The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – The Conclusion, and Then

My second contracted spirit dances gracefully in the sky, as if toying with the observer.
The spirit [Arsene] wraps around my body and manifests the [Spirit Dress].
“The second spirit…!”
Leo nii glares at me with eyes laying bare his wounds. But I have no time to falter.
“[Forewarning Right Sword], [Receive Left Sword]”
I grab the swords appearing in my hands and immediately kick off the ground sharply.
Leo nii tries to react on instinct but [Arsene] prioritizes speed.
“Too slow!”
My right blade grazes Leo nii’s [Spirit Dress] before his lumbering greatsword can be swung down.
One strike won’t end this. Without resting my legs I move nimbly about, manipulating Leo nii.
“You think you can stop me…!? Fool!”
No matter how much his output exceeds mine, it means nothing if it can’t hit. If I fully leverage [Arsene’s] speed, I should be able to negate Leo nii’s power.
“In that case I’ll rob you of escape! Lion’s—!”
“Won’t let you!”
Sensing the instant his magical power converges, I step in, using my left sword this time to deflect Leo nii’s blade up. But with the increase in speed, [Arsene] suffers a decrease in power. I can chip at Leo nii’s endurance but it’s not enough to intimidate him.
“Then I’ll take by force!”
As if not comprehending my intentions, Leo nii swings his sword in a bold horizontal arc. This time he fans his slash out to cover the whole surrounding area for a wide range attack. Certainly, no matter how much I try to manipulate him with speed, there will be no escape like this. Taking a blow when [Arsene’s] defensive power is lowered would be critical.
“[Phantom Thief Rondo]—!”
I match the wide ranged slash striking down. With [Alvida] it would be one thing but with [Arsene’s] base output I can’t block it completely… However, now is different.
“—[Lion Heart]!”
Power wells up within me in the next instant. Magical power resembling a heartbeat wraps around my whole body, strengthening me in an instant.
Leo nii’s attack pulverizes that entire section of the tournament stage’s field. Thunderous roars echo about and dust clouds choke the area…
“Why do you have [Lion Heart]…!? No, to directly take my full powered strike head on…!”
However, I remain unharmed. Crossing my twin blades, I showed I could withstand his slash head on.
Leo nii has good reason to be shocked. From his view, I who was clearly inferior in output just moments ago suddenly blocked his strike through power alone.
What let me block that strike wasn’t merely my power increasing… It’s that yours decreased, Leo nii.
He seems to have finally noticed from my words. That the lion’s radiance covering his whole body had vanished.
“[Lion’s Roar] has been dispelled… It can’t be…!?”
I cut with [Forewarning Right Sword] and cut with [Receive Left Sword]. Cutting twice lets me rob my opponent of one spell… It’s a heretical power far removed from expected of royalty, Leo nii.
That is [Arsene’s] ability, [Phantom Thief Rondo].
It’s a double-edged sword where my strength varies drastically depending on my opponent’s magic, and I can only steal one spell, so it lacks stability. That’s why I usually prefer the more balanced [Alvida].
“…! Know shame! You, who behaves like a thief!”
The [Lion Heart] I snatched is quite the jackpot. With all abilities greatly enhanced, not only [Arsene’s] specialty speed but also his other lacking abilities are reinforced.
I understand well enough how Leo nii hates me… hates our family…
I manipulate once more to prevent another wide range attack from Leo nii.
I brandish my blades, throwing him into disarray with speed, suppressing his large blows.
“Then why didn’t you look after your fiance?”
Our family you may hate but your fiance is unrelated right? Then why, why did you hurt Charl that way?”
“That wench hurt Lucille! I merely delivered appropriate retribution!”
“At that time, Charl was trying to talk with you. Trying to exchange words—
— Please wait, Lord Leor! Please hear what I have to say—!
— Silence! I’ve no interest in your opinion!
What Charl was trying to do from the start, what I failed to, was face you properly. She was trying to understand you as best she could… But the one who rejected that was you, Leo nii!”
Using accelerated speed I batted aside the twin blades in one motion. The repeated impacts from my raining blades overwhelmed the greatsword.
“Gh…! A sinner’s words are of no value! That is all!”
“What do you mean to say…!”
It’s thanks to [Lion Heart] reinforcing me that I can now clash blades with Leo nii’s huge sword straight on. I’m neither overwhelmed nor thrown into disarray. Like this, blades and words striking straight on, I can finally see what lies inside Leo nii.
“Leo nii… you were scared.”
“What did you…!?”
You were scared to face Charl and verbalize your weakness…”
I understand that feeling. It’s because we’re properly exchanging words now that I understand.
