Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 2

“Hmm…For courage about average given your age. I’ve finally found decent smithing material.”
Speaking jokingly his face remained stern, not cracking the slightest smile with piercing eyes spearing into me.
“Up…Why did you close your eyes? I told you not to look away from my actions.”
Jolted by his words I desperately took deep breaths to calm my pounding heartbeat. Then I slowly stood back up.
“…My apologies. It was my first time experiencing killing intent from you, Sir. And I lost to the terror of the [saber] as a weapon…”
Recalling our exchange answering Father I still trembled slightly. Father wouldn’t truly try killing me. But the tip of a serious saber slashing towards my face regardless of mental understanding was terrifying. Undoubtedly my first time experiencing such dread including my past life memories.
“That will do. Everyone starts off the same.”
Father suppressed his [killing intent and bloodlust] but didn’t relax his stern expression, starting to explain things to me.
“You lost heart falling to my [killing intent and bloodlust] and fear of the [saber] as a weapon. Even in actual combat, courage is necessary to overcome such dread. Lacking courage, falling prey to terror…only death awaits in your future.”
Seeing me nod Father’s expression finally softened slightly continuing his lecture.
“However I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel fear. Without fear one becomes [reckless], potentially causing serious accidents in real combat. Therefore you must grow accustomed to overcoming fear. Understand?”
In other words Father sought to teach me from now the [courage to conquer mortal dread assailing me] in preparation for battles someday. And to do so he was using a real saber. But I grasped how vastly different things would be already knowing versus not knowing such horror beforehand.
Training with wooden swords against Reubens also risked injury but I didn’t consider potential death. Because wooden swords’ lethality is low and I knew Reubens would hold back.
But what if a total stranger assaulted me with a real weapon like a saber instead? If faced with a weapon of considerable killing potential openly radiating homicidal intent I had no doubt anyone would shudder initially. Hence Father was likely putting me through this regimen. Nodding at his explanation I finally understood the aim of this practice.
“Yes, I underst…and.”
“Good. From here on I shall swing aiming to barely miss you. Don’t shut your eyes, keep focused on my movements.”
Immediately after finishing his sentence Father concentrated his bloodlust, his saber slashes barely missing as he fiercely attacked around me. Then the wind rending sounds from Father’s swung saber echoed around me. The slightest motion could trigger dire injury. Given Father’s skill no accidents would happen I figured. Even so the dread from the tip and edge narrowly missing me was tremendous.
At first I’d reflexively squeeze my eyes shut regardless. By consciously keeping them open amidst that I finally managed to properly track things.
Perhaps growing accustomed to the horror after a time, I became able to steadily watch Father’s swordwork. Likely this was what they meant by acclimating to fear I figured. Noticing changes in my gaze and expression Father sinisterly smiled.
“Hmm. Seems you’ve adapted quite a bit. Shall we proceed to the next stage then?”
I felt I caught some disturbing phrasing just now. And what did he mean next stage anyway? My fleeting internal question was soon answered. Father stationed Reubens in a corner of the grounds then started drawing a line on the floor with the wooden sword handed off earlier. Unsure of his intent marking things out I stared blankly as Father shifted his gaze my way after finishing.
“Reed. Now listen. Reach Reubens past this line. I shall stand in your way barring passage with this [saber]. You must closely follow my movements, it will be quite difficult otherwise.”
Hearing Father’s actions I smiled wryly half inclined to resign myself.
“Ahaha…Yes, Sir.”
But the subsequent exchanges proved crueller than I imagined. Advancing towards Reubens, Father gleefully came slashing at me with killing intent imbued in his saber.
In other words I had to evade Father’s slashes to reach Reubens. Dodging his attacks several times cloth snags or cuts opened in my hair from the saber’s passing.
Yet Father’s blade stopped short of actually hitting me. Before I knew it through the regimen feelings of shock, admiration, and renewed reverence towards Father’s swordsmanship welled within me.
Unsure how long I crossed blades with him but that time finally arrived. Slipping through Father’s fierce slashes and barrage by a hair’s breadth I reached the quaking Reubens, trembling myself.
Only then did I notice my clothes left tattered by Father’s saber. Seeing my state Reubens’ face showed astonishment.
“Well done. Splendid talent as expected Sir Reed, to slip through Lord Reiner’s fierce assault.”
“Haah…Haah…Th…ank you…”
He seemed quite delighted I made it, smile blossoming the instant I arrived. However, I half collapsed breathless right there.
Father showed no mercy whatsoever. If during the initial stationary session I hadn’t grown used to tracking his swordwork could it have led to major injury? I felt there were several such close calls.
Furthermore after witnessing the saber brimming with Father’s killing intent and bloodlust, ordinary wooden swords truly felt mere workout implements in comparison. As I regulated my breathing such thoughts left me sentimentally moved by the gulf separating today’s practice from the norm. Noticing Father slowly approaching I stood back up where I was.

