Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 16

Part 2: Let’s Get a Ship

Where is this Place? Who am I?

I wonder where this place is.
It seems I was put to sleep.
My consciousness is slowly returning, and I open my eyes.
I’m lying in a room I’ve never seen before.
Ah, here’s the place where I say it.
“What an unfamiliar ceiling.”
T/N: Evangelion reference
Eek! I said it!
This is a line I’ve always wanted to say.
To think the answer was so close, after agonizing over it so much.
Thinking back on it, I binged through so many fantasy novels.
I picked key lines from them, but never thought the day would come when I could use this one.
Since I intended to die protecting my subordinates, all the lines I could use if I survived weren’t included in that line collection. But I still remembered it since it’s so common.
There are tons of lines like this in fantasy novels that I’ve yearned to try saying someday.
Well, I never imagined I’d get to say it, that the day would come when I could use this line.

But really, where exactly is this place?
It’s not an all-white room, so it’s probably not in front of God.
That means sudden reincarnation?
Then I can say the other one too.
Here it comes, with full feeling this time.
“Where is this place? Who am I?”
I said it, I said it!
No more regrets.

At this point it’s too late, my chuunibyou is quite advanced.
Having grown up an orphanage, I had no chance for the likely popular fantasy novels when I was little, so when I started going to the military academy and was first exposed to the chuunibyou world, I had no immunity.
Because I had no immunity at that age, I was intensely afflicted with chuunibyou.
Like with chickenpox and measles, if you don’t catch this when young and become an adult unaffected, it becomes really bad if you then catch it.
Nao is in exactly this state right now.
He’s forgotten why he became a military officer and is blissfully immersed.
But it seems he’s satisfied after enjoying the lines, as he’s gradually returning to normal.
Nao is on the bed, starting to check over his body.

I can move my limbs.
My body seems fine.
After checking over my physical condition, I sit up.
Sitting up and looking around the room.
It’s like the inside of a ship, but definitely not the officer’s quarters I was assigned.
It’s much nicer construction.
I wonder where this is.
“Daijou!”   Huh?   What?   Some white object comes flying at me.   The mysterious flying object clings to me crying.   Since I was changed out of my powersuit into sleepwear, I’m just in military-issued underwear.   And someone in a powersuit rushed me.   This is pretty dangerous.   Almost certainly deadly.   I’m strangled by the mysterious object upon impact.   No, let me correct that. More precisely, I’m just about to be strangled now.   Someone help!
The next moment, the room door opens and two soldiers in powersuits like the mysterious object rush in and peel it off of me as it’s trying to strangle me.
Oh, Kate.
You tried to kill me again huh.
What’s your rationale?
“Somehow we made it in time, Captain.”
While holding down the struggling Kate, the soldier in the powersuit speaks to me.
The pinned down Kate sobs something.
“Daijou, I mished you!”
Ignoring Kate, I breathe a sigh of relief…soon, Meyrica comes dashing into the room.
She must have heard the commotion and come to help.
Seeing the situation as soon as she enters, she immediately grasps what happened.



scene transition

“This idiot. Stupid Kate. Killed the Captain again.”
No Meyrica , I’m not dead yet.
“How many times must you kill the Captain before you’re satisfied? Did you already forget you killed him just now, you idiot?”
But Meyrica , I haven’t died even once yet.
“It’s the second time. The second time you’ve killed the Captain.”
But I haven’t died at all!
Meyrica seems to really want me dead.
Could she be the mastermind?
Meyrica still hasn’t stopped scolding Kate.
I’m getting tired of this manzai, so I stop Meyrica .
“Lieutenant Meyrica , that’s enough about Kate. Surely Kate won’t try to kill me again. Right, Kate?”
“Yes, never again. I’m glad you’re alright, Captain.”
You’re one to talk.
“I was so, so worried…Captain.”
Kate is still crying.
“Alright, that’s enough. At least I’m safe.”
Aside from just now.
I hope Kate’s tackle didn’t crack my sternum.
“Anyway Lieutenant Meyrica , please brief me on the situation. Where are we?”
“This is the captain’s quarters of the space destroyer we boarded. We’re currently suppressing the ship.”
“Suppressing it you say. There are still pirates left?”
“Unsure. We quickly took the bridge, so the sensors didn’t detect any besides the ones we defeated. I have Lainey checking each block with two others. That’s the state of confirmation so far.”
“I see. What happened to the pirates we defeated?”
“Let’s see, there were 103 total, and we’ve confirmed 65 killed. The remaining 38 we stripped of their powersuits and threw in the storage holds. Since most were injured, I tossed the first aid kits from the ship’s supplies in with them. I didn’t want to get in trouble with headquarters later if they died of injuries.”
“Ah, thanks. That’s fine. Did you toss the dead bodies outside somewhere?”
“No, they’re still evidence, so stripped of suits, I threw them in the freezer storage. We just finished that work, which is why the interior check isn’t done yet, so only Lainey is on it.”
“I see. More importantly, how long since I collapsed?”
“Let’s see, not even an hour I’d say. Forty, fifty minutes perhaps?”
What, doing all this in forty, fifty minutes is way too fast!
Could it be they’re so excellent I was made the unwanted child out of jealousy?
But wow, amazing.
Don’t I just get in the way here?
I’m totally just ornamental huh.
Even I’m starting to feel jealous.
Before I can feel dejected, a shout is heard from deeper inside.
“Sis Meyrica , trouble, big trouble!”
Maria started making a fuss on the bridge farther back.
“Damn~ Causing commotions everywhere as usual. Maria~, what did you do this time?”
Saying that, Meyrica heads back to the bridge through the door she just entered.
“Wonder what happened. I should go too.”
Kate, who was held down by everyone and quite depressed until just now, worriedly asks me.
“Captain, are you alright?”
If only you hadn’t charged in.
“Yeah, I’m fine. More worried about the bridge.”
Hearing that, I get up from the bed I was laid down on.
Oh no, my clothes were taken off!
I had been changed out of my powersuit and laid down in sleepwear.
Not indecent underwear, but it was just the clothes worn under powersuits issued by the military.
“Sorry, but could you get my powersuit?”
“Ah, Captain. Your powersuit is damaged.”
“There are cracks around the neck.”
That’s your doing..
“Can’t use it?”
“Impossible in a vacuum like space.”
“I see. But the lower half should still work right?”
Coast Guard powersuits separate at the waist, with the legs connecting to the boots.
Without shoes, I have to wear the lower powersuit.
“Then it should be fine. Here you go.”
While enjoying an embarrassing play of dressing pants before a young woman…no, I’m not enjoying it!
After putting on pants, I promptly headed to the bridge with Kate.

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