Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 11 part 2

“Whether you’re aware of it or not…it’s not just the past influencing your mental instability.”
“At least after the Omega battle. It’s strange for you, who had such a strong heart until then, to try to throw your life away yourself.”
After the battle with Omega, I immediately fought the Justice Crusaders, didn’t I?
I don’t remember well what happened in between, I was so exhausted.
Nothing should have happened.
I just babbled my suppressed true feelings in confusion after losing, that’s all…right?
“Could something impulsive have urged you on?”
“I don’t know. I don’t…remember it either…”
“I see. Sorry, it was strange of me to ask. Ah, damn, really sorry. I shouldn’t have pried that much. Even though you’ve finally started going in a good direction…”
Shirakawa messily scratches her head looking awkward as she apologizes.
“No, you did nothing wrong. So don’t apologize.”
It’s not like she did anything worth apologizing for, and I’m not angry either.
It just made me not understand myself a little.
“In your case, I can’t say anything authoritatively but…I think you should expand what’s precious to you a bit more?”
“…I’ll consider it.”
“Just nodding is the best I could hope for. Alright Kattun, let’s kill time with some snacks or something.”
Saying that, Shirakawa tries to take snacks out of the back of the desk drawer.
“Hehe, I hid some special snacks here–“
“Excuse me!!”
Suddenly the medical room door opens and someone comes in.
“Oh no…Hm? That’s rare for you to come here.”
“I need to talk to him a bit. …Do you mind giving us the room?”
The one who came was the slender blond-haired man, Reima.
After Shirakawa who gave me a cake-like snack leaves, Reima sits in the chair she was in earlier.
“Katsumi, until now I’ve been hiding something from you.”
“That you’re an alien?”
“No, not that. …Listen, okay? I’m the commander of the Justice Crusaders, the president of KANEZAKI Corporation, and the development chief who created your suits and the girls’.”
“Eh, you’re not mad?”
I reply to Reima making a surprised face.
“No, if anything I should be the one scolded for stealing the suit. If anything, I’m thankful to you Reima, so I have no reason to be mad.”
“You’re too pure!”
Reima tumbles out of the chair and rolls on the floor three times.
Looking satisfied, he stands back up, fixing his clothes.
“Sorry. I was confused.”
That’s a novel way to be confused.
He seems to also have difficulty talking to me, so maybe I should change the subject first.
“Hm, what is it?”
“You said you’re making new suits, right? What happens to the proto suit? You’re not gonna dispose of it or something, right?”
Reima makes a startled expression for a moment at my question.
Soon smiling, he slowly shakes his head.
“Of course not. Rather, the opposite. The proto suit’s core energy component will be carried over to the new suits.”
“Energy core?”
“The part that can be called the center of the Justice Crusaders’ and your suits. That’s what gives the suits power in the first place.”
The center of the suits.
I thought some kind of special material was used, but to think there was such a sci-fi movie-like thing…I’m surprised even now.
“The energy core only activates with human affinity. The compatibility between you and the core used in the proto suit is supreme. In fact, it wouldn’t make sense without the proto suit’s core.”
“I see…”
“So don’t worry.”
“That’s good…”
I’m attached to the proto suit, so I’m glad its core will also be used in the new suit.


“…The camera footage has finally ended. Let’s get to the main issue.”
Looking at his own watch, Reima takes out some kind of document from his jacket.
Staring at it for a few seconds, he takes a big breath and faces me with a serious expression.
“Katsumi, I’m going to ask you some questions now, so listen without taking offense.”
Why so formal?
Sensing it’s some important talk from Reima’s serious face, I brace myself.
The first thing he showed me was a photo taken somewhere.
“While the Justice Crusaders were active, you must have fought something other than monsters.”
“…? What do you mean?”
“As expected, you’ve been made to forget. As expected.”
I look at the photo.
Something like a destroyed mechanical doll is there.
Scattered around are a blue liquid like blood and parts, and nearby are shredded coat-like and hat-like things.
“Evil from the depths of the earth, justice from the sky.”
“Those words are…”
Aren’t those the words I heard in that back alley?
Why now?
“They came to Earth in black coats searching for a certain existence…and you defeated them.”
“No…I didn’t defeat anyone? I just ignored them and left the scene as is.”
“You don’t have to admit it. This is just confirmation.”
Reima places his hands on my shoulders.
“I know you were chosen by Alpha.”
“That’s why I was surprised to learn you killed her. But other humans couldn’t even recognize her name or existence!!”
He learned about her in that survey?
No, from how he talks, even longer ago…?
“I published that survey to confirm she’s alive, and observed the public’s reaction. She is without a doubt alive, somewhere.”
At those words my vision clouds and slight dull pain runs through my head.
Kuh, what is this? No, stop, don’t remember…!
“…I-I defeated Alpha. That’s all there is to it. I…”
“None of your actions were wrong at all! Keep believing that! But if you’re here, just tell me this! Alpha!”
Reima’s gaze wasn’t directed at me.
He looked around, seeming to search for someone who shouldn’t be here.
“When will they come from the sky!? Will I make it in time!? Can I save this planet from its fate of destruction!?”

“I understand.”
“I’ll tell you.”
“So let him go.”

“President, I think it’s about time to return to your room and…Eh?”
Looks like Shirakawa came back.
Noticing her, Reima turns around smiling.
“Oh, welcome back Shirakawa. How is it? I was just engrossed in a movie discussion with Katsumi here, what do you think?”
“I don’t mind but…weren’t you having some kind of important talk?”
“Our talk here was the important one.”
Shirakawa frowns at the smug-faced Reima.
Then she turns to me.
“Kattun, really?”
“Yeah, we just talked about suits and movies since I’ve been here.”
“…Looks like you’re telling the truth.”
I wonder what she was doubting?
That is the truth though?
I tilt my head slightly, and suddenly Reima stands up from the chair.
“Reima, are you leaving already?”
“Yes, the talk with you two was meaningful. I should get back to work. I’ll leave the rest to you, Shirakawa!”
“Get out quickly, you pervert.”
“Why say something so mean…?”
Reima leaves dejectedly.
Seeing him off, Shirakawa sitting in front of me looks at me puzzled.
“What’s wrong?”
“Are you okay? You seem a bit different from earlier to me.”
“Huh? What do you mean? I’m totally fine.”
“…If you say so Kattun, then that’s good but…”
Shirakawa looks like she wants to say something.
I don’t know what she’s worried about, but Reima didn’t do anything strange.
Well, I do wish we could have discussed movies a bit more.

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