Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1

Chapter 2: Sara’s Happiness

The day after exchanging contacts with Sara.
The weather was clear and warm, with a refreshing breeze.
Even Haruya, who was no longer interested in class, had become accustomed to the routine. However, the S-class beauties in the class were still engrossed in romantic discussions.
“Wait, you exchanged contacts right after that!?”
“Looks like destiny, Sara…”
Sara’s conversation with the other S-class beauties was straightforward.
She kept the rooftop incident and the fact that Haruya was a fellow student at the same high school a secret. She only conveyed the fact that they exchanged contacts.
But, naturally, if she revealed that much…
“What happened? How did it lead to exchanging contacts?”
It was inevitable for them to ask about the details.
Rin, who loved romantic talks, pressed Sara for information. Sara, looking shy, answered hesitantly.
“That’s… well, it’s a secret.”
” ” ” …… ” ” “
Yuna and Rin exchanged surprised glances.
Sara’s bashful demeanor and her slightly blushed cheeks made her words even more intriguing.
It was probably because Sara’s gesture was so cute.
Rin refrained from probing further and instead embraced Sara with a satisfied smile.
“Sara-chan, you’re so cute right now. Okay, I won’t ask about the details… But why keep it a secret?”
With a mischievous grin, Rin questioned Sara, who turned her face away. Sara, looking embarrassed, responded.
“Well, it’s because… my heart feels a bit fuzzy. Both Rin-san and Yuna-san are wonderful, so I don’t want it to be known too much…”
Sara’s words made Rin and Yuna exchange glances and smile.
Although her statement confessed feelings of liking someone, Sara seemed unaware of it.
“I see, I see. If that’s the case, we won’t pry into the details.”
Satisfied, Rin nodded several times, looking satisfied.
Yuna, on the other hand, had a happy expression, with the corners of her mouth loosening.
Sara was not aware of her feelings for Haru, but she had been afraid.
If she revealed that Haru was a student from the same high school, and they got to know him… both Yuna and Rin might be drawn to him too.
However, Sara couldn’t help but want to talk about him.
She had always struggled to keep up with discussions about the opposite sex, always feeling like she was left out.
Sensing Sara’s emotions, Yuna gently placed her hand on Sara’s head.
“I—no, you don’t have to worry about me and Rin. Sara, just talk about what you want to talk about… And if Rin goes too far out of curiosity—”
At that point, Yuna turned to Rin and pinched her nose.
“I’ll punish her like this.”
“Ouch! That hurts… Yuna-ri~n.”
Once Yuna let go, Rin, with tearful eyes, nodded in agreement.
“But yeah, you’re right. We’re friends, so don’t worry too much, Sara-chan. Whenever you want to talk about it, just bring up the topic. In fact, you’re always welcome.”
Encouraged by Rin and Yuna’s words, Sara smiled gently.
“Thank you so much!”
“Alright, let’s get back to the topic. You exchanged contacts, right?”
“Yes, that’s right, but…”
“Now that you’ve exchanged contacts, you’re wondering what to do next, right?”
Yuna, perceptive as ever, asked Sara.
Sara widened her eyes, and Rin, this time, embraced Yuna.
“Wow, Sara-chan’s expression says it all… You’re amazing, Yuna-ri~n.”
“H-hey, don’t embrace me like that.”
“Hehe, Yuna-ri~n, you smell nice.”
“Hey, don’t sniff me.”
Listening to this exchange, some classmates had various thoughts.
(Is this paradise?)
(…I’m starting to feel embarrassed just watching.)
And so, everyone seemed to share similar sentiments.
Yuna desperately tried to pull Rin away, and as Rin was freed, she suddenly remembered something she had forgotten to convey to Sara.
“Oh, by the way, Sara-chan, you also smell really nice!”
“Eh, um…?”
“See, Sara looks troubled. The conversation always derails with her.”
Yuna sighed in exasperation and scolded Rin.
Then, they returned to the main topic.
