Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 2

As Sara contemplated this possibility, her heart pounded,
thinking that the man she had a fateful encounter with might have seen through her true self.
The idea that he might have seen through her so deeply made her feel embarrassingly self-conscious.
Sara desperately tried to suppress the blush rising from her chest with heat, not wanting it to show. Watching Sara’s reaction, Rin added a comment that felt like a blow.
“Someday, it would be great if that person could eat a lot of your lunch!”
“Yeah, I’m cheering for you too.”
Following Rin, Yuuna spoke, and Sara raised an eyebrow, smiling.
While hiding her emotions, Sara let her thoughts gather in her heart.
(…Both Yuuna-san and Rin-san seem envious… It’s the first time I’ve felt so uplifted. Hehe.)
Sara desperately suppressed the urge to smirk.
Meanwhile, Haruya, who had been listening to Sara’s words near their seats, was internally holding his head and screaming.
(This can’t be happening… Or is it just my imagination that her liking me has increased…?)
Having acted with the intention of lowering Sara’s favorability, erasing her interest in him, and avoiding being the topic of conversation among the S-rank beauties,
Haruya felt that everything had turned out counterproductive.
The only thing he was still managing to protect was [his true identity not being exposed].
At least, this was something he absolutely had to defend.
Feeling a sense of danger from this incident, Haruya decided to contact someone for advice. He sent a message to Nayu.
[… Nayu-san, can we meet for an offline gathering tonight?]
[…Sure, I can make it.]
When he sent the message, one of the S-rank beauties, Yuuna, asked curiously.
“Eh, Yuuna-rin? Who’s the message from?”
“N-nothing, really.”
“Why are you hiding it so much?”
“It really is nothing…”
And so, when Rin pressed her, Haruya couldn’t realize that Yuna was desperately trying to cover up.


Around nineteen o’clock, the time had passed slightly.
The sky was already faintly darkening, and the moon was showing its face.
Haruya styled his hair with wax and wore a white shirt with a black cardigan, waiting alone at the designated meeting spot – the station – for the arrival of a person.
Despite it being spring, the night air had a slight chill to it.
Arriving a bit earlier than the meeting time, Haruya contemplated stepping indoors to escape the cold when…
“…Haru-san, sorry to keep you waiting.”
A transparent voice, representing elegance and maturity, reached Haruya from behind.
Turning around, he saw a woman with an air of maturity, seemingly a bit unsettled.
She wore a slightly oversized hoodie with denim pants,
a casual outfit with a touch of sexiness emanating from the typical casual clothing worn by adults.
The elegance came from her poised demeanor and undeniable beauty.
However, Haruya had never seen her face without sunglasses.
“…Sorry. Did I keep you waiting?”
“No, I just got here a little while ago.”
“Oh, good then.”
Engaging in the classic interaction that could be mistaken for a couple, Haruya looked around, feeling a sudden awkwardness.
(Now that I think about it… there are quite a few couples around here.)
This was the famous fountain area in the station, often used as a meeting place.
However, today, there seemed to be an unusually high number of young couples, especially for a weekday.
(……If you look at us, we might seem like a couple too.)
While thinking this, Haruya couldn’t help but feel a sense of embarrassment. Nayu seemed to sense the same atmosphere.
“Seems like there are a lot of couples today.”
“Yeah, it does look that way.”
Indeed, couples with linked arms passed by in the direction they were facing.
“…We might also look like a couple from an outsider’s perspective.”
Her voice, sensual and alluring, was something Haruya wished she wouldn’t use.
It unintentionally made his heart race.
(…Does Nayu-san not feel embarrassed saying these things?)
While thinking this, Haruya noticed that Nayu, with her adult composure, showed no signs of being perturbed. Despite feeling embarrassed, he couldn’t find any hints of discomfort in her.
Feeling awkwardness, Haruya glanced at Nayu, who, while fidgeting with her hair, apologized in a somewhat sheepish manner.
“…By the way, sorry for not dressing up today. I didn’t put much thought into my outfit. You’re all stylish, Haru-san.”
“No, don’t worry about it. And I don’t really see a reason for you to apologize.”
“…Isn’t it a bit rude to not dress up when the other person is all stylish? So, sorry. I just came in casual clothes today.”
(I thought it was nothing to worry about) from Haruya’s point of view since he was dressed up, but it seems she was wrong.
While Nayu mentioned that she dressed casually today, her attire actually suited her quite well.
It was a loose-fitting style, yet it highlighted her charm.
” …I don’t think I’m particularly dressed up today.”
“I think it suits you… a bit boyish, though.”
Loose-fitting clothes with a bit of room.
Even in such attire, the beauty of the person wearing it appeared fresh and alluring in Haruya’s eyes.
However, terms like “cute” or “beautiful” were not something he could say directly to the person…
Blushing, Haruya scratched his cheek and gave his honest opinion about her outfit.
“Uh… Y-yeah? Haru-san, is this your kind of style?”
Her voice carried a mischievous undertone.
After widening her beautiful eyes, she continued speaking from lips that shone with a glossy lip color.
Her cheeks were slightly flushed and she had a calm expression on her face.
“Thank you. It suits you as always, Haru-san…”
Calling it “as usual” probably referred to Haruya’s fashion, which rarely deviated from the white and black theme.
Though being praised wasn’t a bad thing, the presence of many couples around made Haruya feel a bit strange.
Trying to divert the conversation, he asked Nayu a question.
“Is there any place you want to go eat?”
“Well, last time was at a family restaurant… but there’s a popular café near the station.”~
For a moment, thoughts of the coffee shop he frequented as a regular customer crossed Haruya’s mind.
If Nayu was also a regular there, it would be a pleasant surprise.
However, as soon as Nayu mentioned it being near the station, Haruya shrugged.
“They say the sweets there are really good. So, if you’re okay with it, shall we go there? If you have somewhere else in mind, I’m fine with that too.”
If you’re looking for a coffee shop, there’s no better place than a place you regularly go to as a regular.

