The Devil Princess Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter One: I Became a Princess

Good morning! A radiant morning has arrived!
It’s been almost a year since the Second Devil Summoning Incident, and I’ll be turning a full five years old in just three months.
I did suffer some mental trauma from that incident with the self-proclaimed “big brother,” but today, I am still full of energy.
Well, all of this is that guy’s fault. (Take that!)
That aside, my life has undergone a drastic change since that day. Well, to be fair, I’ve been overindulged and overprotected from the beginning, but now it has become even more excessive.
Overindulged… yes, like simmered seaweed!

“For the ‘dear,’ His Majesty the King sent many famous pastries from the capital.”
……. Human food should perish…….
Saying that, the head maid – the woman who had taken care of me since my father, who was once a prince, became a grand duke, pulling over a dozen maids from the castle for my father’s sake – brought a seemingly fifty-serving box of pastries.
Is it okay? Isn’t the castle in trouble?
“Queen Mother also sent a few maids along with the sweets.”
If it’s approved by Grandma… well, there’s no helping it.
Sending maids along with sweets…
“Now, would you like to enjoy it with the lady of the house? Allow ‘Baba’ to accompany you.”
She calls me “Princess” and is the wife of that butler, the steward – ‘Jiiya.’ I’ve been forced to call her ‘Baba’ as well.
What drives you all to this extent?
“Then, please offer your hand.”
‘Baba’ takes my hand, and we walk slowly.
I’m almost five years old now, and I’m already a big sister, so it’s time to graduate from being carried.
But when ‘Baba’ takes my hand, immediately, the blonde maid Fer appears, grabbing the other hand with a smile. Why… at that moment, a black and white photo of “two men in coats holding hands with an alien” comes to my mind.
Being led by two adults means I hardly have to walk. Actually, my feet are floating.
What is this? This is not acceptable. But if I resist, I’ll be forcefully carried. I have no choice or refusal rights. Wait, I’m a princess, right?
Suddenly, I peek into a door that happened to be open.
“…Hey, what are you doing?”
“Oh, that’s Vio giving ‘education’ to the new maid.”
No, Fer-chan. It’s not about that.
Why are you training with a sandbag, doing practice walks while carrying it? What are you training for? Your love is too heavy.
“Eur, welcome. This is perfect. We received a lot of trendy sweets from the Viscountess.”
When I reach the terrace where Mother is, there is a mountain of boxes of pastries that look familiar from somewhere.
I don’t taste food made by strangers!

Our house… the financial situation of the Versenia Grand Duchy seems to be quite good.
The land known as Taliteld, often called the Holy Kingdom, is naturally abundant. The citizens, known for their devout faith in what could be called a religious state, work diligently every day, gladly paying their taxes.
…Hopefully, it’s not a corrupt religious state.
In essence, this Tul territory, under the direct control of our father’s Grand Ducal House, also contributes a mountain of taxes.
But that money isn’t the private property of the Grand Ducal House. It’s the wealth for the prosperity of the Grand Duchy, and of course, a portion is returned to us. The Grand Ducal House profits handsomely, thanks to the trading conducted independently by our father.
The Grand Duchy is located to the west of the Holy Kingdom. If you go further west from there, you’ll find the Sigres Kingdom, an ‘extremely’ agricultural nation.
Being labeled an agricultural nation (you’d get scolded if you say that in official places) makes sense as about thirty percent of their land is farmland, and most of their citizens are either farmers or those involved in agriculture. Therefore, the national religion of Sigres Kingdom also worships the same goddess of abundance, Cossol.
Moreover! The queen of Sigres is our father’s older sister—basically, my aunt!
No wonder it’s profitable. The credibility is off the charts.
But, I don’t know much about it… whenever I ask, I get some vague answers. According to gossip, when the former steward who served during the time when it was still a ducal house retired, there was only a ‘decent’ profit.
However, when our father became the Grand Duke and brought in his former subordinate from the capital as the new steward, things changed… or so they say.
So, our Grand Ducal House is quite wealthy.
Since neither my father nor mother has a penchant for spending, the benefits naturally concentrate on me. The new attendants who came with my father also spoil me endlessly, and even though most of the old staff from the original ducal house have left, Granny and Vio diligently train the new ones.
It’s scary how everyone tries to pamper me whenever they see an opportunity.
Among the perks are a plethora of dresses and luxurious meals, but honestly, I don’t need all of it. Especially, I have no use for meals made by people I don’t know.
Why does everything that comes my way deviate from my expectations!?
The most significant benefit from this is probably the ‘Guardian Knight Order.’
Young women—almost like children—just adults, these knights escort me with a total of ten when I go out.
They’re called female knights… has a nice ring to it. They look like actors from a certain all-female theater company, but well, it’s fine.
Although the establishment of this personal Guardian Knight Order has nothing to do with the Versenia Grand Ducal House, I’ll deal with that later. For now, I need to focus on the task at hand.