“So, after exchanging contact information, you’re not sure what to do next, right?”
From there, the discussion among the top-tier beauties shifted to “what to do after exchanging contact information.”

Now, while the S-class beauties were engrossed in their conversation, Haruya pretended to be asleep but was consciously listening. Internally, he couldn’t help but want to scream.
(Huh? Isn’t this strange? It feels like my likability hasn’t decreased at all…)
In fact, his likability seemed to have increased.
(…I need to intentionally lower my likability more during lunch break.)
The discussion continued on what to do after exchanging contacts.
Sara asked other S-class beauties about it, but if we rewind a bit, she actually sent a message to Haruya the night before.
[“If you’re free during lunch tomorrow… would you come to the rooftop?”]
So, to make sure she hadn’t made the wrong choice, Sara asked the other S-class beauties.
“By the way, have you heard the name Asai Yuu?”
Listening to the S-class beauties’ conversation, Haruya heard Sara’s words.
“Asai Yuu, isn’t that the name of the protagonist in a shoujo manga? Is something wrong?”
“No, I just heard someone I know talking about how cool that person is… it’s just the name of a character in a shoujo manga…”
“Huh, Yunarin? You don’t seem like someone who would read shoujo manga.”
“Well, no, my cousin reads it a lot, so I’ve heard about it from her.”
“Yeah, right, Yuna doesn’t seem like the type to read shoujo manga.”
“That’s right. ……”
With the S-class beauties’ conversation overheard, Haruya felt a shiver down his spine.
(…Himekawa is already trying to figure out who it is… oh, this is getting scary.)
She sighed in relief that she used a fake name.
(But, I could get along really well with that cousin.)
Shoujo manga, featuring Asai Yuu, falls into the more obscure category.
Yet, it’s quite evident that those who can identify the [manga character] quickly are true enthusiasts.
As Haruya, feeling an unexplained sense of closeness to someone he doesn’t know, turned around, he was unexpectedly tapped on the shoulder from behind.
“What’s up? Getting interested in those S-rank beauties, huh?”
With a smirk, Kazamiya, the occupant of the seat behind, inquired.
Trying to keep it unnoticed, Haruya seemed to have been busted by Kazamiya for showing interest in the S-rank beauties’ conversation.
Haruya reluctantly lifted his heavy body and turned back lazily.
“Sorry… It’s just surprising that Akasaki is interested in the S-rank beauties, so I couldn’t help but comment.”
“Hey, there’s been some stuff going on,”
“Well, I can understand, you know? Himekawa-san… it’s interesting to see what she’ll do now that she has someone she likes,”
“I didn’t ask for your opinion.”
“Don’t be so cold. These kinds of topics, my friends or acquaintances usually don’t talk about them so willingly, you know?”
(Setting aside the fact that I have no friends… Am I not even an acquaintance?)
Ignoring that remark, Haruya showed interest in Sara.
Kazamiya then fluttered his hands in front of his face.
“…Stop it.”
“I didn’t say anything about liking or confessing or whatever.”
“Then why suddenly bring up Himekawa-san?”
“I just thought about taking the advice from last time seriously.”
The advice from last time was about expanding one’s circle of friends by getting to know the S-rank beauties.
Though Haruya didn’t seem fully convinced, Kazamiya explained with a puzzled expression.
“Well, she’s a celebrity in our class, right… Himekawa-san. It seems she’s got someone she’s interested in lately, comes from a good family, and, in general, she’s not the type to let others get close. So, there are few boys who confess to her.”
Suddenly, Haruya’s heart skipped a beat.
Understanding that the person she’s interested in is most likely him, he couldn’t help but smile wryly.
Maintaining composure, he urged Kazamiya to continue.
“Study-wise, she’s excellent, good at sports too. And she has a good-looking face and comes from a good background. Honestly, there’s nothing to complain about.”
Sara seems to be a perfectionist, achieving actual results.
