Two Childhood Friends Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Bad End

Enmi was in Yoshihito’s room.

Kirako was already gone, having slipped away in an instant.

Her crisis management skills were really something.

So for some reason, there was an oppressive atmosphere as Yoshihito was left alone.

He silently cursed Kirako for abandoning him.

“Something seems off,”

Right now, she wasn’t invisible.

Highly unusual for someone who almost always used her power.

Her long, wispy black hair flowed down.

Her bangs were long too, completely hiding her eyes.

But with her ever-changing expressions, she was plenty expressive without visible eyes.

She wore her school uniform, but took care not to expose much skin.

Still, her shapely figure was obvious even through the uniform.

Any guy other than Yoshihito would be charmed.

Yes, any guy unlike him who didn’t care at all about looks.

“What do you mean?”

“No matter how I think about it, you treat Kuromitsu-san specially.”

Here she goes again with the tiresome stuff.

He’d never vocalize his exasperation of course.

“No, I don’t do anything intentionally. She’s just an old friend. Known her a long time, so I guess I’m a bit casual with her.”

“No no, it’s not that simple. I mean, you pinned her down!”

She was referring to when he’d stopped Kirako from taking her clothes off in her frenzy.

Of course.

He kept getting dragged into troublesome situations because of that girl’s antics.

It was all her fault.

“I already explained that was a misunderstanding, right?”

“Looked like you were enjoying it pretty well though?”

“(Do you lack common decency on top of being a pervert?)”

He wanted to interrogate her for hours on what exactly seemed enjoyable.

“Anyway, it’s fine if you treat Kuromitsu-san specially. Childhood friends are important.”

“I keep saying I don’t treat her specially… And you care about Hakuhou too, right? Because you’ve known each other so long.”




Enmi looks completely baffled, further confusing Yoshihito.

Why did she make that expression, like she doesn’t understand him at all?

“Well of course I care, since it’s fun. Old friends you can mess with, who just do what you want like a puppet. I love that!”

“(Her affection is warped in a creepy way…)”

Enmi says disturbing things without hesitation, making Yoshihito grimace.

He can’t conceive of this as affection.

At least now he’d never open his heart to Enmi.

Not that he’d open it to anyone to begin with.

“And the fact that I gave info about young master to you should make it obvious.”

“You didn’t tell me he was that good at close combat.”

He doesn’t forget to show his resentment.

His anger at being beaten by Kota is directed at him and Enmi.

And it’s something he’ll surely never forget for life.

“I never expected hr’d go all out with close combat for the power demonstration. That’s not normal… I couldn’t predict it.”

“(That’s true.)”

Yoshihito concedes she has a point.

But that doesn’t diminish his anger at Enmi.

If anything, it’s made him more angry at Urashima.

“Anyway, forget that stuff. Let’s talk about me, me!

“(Doesn’t matter…)”

“See, my true form! Almost no one has seen this super rare sight. So, what’s your reaction?”

Enmi leans in close to Yoshihito, then spins around showing her whole body.

Certainly, she has an attractive figure.

Her precocious development, ahead of her peers, would be poison to boys her age.

“Am I cute?”

“(She’s too indifferent! Not interesting at all!)”

“(I don’t really care about a person’s appearance…)”

Yoshito looked at Enbi with annoyance.

For him, a person’s appearance didn’t matter at all.

No matter how beautiful someone was, even if they had an enchanting appearance, they were worthless if they couldn’t benefit Yoshihito.

[Even though you’re a human, your way of speaking is like a different species…”]

“Hey, my bodies are quite erotic, you know? If it’s you, Kuchinasi-kun, I wouldn’t mind letting you touch a little.”

Enbi struck a seductive pose.

She exuded so much sensuality that it was hard to believe she was underage.

It must have been the education in the Kakushigi family.

But still, it didn’t affect Yoshito.

He thought she looked a bit clownish, to be quite rude.

“(Please share a little with Kirako. ……. She’s doing breast enhancement exercises and stuff. ……)”

[Why do you know about things like that?]

“(Because she were doing it in my room as if it were normal.)”

[What are you doing!?]

Their relationship was in turmoil!? That’s what their internal monologues worried about, but of course, it wasn’t like that at all.

They were just trying to outdo each other.

“I appreciate that you’re comfortable with me, but let’s not devalue ourselves. You’re very cute, so it’s a waste. (It’s what’s on the inside that matters more than appearance! If you’re an erotic person, you don’t understand that.)”

“You say nice things.”

“(No matter how beautiful someone is, if they can’t benefit me, they’re just a mannequin.)”

[Returning compliments, huh?]

Actually, letting Enbi touch his body didn’t make him happy at all.

It was just a hassle.

And human touch felt unpleasant.

He tried to say something nice to escape the situation.

“…You know what? It’s irritating. The Kakushigi family is rotten on the inside. This kind of decadent seduction won’t work at all; it’ll just tarnish the family’s name.”

“(Maybe a family built on honey traps should just collapse?)”

While thinking that, Enbi reluctantly let go of his body.

Yoshihito congratulates himself on handling it smoothly.

But that’s why he’ll see a nasty ending…

“Then, I’ll practice with Yoshihito-kun here. Please take good care of me from now on!”


Enmi smiles devilishly.

Too bad, it was a bad end.

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