My CF Seems to be The Main Heroine Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Height Difference

Sometimes, people are creatures that grow,
especially during the transition from childhood to adulthood. The growth can be rapid,
with a few centimeters added seemingly overnight.
Yet, strangely, the person undergoing the growth or those constantly around them might not notice it.
It’s because an image has already formed within their minds,
making it challenging to become aware of any deviation unless prompted by some external factor.
Well, in the end, it’s just one of those things.

It was mid-April, and the cherry blossoms were at their peak.
Saito, having just left the infirmary, was examining the record sheet handed to him by his homeroom teacher.
“Height: 173 cm. Weight: 66 kg. Sitting height: 90 cm.”
“Quite a growth spurt,”
Compared to the results from the previous year, he had grown by four centimeters.
It felt like his eye level had risen just a bit.
Thinking that his growth spurt might be coming to an end, Saito was surprised to find out that it was still ongoing.
A bit amazed at the unexpected results, Saito couldn’t help but let out an impressed sigh.
“Let me see, Saito.”
“Sure, here you go.”
His friend Kai seemed curious about the results.
Kai who was waiting outside the classroom, asked him to show her the record sheets.
Since Saito wasn’t a girl and there was no embarrassing information to hide, he showed it without hesitation.
“That’s huge. There’s about a twenty-centimeter difference.”
“I didn’t expect such a gap. I thought Kai was a bit taller.”
“Yeah, true. This data seems unbelievable. I demand a re-measurement.”
While Saito thought Kai was somewhat petite for a guy, he never expected a twenty-centimeter difference.
Acknowledging it, Saito suggested a re-measurement, and Kai eagerly tried to head to the infirmary.
However, another person present grabbed his shoulder, preventing him from doing so.
“I get that you want to exaggerate, but Kai-kun asked for a [one more time] several times, so I don’t think it’s going to change.”
“Stop with the logical punches.”
According to Haruki, it seemed they had already requested several re-measurements.
Indeed, it was unlikely to change.
However, unable to accept reality, Kai covered his ears as if to block out the information.
Saito and Haruki exchanged glances and shared a laugh about Kai’s antics.
“Hey, how did you guys do? Show me, show me!”
“Sure thing.”
Returning to the classroom, Saito was approached by Shuri Yakumo, a gal with reddish-brown hair.
Following behind her were two seemingly quiet girls, Lily and Kanzaki Minaka.
Lately, when Saito wasn’t talking to her, Lily often chatted with Kanzaki and Shuri.
“Wow, Saito, you’re 173 cm tall. Huge! Kai is tiny, around 155 cm and cute. Haruki is, well, just average, I guess.”
“Am I the only one getting treated roughly here!?”
“Don’t worry.”
Observing the results, each of them shared their thoughts.
Shuri expressed her impressions, but Haruki, the only one with a lackluster response, protested, wondering if there was something more.
However, considering Haruki’s average height and weight, it was challenging to come up with additional comments compared to the others.
“Lily, how about your height?”
Taking note of Haruki’s shock, Saito asked Lily about her results.
In the past, he would have asked to see the recording sheet, but thanks to the influence of Yabana and Riri, he now focused only on height.
“I grew a bit. About 5 centimeters.”
“Isn’t that just within the margin of error?”
“The ones place changed, so it’s a proper growth. Unlike Saito, growing four centimeters is weird.”
“Hey, I’ve been growing a lot lately. Finally surpassed you. You’ve been treating me like a shorty all this time. Get ready, shorty. Hey, shorty. Oh, where did Lily go? Can’t see her, she’s too short.”
“Ugh, knew this would happen, didn’t want to lose.”
As of last year, they were almost the same height.
However, with a slight difference, Saito was still considered short, facing the usual treatment.
But this year, the tables finally turned.
Saito, fueled by years of resentment, taunted relentlessly, and Lily bit her lip in frustration.
“Oh, rare sight. Lily getting all frustrated. Unusual.”
Seeing their friend in an unusual state, Kanzaki and Shuri were surprised.
“By the way, Shuri, do you know the ideal height difference?”
“Of course, I know. It’s about fifteen centimeters. Around that makes it easy for kisses and hugs.”
After Saito finished his teasing, the conversation shifted to more feminine topics.
“Fifteen centimeters. That means a hundred and forty centimeters.”
“It might be quicker to look for the reverse.”
“Then, in my case, it’s a hundred and seventy-seven. Seems challenging to find. Oh, but Minachi is a hundred and fifty-eight, so it’s just right with for you.”
“Tsk!? Did you just click your tongue? Seriously, isn’t that too much?”
“Probably misheard. Can you stop with the paranoia?”
As they discussed their ideal height differences, Saito, who had just been teased, is shocked when he suddenly gets a tongue lashing.
He hadn’t talked much with Kanzaki, and he hadn’t done anything to be disliked.
Did he unintentionally do something wrong?
If so, he wanted to apologize.
Saito didn’t intend to create an awkward atmosphere with Lily’s friends, but judging by the reaction, it seemed difficult.
“It’s not like I’d date someone just because of the ideal height difference. You can adjust a bit with heels. If it’s just right when standing next to each other, that’s fine.”
“Wow, you brought up the topic yourself and said something blunt, Minakachi.”
“It’s fine.”
Clearly displeased, Kanzaki quickly ended the conversation.
The teacher arrived as they were heading back to their seats, and the class disbanded.
“Lily’s turn. Let’s see, the weight is—”
“Don’t look!”
On the way back to her seat, Saito noticed Lily’s record sheet had fallen, so he picked it up.
With a mischievous thought, he attempted to see her weight, but a fist hit his solar plexus accompanied by a yell.
A perfect hit.
In great pain, Saito let go of the record sheet, realizing that checking a woman’s weight was a taboo.
(Is 59 really that embarrassing?)
However, the faintly visible number suggested that, height-wise, she was quite slim.
Women are creatures he doesn’t understand well. With that thought, Saito let go of his consciousness.


