Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 4

After swallowing her food, Raze cocked her head.
“It’s just… I’ll tell just you, Raze. But I was thinking if we don’t have the party, the scenario may not progress…”
At kana’s words, Raze held her head and went “Oh jeez~” internally.
“Hmm. While that’s a possibility, isn’t it the First Prince’s birthday? I think holding a celebration is necessary even outside the context of the otome game.”
She hoped Carne would remember his past birthdays.
While they may not compare to Emperor Gaius’ birthday celebrations, festivals for Crown Prince Reuben’s birthday were also quite the affair. Parties upon parties with nobles of the empire and royalty from friendly countries invited for about a week. To the point where one wonders just how many days does Your birthday last! With people in town not about to let slip this opportunity, festive air was everywhere.
(Because last year’s Prince Reuben’s birthday festival was after the truce, everyone made even more of a ruckus than usual. I was completely unable to participate with postwar processing and border patrol…)
Looking back, Raze felt dejected.
Unavoidable because of work, but knights and soldiers were the ones unable to take part in the festivities because of escort and security duty for VIPs, patrolling the town, and being on standby for external threats. For them there were no weekends or holidays.
However, what vexed her was the huge disparity in treatment between the knights and the military.
The knights donned formal attire and guarded VIPs at their side. Even just walking around town in uniform acted as a deterrent against crime. And on their patrols, the lovely ladies would invite them over.
The soldiers wore combat or military uniforms, lying in wait for external danger. Rarely would they get to participate in the festivities amidst work. For the lucky few who did get time off, unfortunately it seemed they didn’t get called out by women as much as the knights. And if they took the initiative to hit on someone themselves, depending on the person they may get reported to knights who would then use that against them.
(My poor subordinates get together every year to lick each other’s wounds from being victims… )
Thinking about her subordinates, she felt pity for them. However, she also took pleasure in ridiculing the subordinates who suffered crushing defeats.
In her drunken state, someone had shouted, “In the end, a woman’s worth lies in her upbringing and her face!” Raze fondly recalls.
Although it’s been publicly announced that there will be no parties at the castle during the three years the Prince is enrolled, the birthday celebration party is scheduled to go on as usual since it’s an important earnings period for the merchants.
(I should at least send some money to Captain Bonaruto since I got a dress when I enrolled.)
Since there won’t be any noble guests coming and going at this party, security won’t be as tight as usual. It should be more laidback compared to normal. It’s obvious my friends and I will get together and party wildly while drinking. Even though I can’t show my face this time, as their superior I should at least provide them some money.
Raze decides to send a letter to her adjutant Bonaruto soon.
“This is just my personal opinion, but rather than letting the scenario get you down and putting on gloomy faces, I think you’ll have less regrets if you thoroughly enjoy yourselves and laugh, no matter the outcome.”
She gives kana, who is hesitant to step forward, a gentle smile.
“You only get to be a student once. You have to do what you want or you’ll regret it.”
That was Raze’s candid feeling. But she didn’t say it thinking it was someone else’s problem. If Carne is ruined, her own future will be precarious too. She was well aware of that but still told Carne not to worry about the scenario. Only she herself knew who her words just now were directed at.
Carne stares wide-eyed at Raze wrapped in an unusually gentle atmosphere.
“But, well, conversely, there’s no need to force yourself to do what you don’t want to either.”
After making that declaration, Raze used her fork, which she had been tightly gripping, to bring the food to her mouth.
“To want to do it or not want to…”
Carne softly repeats what she was told.
It didn’t take long for her to reach a conclusion.
“I want to do Prince Reuben’s birthday party!”
Raze laughs at kana’s determination full of confidence.