Probably due to having no faults, many male students were captivated by her when they entered the school.
However, Haruya had no idea about any of this…
“Well, since Himekawa-san seems to have someone she likes now, it might be impossible, but good luck anyway.”
“It’s not like that.”
Brushing off Kazamiya’s hand that had been placed on his shoulder, Haruya turned back to face forward.



After the morning classes ended, it was lunch break.
Haruya, in a less crowded spot, adjusted his hair, took off his glasses, and headed to the rooftop with a sandwich in hand.
Opening the door to the rooftop, he was greeted by the clear sky and a pleasant breeze.
Normally, going up to the rooftop would lift his spirits, but today, the oppressive feelings lingered. The reason was clear. Sara, with her sparkling hair, was there.
“Oh, Asai-san. Thank you for coming.”
“Hello, Himekawa-san.”
It seemed Sara had called out to Haruya just to have lunch together.
Choosing to sit at a distance, Haruya sat down, and Sara even moved closer.
Haruya forced a wry smile, but Sara had a gentle smile on her face.
“…You don’t have to be so nervous. And, calling me Sara is fine too.”
(No, that’s just a form of harassment☆)
“And, if I could just say it out loud… it’s probably because I’m a wimp that I can’t express myself too strongly.
(…I’m just too pathetic, damn it.)
Calling her by her first name, “Sara,” felt embarrassing, and there was no other reason but the embarrassment hitting me.
Feeling my own incompetence, I open the sandwich wrapper.
” …Let’s eat.”
After offering a pre-meal greeting by clasping my hands, I, Haruya, took a bite of the sandwich.
“Is it from the convenience store…?”
“Well, yeah.”
“Do you usually eat convenience store food?”
“I live alone, and cooking is a hassle… so it just ends up like this.”
“…I-I see. I understand the feeling, living alone myself.”
Saying this, she gives a wry smile and stiffens her face.
(Is she disappointed knowing I’m a lazy piece of shit?)
Haruya senses a definite reaction from Sara. A package of mochi falls from the shelf.
“Basically, I neglect cleaning, and I just get by with meals… that’s me.”
In response to Haruya’s continued statements, Sara lowers her face and then clenches her fist tightly.
Observing her bright expression… it seems tense.
(Good reaction. This must be proof that my likability is going down…!)
Thinking so, Haruya inwardly expresses joy, but sensing Sara’s determination, he turns his attention to her.
“Would you… like to eat my homemade lunch?”
Haruya inadvertently lets out a dumbfounded voice.
Why… and the first question that comes up in his mind.
Seeing Haruya perplexed, Sara either realizes her explanation was insufficient or she decides to clarify.
“I originally invited Asai-san here with that intention. I realized that I haven’t properly thanked Asai-san. so I thought I should thank you in some way.”
“No need to thank me.”
“No, that’s not possible. Not only did Asai-san help me from a pickup, but he also cared for me, and last weekend, he behaved like a gentleman. Not showing gratitude would be unacceptable.”
It’s all a misunderstanding, and regarding last weekend, Haruya felt a sense of responsibility due to accidentally triggering her sensitive topic. Therefore, he tried to be gentlemanly, offering to carry her bags and being considerate, though none of it was required.
Despite this, there’s no reason for gratitude.
When Haruya tries to deny this, Sara preemptively cuts him off.
“Asai-san, you acted with my well-being in mind… isn’t that right?”
A confident expression is directed at Haruya.
Unable to deny her hopeful feelings, Haruya avoids her gaze ambiguously.
(Even if I say it’s different, this is a kind of torture.)
Before her, Haruya explains how inadequate he is as a person,
confessing one self-deprecating statement after another.
There’s nothing more painful than this.
Taking silence as affirmation, Sara puts on a gentle smile and offers her homemade lunch to him.
“That’s what I mean. So please accept it with gratitude.”
“And… why a lunchbox?”
