Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

Chapter Four: The Solitary Genius – Kanade Kurotsuki

The subsequent developments were, well, there’s not much to say about the flow.
The overwhelmingly superior Netsuhara and the cornered Class C.
If we don’t accept the Duel Request conflict―no, if we don’t take the request to Class A, Netsuhara’s assaults will continue. And for how many countermeasures against the assaults can we really keep up indefinitely?
The quickest way to stop the assaults is to just accept the Duel Request conflict.
But our opponent is that Netsuhara, malicious from any angle you look.
It also makes the choice to accept the Duel Request difficult.
With both options leading to dead ends, Asahina couldn’t immediately come to a conclusion in that situation.
The class’s opinions were completely split―and as a result, we couldn’t even have a discussion.
According to Netsuhara: ‘Well, the time limit’s the end of school today.’
All that remained were the stifling air and feelings of anger.
Amidst that, Asahina Kasumi apologized.
“…I’m sorry. My judgement was lacking.”
“Th-That’s not true at all!”
Kurashiki reflexively reacted to her words.
“That guy… How could we know something like that would happen!? Attacking Manabe-kun for no reason, just because we don’t like him! Netsuhara-kun is the weird one, not you Kasumi-chan!”
Angry class rep Kurashiki. Our classmates nod at her words.
Asahina-san looks uneasy… Not sure why, but she glances at me so I casually avert my gaze. I’m not involved so don’t look at me.
“But…doesn’t that leave us with no choice but to accept the bastard?”
“Or we capture him in the act of attacking and present that as ‘evidence.'”
Sakaki-sensei interjects at Sakuma’s words.
For her, it’s unusually cooperative. She must see this incident as a big deal.
She folds her arms in a grumpy manner, tapping her index finger on them.
“The only reason Netsuhara currently has the ‘advantage’ is because ‘there’s no evidence of his violence.’ What that boy is doing goes against school rules in the first place. If we had evidence, I would readily expel him myself.”
“But isn’t that dangerous!?”
One of Kurashiki’s gal friends raises her voice at Sakaki-sensei’s reliable words.
“Getting evidence means someone else has to be attacked, right? That guy seems like he’d readily attack girls too so it’s scary… Right, Asahina-san?”
“That’s true. …Sakaki-sensei, I appreciate the offer but I absolutely don’t want to use anyone as bait. We’ll only use that method when we have no other choice.”
At Asahina-san’s words, Kurashiki briefly glances this way.
‘With you, wouldn’t being bait be possible without getting hurt?’
I can see those feelings coming through so I decided to completely ignore her.
No way. He’s clearly above Kirido, there’s no way I can win!
I couldn’t even beat Kirido so there’s obviously no way I can win in a normal fight.
As I turn my gaze out the window, I feel Kurashiki’s resignation.
‘You don’t plan on making a move huh.’
I can almost hear that in the aura she gives off, and internally I nod.
That’s right, I won’t take the frontlines this time either. I don’t plan on getting involved at all.
Unless some merit of being at the front comes up or I’m directly harmed, no chance.
“…I will defeat Netsuhara-kun.”
A girl raises her voice.
Looking ahead, Asahina Kasumi’s eyes show her resolve.
“In pure combat, there are no abilities superior to mine… Right, Sakaki-sensei?”
“Well…with a few exceptions.”
For just a brief instant, I noticed her gaze turn this way ever so slightly.
Huh, what’s with looking at me suddenly in this situation? Why glance my way now?
Well, to someone not in the know, it was such a brief moment they probably wouldn’t notice.
“At least against ordinary students, you would undoubtedly have the advantage. Your special power is exceptionally outstanding among all the blessings.”
“…Then my answer remains as stated earlier.”
And so Asahina repeats her determination.

“―I will defeat Netsuhara-kun. That is what I believe to be the best course of action.”

It was the simplest in my expectations yet also the most difficult to achieve.
In other words, it was the minimum resolution.



