Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

To demonstrate she has no strength, as if to say [This is the proof], she waved the hand I was holding limply.
Of course, I’m applying enough strength that she can’t pull her hand away even if she tries.
“Well, let’s both do our best if rumors start spreading.”
“I find your composure very irritating… Impossibly, I’d like just half of your [composure]. “
“Just half?”
“To be fully honest, all of it. And I would tease you.”
“Ahaha, please show me mercy.”
(It’s not like I’m used to it or anything… Just the fear of what might happen if something happened to Luna outweighs…)
Luna’s a girl who gets special exceptions at school, she’s so smart.
There’s no doubt she’s doted on in the baron family too.
I don’t think they would let her take lame responsibility. Thinking such frightening thoughts helps me stay calm.
If she were in the same position as me, our roles would definitely be reversed now.
“Oh, this I can say for sure, there are plenty of nobles at that school more used to it than me. If anything, I’m on the inexperienced side.”
“I don’t believe you.”
“I mean, a decent number of nobles sneak out from the night parties, you know? Use your imagination what they’re doing.”
The moment I traced Byleth’s memories and stated the basis—Luna looked my way vigorously.
Since she prioritizes reading and has never once attended a night party, it must be shocking.
Her sleepy-looking eyes were shaking, seeming disturbed.
“Th-there’s no way something like that could happen… We’re still minors. To even kiss…”
“I don’t believe such lewd behavior is being committed by any considerable number of people.”
(Wait, hold on. She’s imagining kissing there…? Then by Luna’s standards, kissing is only after becoming an adult…?)
Her unexpectedly pure notion left me dumbfounded.
“What’s with that face? I haven’t said anything incorrect.”
“Vague response. Are you saying they’re kissing? Really?”
“No, um…”
(More than kissing, they’re doing even more extreme stuff…)
With her chaste values, there’s no way I can tell her the upper limit after sneaking out from the night parties isn’t kissing for these minors. I just can’t.
“No, sorry. Maybe they’re not kissing. Yeah.”
“Yes. They couldn’t be doing that.”
Seeing her brimming with confidence, I understand she truly believes that.
“Oh, Luna, I think there are underage kiss scenes even in love romance books, right? Is that okay?”
“Love romance is fiction.”
“I-I see.”
I can say this for sure. Luna has a heart as pure as Sia’s.
“Now, returning to the topic, if they aren’t kissing, just what are the boys and girls sneaking out of the night parties doing? Based on how you said it, it doesn’t seem they’re just talking.”

“Please tell me.”
(No way, is she serious…?)
An extreme killer pass.
Now that I denied kissing, the maximum in Luna’s mind, it’s natural she would wonder what comes next.
“Um, what was it again…? I can’t remember…”
“There’s no way you don’t know. You spoke as if you knew the real circumstances from attending night parties yourself.”
“What are they doing?”
I feel incredible curiosity conveyed.
“Well, that’s, um…”
“That’s, that’s…”
“What is it?”
I rapidly spin my thoughts to buy time.
“Uh, um… Yeah! That’s it! They quietly chat in a tranquil place, gazing at the moon. Sometimes they hold hands then too.”
“I see. That sounds very enjoyable. I understand now why you’re used to holding hands.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“So you’re also switching between different ladies?”
(Somehow…Luna’s gaze feels painful…)
At that moment, strength entered her hand too.
“That’s a misunderstanding! A complete misunderstanding! I just greet them and go home, always.”
“Is that so? I’ve heard night parties are as fun as reading, though.”
“Well, maybe for normal people… Because of my nasty rumors, no one wants to associate with me.”
“I understand. Just hearing your story, I can picture the scene. How pitiful.”
“Hey Luna, you’re not secretly enjoying my misfortune or anything, are you?”
“That’s your imagination.”
Shaking her head sideways, Luna pulled her hat down lower again.
“C-could you start a new topic, please? I have nothing more to say.”
“Oh, sure. Then… Let’s see. Sorry for the sudden request, but could you advise me about a problem?”
“Thanks. But first, you know Sia, right?
“Your personal maid, right? Is there anything wrong?”
“Yes. She’s been acting strange lately. Not like she’s angry, I don’t think, but she’s had this sulky attitude, been a little cold, and—”