scene transition

Haruya thought, but when he heard that it had a good reputation, he was instantly intrigued.
“Anything sounds good. Let’s go there.”
“…Sure, let’s go.”
With Nayu leading the way, seemingly eager to guide him, Haruya followed her.
Haruya followed her and started walking to the coffee shop.

An “offline meeting” is when people who have connected online, usually through social media or other online platforms, meet in person due to shared interests. However, Nayu and Haruya had some rules for their “offline meetings.”
Firstly, they would share and discuss their favorite shoujo manga.
Secondly, they agreed not to pry into each other’s private lives.
These are the two rules.
So, as usual, Nayu and Haruya ordered some food at the cafe, discussed their thoughts on shoujo manga, and Haruya recommended some manga to Nayu.
After talking animatedly about manga for about twenty minutes, the manga discussion took a temporary pause.
“…By the way, Haru, you’re a fan of black coffee, huh?”
Nayu casually dropped this statement while sipping her coffee.
Haruya always ordered black coffee at the cafe, enjoying its aroma, richness, and taste.
He was currently savoring the scent of his coffee.
“Nayu, aren’t you into black coffee?”


Considering Nayu’s mature image, Haruya had assumed she would prefer her coffee black.
“I’m not a fan of it being too bitter.”
Nayu chuckled, and then she reached for the milk and sugar on the table to add to her coffee.
Haruya couldn’t help but interrupt.
“Surprisingly, the black coffee here isn’t that bitter. Want to give it a try?”
Haruya found this black coffee quite easy to drink.
At first, Nayu frowned at his casual suggestion, but after a moment of contemplation, she took a deep breath and decided to give it a shot.
“…If Haru says so, I’ll believe it. Let’s start by enjoying the aroma… like this, savoring the coffee, right?”
She intentionally crossed her legs, struck a triumphant pose, and even though her eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, the narrowed look conveyed a sense of arrogance.
Doesn’t this feel like a cool and mature woman? The prejudice was evident.
Crossing her legs, resting an elbow on the table, Nayu stared out of the window with a bored expression.
Despite the forced act, it added to her allure, radiating a sophisticated career woman vibe.
“…Well, maybe my choice of outfit wasn’t the best.”
Nayu mumbled while tugging at her loose hoodie. Despite that, she looked towards Haruya as if saying, “But isn’t this fine?”
Then, with a cool demeanor, she brought the coffee to her lips.
“…Hmm, not bad—”
She suddenly widened her eyes, a pained expression on her face.
Her eyebrows furrowed, and her previously cool demeanor was instantly shattered.
The appearance of a “mature woman” who can afford to be mature is no longer there.
Tongue slightly out, Nayu stared at Haruya with a resentful look.
“…T-Too bitter. Haru, you liar!”
“No, I genuinely thought the black coffee here was easy to drink…”
“Don’t laugh… It’s a bit embarrassing.”
Seeing Nayu acting shy, Haruya couldn’t help but chuckle.
She had transformed from a mature woman to a child in an instant, and it seemed adorable to him.
To avoid Nayu’s dissatisfaction turning towards him, Haruya abruptly changed the topic.
However, for Haruya, this was the main topic for today.
“Suddenly, but… Can I talk to you about something?”
“…Can I refuse?”
“It’s not something weird.”
Even though Haruya answered promptly, Nayu blatantly showed her displeasure.
However, she quickly sighed, as if saying “Fine,” and gestured for him to continue.
At least she seemed willing to listen to the conversation.
While skimming the details, Haruya shared his thoughts with Nayu.
He wanted to change the current situation where he felt overestimated and misunderstood.
After finishing his story, Nayu pointed her index finger at Haruya.
“That’s easy. If you think you’re being overestimated, why don’t you just go on a date with that girl?”
“A… date?”
Haruya was taken aback by Nayu’s suggestion.
“If you spend time together naturally, you’ll see each other’s true selves. I think that’ll solve the overestimation issue.”
She stated that there was no need for tricks, and time would resolve the problem.
“Well, but… Isn’t that a bit too simple?”
“It’s just a matter of sharing time between a man and a woman, that’s all.”
Even though Nayu didn’t need to mention it, she quickly shook her head as if realizing her unnecessary comment.
“Oh, by the way, this isn’t a date, it’s an offline meeting.”
“I get it, but—”
Nayu raises her eyebrows when I answer her immediately.
When Haruya tilts his head at Nayu, she clears her throat to cover her mistake.
“Well, that’s fine. Anyway, if there’s any advice I can give to Haru-san, it’s probably just to go on a normal date.”
“A… a date, huh. I see.”
Honestly, although not enthusiastic, her opinion was something to consider.
“Thanks, Nayu-san. I appreciate it.”
“N-no, it’s nothing…”
And with that, the topic came to an end, and the two continued their discussion on shojo manga until they parted ways.