Folia focused on magic training with Luca. Carne was moving party preparations forward with the cooperation of Claude, Addis, and the follower combo of Wendy and Olivia.
Raze had also thought about helping kana, but withdrew since commoners unaffiliated with Reuben had no place intruding.
“Professor, I’ll leave this here.”
So with the increase in her free time, Raze visited Professor Dittie’s research lab.
The lab was located in the Tower of Hours where the staff lived. Hanging an ID card pass from her neck giving her permission to enter, she busied herself as a quasi-assistant–yes, sir!–organizing experimental equipment and documents crammed together in the room.
“Granoli. Don’t you always come here cause you have no friends?”
“That’s rude. I do have friends.”
After placing materials on the desk, Raze retorts Dittie.
“Everyone’s just busy right now.”
Carne was fired up, determined that since she had decided to do it, she would go all out for the game. And after her conversation with Wendy, Folia had been training even harder.
(I’d just feel bad doing nothing myself…)
Feeling awkward at being the only one with leisure time, Raze had secured this place for herself like this.
“You’re at that age. Got it rough being a commoner? Well, do your best not to get bullied. Teenagers can do all kinds of things after all.”
After taking a sip of coffee, Dittie says that.
“There might even be rumors going around that you and I are secretly meeting.”
“Ehh–th–that’s… scary, please don’t say such awful things…”
Goosebumps rise on Raze’s arm. She had barely stopped herself from blurting out, “Please don’t say such creepy things!”
“Girls your age are especially frightening. Guys are simpler idiots, cuter that way.”
“Even when you say that to me…”
Raze was at a loss how to respond.
“Anyway, watch yourself. Don’t get me kicked out of here.”
“So that’s what you–“
“What? Of course. You’ll get your third year in the second semester, so just hang tight until then.”
Raze sighs deeply in understanding what Dittie had been trying to convey.
“I’m going to grab some food.”
“Got it.”
Feeling hungry with her stomach growling, Raze decides to go eat lunch.
Exiting the Tower of Hours, the sky was perfectly clear with very nice weather. Thinking about getting takeout, she headed towards the dorm cafeteria.
“Ah, Raze! G’morning~!”
“Good morning, Senior Alisa.”
At the cafeteria she happens to run into Alisa.
Behind her she spots Mary facing off against Norman in a chess match.
“Chess today?”
“That’s right.”
Whenever Raze sees Mary it’s usually because she’s arguing with Harrence’s son about something.
Alisa gives a wry smile.
“He promised to tutor me afterwards, but oh well, watching is pretty fun so it’s fine.”
“You two suit each other well.”
Like Carne and Reuben, Mary and Norman made an eye-catching combo. Raze agrees with Alisa.
Despite being in different grades, Norman, the son of Prince Harrence, was born in the same year of the flower calendar making him a hidden capture target straight out of an Otome Game. She had been shocked when she learned of that fact.
“Oh, Dorais! Perfect timing! So see you later Raze!”
Spotting a male student with glasses looking aloof, Alisa rushes over to him.
“Dorais! Tutor me! Please! I’m begging you! Right this way!!”
Blatantly pleading with him, although Dorais as the young man was called had a slightly annoyed look, he asks her “What do you not understand?”
Witnessing the heartwarming scene, Raze’s eyes narrowed. One could sense the passage of time from their interaction.
With a tranquil expression, she got takeout sandwiches and snacks, then headed to the mountain behind the training grounds.
Since even couples who liked secluded places didn’t come near here, she could relax and leisurely enjoy her meal without worrying what others thought.
“Mm-hmm-hmm~” Humming a tune, she advanced up the steadily steepening forest slope until arriving at a cliff.
Spread out below was magnificent scenery making her feel as if she could be swallowed up, the view was that spectacular.
This was a place she had happened to discover while jogging one morning. Just what kind of place was this academy built on? Although she was curious, since Harrence used illusion magic to conceal the exact location she still didn’t know the specifics. And since there were no warnings about it, perhaps this cliff was an illusion as well.
Raze casually sits under the shade of a tree and lays out her lunch.
“Time to eat~!”
Sometimes it is not so bad to eat alone.
Eating while listening to the refreshing breeze stirring the trees, Raze contently moved her jaws.
Even sandwiches from the cafeteria frequented by nobles were outstanding.
After a short while, an unnatural sound that didn’t belong to nature was heard behind her.
“This is–“
Having apparently arrived here for the first time, he stood stock still in surprise.
Seeing that person, Raze irritably sipped her drink with the straw going zugo zugo zugo.
At that sound, light blue hair deeper than the sea swayed lightly.
“…Oh, it’s you.”
“Good morning, Lord Addis.”
What a waste after she had been having such a meaningful time.
“What are you doing here, scholarship student?”
After defeating Addis in practical training it felt like his barbs had gotten a little sharper.
Please don’t tattle to your father, “There’s an impudent commoner here.” I sincerely plead.

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