A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 2

Some time had passed and the holy knights reported to each other. Fei told Sargento’s group everything.

They thought seriously about who the man in the robe could be. Just then, the village chief arrived with the blonde-haired, yellow-eyed girl Heimi.

“I heard you saved her life, thank you. Sir Knight.”

“It is my duty. No need for that.”

“Haha, he seems proud, and this girl also wants to thank you.”

“I said it’s unnecessary.”

He brusquely dismissed her. But the girl approached Fei.

“Thank you very much. Um, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but…”

“Don’t worry about it. No matter how many times I say it, it was only my duty.”

“B-but still!”

“….I’ll accept your thanks then.”

“Um, your name is…?”

“I’m… not worth mentioning.”

Heimi wants to keep connecting the conversation somehow, while Fei seems to want to cut off the conversation immediately and create an atmosphere like that. Heimi was feeling a little concerned about Fei without realizing it.

However, Fei was actually not introducing himself at all, with his arms folded and turning away.

“It’s Fei,”

Arthur answered instead of Fei who didn’t answer. Fei narrowed his eyes slightly.

“I don’t think Fei’s behavior is humble, it’s cringing and only making that child sad. I think it would have been better if after helping, he acted a bit proudly,”

Arthur showed a slightly annoyed face. That was because those were the words he said to her under the moon.

He sniffed his nose and looked at Heimi.

“Just to clarify again, I’m Fei,”

“I’m Heimi! I’d be very happy if you remembered my name…”

“…Heimi huh.”

” yes! “

She turns to Fei with a radiant, flower-like smile as he calls her name. But as usual, he doesn’t react to her face with any expression.

“Um, do you live in the royal capital?”


“Actually, I’m thinking of becoming a holy knight next year too!”

“I see.”

“So, would it be alright if I call you Senior Fei?”


“Um, what are your hobbies and such?”


The conversation doesn’t seem to be getting very lively. Seeing this, Arthur says:

“Fei, you have to converse properly!”

“….What are you to me?”

And that’s how his conversation with Heimi ended.

After that, the five of them returned to the royal capital for now.

“That was no ordinary hound.”

“Yeah…it felt similar to Teacher Yururu.”

“Then there’s probably some connection to what happened with Teacher Yururu.”

“We don’t know that for sure yet. For now I think we should mark the man in the black robe… What do you think, Fei? You’re the one who confronted him right?”


Sargento asked but got no response. Fei was just growling to himself, seemingly lost in thought about something.

“Teacher, just leave him be for now. Because Fei confronted the problem, he’s pondering all kinds of things. He’s probably thinking about deeper stuff than us.”

“Oh, I see.”

(She doesn’t talk much usually, but as soon as it’s about Fei she suddenly starts talking. And she’s got this weird girlfriend-like vibe…I feel like if I said anything she’d go ‘Teacher is interested in underage romance huh’ or something like that.)

Sargento found it questionable that Arthur was talking as if she and Fei were a couple.

And they had a premonition that something was about to happen regarding the abnormal pack of hounds.

Something that would engulf the world.

Alright, I’ve arrived at the village as the protagonist!

My first mission as the hero, man I’m excited, I wonder what will happen?

Though from what I’ve heard it seems to be hounds. Monster hounds huh?

I kinda feel like it’s a bit plain for the protagonist that is me to subdue, but oh well.

I’ll take care of this much alone! If Arthur comes along she’ll probably steal my moment to shine.

I’ll go alone! Saying that, I part from everyone.

Heading through the forest, it looks like some girl is being attacked.

I have to save her! I’ll throw a knife at the man in the black robe.

Master Yururu’s direct teachings! Knife throwing!

Oh, he dodged it. But don’t worry about it. My real specialty is the sword skills taught by Master Yururu.

Now then, this robed guy is clearly suspicious. This girl is so scared she’s crying and even peed herself. But don’t worry, as the protagonist I’m gonna blow this guy away!

Battle start!


He’s saying stuff like halt and kneel but…is he okay? This guy. I mean, he’s just an early game boss. Probably a lot of empty threats.

No way he’s actually that strong.

As we fight, surprisingly he can dodge my sword.

Oh, this is the first time an actual enemy has shown up huh. Well, for a tutorial I guess this is expected, I’ve totally got this right?

“No way, this is a top rank evil eye! The dragon snake evil eye! I finally got this after so much hardship!”

I don’t really get it, but looks like I have some resistance? Well, I am the protagonist after all, I probably have some.

It’s probably that protagonist correction thing right?

But man, his surprise is off the charts. As expected of an early game boss.

Hah, too bad! The evil eye had no effeeeect!

Since the evil eyes don’t work…he seems to be thinking hard about something but what’s up?

Weird enemy. Well, making a girl piss herself from fear isn’t very decent.

But for the early game, this guy is pretty tough. His swordwork is nothing to scoff at either?

(But with pure combat ability here…no, the eyes of the man before me are too disturbing. Why does he have eyes !?)

— Well, he’s pretty strong but there’s no way I’d lose!! To an early game enemy like you!!

If I die, it’s game over. The world will only present me with trials that can be overcome. Sorry, but you can’t beat me.

(If he’s bluffing, it’s an incredible act. But it doesn’t look that way, I sense some kind of . Fighting someone when I don’t know his hand is dangerous…)

— I’m the protagonist. Which means…I’m definitely the guy who kills the early game boss. The sin of tormenting a girl is heavy.

“Remember this – I’m letting you go today.”

Oh, he ran away.