During the lunch break the next day,
Haruya and Sara, having come to the rooftop immediately, were having their lunch in the same way as yesterday, sitting side by side.
Haruya had planned to intentionally not eat Sara’s lunch to lower her likability, but…
“Ah, thank you for coming again today.”
—She’s very earnest.
“I wasn’t confident in my cooking, but since you enjoyed it yesterday, would you mind having it again today?”
—Being so humble like this…
Haruya couldn’t refuse Sara’s request to “not eat,” and he felt a strange sense of frustration.
(My incompetent self… Oh, by the way, the food is delicious.)
For some reason, feeling frustrated internally, Haruya munched on Sara’s lunch while silently cursing his own incompetence.
Without lying about the tasty food, and in response to Sara’s anxious question…
“…H-how is it?”
Sara anxiously asks him. …….
“It’s delicious. Really delicious.”
Haruya, clenching his fist tightly out of anger towards his own incompetence, could only honestly say:
However, inwardly, he cursed himself, “You idiot!”
Seeing Haruya’s reaction, Sara, misunderstanding that he was so moved by her homemade meal, smiled contentedly.
(If Asai-san appreciates something I did, it makes me happy…)
Amidst such misunderstandings, Haruya, feeling rushed, decided to propose a date.
Because, to improve the overestimated evaluation of himself, a date where they spend more time together is essential, as he learned from Nayu, his fellow manga enthusiast, yesterday.
Since the bento strategy failed, Haruya, looking for the right timing, asked Sara.
“Uh, you know… …… I wanted to know more about you, Himekawa-san. I was wondering if you could go on a date with me this weekend? “
Inadvertently, with a nervous voice, Haruya proposed to Sara.
Sara was surprised by the unexpected proposal.
Opening her eyes wide, Sara blushed as she tried to understand the meaning of Haruya’s words.
Her heart is thumping and she is aware that her body is burning up.
“Um, if it’s okay with me… please.”
“Yeah, I appreciate it.”
For a moment, he was worried about being rejected, but she agreed, relieving Haruya.
(Nervous about inviting her on a date, what am I doing?)
Reflecting on how he couldn’t smoothly ask her out and became awkward, Haruya’s whole body heated up.
Regardless, the date between Haruya and Sara was decided.

On the Day of the Date

The awaited day of the date arrived.
The weather today was perfect, with clear skies extending endlessly… ideal conditions for a date.
Haruya, dressed stylishly rather than showing his gloomy appearance at school, hurried to the meeting place to avoid being late. However, at such a moment…
“Mommy, where are you?”
On the way to the meeting place, in a park that served as a shortcut, he heard the voice of a little girl seeking help.
(—Surely, someone around will do something about it.)
Such a passive approach would be no good.
Indeed, there were some people who pretended not to notice or observed from a distance.
Without any hesitation, Haruya, without relying on others, approached the little girl.
Bending down, he adjusted his gaze to the girl’s level.
“Um, big brother. Who are you?”
Judging from her appearance, the girl seemed to be around four or five years old.
For now, Haruya breathed a sigh of relief that she didn’t start crying or making a fuss.
“I’m Haruya Akasaki. Uh, just Haruya… What’s your name?”
“I’m Miyu.”
“Got it, Miyu-chan.”
“Yes, Miyu. big brother’s name is Haruya.”
Even though he was relieved that she was an energetic child despite being lost, Haruya didn’t know how to handle children.
Anyway, as long as she seemed lively, that was good. After a moment of relief, Haruya tried to ask about her parents…
“—Excuse me, sir. We’d like to hear your side of the story.”
At that moment, coincidentally, police officers arrived.
“Ah, please. Thank you for helping, big brother.”
The police officer asked Haruya to accompany him in a refreshing tone.
(Well, I knew this was coming…)
Haruya was now certain that he would be late for the date.
(…Well, it might be effective in lowering Himekawa-san’s favorability, but this is also a matter of common decency.)
Being late is generally unacceptable.
Even when trying to lower Sara’s favorability, Haruya had his own constraints on acceptable actions. Being late was certainly among the actions he shouldn’t take.
“Haruya, Haruya!”
The only thing saving him was that this child was enjoying herself by just calling his name without bursting into tears, behaving well even at the police station.
It was a big relief for Haruya.
As a result…
“Sorry, Akasaki-san. I’ve caused you trouble.”
Haruya was bound by time until Miyuu’s parents arrived.

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