What was it? Did some part of the earlier practice bother him? As the notion crossed my mind Father approaching came to a halt close by, clearing his throat.
“Ahem…From now on I shall participate in swordsmanship practice when possible, conducting this training each time. Any objections?”
Father just casually suggested something unbelievable. Then he promptly sheathed the saber passing it to Reubens, a touch of delight entering his stern features.
I supposed this was Father’s form of kindness but…too scary. Seeing the completely unexpected development I grimaced. Then Reubens secretly whispered by my ear.
“It seems Lord Reiner has wanted to teach Sir Reed something himself for a while now. He must be happy getting to temper courage I expect.”
“Is that so…? But somehow I feel his direction is off…”
Hearing his talk I watched Father’s back thinking [Geez…] shoulders slumping.
“Big brotheeer!!”


Suddenly that cute voice rang out across the grounds. Looking towards its origin there stood Mel and maid Danae. With Mel rushing ahead towards me first. As they neared I noticed Mel’s tearful expression. What happened? Rushing over when she saw me Mel glared [Hmph!] at Father looking at my tattered state up close.
“What’s wrong Mel?”
I called out worriedly drawing closer. In response Mel shouted loud enough to echo all over training grounds glaring at Father.
“Papa~! You bullied big brother!! Hate you!! I really really hate you!!”
Mel finally burst into tears bawling as she banged at Father’s leg. Faced with Mel’s wailing Father’s expression crumpled as he murmured.
“…Meldy, why are you here?”
“My apologies. Young Miss Meldy insisted on seeing Sir Reed no matter what…”
The one who answered was Danae. Father nodded to her reply but still looked vexed.
“I-I see…”
“However, since you were training we observed from the grounds perimeter.”
I see. So in other words Mel had seen me getting saber slashes from Father during training, albeit from a distance.
“Papa~! Leave big brother all cut up!! Hate you~!! Training over right big brother!? Let’s go!!”
“Eh? Uh, yeah.”
Today’s practice should have ended I figured, glancing at Reubens grinning with a nod. As for Father after being labelled hated by Mel he seemed to shrink, gloomy aura gathering. I let Mel drag me off by the hand leaving the scene.
*** scene transition
scene transition

Seems Mel wanted me to read her picture books again. That was why she came looking for me at the training grounds with Danae I guess. She must have been shocked seeing Father and my practice as a result. With Mel rarely coming, for it to fall on the day that novel drill was conducted. I cracked a wry smile at Father’s mischief.
After returning to my room once I tidied up the practice-worn clothing and mussed hair. Then welcomed Mel and Danae to my room, reading Mel picture books as the cute little sister wished.
Meanwhile Mel kept saying “Hate papa~” so her anger showed no signs of abating. Her attitude was cute but there was more to it than what met the eye. As I read aloud I gently admonished Mel about the training with Father.
“Mel. Father was only being harsh for my sake you know, so you shouldn’t say things like that.”
Perhaps my words were unexpected, as Mel tilted her head puzzled. Smiling at my dear sister’s cute gesture I continued explaining.
“Yeah. That practice is really scary. But without enduring that scary stuff, when truly frightening things happen later my body might freeze up unable to move. Father was being strict so I don’t end up like that. He was teaching me to conquer [fear].”
“Hmm. But still, don’t like him doing that to big brother…”

Mel listened to my explanation, seeming to understand a bit, but still had a somewhat displeased expression.
“Oh, I see… But try to understand Father’s feelings, okay?”
“…I hate it, but fine.”
“Yeah, Mel is a good kid.”
Mel seemed pleased to be called a good kid. With a smile on her face and a teasing sway of her body, as if ticklish, I continued to pet her head. While doing so, I continued reading the picture book, just as my cute sister requested.

According to what I heard from Danae later, Mel apologized to Father for saying [hate]. She must have thought it through in her own way.
By the way, during the courage training, right after Mel said [hate] to Father, I felt like she held back or showed some hesitation and leniency towards me. However, from the day Mel apologized to Father, it became intense, as if trying to make up for the leniency before.
The days when Father, in high spirits, attacked me with a saber while I regretted explaining the training with him to Mel, continued for a while.
But I’ll keep this in my heart…

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