Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 9

Episode 9: “Gradually Expanding Circles”

Intense training became a daily routine. Pain accompanied me every day. There were times when I was left behind in the forest. The night forest was frightening, but I could sense life other than my own. It was challenging but not lonely.
One day, a large dog appeared in the elementary school classroom.
A kind adult said it was okay to play with it. I timidly touched the dog.
The first dog I touched was very soft—

Lately, I’ve been having dreams of past events. It’s probably just a small part. My memories are still gapped, affected by the resets I did when I was young. There must have been events I wanted to erase so badly.
There’s no need to look back at the past. I’m a high school student now. Recently, I’ve finally felt the circle of friends expanding around me.
While having lunch with Hanazono in the courtyard, I received a message from Tanaka.

[Where are you now?]

I see, does texting eliminate the habit of saying things?
I quickly reply, and Hanazono looks at me with a puzzled expression.
“That’s unusual. Using messages and all. Oh, is it Tanaka-san? You became friends?”
“Yeah, Tanaka is a good person. The cake was delicious.”
“Hehe, she’s really cute, that girl.”
“Yeah, she’s a very cute girl. But objectively speaking, I think Hanazono is also very cute.”
“Oh, you! Don’t casually say things like that about a girl! I-I mean, I’m not cute or anything.”
“People’s aesthetic sense can’t be relied upon. Let’s drop this topic.”
“Haa, that’s just like you.”
“By the way, Tanaka mentioned wanting to be friends with us?”
“Us? She seems like she has a lot of friends, though…?”
“She said she feels lonely by herself.”
“Oh, now that you mention it. I’ve never seen her with friends.”
I felt someone approaching us.
I can tell by the scent that it’s not Tanaka.
“Hey, Toudou! Are you eating with Hanazono again? Let’s have a meal together next time with us!”
For some reason, Igarashi in his athletic gear appeared in the courtyard. It’s still lunch break now. Not time for club activities yet.
Sasaki-san was with him. In a small voice, Sasaki-san said to Igarashi, who was yelling loudly, “I-It’s embarrassing….” The female students around them were laughing at the scene. But it wasn’t weird laughter. It was warm laughter.
I have a similar yet completely different experience. In middle school, when I talked loudly to Hanazono I was laughed at by those around us for some reason. That time, the laughter was closer to ridicule. I must have said something weird.
“W-Why are you looking that way at me!?”
“No, I was just remembering something from a while back.”
“Y-You don’t need to remember!”
Seeing our exchange, Igarashi for some reason heaved a sigh.
“Geez, Hanazono should be more honest. You’re totally tsundere, aren’t you?”
“Don’t call me that! You’re ruining our rare alone time–I mean, that’s not it! I’m just looking out for Toudou…. Oh no, I can’t mess this up again….”
“Y-Yeah, I want to be with Toudou so we eat lunch together! Oh no, sorry….”
“N-No, don’t apologize. I shouldn’t have teased you…..”
“Hmph, as long as you understand.”
The tempo of Igarashi and Hanazono’s conversation was too fast for me to grasp. But one thing I understood was that Hanazono sitting next to me had gotten closer. Our shoulders were touching.
I asked Igarashi a question, unconcerned about such things.
“Why are you wearing athletic gear?”
“Huh? Oh, cause we have P.E. next period! It’s a pain to change later so I did it earlier!”
“I see, that makes sense.”
Sasaki-san kept glancing at me.
We don’t make eye contact in the classroom. I’m always careful to act in a way that won’t startle her. But recently I’ve felt her gaze on me. Thinking it would be bad to bother her, I’ve been pretending not to notice.