A little later, after school.
At the station’s platform, Lily and Saito sat on a bench, waiting for the train home.
“Hey, what about this one? Seems good, right?”
“A waitress at a massage parlor, right? It’s nearby and pays decently, but I’m scared someone like a teacher or acquaintance might come, so I’ll pass.”
“Okay, then what about this M○○ place?”
“It’s quite far from school. It’s too much trouble to commute every day. Actually, now that I think about it, Saito just wants to eat hamburgers cheaply, right? Choose properly without personal feelings.”
Today’s topic is part-time jobs.
Since we’ve just entered high school and part-time work is now allowed, we’re looking for good job opportunities together. However, it’s proving to be challenging.
The main issues are that our school, Seira High School, prohibits part-time work, and our houses are far apart.
It’s difficult to find a place where both of us can work without getting caught by the teachers.
Seemingly tired of searching midway, Saito starts listing the names of hamburger shops.
“By the way, can you handle customer service?”
“…Probably not.”
“Then it’s a no-go.”
“It’s over.”
In the heat of the moment, they discuss the idea of doing part-time work, but upon reflection, Saito can’t envision Lily, who dislikes men, succeeding in jobs that involve customer service or interacting with people.
Thinking back, she realizes that during her previous part-time job in university, it mainly involved desk work like video editing and advertising, with no experience in customer service.
It seems they were quite stuck during the search phase.
Putting their smartphones back in their pockets, the two become disheartened.
Then, the announcement of the train’s arrival echoes on the platform.
Lily and Saito stand up from the bench and join the queue.
“It’s super crowded, huh?”
“Yeah. Should we wait for the next train?”
“Though there was a huge delay around noon, so it seems like this is the situation for a while.”
The approaching train seems packed to the point where it feels like there’s no room for more people. The two hesitate about whether to board or not.
But after checking on their phones, they find out there was an incident around noon, and waiting for the next one wouldn’t make much difference.
“We have no choice but to get on.”
“That’s the only option.”
So, with determination, the two decide to board the train.
They bow to the people in front of the door and manage to squeeze in, though it’s quite challenging.
The slightest jolt of the train caused their bags and bodies to collide with each other.
“…Hey, stay still. I’m sorry.”
Seeing Riri’s pained expression, Saito muttered softly and slid himself between her and the others, as if protecting her.
“It should be better now.”
(It’s not better at all!)
Certainly, thanks to Saito protecting her, she wouldn’t bump into others as much.
However, his protective stance is more like a so-called “Kabedon.”
A slight movement could make their lips touch, creating an uncomfortably close distance.
It’s her childhood friend, after all. She probably thinks there’s nothing wrong with a Kabedon at this point.
Honestly, that’s what Lily used to think. Not too long ago.
A few years ago, when Saito and her took a trip by train, they experienced a similar situation.
(So close, so close, so close!)
However, there’s a crucial difference between that time and now
—the height difference.
A few years ago, Lily was actually a few centimeters taller than Saito.
So, even with a Kabedon, his face was generally around her chest or just a bit above her neck, and it didn’t bother her much.
This time, it’s the same situation.
Unconsciously, she had already assumed that.
An unexpected hit from the subconscious.
Her head goes into malfunction mode due to the completely unexpected situation.
Her body’s temperature runs wild, and heat rushes to her face at an alarming speed.
—This is bad.
Both reason and instinct warn her that it’s bad for her childhood friend to see her in this state.
In a split second, Lily instinctively turns her face to the side, burying it in Saito’s shoulder.
“What’s wrong all of a sudden?”
“…It’s nothing.”
It’s really nothing at all.
She can’t afford to be exposed like this, especially to her childhood friend.

scene transition

If she’s caught, she’ll definitely be teased.
Thump, thump—she earnestly wishes her rapidly beating heart would calm down, but it refuses to obey.
In the end, until the moment Lily gets off the train, her heart remains fast-paced, and her body’s heat never subsides.

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