Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 44

Mob No.44: [First, get into the agreed formation! That way pirates are nothing to fear! This will lure them in, then we fire all at once – we can at least repel the pirates to some degree!]

The next morning.

I was surprised at the gathered convoy.

I don’t know where they gathered from, but around 150 cargo and civilian ships were crammed near the rest area of planet Tassia.

There’s probably a few mercenaries mixed in too.

With this, even amateurs would hesitate to make a move.

But it probably wouldn’t work against a professional, large-scale pirate gang.

They’re pros at combat and plunder, with equipment way beyond ours.

Furthermore, if the commander is excellent, they can be more fearsome than a sloppy military.

It definitely won’t be much fighting force unless the mercenaries coordinate well like in the previous request, just gathered randomly like this.

I should have requested the mercenary guild…

But they probably just got the idea on a whim, and with delivery deadlines, there wouldn’t be time for that anyway.

Then a call came from the convoy organizer.

[Thanks to all who sympathized with our call this time and gathered! With this many ships, I don’t think we can be attacked easily, but we don’t know when the pirates will strike! Stay vigilant, and swiftly move to our destination, planet Nachilema! Now, head out from the front!]

And so the caravan departed.

It would take about 2 days to the destination planet Nachilema.

I took position near the top of the convoy and activated radar.

For a while, or rather the whole first day, we progressed without incident.

During the night by galactic standard time, people on the large ships took turns standing watch.

I thought something might happen then, but nothing did.

The next morning was also uneventful.

The convoy was progressing smoothly.

But the disturbance happened a little after noon that day.

Suddenly, two small craft shot out from the convoy.

At that moment, I judged they must be small or large pirates, or possibly both.

The convoy people seemed confused and didn’t react.

The other side probably understood that and was a little negligent.

If we ambushed those two small craft, it would be good timing.

However, whether those two were really pirates was still undetermined.

But then, my ship’s radar reacted to numerous ships.

Of course, all were unidentified.

“A large convoy is approaching! Probably pirates!”

Normal ships don’t hide their registry.

And if the entire convoy was hiding their registry, then without a doubt they were pirates.

[Hey! Really?]

“I’m certain.”

[Confirmed on radar here too! No mistake, pirates! Distance 1.8 billion km!]

A comms officer on a large ship added the information.

With that, the convoy people panicked.

Then a young man’s voice echoed.

[Calm down! First, stay calm and report to the police and military! If we deal with this calmly, we can definitely survive!]

Clearly a template line to suppress panic, but it considerably calmed the panic.

[First, get into the agreed formation! That way pirates are nothing to fear! This will lure them in, then we fire all at once – we can at least repel the pirates to some degree!]

Then at the man’s prompt, the convoy neatly lined up umbrella-like around the leader’s ship.

Looks like there was some agreement I didn’t know about.

[As expected of a Bishop class mercenary! Reliable!]


Looks like the convoy organizer was the client, someone I hadn’t seen before so must be from a different branch.

To be honest, I think we should flee immediately, but the pirates are faster, and resisting will certainly buy time until help arrives.

Considering that, this man’s proposed interception isn’t a bad move.

The man continued.

[But I alone am helpless.

Any mercenaries or fighters in this convoy, please cooperate. Come out to where the first two tried to intercept.]

Then 6 ships came out.

With me, the first two who tried to intercept – including the Bishop class man, it was 10 ships.

From the members I saw, the pilots of the two I was wary of as pirates were both women.

The reason being they wore similar clothes and their faces looked alike.

Probably sisters I’d guess.

That was close.

If the large pirate gang didn’t come and I attacked those two, even if they turned out to be pirates I’d be the villain.

The world always takes the side of beauties after all.

Then a concealed channel suddenly came from the Bishop class man, just for those 10 ships.

[From here is just between us. There’s probably a pirate contact within the convoy. We can’t let them know the plan.]

While all the mercenaries likely understood the circumstances, what about the suspected pirate sisters?

Since they’re fellow pirates, I’d expect them to side with proposing sharing the spoils. But.

[No time for introductions. I have a plan so follow my lead. If the convoy ships fire, the guys should split up. Engage them there. Also, about 2 ships go around behind them to pincer them. I think this is a standard tactic.]

A completely textbook plan that I could also think up, and an effective move.

Well, the pirates probably know at least that much too though.

And the issue is,

[Now the role of going behind the enemy is…]

The role of going behind the enemy.

Meaning to circle around while they’re in disarray. But if found, there’s no mistake you’re in danger of being sunk.

[I want to ask the light brown ship over there. You’re probably Knight class, right?]

Without me even claiming to be a mercenary, he arbitrarily decided I’m one and pushed a role on me.

The Bishop class man had the same face as a shitty lively guy from my school days.

“Oh, understood.”

But someone has to take the role, so there’s no reason to refuse.

Plus I’m unmistakably Knight class.

[…I see. Thanks, I’ll leave it to you then. The rest…Bat. Can I ask you?]

[Leave it to me! I’ll take them out for sure!]

The Bishop class man seems displeased I readily agreed.

He probably wanted to scold me, saying [The lives of everyone here are on the line, don’t be selfish!] if I complained.

And seeing he called the other members by name without introduction, the other 6 may be the Bishop’s companions.

[Then you two go at them simultaneously with our bombardment. The remaining members split and intercept the pirates in whichever direction they scatter! Let’s buy time until the military and police arrive!]

And so we began to buy time until the imperial military and police arrive.

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