I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 15

The reason for creating this magic was simple—I just didn’t want to die. To become a hero, I had to go through countless life-or-death battles, but if I died, it would be all over. No matter how strong I became, if I let my guard down and was killed in a surprise attack, it would be the end. I absolutely didn’t want to die.

…At that time, I was really looking for ways to avoid death. Methods like becoming a vampire, an elixir of immortality, or the “Blessing of the World Tree.” Most of them ended up being in vain.

Since there seemed to be no way to achieve that, I thought, “Then I should just create that kind of magic myself.” I mixed the formula of the beginner-level magic Minor Regeneration for automatic recovery and the formula of Dimensional Bestowal, which manipulates time and space, as a base. Ideally, Superior Healing would have been better, but I didn’t know that spell at the time, so I gave up on it.

And so, I devoted myself to research day and night, with no sleep, considering things like the amount of magic power and the oath to be imposed, experimenting… and as a result, something came out.

I was delighted back then. With this, I shouldn’t die anymore. I was jumping around with a sleep-deprived face, full of joy.

But then, an unexpected situation came to light.

For some reason, even though this magic should falls under the category of Dimensional Magic, it was treated as Healing Magic.

Structurally, it is based on Dimensional Bestowal, using the deceased body or the remaining soul in the mortal world to rewind it back to the healthy state before death… but for some reason, it didn’t fall under Dimensional Magic, but rather under Healing Magic. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Furthermore, because it was filled with an excessive amount of magic power, even high-level Healing Magic such as Superior Healing was repelled.

…In other words, when Dimensional Resurrection is in effect on the body, Healing Magic doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous.

As a result, I found out that as long as Dimensional Resurrection was active, I couldn’t heal any injuries, no matter how severe they were.

Thanks to the secondary effect of Dimensional Resurrection, my natural healing ability increased, so most injuries would automatically heal… but in the case of major injuries, they would remain unhealed.

As a result, my body is always covered in old scars. Fortunately, the scars are mostly hidden by my clothes.

…Well, technically, I can heal them. But if I were to heal every little thing, it could potentially weaken the natural healing ability and affect the effectiveness of Dimensional Resurrection. Unless my life is in danger, I choose not to heal. I don’t want to die if it can be avoided.

And the biggest issue… with this magic, for some reason, whether it’s due to using Dimensional Bestowal or incomplete spell formulas, there are times when I lose my memories from before I died after being resurrected. There have been instances where I had no memory for up to three days, and there were times when I didn’t even know why I died in the first place.

“I remember everything this time. That’s a relief…”

Seriously, this magic has too many flaws… The spell formula is overly complex, requiring days of concentration and careful execution. And during that time, I can’t eat anything and have to fast… It’s incredibly bothersome and painful. Now I have to go through it all over again because I died this time… Just thinking about it makes me want to die. Someone, please help me.

Moreover, that’s not the only flaw of this magic. After resurrection, there’s a delay before Dimensional Resurrection activates, depending on the extent of the body’s injuries. If the injuries are too severe… I end up teleporting. Physically.

As I struggled with the multitude of flaws, Eve approached me with a perplexed expression and spoke.

“I don’t understand. You said ‘this time’ as if you’ve died multiple times…”

“Huh? Well, I’ve died several times before. Though it hasn’t happened recently. I think the last time was when I fought against a dragon…? Yeah, that dragon was insanely strong…”


In response to my answer, Eve’s expression turned into shock. Well, yeah, if someone tells you they’ve died multiple times, you’d probably react the same way. I’d react the same way if someone told me. I’m a messed-up person.

“So, where… when did that happen?”

Eve seemed flustered and asked in a trembling voice.

Where… well…

“I think it was about ‘four years ago’ when I was being chased by Aldi… at ‘Magikosmaia.’ I’m pretty sure.”

The last memory I recall is defeating a single dragon and encountering two more as reinforcements… In other words, I must have died because I couldn’t handle it. I don’t know what happened afterward… but I think the knight order or someone must have defeated them for me.

I wanted to know the details of what happened afterward immediately. However, the first sight that came into view after my resurrection with Dimensional Resurrection was a lush green forest.

Later, I learned that due to the severe condition of my injuries at the time Dimensional Resurrection was activated, I had been sent to the unexplored region at the northernmost part of the continent, the Lasveit continent. Why did that happen?

And thus, the days of hell began.