“Miki, don’t you have something you want to say?”
Igarashi prompted Sasaki-san with his chin.
Sasaki-san timidly stepped forward. Yes, like a hamster I saw on TV. Her small body was filled with tension. It made me tense too.
“Toudou-kun, I’m s-sorry for being scared of you. Lately when I look at you, Toudou-kun, I thought maybe you’re not so scary after all.”
“What about me is scary? I don’t understand it myself.”
“Um, like how you never talk and give kind of indirect answers when you do talk to someone. And how your expression doesn’t change, oh, I’m sorry–“
“No, thank you for telling me.”
Sasaki-san held out the book she had been holding to me.
What’s this?
“Um, Toudou-kun, m-maybe you could try reading some novels? I really love novels, manga, and movies. I think through stories, you can come to understand people’s hearts and–“
Stories, huh…. In the past, even when I went to see movies with Hanazono, I couldn’t grasp the content at all. I didn’t understand why the audience was crying. Hanazono cried at that time too–
I recalled Hanazono’s crying face at the movie theater.
She looked sad yet happy at the same time, a refreshing crying face. She was very beautiful. I have a [record] of it in my head.
“Sasaki-san, thank you. I’ll try reading it.”
“R-Really! This is a good one. The protagonist’s feelings and the heroine’s inner conflicts are portrayed wonderfully and….the cool male friend is nice too, hehe, the interactions between the male friend and protagonist are….”

Igarashi grabbed the hem of Sasaki-san’s uniform.
“Hey! Miki, don’t spoil too much! Anyway, Miki is worried about you.”
It’s okay. I can grasp that much without being told. I may not read the air well, but I’m sensitive to people’s feelings.
I lightly tapped Igarashi on the shoulder.
Was it like this?
“Woah! Do it more forcefully! “
While rubbing his shoulder, Igarashi looked at my arm. What is it?
“….Yeah, Toudou, let’s arm wrestle for a bit. I’ve been curious about your muscles lately. You’re pretty damn strong right? As the top in our class, I don’t wanna lose!”
Sasaki-san and Hanazono exchanged glances.
“Boys are like kids.”
“Y-Yes, like elementary schoolers….”
–What? Isn’t elementary school a brutal battle for survival? ……But I have a question.

“–What’s arm wrestling?”

When I said that, for some reason Igarashi–sympathized? Befuddled? Was perplexed? While forcing a smile, he said to me.
“Then this’ll be your first match…. Let’s enjoy it together!”

We ended up arm wrestling on the small table next to the bench in the courtyard.
Since Hanazono didn’t stop me, I must not be mistaken.
“Hanazono, give us the signal please!”
“Geez, okay okay. Get in position–“
“The hell!? It’s ‘Ready, go’, right!?”
“Eh, what’s that? It’s too embarrassing!”
“Never mind, I’ll give the signal myself. Toudou, let’s go!”
Igarashi and I gripped each other’s hands. The moment we did, Igarashi had an astonished expression.
I see, it’s a game of competing strength.
Depending on where you grip, the principle of leverage comes into play so the grip is important. The force conveyed to the opponent changes based on where you grab their fingers.
….It’s not just a game of pushing the arm down with brute strength. There seems to be a technical system involved. Hmm, interesting. The muscles in the legs and whole body are also important.
“Ready….go!! Huh!?”
As expected of the track team, he has a lot of muscle mass. He’s conveying power by linking the leg muscles. But his body balance is bad. He must be slacking on training. With this level of strength–
“Ngg….w-wait a sec…nggg….o-oi, I’m….serious here!? It won’t budge!?”
Even after ten-something seconds passed, Igarashi couldn’t move my arm.
You win by pinning the opponent’s arm to the table, right?
I slowly pushed Igarashi’s arm down. I have to be careful not to injure him by using too much strength.
“W-Wait! Ngg….my arm’s gonna–! Stop, stop! Haa…. Toudou, you’re crazy strong…. I prided my strength as top in the class, but this is fun!! Let’s hang at the arcade sometime!”
Despite losing, Igarashi had a refreshed look on his face. He seemed happier than me, the winner. Since I’ve never interacted with classmates this way before, I don’t know what expression I should make.
“You’d instantly become the ace if you joined the track team. You sure you won’t join? ….Well, I can’t really recommend the current track team….”
“Why is that? The track team–“
“Oh, the relationships in the track team are kinda, well, Miki and I are rejects so there’s all kinds of hassles. But anyway, let’s play together sometime!”
“I will make good use of that…. Oh, I mean, we definitely will.”
“Alright, it’s a promise!!”

–At that moment, I sensed the presence of a small being behind me. I swiftly twisted my body to avoid colliding with them.
I saw a girl about to fall down. I grabbed the collar of her uniform to keep her from falling.

“Sasami, is that you?”
The flustered Sasami was there….

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