A contest of pure power. A feat of might through special abilities.
“Things have taken an unpleasant turn.”
After school, Asahina and Netsuhara were going to talk.
The contents… Well, we’d find out tomorrow morning.
The class’s core members like Kurashiki, Sakuma, and Karasuma apparently accompanied Asahina-san, but I didn’t go. I have hardly any interest after all.
I sit in a chair in my classroom, gazing out the window.
“So…here you are, Amamori.”
Suddenly, a voice comes from the entrance.
Looking back… Rare to see Sakaki-sensei standing there.
“What is it…Sakaki-sensei?”
“Oh, about the Netsuhara issue… I wanted to ask about your plans.”
My plans…?
No no, I’ve decided to do nothing.
There are no other options worth considering, obviously.
As I was about to say that, she pierces me with sharp eyes.
“Don’t pretend to be useless in front of me… Know that.”
Pretending to be useless…
A cold air starts drifting amidst her words.
“I know about your [ability]. I know about your [situation]. I even know about your [family]. I’ve looked into everything about you… After all, you’re a big name since this academy started. Isn’t that right, Amamori Yuuto?”
“Yep…I really don’t like you.”
My frank rejection just makes her smile deepen.
“Well say what you will. I have expectations for you. And at the same time, my heart is also racing. After all…no one else has noticed you yet, someone of your caliber. With just one move from you, the current school ethos could easily be overturned.”
Letting her words go in one ear and out the other, I think.
When entering this academy, we took every precaution regarding information control and concealment.
The principal probably doesn’t even know about me.
For her to…somehow obtain that kind of information and look into my name, she must have realized my registered Eye ability was ‘false’ after investigating the academy’s records. Then looking into various other things… Well, I figured that’s how it happened but I didn’t expect her to find out even my background…
“So…it was about Netsuhara, yes?”
“Blatantly changing the subject… Oh well, fine. As you can probably imagine, the man Netsuhara is too much for the current Class 1-C.”
Her words are certainly true.
Netsuhara is too strong for the present Class C… He’s far too cunning.
The current Class C is a one man team centered around Asahina Kasumi.
If she nods, everyone heads that way. If she shakes her head, even the right thing becomes a mistake. …Maybe an overstatement, but roughly that’s the situation.
And for Asahina-san who is at the center, the current Netsuhara is too much of a formidable foe.
If she’s led astray and cornered, the class will naturally be driven into a corner as well.
In conclusion, Class C defeating Netsuhara would be difficult.
The ‘too much’ Sakaki mentioned must be what she meant.
“It’ll be fine right? It’s not only Asahina-san we can rely on. There’s Kurashiki-san, Sakuma, and Karasuma too. If everyone’s together, surely…”
“…Are you seriously thinking it will be alright?”
Sakaki looks at me in disbelief.
But my answer doesn’t change.
I say something very refreshing and youthful.

“It’ll be fine. Because I believe in everyone.”

I give her a smile after spouting some shallow lip service.
She widens her eyes at my words, but soon disappointment settles in them.
Yet at the same time, her eyes also contain ‘expectation’ to the same degree.
“Oh well… Either way, if you don’t make a move, this class is done for, Amamori Yuuto.”
Saying that, she leaves the classroom.
Looking at the clock… It’s a good time now. I sit back in the chair and exhale.
There’s no lie in what I told Sakaki.
I do believe it.
–That with their current level, they can’t do anything about Netsuhara.
Without a doubt, they’ll come back forced to swallow disadvantageous conditions. Kurashiki went with them too but… At this stage, I don’t think they can do anything.
Asahina Kasumi is… A hero of justice is strongest when brandishing justice.
No matter the opponent, once deemed an enemy she won’t bend.
She won’t bend so…she can’t bend.
They’ll all die stumbling on a small pebble.
That’s the kind of life heroes of justice lead, something I’ve known for a long time.
“Geez…that’s why I hate them. Heroes of justice.”
As I’ve stated before, with things as they are, Asahina Kasumi will undoubtedly fail.
…Well, I’m just observing from the sidelines so I can’t really say anything.


“Let’s skip the annoying crap and go straight to crushing each other!”
In Class 1-A, Netsuhara’s opening remark.
The A Class students, despite it being after school, are all still in the classroom sitting at their desks hanging their heads.
A truly bizarre sight, the four representatives of Class C thought.
“Asahina…was it? The extras tagging along are the shitty flower garden brain class rep, the musclebrain successor, and that goldfish shithead, right?”
At his words, the expressions of Kurashiki, Sakuma, and Karasuma waver slightly.
However, they had imagined being talked to like this beforehand.
That’s why they don’t talk back and get straight to the main issue.
“…So what’s this ‘crushing each other’ mean?”
“Oh geez, monkeys really are dumb and troublesome. So listen here–“
“–Netsuhara Eien. Please stop the unsightly provocations. We are trying to have a serious discussion.”
Asahina stops Netsuhara as he starts to provoke like usual.
Even Netsuhara whistles impressed at her words.

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