“Putting it into words means fully acknowledging it. Fully admitting you have no talent. So you wanted someone to find you right? You wanted someone to see you without having to verbalize it yourself or getting hurt, and just reach out to you… right?”
Leo nii’s voice carries far, fitting to call it a lion’s roar. It sounded like a roar laying his heart bare.
He probably wanted someone to find him without him getting hurt. But the convenience of that wish would never be granted.
“You don’t understand anything! Don’t spout nonsense like you see through me!”
I understand. I was scared too. Scared of exchanging words with you like this, Leo nii. Of hurting each other. But that was mistaken… That’s why we’re fighting now. Paying the price for those mistakes.
Our exchanges now lack tricks or cunning. We frankly clash head-on, blades striking blades.
Leo nii should have been hurt too. If that happened, Charl would have surely seen Leo nii then. But you didn’t do that. You hurt Charl. You made her out to be a spectacle and hurt her completely one-sidedly. I still treasure Leo nii, and I hate fighting you but—
Sensing the trajectory of his next oversized blade swing, I lay [Forewarning Right Sword] along that trajectory.
A swung blade. A warped trajectory. While narrow, that opening was more than enough for [Arsene].
—At least that much, I cannot overlook.
I step into his bosom with one leg. I used my other leg to deflect his greatsword but one sword remains in my hands. Leo nii lacks that one extra hand.
“This is…!”
“I told you you’re slow!”
One sword slash. Then flowing straight into the next movement, one more sword slash with my right.
I spin both swords, continuously raining down blade strikes. Leo nii hurriedly defends with magic but still fails to fully absorb the impacts and is forced back.
“Don’t look down on me…! Deflecting your blades is simple…!”
[Arsene’s] strength lies in speed. And now power from [Lion Heart] I stole from Leo nii is further added.
I definitely felt some feedback there!”
“Guh… Haa?!”
With a slight delay.
The shock of my strikes assaulted Leo nii without mercy.
There’s no helping it. I understood from the feedback that several of my attacks connected before his defensive spell could be deployed. Because I felt that much.
“What do you resent so? Do you mean to say you’ll cut me down in Charlotte’s place?!”
“…That’s not it. I won’t use Charl as an excuse.”
At the rate wounds are piling up, both Leo nii and I will be in tatters soon.
We both still have lingering damage from that fierce exchange just now. I don’t have much leeway either, while Leo nii likely has even less having just taken massive damage.
“Al… fred…”
“Leo nii…”
Our next clash will be the last.
Leo nii seems to sense it too as he starts pouring magical power into his greatsword.
“I’ll pulverize them…! Charlotte! And everything and anything that hurt Lucille!”
Leo nii’s eyes seethe with hatred. To me they resembled a small child about to cry.
“You were childhood friends engaged to each other right… Why couldn’t you believe in Charl? Surely you know Charl well…”
Charl destined to stand by future King Leor’s side was also continually striving hard. Surely Leo nii watched that at her side…
“Oh I know her well! From long ago her eyes never looked my way! Those eyes were always…!”
Al… ways…? But Leo nii doesn’t finish that thought.
“She’s the same…! An enemy, like you family!”
Tremendous magical power gushes out like a mane and surges notably.
I too pour magical power into my twin swords in response.
I don’t intend to lose. I was resolved to smash through this one strike head-on, no matter what.
“I see… This too is Leo nii, huh…”
The me up until now would surely have failed to notice. Wouldn’t have tried seeing.
“This is it, Leo nii…”
I have to admit it too. I have to properly see.
“[Lion’s Roar]—!”
His slash tears through the air, the lion’s roar ringing out.
Charging to shave away the ground, I plunge straight towards that powered up blow and slash back with my mana clad blades.
Struggling forces clash, magical energies intertwine. The torrent of the fifth attribute transforms into countless needles, tearing through my entire body. Undoubtedly Leo’s full-powered strike. Under the overwhelming output that seems to surge from it, my legs gradually buckle.
I had only focused on the beautiful aspects,
Blinded by the dazzling light that seemed to be the back of my opponent. I thought it was just a radiant glow, something I lacked.
But that couldn’t be true. Because Leo is human. It’s not just light. There’s no way it could be just light.
Where there is light, there is also shadow.
Strong, charismatic, and cool – Leo possesses more than just those qualities.
The tainted eyes, the selfish cries, the heart that vilifies family. Such strength, weakness, light, and shadow—all of it is encompassed in Leo as an individual.
“…What the…!? Fool, no…!?”
I pour all my remaining strength, pushing my body into the magical slash.
Step by step. Even if just a little. Forward. Forward. Forward.
I don’t want to lose. I want to win. Absolutely—I want to win.
Gradually, being overwhelmed…!?
