer, dealing in everything from household appliances to audio equipment. This time, the request is undoubtedly to transport a new product they’ll be showcasing at the Galife Planet’s new product launch event. I think they explained the details when they made the request.”
Gonzalez unplugged the cord and gulped down some mineral water.
Levin blushed slightly at his action.
“Next is Bernard Zag. He used to be a police officer, but according to official records, he was dismissed from the force. It seems he was blamed for some major blunder his career brought about.”
“Career… meaning he’s nobility?”
“Some colleagues, juniors, some superiors, and those who had benefited from his career tried to argue that the accusations were groundless, but it seems they weren’t listened to. That career is quite disliked within the police force.”
“Obviously. Then the grudge is directed there.”
If that’s the case, there shouldn’t be any attacks coming our way, so it should be fine.
At any rate, it’s reassuring to know it’s a safe request.
Now all we have to do is to do the job right.
The only thing that bothered me a little was that Levin’s gaze kept drifting towards our informant friend.

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