If the transfer was treated as Spatial Transfer, then right after resurrection, the side effects kicked in, making me feel as if I were experiencing motion sickness, a cold, a headache, stomachache, sleep deprivation, and muscle pain all at once. Moreover, it came with excruciating pain that would make it difficult to articulate even a word if I moved even a little.

It didn’t heal even with Fatigue Recovery, and for several days, I couldn’t move properly in that state, spending my days in fear of external threats in a place filled with powerful dragons and monsters.

Even after managing to move again, it took a month for my condition to recover, and I survived on nothing but a minimal amount of nuts and water. I never want to experience that hell again.

…Well, even in that state, at the time, I boldly challenged powerful monsters. I fought and defeated mighty beasts, and I even chased after the incredibly fast fox-like magical beings. It was because they attacked me first, so I relentlessly pursued them. In the end, they managed to escape.

As a result, I never found out what happened after Magikosmaia. I was too occupied with the intense days on the Lasveit continent, and I had completely forgotten until now. There were even stronger creatures there…

“Did you… wear armor at that time?”

“Armor? Yeah, I was wearing armor… Why?”

As I reminisced, Eve asked another question while leaning in closer, staring intently at my face.

At that time, I wore bulky armor and a full-face helmet to completely hide my face, and I even used Mana Disguise to ensure that I couldn’t be found. I was fully prepared.

“You mean… did you happen to meet a girl with gray hair?”

She pressed on, bringing her body closer to mine, and asked with a raspy voice.

A girl with gray hair… Oh, right…

“Yeah, there was someone like that. I gave her some leftover mana-enhancing potion and made her train. It brings back memories… I wonder how she’s doing now. It would be great if she managed to form a contract with a spirit…”

Come to think of it, that’s when it started. I didn’t like the resigned look on that gray-haired girl’s face, so I started crushing the slave traders. Can’t help it, they pissed me off.

“Since it seemed like she didn’t have a name, I just gave her one on the spot… Well, I guess she wouldn’t want a name that was randomly chosen, so I think she have a different name now… Wait, why does Eve know? I never told anyone—!?”

As I looked at Eve, who was silently facing the ground, I involuntarily flinched. …Eve was shedding tears, drop by drop.

“Hey, what’s… wha-wha-wha-what’s wrong? Why all of a sudden—”

I stammered.

“…He… He was alive. Ray… Ray was—”

Eve, with teardrops falling to the ground, managed to speak through small, sobbing words.

This sudden change… Could it be that she’s affected by some kind of mental contamination magic? …No, that’s not possible. I was extremely cautious to prevent Eve from being attacked. I didn’t sense any such magic. Then why—

“A-Alright, we’re about to teleport… You should grit your teeth. I’ll use Fatigue Recovery right away, so it’ll be fine, but you’ll still feel extremely nauseous.”

While saying that, I realized that we had only one minute left until the simultaneous teleportation, so I warned Eve. Since Dimensional Resurrection wasn’t in effect this time, I could use Fatigue Recovery. That meant I wouldn’t have to endure that agony. I’m really glad.

As I sighed with relief by myself…

“Um, Ray?”


Despite telling her to grit her teeth, Eve spoke to me. …Well, my name is Jirei, though. Did she just make a mistake?

“I… I have someone I like.”

“…What’s this about?”

Someone she likes? Why is she saying that now?

“At that time, I realized it too late and couldn’t say it. But when I meet him again… I definitely wanted to convey these feelings.”

“…I see. Well, I guess that’s fine? I don’t really get it.”

I replied vaguely for now. I don’t understand what she’s trying to say, but if she wants to do something, she should go ahead. It doesn’t concern me.

“So… I’m saying it now.”


Just as I was about to lose my balance, Eve unexpectedly fell against me, as if entrusting her body to me.

At the same time, the teleportation magic was activated. After the view wavered for a moment, it switched to the scene just before the entrance. Aldi, who had been drawing something on the ground with a sullen expression, noticed us and quickly raised his head.

“Jirei! What happened—?”

“I love you. I love the blunt, foul-mouthed, yet kind you who saved me… I love you. I love you so much. Will you… go out with me? I finally… said it.”

She spoke each word, gazing straight at me with moist eyes while entrusting her body to mine.

And then…

“I… uh, what’s the situation…?”

Aldi said with a perplexed expression. It was a “I don’t understand, I can’t comprehend” kind of look.

…Well, that’s what I wanted to ask.

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