Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 10

X. A man named Gamaras

How did it come to this?
As Prince Mars drew near, Gamaras recalled the events leading up to this moment.

15 years ago, when the former queen and her relatives had been tyrannical, Gamaras, who was the prime minister at the time, stood up against them.
The wasteful finances, the abuse of personnel for personal gain, the reign of terror where any dissenters were executed.
Gamaras felt this path would lead to the ruin of the Kingdom of Faloon. Despite being an excellent politician, he had no choice but to pretend to cooperate with the queen while secretly gathering opposition forces and evidence of the queen’s crimes.
He then persuaded the king and once fully prepared, condemned the queen’s actions. It was akin to a coup d’état within the palace.
After imprisoning the queen, he faked her illness and death to erase any lingering influence, systematically eliminating her relatives and allied nobles. He and his allied nobles divided up the rights and private assets that group held.
It should have properly gone to the state, but it was the promised reward for gaining the nobles’ support. Gamaras also had to show some personal profit to foster a sense of camaraderie with the now unified nobles. For the sake of governing the country, he wanted to avoid factional infighting between nobles.
So by securing certain privileges and distributing them, he held the nobles’ reins. Bit by bit, he improved the country. It was an extremely slow pace, but with nobles present, he could only make progress by compromising.
His concern was Prince Mars, the son of the queen. As a young child, Mars was not involved in the corruption. And since the jealous queen had no concubines, the king had no other children. Therefore, they could not indict Prince Mars as a criminal or depose him.
Although he had purged the queen’s clan, Gamaras knew nobles would eventually emerge to intervene in politics by backing the next heir to the throne, Prince Mars.
Therefore, Gamaras married his own daughter to the king. She was inferior to Gamaras in capability, but he had raised her well, and she understood politics and economics better than incompetent bureaucrats.
His daughter cooperated with Gamaras, curbing the rampant waste within the palace, and bore the long-awaited male heir.
Now Gamaras could displace Prince Mars from succession.
Those who had suffered under the queen already resented Prince Mars. Even without direction, they would have plotted to assassinate the prince, and Gamaras saw no need to restrain them.
Though Mars was blameless, with another successor, it would have been convenient if he had died.

However, Prince Mars survived. He evaded every poisoning, assassin, and trap disguised as an accident – unbelievable tenacity.
Furthermore, Earl Randolph, who had attempted poisoning, was himself poisoned to death. This was not Mars’ doing – he had an accomplice, whose identity still remains a mystery.
Gamaras thought, “This bodes ill.” While deposing Mars was the intended plan, if this accomplice was a high noble who objected to the deposition citing Mars’ innocence, it would be problematic.
During that time, a group called HUNDRED began to rise in the country.
It was said that they hunted monsters and consumed their meat as a group. Moreover, they fought among themselves, honing their skills day and night. Especially their mysterious leader, a man named Zeross, was rumored to be exceptionally skilled with a sword.
Though they seemed suspicious, it worked well for Gamaras.
As a way to build achievements as a prince, Prince Mars was sent to subjugate them. If he could defeat Zeross and end up in a mutual downfall, it would be the best outcome. It would even be acceptable if Zeross killed the prince.
Considering the possibility of the prince surviving, Bran, the vice-commander of the White Knight Order, was assigned as the prince’s guard. Bran’s family members had been executed by the former queen, and he harbored resentment toward the prince. It was easy to suggest assassination to Bran.
To be prepared for unexpected situations, adventurers were also hired. In case the situation took an unforeseen turn, having a force that could act as mercenaries was necessary.
However, the situation went beyond Gamaras’s worst expectations, unfolding like a nightmare. Bran was easily killed, the Black and Red Knight Orders betrayed and sided with the prince, and the supposed HUNDRED rose in rebellion within the capital. Even the Blue Knight Order, tasked with protecting the capital, seemed to be collaborating with the prince. There was also no contact with Brahms, leading the magic order.
Why did this happen? Gamaras couldn’t comprehend it at all. The prince, who should have had no power or backing, had knights defecting to his side one after another. Were Lord Chrom and Lord Warren his collaborators? But those people seemed to have only skills in swordsmanship, and it was hard to believe they could plan such a coup. Perhaps this mysterious man, Zeross, was the collaborator?
…At this point, none of that mattered. Prince Mars had demonstrated unbelievable strength, massacring the A-rank adventurers who were Gamaras’ trump card without even changing his expression.
He had treated the adventurer party, said to rival one knight order in strength, as hardly worth engaging. Did Prince Mars possess the power of the ancient hero, his ancestor?