“Here, Eurushia! You can see the castle from here!”
When I let my guard down, baby talk comes out naturally. Well, it can’t be helped at four years old. Blame this babyish tongue!
Anyway, right now, I’m riding on a horse with King Grandpa. In other words, I’m on a horse ride with my grandfather.
This grandfather, you know… He looks stern, but he has dignity and isn’t bad. But, well, his behavior is a bit “rough.”
I can tell he cares a lot about me, but… hmm.
By the way, Uncle, who is Father’s elder brother, is the same as Grandfather, lacking delicacy.
Thank goodness… Father resembles Grandmother.
Leaving aside such harsh impressions, today I’m on a long journey with Grandfather and the others.
Yes, I’ve come to the royal capital. Surprisingly, those escort knights, the girls, are a private knight order prepared by Grandfather, so that I can come to the royal capital alone!
A three-day stay. Two weeks for the round trip. His Majesty, the King, insists on making an appearance at the castle every two months, telling me to show my face, and it’s a hassle.
In the end, I can’t be sent alone with a four-year-old like me, even with the escort knight order, and I have to go with either Father or Mother, so Father struggles with scheduling every time… because of me.
That’s how much Grandfather cares about me.
Even for a non-human child like me, am I really that cute? Even now, when people see me up close at the royal castle, there are those who clutch their hearts and squat.
I thought so, but it seems that Grandfather and Grandmother were eagerly waiting for a ‘girl’ grandchild, as Uncle’s children and Aunt’s children who married to another country are all boys.
Lick, not lick. It’s definitely lick.
Um… what about the two ‘sisters’ who are supposed to be with me?
“Eurushia! Today, we’re aiming for a bird called ‘pheasant’ in that forest!”
I casually agreed and started searching for the birdies, wherever they might be. I’ve never experienced hunting, even in the ‘light world’ I dreamt of, so I’m looking forward to it.
Oh? I sense a strong presence of a ‘beast’ deep in the forest.
Of course, even in the safe forest managed by the royal family, there are wild animals, but in demon terms, a ‘beast’ refers to a creature like a ‘demon’ that devours for pleasure, a demonic being.
… In other words, a being like ‘me.’
But well, the presence I’m feeling right now isn’t that severe. It was something very cute, just about to ‘devour to kill’ rather than ‘kill to devour,’ a really adorable presence.
Ah… truly adorable.
I’ve regained some of the demon’s power, but I’m not being complacent. …I was warned by my so-called big brother. Besides, it’s dangerous to act recklessly without knowing the extent of the special forces of the human world.
Well, I won’t antagonize any nations, okay? Because I love ‘humans.’
But well… the owner of this level of presence, wanting to devour what’s mine…
Consciously, I turn my ‘gaze’ in the direction where that presence is.
Just that, and the presence far away becomes disturbed and disappears as if scared.
“What’s wrong, Eurushia!”
Suddenly, Grandfather’s voice, carrying me as if in a hug, echoes, and I let out a surprised voice.
“Up? Up?”
Looking up to where Grandfather was looking, on a branch right there, a striped squirrel… a squirrel, right? I froze my whole body with a glance.
“Hey, it’s a squirrel. Do you want that, Eurushia?”
“Uh, no! It’s too cute to catch…”
Animals don’t get along well with me because they’re scared.
At that moment, unexpectedly, someone else’s hand, different from Grandpa’s, stroked my head.
“Eurushia is kind, huh?”
Turning my gaze to the relaxed voice, I saw a boy with a faint peach-colored honey blond hair, Timothée, eleven years old, my cousin. He looked at me with a warm smile.
I came here with Grandpa and the others. Timothée, the one with me now, is the eldest son of Uncle, who became the second prince of the Holy Kingdom in place of his father, the current king. If everything goes well, he’ll be the king after the next king.
Timothée’s appearance is as sweet as his strawberry honey blond hair. He resembles Princess Elea, the Crown Prince’s wife, and is truly a prince charming from a fairy tale. Yet, Timothée is not just good-looking; he’s incredibly sweet and much better than Rick, his younger brother.
Even though he’s a prince, he can make decisions in place of the restless adults, so if he becomes the king, it’s reassuring.
I have not been able to talk with him much so far because I have been monopolized by Rick and Elea, so this time he have come to see me as a way of getting to know each other.
Uncle, Dad, and Queen Elea are not here; they’re busy working to fill the gap while King His Majesty is playing with me… Rick is at school; he couldn’t get a day off.
I don’t care about Rick. Boys who can’t control their strength are a bit… irritating.
So, let’s talk to the incredibly sweet Timothée.
“You’re not gentle… huh?”
Because I’m a predator…
“Maybe if Mr. Squirrel understands Eurushia’s kindness…”