As an early game enemy, he must have feared the protagonist that is me. Well, he does seem like small fry for an early game enemy after all.

Now then, what should I do about this girl? She can’t move so for now I’ll carry her piggyback to the village. I don’t even know her name or if she really is from the village but…when I tried to give her a piggyback ride she made some awkward expression.

Oh! Is she worried about the peeing? Don’t worry about stuff like that. If I fret over little things like that I wouldn’t be able to be the protagonist.

Huh? When we got back to the village, Arthur did something like dispel a curse…man, she really does steal chances to be active. She’s a giant panda rival out to eat up my moments huh.

Gotta watch out.

Oh, now that she can move, she’ll be embarrassed if the peeing gets found out right? Her clothes and stuff are probably damp.

I’ll give her a piggyback ride while hiding the front with my back so it stays secret. With my back hiding it, no one will notice!

I’ll keep a lookout so no one comes in.

Alright, after some time passed I’ll give Sargento a brief report on what happened in the forest when he asks.

“So in summary…”

“I see…so in the forest you headed to, you saved the village girl Heimi who was being attacked by a man in a black robe. He had some kind of evil eye but it didn’t work on you, and you somehow drove him off and made it back here?”

“That’s right.”

Hm? The village chief and girl want to thank me? Nah, I didn’t do anything that amazing this time. I mean, it’s basic for the protagonist to save someone from mortal peril. It’s normal, or rather the truth of the world you know?

That the protagonist will stick his neck out to protect someone in a pinch.

So I just stand there looking cool with a matter of fact face. But man, this yellow girl sure talks to me a lot.

In my view that was just the basics you know? It really wasn’t anything special. If anything, I’m kind of conflicted that Arthur stole my moment.

“…Um, what’s your name?”

Ah, I wanted to try saying [not worth naming] once here. I mean, at this point.

“I’m…not worth naming.”

I said it. I wanted to try it once. Hm? Arthur just went and revealed my name! Well, it’s fine but…hold on a sec, let me think of a pause here…

“…… I don’t think Faye’s being humble, that’s just being mean and making the kid sad. If you saved her, you should be proud of yourself.

This guy, sshe says some really good stuff huh. It feels like something I said before but…somehow I feel argued down.

It’s irritating how smug she looks.

“I-I’m Heimi! I’d be extremely happy if you could remember my name…”

“…Heimi huh.”

What!? Heimi!?

Oh yeah, this world is a novel game huh.

Heimi the commoner…clearly rhyming right? This is one of those things. The author made the name easy to remember for gamers.

Hmm, so which is it? Did she get named Heimi because she’s a commoner, or did the author come up with Heimi first and make her a commoner…

When I think about stuff like this it bugs me for a while…

Things like the circumstances behind games, the author’s consideration and stuff, it’s interesting

so when I suddenly think about it even though I don’t normally care, it bugs me you know!

Ah, I can’t focus on the conversation at all.

My head was full of just this the whole way back, I couldn’t hear what the other four were talking about, and I couldn’t sleep well that night either.

And so my first mission ended like that.

A dimly lit room like a dungeon. There, Sargento was explaining the events of the first mission to Noir.

“A man in a robe…”

“Yes. It seems Fei confirmed his identity, and he escaped almost without fighting.”

“That guy was modifying the hounds right? A complete rookie who just graduated temporary enrollment was able to drive off a guy like that without any casualties?”

“Since I didn’t see it myself I can’t say for sure but…according to the village girl, she was certainly saved. Though her memory seems muddled and she doesn’t remember the incident very clearly.”

“What about True?”

“He is extremely skilled. His proficiency with magic, swordsmanship – among his peers he is likely head and shoulders above the rest.”

“….What about Arthur?”

“Two heads above the rest. A monster.”

“Did she use light magic?”

“Yes. Frighteningly precise.”

“….Anything else strange about Arthur?”

“She doesn’t talk much, and will blatantly say rude things to people normally.”

“That’s good. Anything suspicious?”

“Nothing suspicious I’d say. However…”


“When it comes to Fei, she suddenly talks a lot more. And she had this weird girlfriend-like vibe like ‘I understand him completely’ and such.”

“Huh, what’s that about?”

“Well, I’m not really sure myself but, could those two be in a romantic relationship…?”

“No way. My intuition says no. Besides, aren’t they both hopeless at communication? Arthur seems like the type of hopeless at communication girl who gets talkative about the stuff she’s into.”

“Oh, I see.”

Bluntly shooting down the ArthurxFei romance theory. Noir. Her speech is vulgar in a way you wouldn’t expect from such a small girl.

“Well whatever. You keep an eye on Arthur…I’m going to watch this guy Fei a bit…”

“You’ll be accompanying him on missions?”

“I’ll pretend to be a civilian. In this current form that is, this pretty young lady form, I’ll keep a casual eye out.”


“Huh? Got a complaint?”

“Oh, sorry. You mean not in the public disguise as the First Class Holy Knight, Bruno, correct?”

“That tall male disguise would stand out. And if a First Class is close by, they may not act naturally.”

“It’s rare for you to move personally.”

“There’s something about this Fei I can’t get out of my head. For now, I’ll observe his next mission myself, so you properly watch Arthur.”


She has two faces.

As Bruno, one of the eleven First Class Holy Knights and Knights of the Round Table. That’s her public disguise, dressed as a tall man.

And in secret, doing dirty work and investigating nobles by herself – using her true form, the small girl Noir. She switches between these two appearances.


She furrowed her brow and muttered the name of a certain holy knight.

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