As Mars approached, Gamaras realized this was the end. If only he could have saved his daughter and grandson somehow. But a man who emotionlessly slaughtered adventurers like a demon king would hardly heed such pleas.
Just then, the HUNDRED warrior chiefs like Ogma, Chrom, and Warren entered the throne room, swords stained with blood, their bodies spattered with gore.
“Zeross, we’ve disposed of all the nobles. Only Gamaras remains.”
At Ogma’s words, Mars turned around.
“Disposed? Killed every noble?”
“Yeah, wiped them all out. Now this country will get better.”
Gamaras shuddered. Mars responding to the name Zeross meant he himself was Zeross! So Prince Mars had organized the HUNDRED, and led this entire rebellion himself.
Mars had no accomplices – he created his own power base, won over the heads of knightly orders, trained himself, and prepared for this day. What genius, what strength, to think Gamaras had deemed the prince mediocre for barely clinging to life. His assessment was completely off.
At the nobles’ deaths, Gamaras’ feelings were complex. Though allies in purging the queen, since then the nobles had been obstacles in governing, and he resented their presence.
Hearing of their demise, Mars pondered briefly before looking to the king.
“Father, regarding succession to the throne…”
“I cede it to you.”
The king replied without hesitation, even looking somewhat relieved.
After all, he had never been ruler material, Gamaras realized. If he had not permitted the former queen’s abuses, the country would not have fallen into such chaos.
Even when Gamaras had insisted, “the country will be ruined at this rate,” it had taken immense effort to persuade the king. He was an indecisive and feeble ruler.
Having confirmed his succession, Mars looked again to Gamaras.
“Now is the time for my end,” Gamaras thought, but Mars said the unbelievable.

“Gamaras, I leave politics to you.”

Gamaras could not comprehend the prince’s words.
“Hey! Zeross! What are you saying! He’s the source of everything! You were nearly assassinated by him many times!”
Ogma shouted. Understandably so – overthrowing Gamaras was the very purpose of their revolt.
“I’m not dead, and wouldn’t die from just that level of threat,” Mars dismissively replied.
“But entrusting politics to Gamaras is…”
Chrom interjected. The Black Knight Order also deeply distrusted Gamaras.
“Use whoever is useful. That’s all there is to it,”
Mars said, showing no intention of retracting Gamaras’ appointment.
“But, my prince…why me?”
Gamaras whimpered, still unable to believe it.
“Listen, Gamaras. The nobles are all dead, aren’t they?”
Mars pointedly stated.
“With them gone, there’s no one else I can entrust this to but you. Do as you please.”
Because the nobles were dead, Gamaras could do as he liked? With muddled thoughts, Gamaras considered Mars’ words.
Indeed, with the nobles’ vested interests gone, this was a prime chance to realize the politics he idealized.
Transitioning from an antiquated noble-centric country to a modern centralized nation based on the latest legal philosophy – that had been Gamaras’ cherished ambition.
But how did Prince Mars know of this? Only Gamaras’ daughter and close aides, a scant few, knew of his true aims, and it was unlikely the information had leaked from them.
Could it be…Prince Mars had noticed the subtle signs of reform Gamaras had cautiously progressed without the nobles noticing?
Yes, that must be it. After all, Mars had built his own power base and succeeded in the coup solo. He had even considered who should govern after the coup – Mars had planned that far ahead.
And he had picked up on Gamaras’ political reforms carried out modestly without fanfare.
Gamaras wept torrentially. Someone had evaluated him fairly – someone who worried about the country even more than Gamaras did himself, yet was reviled as a traitor for it. Gamaras had resigned himself to disparagement for the sake of the country, but in truth, he had hoped for recognition.
“This man must truly be the king of kings,” Gamaras swore loyalty to Prince Mars in his heart.
“I will surely fulfill my duties, even at the cost of my life…”
Gamaras knelt and answered Mars.

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