As Timothée says this, he tickles my hair. When I close my eyes due to the tickling sensation, he laughs joyfully.
His way of speaking and his smile are just like Queen Elea. Although he’s overly gentle for a royal heir, the age difference makes him a good older brother for me… He doesn’t scare me either.
Feeling a bit happy about it, I smile warmly from the tickling and, seeing that, Grandpa starts patting my head vigorously. It hurts a little.
“Eurushia! I’m aiming for that pheasant!!”
With Grandpa’s booming voice, several birds fly away.
It’s okay; there’s still one. The guide, a hunter with a blue face, quickly locates it for us.
Handing me over to Timothée, who is also on horseback, Grandpa effortlessly pulls a big bow and shoots the pink bird… is it a pheasant?… with a single shot.
From behind us, the admiration of about fifty people, including me, Grandpa, Timothée, the escort knights, and attendants, echoes.
But for some reason…
In my ears, I hear something like a secondary audio track saying, “Nice shot, boss.”
“How was that!”
“Grandpa, amazing!”
I clap my hands happily at Grandpa’s smiling face. If he’s being smug, there’s no choice but to praise him.
Both his smug expression and behavior are similar to Grandpa and Rick. Uncle, who resembles Grandpa, might be like that too.
And maybe… he resembles “him” as well.
Maybe I’m destined to encounter these types even in the material world…