Leo screams. Blood seeps from the tightly gripped handle, and the shockwaves of the slashing attack tear through my skin. Under the immense force, my entire body feels like it’s about to be blown away like a piece of paper.
Even so, even so, and…
My heart screams not to back down here. The will not to retreat courses through me like magma, searing through the blood flowing through my body.
Pouring everything recklessly without a shred of elegance or beauty. Discarding it all, I scream out, shaking my arms—And slice through his lion’s mane.
The sensation of slicing through something courses into my hands and [Lion Roar] scatters like mist. A moment we’re both frozen still. Our gazes meet then immediately we kick off the ground and dash out.
Our shadows cross and a shrill metallic note rings out.
A moment of stillness and rigidity descends but it was over in an instant.
I gasp for breath…
Like raindrops dancing down from the skies above, shards of the blade scatter down, stabbing into the ground.


Leo nii clutching his stomach sinks down to one knee. His grip still clenches his mighty yet now halfway severed sword. At the same time, the [Spirit Dress] covering Leo nii’s body dissipates.
“I’ve won… Leo nii.”
“I’ve won…”
His teeth bite into his lips, Leo nii remains there in frustration.
…With this, there’s no need for apologies. If you continue to harm Sharl over unfounded accusations, I’ll stop Leo no matter how many times.”
Although he hasn’t spoken those words, he looked like a small child on the verge of tears.
Words aren’t necessary. Without uttering a single word, Leo falls into silence. Perhaps, silence is all he can afford. If he opens his mouth, something that has supported him so far might spill out.
At that moment, a girl rushes to Leo’s side.
“Are you okay!? Covered in wounds like this…”
While Sil or whatever her name is, worries about Leo, she gently cradles his right hand.
“Are you okay!?”
Following closely behind is the duo of Filga and Dold.
“There’s no way Leo would lose… you bastard! What cowardly trick did you pull this time!”
“That’s right! Disqualify this guy immediately, Headmaster! He has tarnished the sanctity of this royal match! Clear evidence of foul play!”
They seem to be friends of Leo.
“Yeah, I guess. If I had won, suspicion would be inevitable. Given my behavior, it’s not surprising to be accused of cheating.”
“Huh, foul play? Is that true, Headmaster?”
“Headmaster, disqualify this guy right away!”
“That’s right! He has defiled the sacred Match!”
…Normally, I might have given up at this point. But now, it’s different.
“Shut up!”
Leo’s voice resounds.
His voice, almost on the verge of tears yet simmering with anger.
Leo’s voice echoed throughout the arena.
“Who the hell were you all watching!? What the hell were you seeing!?”
Supported by the girl called Sil, Leo doesn’t direct his gaze at me but at Dold and Filga, who are supposed to be his friends.
“W-What are you shouting about? We…”
“I… I lost! I lost to my own brother! The brother I looked down upon! Without any dirty tricks, without any cheating! In a fair and square match of strength, I was defeated! Why don’t you understand that!?”
Not only Dold and Filga, but everyone in the arena must have heard his shout from the depths of his heart.
“W-What are you saying, Leo? That’s unlike you.”
“Y-Yeah. There’s no way you would lose.”
“This is me! I’m lacking in talent, weak enough to lose to my little brother… yet, I’m a coward who couldn’t even muster the resolve to be hurt. This is who I am!
At that, both Dold and Filga shuddered.
It was unreasonable. I had never seen Leo act like this before.
“Sympathy’s victory, fake triumphs! There’s no value in such things! What does it amount to even if you obtain them! I wanted to win! Even without talent, I wanted to crush my family with my own hands! But… even putting all my strength into it, I lost… I lost! Damn it! Damn it! Damnnnnn itttttttt!”
To the heartfelt cry of a prince, no one present could say or do anything.
“I am… I am…! In the end, was I just a shadow…? Within the royal family, am I the only one…?”
As if to rebuke him, I denied Leo nii’s words.
“Leo nii isn’t some shadow. I told you didn’t I? [I don’t believe that’s the entirety of Leo nii].”
I want Leo nii to know too…
While Leo nii may lack magical power like sister Luce and the others, and may be a weak person, that alone isn’t everything about him.
“It’s impossible to have only shadows. If humans have both light and shadows, then shadows must have light too… because shadows are born from light, right?”
Leo-nii remains silent. That’s okay. As long as he listens.
“Me, Luce-neechan, Robe-nii, Sophie, even Charl, we all probably have shadows. We’re not just shining. Because we’re human, we also have shadows. It’s just that they’re in places we can’t see. Leo-nii is the same. It’s not just shadows. I’m sure there’s something shining there too.”