(…This isn’t a bad time either.)
In the middle of the bustling, noisy shopping district.
While Luna felt uneasy with the unfamiliar atmosphere, just holding Byleth’s hand wrapped her in a sense of security.
(Do people in relationships spend time like this every day? Honestly…I’m a little envious.)
For Luna who had been fulfilled just by reading, playing today—dating, was a first-time experience.
(Was this the first time I felt frustrated by the limited time? Since reading books?)
Right now, I was enjoying myself as much as when reading books.
“Luna, you know Sia, right?”
“Your personal maid? Is there anything wrong?”
“Yes. She’s been acting strange lately. Not like she’s angry, I don’t think, but she’s had this sulky attitude, been a little cold, and—”
(Consulting about worries regarding a maid, feels a little imposing. But that shows how worried you are, like you. )
I had a vague feeling for just a moment.
(If I can advise him well, we may become closer. …More so than with Elena-san.)
The clever Luna had already glimpsed the future development. She saw it as a good opportunity.
“What do you think about why Sia’s behavior changed? Do you think I did something to cause it…? I don’t think I did anything weird, but—”
“First, I think you should clarify when you noticed the change. Then investigate what happened that day.”
“It’s been a while since I noticed, so it’d be hard to pinpoint… I do know it was around when we made plans to play with Luna.”
“Then that’s the answer.”
I said it frankly after a pause.
“Huh? That’s the answer?”
“Yes. Her behavior changed after you made plans—I suppose you’d call it a date—to play one-on-one with me.”
“So, um…”
“In other words, she felt jealous or envious. Considering the timing, I don’t see any other possibility.”
“Can’t you imagine from her normal behavior?”
“Well, since Sia completes everything perfectly, even if she did feel that way, she wouldn’t show it on her face, I think.”
“Let me ask you this: Sia-san admires you, correct?”
(Subjectively, I see no reason she wouldn’t.)
It was obvious he cared about his maid.
“W-well…I do kinda feel like we’ve been getting closer lately.”
“Then I believe there’s no mistake. Right when she was thinking she could grow closer to her master, plans were made for you to date one-on-one. And I hear Sia-san has a pure personality. It’s only natural some of that would come through in her behavior, even if her work is flawless.”
“When you put it that way, I can’t deny it.”
“My, aren’t you popular.”
“Ahaha…it’s not like I decided that.”
Seeing him smile wryly, Luna’s mouth also softened.
(The personal maid is jealous? That’s quite unusual.)
Maids, especially personal maids, are in a position to be used as liked. They must obey any order.
Yet the fact that he made his maid jealous spoke volumes about what a kind person he was.
“Even with you, her [flawlessness] is meaningless.”
“You didn’t know? That’s Sia-san’s nickname.”
“Huh? Really!? Why something so strong-sounding…”
(He truly seems unaware… Is that because he’s shunned by those around him?)
I informed him of the bare truth, oblivious as he looked.
“It’s because she has perfect scores, no point deduction, on both practical and written tests. In other words, she’s top-ranked among all the servants.”
“Number one overall!? She’s never mentioned anything like that to me…”
“The more excellent someone is, the less they go around boasting. Though that’s a broad topic.”
(Normally you’d inform your master of your grades, but Sia-san probably finds it embarrassing to be praised. I understand how she feels. I was embarrassed too when he complimented my outfit.)
This was the conclusion I secretly drew.
“Hey, Luna, what are the chances another noble tries to scout a maid as excellent as Sia?”
“One hundred percent. Based on her current grades, she’ll certainly get a letter of recommendation to the royal palace after graduation.”
“I see…”
Furrowing his brow, he muttered in a somehow uneasy manner.

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