Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 1

Chapter Twelve: Real or Fake

My basic daily cycle is decided.
In the morning I exercise, study, and then in the afternoon there’s a pretty high chance I’ll be attacked by Red and the others.
In between those times I watch movies and overseas dramas recommended by Reima and the other staff but…today was a bit different.
“Hey, Shirakawa.”
“Why are you here?”
For some reason my attending doctor Shirakawa is here.
Sitting on the sofa a person’s space away from me in the solitary confinement cell, she gathers her white hair into a bundle behind her and tries to start up the player equipped in the cell.
“Because I’m bored of course.”
“It’s obvious isn’t it? I don’t have anything I should be doing…everyone’s working during this time. I got bored and came.”
“Go home. You’ll get fired.”
“I can just say I was providing mental care for you if anything comes up. Come on, I properly brought snacks so it’s fine right?”
Don’t think you can bait me with snacks?
Plus there are already snacks thoughtfully gifted by the staff in this cell.
“But you’re loved huh.”
“Why’s that?”
Looking at something on a smartphone in her hand, Shirakawa talks to me cheerfully.
“It’s an app called Tummutter. All their posts are just about you. See?”
On the smartphone screen she shows me is an image of Red transformed, with short text next to it.

“The Black Knight was energetic today too!”

“Uh, what does this mean?”
“Well simply put, it’s letting the world know you’re alive and well.”
“What’s she doing!?”
I’m energetic sure, but there’s no need to broadcast pointless stuff like this!
“And this one’s Kirara’s.”

“I was surprised when he taught me instead while I tried to teach him. I have to work hard too.”

I do remember teaching Yellow studying.
Well, this much is normal. Anyway she’s the most reassuring and helpful.
But the scariest is Blue.
“Wha-what’s Blue writing…!?”
I nervously look at the screen Shirakawa shows me.
In the column with transformed Blue’s picture, the text says…

“The Black Knight was puppy-like today too. Cute.”

“She thinks I’m like a dog!?”
There are limits to rudeness…!!
And why’s the attached picture a dog too!?
“I don’t think she means it in a bad way. Kattun does have a puppy-like atmosphere like the picture. This is a Siberian Husky right?”
“I’ll interrogate her later…!!”
Calm down for now.
I can’t accept being treated like a dog but the attached dog photo is innocent.
Taking a deep breath and regaining my composure, I lightly sigh.
“It’s like an observational diary about me…”
“Well, it’s something the general public wants. In a way it’s providing a certain amount of information because of them, right?”
I don’t know what’s so interesting about learning about me.
“…Oh well.”
“Oh, is it okay?”
“Like you said, this seems like them providing information as the Justice Crusaders. If Reima recommended it, they have to follow it right? you don’t have to get that annoyed about it either.”
Though I do intend to complain about the dog treatment.
“…You’re dense huh. Well, it can’t be helped considering it’s you.”
But is this Tummutter thing really that fun?
I don’t even have a smartphone, and I know almost nothing about Tummutter.
“Rather than that, want to watch a movie or something? Since I know your daily cycle I came to play during this time.”
“Premeditated criminal…”
Sighing, I try choosing what to watch.
Yesterday I was given 3 movies by Reima and the staff.
“Action, sci-fi, romance. Which do you want?”
“Actually I don’t watch those kinds of movies.”
Same for me.
But that’s surprising. I figured Shirakawa had the type of personality to enjoy watching movies on days off.
“We can skip the romance. I don’t want the awkward atmosphere, and I don’t really understand romance anyway.”
“The staff strongly recommended it but…if you say so then it can’t be helped.”
“Could it be someone among the staff looks at Kattun with indecent eyes?”
“They’re people who kindly dealt with me causing so much trouble. There’s absolutely no way.”
“Hmm, I want to make that staff who recommended it feel guilty by having them hear that from you.”
They did seem a bit suspicious when they gave it to me but…
That was probably just because they weren’t used to talking to me since I was the Black Knight.
“We watched an action movie yesterday so how about sci-fi today?”
“Yeah. I don’t care as long as it kills time.”
Don’t say things so pointlessly.
Sighing at Shirakawa lightly saying something heartless, I play the disc she lent me.
“Then I’ll sit next to you.”
Shirakawa carrying drinks sits next to me on the sofa I’m on and watches the screen.
Without thinking anything particular, I focus on the movie about to start.
The sci-fi movie that played was more of a human drama with some action elements, a bit different than I imagined.
‘You’re not human.’
‘You’re a machine made of scrap and oil.’
‘You were never alive to begin with.’