“…It would have been better if we had started like this from the beginning. Exchanging words, fighting, hurting each other, being hurt… Maybe if we had done that, we would have seen something. I couldn’t notice it because I gave up and stayed silent.”
“I can only be a villain. Only a shadow.”
Because I gave up like that, misunderstood, and couldn’t notice anything. Even if I was hurt, I didn’t have the resolve to move forward. If I hadn’t given up and resisted, the outcome might have been different.
“So, Leo-nii… let’s fight again. Because we haven’t done it so far, a lot…”
Leo-nii doesn’t respond. He remains silent.
Long-standing misunderstandings may not dissolve so easily.
“I won’t give up on Leo-nii. Because Leo-nii is my precious family… and a hero.”
However, someday, surely…
“Shut up. I don’t need someone like you… Guh…!?”
Leo-nii winces in pain, his posture collapsing as his knee gives way.
Lucille supports Leo-nii from the right side.
“Sorry, Lucille… I lost…”
“…… No, it’s okay. It’s okay. Because —-“
“Because this way is more convenient for me.”
In an instant…
Leo-nii’s right arm is severed into two by a black blade.
My head struggles to comprehend what just happened.
It happened so suddenly. Yet, so effortlessly.
Leo-nii’s right arm is torn apart, and the spurting blood dampens my cheek.
“Gah… Grr… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?”
“Why ask [why]? What’s the point?”
While holding Leo-nii’s severed arm, the woman named Lucille kicks him away.
“To me, you no longer have any value.”
Witnessing this, my understanding finally catches up, and there’s a sound as if something inside me snaps.
“You…! What are you doing!?”
Kicking him as if gouging out his face, she accelerates abruptly.
It’s a sword. Swinging the sword aiming for the arm of the woman, who seems to be fondly holding Leo-nii’s arm,–
—There’s no resistance. It feels as if I’ve cut through mist.
“Hehe… Boys are really simple.”
With a mocking smile, Lucille, the demon named Lucille, has circled around behind me.
“When… What’s this presence?”
“Now, well… Oh, this. This is what I wanted.”
Lucille removes a magic ring from Leo-nii’s severed arm.
“That’s Leo-nii’s… [Regulus’s] [Royal Garb Ring]!”
“[Royal Garb Ring]?! Is that your aim!?”
“Yes, indeed. Well…”
Without a hint of remorse, Lucille discards Leo-nii’s severed arm to the ground.
“It was tough. Leo-kun surprisingly doesn’t leave much room for openings. So, I had a hard time wearing him down.”
For that, she approached Leo-nii…! For such a thing!
“That’s quite disappointing. It’s something important to me. Besides, I went through a lot for this. After all, I had to accompany the pitiful First Prince with no talent.”
“Shut up!!”
I thrust both swords into the woman who seems like a literal demon. However, once again, there’s no resistance. She turns into mist, reappearing in another location.
“You tricked brother Leo! You enchanted him, brainwashed him with magic!”
“Magic? No, that’s not it. If I used something like that, traces would be left behind. I just… gave Leo-kun the words he wanted. I’m good at that kind of thing, you know.”
Lucille adds, “At least” to her words.
“I’ve been watching Leo-kun properly, more than you, you know?”
This woman… Each time, she’s so irritating…!
“What are you…”
“Ah, I appreciate both of you, you know? This mock duel was opened thanks to you guys misunderstanding according to my plan.”
“Could it be…”
“The night before the exchange party, what we saw…”
“The figure of Charl coming out of Lucille’s room window. The curse symbol discovered the next day.”
“I’m good at playing roles, you know.”
…So, the curse symbols came from Lucille’s room.
If you’re the owner of the mansion, it’s easy to set them up.
“Was she talking so much just for the sake of it? Sorry, but I don’t intend to let you go. I’ll crush you here…!”
“Unfortunately, I’m not such a cheap woman to serve you.”
At that moment, a giant magic circle unfolds at our feet.
Is she using this opportunity to activate the magic circle!
“…It’s about time, isn’t it?”
Evil magic power erupts from the magic circle, taking shape.
And what appears is…
Lizard [Fragments]?! Moreover, this size is…!?
A grotesque encounter we faced on the way back from Mt. Itoel, after recruiting Elinne—humanoid lizard [Fragments].
But the size is different. The ones we encountered before were human-sized, but now, what’s in front of us is easily ten meters tall.
“I took great care in raising it. I’ve also summoned the same [Fragments] outside the arena… chasing me, isn’t the best choice, right?”
“…! This one…!”
Seeing me stop, Lucille smiles satisfactorily.
This is not the time to use it. This… is an incredible demon.
“Well then, have a good day. Let’s both do our best, Charll we?”
Leaving only those words behind…
“For the —- family.”
The demonic woman disappears.

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