Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3 – Official Entrance

“Hmm… well, good enough. You’ve finally gotten decent.”
Alright, I pumped my fist internally.
What Camilla is flipping through on her desk now is the report from the last major expedition.
Since I’m not an official Night Dragonfly member yet, guild rules require me to submit a separate report from my perspective.
I first submitted it three days ago.
But Camilla sent it back telling me to rewrite it.
Said not to hold back, it’s my achievement.
I understood what she meant.
I’d intended to record just the objective facts, but seems I should dramatize it more centered on myself in cases like this.
After several rounds of her guidance to polish it, I finally got approval.
“No need to be modest, Vim. Objective facts are precisely that – lacking nothing. What is lacking is a major issue.”
But that doesn’t conclude my business.
Tomorrow, my membership prohibition lifts.
Meaning today is effectively the deadline to answer Night Dragonfly’s recruitment offer.
I can still join after this period passes, but deferring implies dissatisfaction with the offered terms, or lingering attachment to another party.
Now or never to speak up.
Camilla’s manner also suggested the report submission was just a pretext.
I swallow.
Silence wraps the office, both Camilla and I sharing the same awareness.
I can’t just turn and walk away now.
But even at this point, I still hesitated to decide.
Good choice – there’s no room left for that.
Yet I waver.
I don’t even understand myself.
I don’t know what I want.
If there’s nothing I want, I should just accept.
But something inside me interferes.
Camilla’s gaze hurts.
With the words to say clear, my weak-willed, useless mouth wouldn’t move.


Seeing the troubled eyes of the boy before me with his great power, he must have his own thoughts about hesitating despite my utmost offer.
Whether he can verbalize it, or is even conscious of it, is unclear.
Despite his might already beyond compare to me, Vim still treats me as his superior.
Perhaps for his youth, I’d think it healthiest to be more arrogant, yet his nature prevents that.
No – perhaps his humility itself stems from his youth.
Ah, I’ve adopted the perspective of a pontificating mentor.
Age is frightening. It unconditionally makes you feel superior.
I’m too fixated on Vim. At some point, I’ve even adopted the premise of saying what’s best for his life, rather than him as an asset.
Quite the mistaken priority.
A leader’s top priority must be their group’s course. An individual’s self-realization is secondary, just one factor in properly running the group.
Lately I’ve crossed well into abnormal territory.
Even interfering in his personal problems should be at most an aside.
Vim is a fine adventurer, despite his youth. If there’s some objective justification, being bluntly transactional is its own courtesy.
“Vim boy”.
Then we will have to make allowances for a little bit of cowardice.
“Vim, won’t you join Night Dragonfly? This isn’t an offer, it’s a request.”
I bowed my head.
“Though you’ll formally transfer, if you have issue with the terms, you may quit anytime. Worry about resolve later. For now, just casually, what do you think?”


When Camilla said that to me, what did I think?
Until now, she’d tried to let me choose for myself. Despite the power of money and might in this world, she still considered me.
Yet I hadn’t chosen even at this point.
I made her go so far as to embarrass herself like this.
My indecision disgusts me.
A hand reaches out before me.
What happens if I take it?
I knew.
Knowing it’s fleeing, I can’t control my urge to feel relieved.
I want to change, I thought strongly.
I should change.
I can change.
I wanted to correct my warped nature and genuinely laugh together with everyone, not be laughed at.
I’m sure that’s what I want.
Yes, this is a good chance.
“Um, err…”
No, not like this.
How does everyone else do it?
They don’t say “um” and “err” so much.
Don’t repeat the first character, or suddenly fall silent mid-speech. And don’t get quieter.
Say it in one go.
I take a breath.
Overthinking it trips me up.
So, say it in one go. One go!
“Please take care of me from now on too!”
My voice came out louder than expected.
I bowed my head at the same time.
Deeper and more forcefully than when I’d bowed to Camilla.
“Raise your head.”
Hearing that, I nervously look ahead.
“You’ve made a good decision, thank you.”
Camilla’s face looked happy.