It’s about an android who thinks it’s human despite being created by humans, and the protagonist who dislikes androids, as they confront the meaning of the android’s existence together.
Whether they’re human because they have a flesh body, or because they have a heart.
While harboring anguish and conflict about being a created life, it finds itself.
I gradually become absorbed in the story.
‘I am human.’
‘Not because I was created as such.’
‘Because that’s what I wish to be.’
Whether it’s human or not.
The android, which initially tried to have its existence recognized by someone, accepts itself through the story, and still tries to exist as a human.
The protagonist who acted together with the android also acknowledges it as an equal friend, recognizing its way of being.
Feeling considerable satisfaction from developments that shake me and make all those frustrations seem trivial, I unconsciously look next to me at Shirakawa.
“…Shirakawa, are you crying?”
Not realizing it herself, Shirakawa touches her wet cheeks.
“Oh, um, it was a better movie than I expected so I got emotional. Haha…”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah…don’t worry about it.”
I probably shouldn’t pry too much.
I can be considerate that much at least.
“Hey, Kattun.”
As the movie ends and the credits roll, Shirakawa suddenly calls out to me.
“If you were a fake, and your real self was someone else…what would Kattun think?”
“What’s with the sudden question?”
“It’s about the movie. If it’s human or not. If the fake thought it was the real thing…would it really become the real thing?”
If you take it that far it becomes a philosophical discussion right?
But well, Shirakawa doesn’t seem to want a professional response.
“It’s the same as the end of this movie. What’s important is yourself.”
“There’s no need for the fake to become real. What matters is whether you can affirm yourself.”
If it could be twisted by what others say, that’s the end of it.
“If you keep doubting your own existence, who’s gonna affirm you?”
First you have to affirm yourself.
At least that’s how I felt after watching this movie.
“What if the real Kattun existed, and the Kattun here now was fake…what would you think?”
“There’s no way the real me would think to replace my current position even if he existed.”
“Ha, ha, you’re right.”
No one would want my position.
Objectively even I don’t wanna do it, and if a fake me said something stupid like wanting to be me, I’d stop him with everything I’ve got.
“Hey. Could this be part of a mental check or something?”
“No, that’s not my intention. Just…”
Shirakawa stops there after saying that much.
As if hesitating over what to say, she looks conflicted, then faces me looking resolved.
“…I seem to have a sister.”
“That’s too sudden.”
It completely derails the conversation.
And what’s with ‘seem to’?
“More like a step-sister I guess. But…she was extremely excellent, this sister I hear.”
“You’re a doctor around our age, I think that’s impressive enough.”
“I’m fudging my age.”
“Keep it secret okay?”
Saying that with a friendly smile, she puts her index finger to her lips.
Could it be she’s older than us despite this young appearance…?
“So compared to my sister who looks completely different than me, my abilities are degraded versions of degraded versions…
“So my parents were disappointed in me.”
“…Did you…rarely meet your sister face to face…?”
“…Hehe, I haven’t met her face to face since I was born. I still haven’t found her, and probably can never meet her face to face of my own accord, right?”
Your family situation is too complicated.
“That’s, how to say, uh…”
“Don’t worry about it. She doesn’t know about me either, and that’s for the best. Families come in various forms.”
“Yeah. You’re right.”
Come to think of it, I don’t know much about Shirakawa.
Despite being rude calling me Kattun right after we first met, I am indebted to her.
If I can at least be someone she can talk to…
“I’ve never met or even seen my sister’s face. I did want to meet her at one point but in the end, my wish didn’t come true.”
“It’d be good if you could meet.”
“You think so? If we met, I might not know what to do, you know?”
“You wouldn’t do anything like that.”
At my words, Shirakawa laughs for some reason.
She wasn’t ridiculing or anything. With tears in her eyes she laughed innocently.
“Ah, ahaha! Oh geez, why am I talking so much? Is it because of this movie? Ahaha, how strange…”
Wiping the tears in her eyes, Shirakawa finishes laughing and goes limp against the sofa back.
“You know, I entered here around the same time you were captured.”
“Eh, really? I figured you had been here long before.”
“I’m a newer face than you’d think–me.”
But Red and the others seemed close with you.
Starting from our first meeting calling me by nickname, unlike me she must skillfully close the distance with people.
Then, the credits that were rolling end, and the screen fades to black.
“Looks like it’s over. …It was moving but also a slightly scary movie. It made me think about what’s right, the real or the fake.”
“Are you going back?”
“Yeah, I rested too much. I’ll go back before getting scolded.”
Standing up, Shirakawa heads to the door.
“To be honest, when I entered here I wondered what would happen. I didn’t even have a purpose to live for.”
“Don’t make that face, Kattun. You know, I like you. The same as the kids you’re with.”
The kids? She means Red and the others? Sounds meaningful.
I unconsciously tilt my head, and still smiling, Shirakawa leaves the solitary cell.
“Affirming yourself huh.”
I murmur the words I said to Shirakawa.
Various things have happened since I came here.
“It’s probably about time I move forward too.”
Not becoming a member of the Justice Crusaders.
Just that maybe I can open my heart a little to those nosy people.
“I’ll try submitting an outing request.”
I’ll probably get annoying reactions but it’s more than enough as a first step.

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