“Asai-san, you mentioned earlier that you often rely on convenience store lunches for lunch, so I thought nutritional balance is important…”
It seems that Sara made this suggestion out of concern for Haruya’s health.
Sara’s bright expression also seemed to be a nervous one, as she lacked the courage to express her desire for him to eat the lunch she made.
“Well then, can I really eat this?”
“Yes, please…”
With that, Sara handed a pair of disposable chopsticks to Haruya.
Glancing at Sara, who had a tense expression, perhaps due to nerves about him accepting the lunch she made, Haruya picked up his chopsticks to try Sara’s colorful and varied lunch.
Tamagoyaki, karaage, salad, and more.
To be honest, every dish was delicious, and he couldn’t help but praise them involuntarily.
Unable to lie about the delicious food, or rather, the words “It’s good” slipped out reflexively.
Haruya had intended to lower Sara’s favorability by claiming the food wasn’t tasty, but that plan miserably failed.
As the next tactic, Haruya attempted to monopolize Sara’s lunch.
In essence, he tried to eat a lot of the lunch without thinking about Sara and intentionally eat less of the portion meant for her—a rather mean-spirited strategy.
Silently devouring Sara’s lunch, with every bite of the elaborate dishes, he couldn’t help but appreciate the flavors.
(… The guilt is overwhelming, but I’m sure this will lower my rating.)
Believing this, Haruya inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.
However, contrary to Haruya’s expectations, Sara looked at his profile with a somewhat satisfied expression.
(… She seems happy that I’m enjoying her lunch this much!)
Feeling her heart pounding, Sara, with a slightly raised voice, continues while looking into Haruya’s eyes.
“Um, if it’s okay, I would be happy if we could have lunch together here from now on.”
Haruya couldn’t help but feel annoyed inside.
(Every time I come here, I have to worry about people staring and fix my hair…)
But, for the sake of lowering her self-esteem, continuing to interact with her in the future seems unavoidable.
“…Um, well.”
Still, with a bit of hesitation, Haruya responded, and Sara joined in.
“If that’s the case, I’ll be waiting here tomorrow too!”
Faced with a smile like sunlight, Haruya could only nod with a wry smile.
“…Alright, I’ll come again.”
And so, Haruya made it a daily routine to share secret moments with Sara on the rooftop.
…But, let me say one thing.
(Himekawa-san? You’re smiling to cover it up, but you’re also taking advantage of the rooftop. ……)
Haruya inwardly comm

Just before the end of school, the time before homeroom on the way home.
Between finishing a boring class and the teacher arriving, classmates were chatting lively, and the classroom was filled with noise.
In this midst, Haruya, alone, lay on the desk with a calm feeling…
“───It’s so nice when someone enjoys the bento you made!”
“I know~. Especially when someone you want to eat it appreciates it, it’s really heartwarming.”
“Yeah, I haven’t experienced it myself, but I can imagine the feeling…”
And so, the topic of such S-class beauties suddenly caught Haruya’s ear.
“What’s up? Could it be, Sarachin, were you absent during lunch because of that?”
“……… Oh, that’s what I was wondering too.”
“N-no, it’s not like that, but when I imagined it, I felt a surge of excitement.”
Inwardly stunned by Sara’s cheerful comment, Haruya couldn’t help but think, “This can’t be true…”
Haruya felt frustrated that his actions were being interpreted positively against his expectations.
(Why… why would she be happy that I’m eating it? I should have eaten so much that it’s almost annoying…)
Thinking so, Sara, as if to cross-check, added an explanation to the other S-rank beauties.
“…At first, even if someone says it’s delicious, I doubt it’s just flattery. But when someone enjoys it so much, I feel it from the bottom of my heart. Also, I don’t actually have much confidence in cooking…”
“Yeah, if he eats a lot, it’s not just flattery, right?”
“Uh-huh, the amount he eats builds trust, right?”
Rin nodded in agreement, and Sara nodded vigorously as if strongly endorsing that.
(Maybe that person also saw through that…)

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