“So, introducing our new member. Vim, come in.”
At Camilla’s voice, I passed through the hall doors.
I saw everyone’s faces.
They’re applauding me.
I stand on the platform Camilla indicates, facing the crowd.
I halted.
Nearly started with “um” and “err” again.
Felt like I might’ve begun with “hehehe” too.
“I’m Vim Strauss! I’ll do my utmost!”
Said it in one go.

scene transition


I worry my voice cracked midway.
But I did it.
Didn’t falter.
Didn’t stop.
Didn’t get quiet.
Looking up, everyone welcomes me with stronger applause than before.
“There you go, Vim.”
As I tremble with a sense of accomplishment, my body suddenly floats up. Camilla had grabbed me.
Then, she throws me toward the crowd just like that.
“Here we go!”
What’s happening?
But once the tempo’s set and I see the many arms below ready to catch me, I realize what’s in store.
“Wasshoi! Wasshoi!”
Getting hoisted up.
My first time, but it’s not as scary as I expected. Feels more like a spirited welcome, making me simply and honestly happy.
Tossed around until I can’t tell up from down, I learn this is Night Dragonfly’s true closeness. My provisional membership until now really hits home.
And so, I had officially become a full member of Night Dragonfly.

The recuperation period was cut short once a certain number of members recovered enough to be battle-ready. To participate in pioneering the secured 98th Stratum, conquered of its Boss, as soon as possible.
With the Guild already formally declaring the defeat, every moment is precious from here. It would be nonsensical if the party who defeated that Boss couldn’t benefit from the early conquest.
The day after I formally joined, dives resumed right away.
The atmosphere is unchanged as ever, the dark “sky” overhead when I look up.
Though it supposedly doesn’t rain after defeating the Boss, just the fact it happened means it can never look pleasant again.
Anticipating reasonable safety this time, the plan is efficiently expanding the map with the main force and multiple small teams.
My small team has three members. Abel, and a scouting woman named Bettina.
I must’ve seen Bettina before, but surely never spoke.
Proper manners dictate politely introducing myself in situations like this.
“I’m Vim Strauss. Pleased to be working with you. I’ll do my best not to slow us down.”
I bow my head.
Good, didn’t falter this time either.
“Um, Vim…”
“You don’t have to be so formal, like we just met…”
“Vim, you and Bettina were in the same team last major expedition.”
Abel whispers this to me.
I’ve done it now.
Too focused on how I speak, I couldn’t even do something basic I should as a person.
“I’m so sorry! I’m just bad with faces! Not that your impression was faint at all, Bettina!”
“It’s okay. I’m plain, so…”
Right at the start of my first dive as a full member, I’ve already dug my own grave.

“[Circulate] – [Flawless] –“
I apply movement enhancements on Abel and Bettina.
“Enhancement applied.”
Our team of three seems needed this time.
I can boost speed and still fight, so we can take some risks for efficiency.
Of course, Abel is outstanding, and I discover Bettina is as well.
They perfectly understand my pace, hardly any need for me to match them.
The three of us dash through passages, swiftly evading monsters one after another.
Abel wards off any we can’t dodge.
While I examine the monsters, Bettina steadily maps our path, immediately reporting any new passages she finds.
My awful personality really made me forget all about her.
From this, she must’ve helped considerably last time too.
While running, I calls out to Bettina .
“Yes, what is it?”
“A large type seems to be hiding by the fork ahead.”
“How far and what kind?”
“25 ahead, probably a Wyvern.”
“Got it. Features?”
“Asymmetrical wings on left and right. And… two sets of horns I think? Rear set is long, front set is short but faces forward like weapons.”
In that case, it was likely a Middle-Grade Wyvern, not particularly skilled at flying.
How about it, can we handle it?
With its running speed, it could engage us quickly.
The Wyvern appeared in no time.
Indeed, it was a Middle-Grade one.
Its color was predominantly black with a hint of pale blue. Its legs were well-developed, giving it the overall impression of a large-sized chicken.
Abel took the lead, breaking through.
Now, there was no need to worry about it being defeated in the first strike.
He gripped his favorite blade.
After careful observation, we devised a plan to bring it down somehow.
We picked out a rock that seemed kickable, yes, three kicks should get us to its vulnerable neck.
That way, we wouldn’t even need to use the puppets.
As I thought about it, my hands trembled slightly. The tremor had spread to my legs unnoticed.
—It seems like this will work.

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