“Tea party?”
I can’t always be with Grandpa. To be precise, because Grandma gets sulky, I went to her today. Along with Queen Grandma, Princess Consort Elea, her sister (meaningful), my mother, and also another cousin named Rick, we are having tea.
“Yes, a tea party. Eur will be turning five soon, right?”
Elea-sama smiles beautifully with her usual laid-back voice.
The venue is the royal family’s garden as usual.
This garden was originally a place for people with connections to the royal family to enjoy tea and host small parties. Being invited here is considered a great honor, and even the flower field was left by Grandma’s (girl) hobby.
And today, Grandma’s lap will be my “designated seat.”
“Well, in that case, join my tea party. Right, Eur-chan?”
Grandma says so while rubbing her cheek against the top of my head.
Grandma is very cute, like a young girl. And today, I am a plush toy of a young girl.
But wait, a “tea party”…
“Mother. Eurushia has already participated in the previous tea party!”
Rick, who was sipping bitter tea with a serious face, spoke up, voicing what I had in mind. Alright, let’s praise him. Later, I’ll poke his squishy cheek.
However, upon hearing that, Elea-sama still gives her son a disappointed look.
“Rick is silly. For a girl, the ‘first tea party’ is special, you know?”
Oh… Elea-sama, merciless.
Organizing the information gathered with my demonic ears, noble girls can officially participate in tea parties as “ladies” when they turn five.
While they might have attended earlier accompanied by their mothers, it’s usually in the case of family ties or close relationships. Recognized as a lady, a noble girl attends tea parties alone, builds friendships among nobles, and exchanges information within the aristocracy.
Well, that’s the official version. Honestly, it’s just a “girls’ gathering.”
Although officially, noble girls become ladies from the age of five, in reality, five-year-olds are still toddlers and require a lot of attention. So, most of the time, the “first tea party” is held at a relative’s house. It’s like their first errand.
“So, Eur, I think it would be nice for you to join my tea party with your mother-in-law. Right, Lia? “
“Sure. If Lady Elea suggests it, I’d be delighted.”
Lady Elea’s proposal seems to bring joy to my mother as well.
My mother refers to Lady Elea as ‘ (big sister),’ not because she has become a relative sister-in-law but because they used to call each other that during their senior-junior days at the magic academy.
So, does that mean Vio, who is my mother’s protegee, becomes Lady Elea’s younger sister? Oh my.
I’ve never met my actual big sister!
Since it’s a tea party for ladies, having a man around makes things awkward. This time, within a mix of children, Rick is the only guy, and naturally, he wears a bitter expression. Well, he is treated like a child.
The first tea party I attended in the capital was a mixed gathering of boys and girls, and reading between the lines, it was probably an introduction between Rick, my closest relative in age.
But really, why is Rick here?
There must have been school-related reasons, considering the magic academy. If it’s about interaction, wouldn’t it have been better to go hunting with Grandpa or Timothée from yesterday?
Maybe? Perhaps? Did Lady Elea conspire for this?
“…What’s up?”
“It’s nothing, Lord Ludrick.”
Having noticed me eavesdropping, Rick let out a sullen-like voice.
Since it’s a girls’ gathering and only relatives are present, I think it shouldn’t count, but well, it’s not fun, right?
It’s fine to sympathize a little, but Rick, in particular, is strangely brusque and has a very rough attitude towards me. It’s not this bad with Sherry or Betty.
If I were a normal child and not a demon, we might have had normal, pleasant conversations among children. But heh… I haven’t forgotten his attitude when we first met! I’m narrow-minded!
However, at that moment, a cheerful voice that doesn’t understand my delicate feelings comes in.
“Oh my, Eur-chan, why do you call Rick so formally? Eur-chan, you can call Rick ‘(big brother),’ you know?”
“But, but…”
She set a high hurdle all of a sudden!
After asking around with Vio and others, I learned that among noble men and women, using nicknames is allowed for children, but when they reach a certain age, they should only address family or fiancés that way.
That’s why I used ‘ (Lord Ludrick),’ but calling Rick ‘(big brother),’ especially considering the age difference, is too high a hurdle to overcome as compensation!
“Uh, it’s fine. Eurushia, you can just call me Rick casually, okay!?”
What’s Rick saying!
Doesn’t he understand that he’s saying it to avoid that situation!?
The mother seems flustered,
while Elea smirks.
Just as I thought!
But then, a glimmer of hope shines through.
“Queen. It might be a bit embarrassing to casually use a nickname for the boy in official settings, so how about referring to him as ‘Lord Ludrick’? And in more casual settings like this, how about ‘Big Brother Rick’?”
Nice one, Mom! Oh, wait, on second thought, it’s not that great. Still, it’s better than ‘Big Brother’ or nicknames.
“Well, that’s cute. Let’s go with that. Also, Leah, you can call me ‘Mother-in-law.'”
“Yes, Mother-in-law…”
While I ponder other options, the conversation ends in a somewhat pleasant manner.
I involuntarily exchange glances with Rick. He probably preferred being called casually, but ‘Big Brother’ was a no-go… Why is he blushing?
No, this won’t do. The gods are dead. No, I’ll destroy them myself.
…Oh well. I was the most socially adept demon in the Demon Realm, after all. I won’t succumb to this level of mental torture! …Ugh.
“……Rick, Big Brother Rick…?”
Stop blushing! It’s making me embarrassed too.
I glance sideways.
Grandmother and Mother are both smiling.
Elea, with a face that says, ‘It can’t be helped this time.’
The previous tea party was set up by Grandfather and others as a ‘family gathering.’ However, Elea had a different ‘goal’ within that.
Elea was plotting to pair up the daughter that Mother cherished since her school days with her son, making her a ‘daughter-in-law’ of sorts.
…How serious is she, really? Is it safe if she is?
Moreover, Rick and I are not in a ‘position’ to be engaged.
If things go as usual, Timothée, the second prince, will become the Crown Prince and eventually succeed Uncle as the king. Then, as the current third prince, Rick would either receive a territory and establish his own house or become a son-in-law to a royal or duke’s family.
If it’s a grand ducal house, the status would be impeccable.
Especially if the partner is not ‘me.’
It’s not wrong because we’re cousins. In the Holy Kingdom, as long as the parents are not twins, marriage between cousins is permissible.
But if I’m the partner, the ‘blood’ of the child born would be too concentrated.
Uncle’s [Martial] prowess and charisma, combined with Dad’s [Intellect] and excellence. Both have the blood of two royal family members who are problem-free as kings, known as [Pureblood Royalty], born outside the royal family.
That’s still fine. The royal family has more charisma, after all. However, things change when the [Holy Maiden], currently a hot topic in town, comes into play.
The Holy Kingdom is a religious state, and its citizens adore the Holy Maiden. Even children become fervent believers. Now, you see where this is going, right?
It’s a problem. A big problem. It’s undoubtedly impossible!
If there’s a safe solution, it would be to get together with Timothée. But even if he reaches the age of marriage, I’m like ten years old, right? It might work if I were at least two years closer to him, but I don’t want to get married so desperately.
Queen Elea, do you happen to forget that I might be feeling that way!?
To be honest, there’s a simple solution.
A girl not a Holy Maiden but with Dad’s blood. Yes, my older sister could marry Timothée, and their blood would be equally strong, maybe surpassing the reputation of the Holy Maiden!
If there are two of them, maybe Rick could marry one too!
When I casually mentioned this to Queen Elea before, she smiled with eyes that didn’t laugh at all… “Eur’s jokes are interesting,” she said!
Those eyes were [serious].
What on earth have my yet unseen older sisters done!!
It’s hopeless… Before getting surrounded by them, let’s find a handsome young man who’s moderately rich and spoils me rotten.
Oh, speaking of which, there was something related to that. The female knight guard once told me,
“[Lady Eurushia is the only princess],” she said.
What does that mean?

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