The Devil Princess Volume 2 Prologue


“Devil Princess will love your soul for eternity… hehe… hahaha!”

“Eur-ojousama, what’s the matter!?”
“Dear, dear!”
“Eur-sama, did you have a scary dream!? Nightmares!?”
“Someone, get Omar!!”
As the door burst open, a swarm of maids flooded into the room.
“Uh, oh, no, huh!?”
Could they have heard that line!?
Among the maids were Veo, Fer, and even Min, who had been taking care of me for a while. The head maid, ‘Baba,’ was also there, managing the maids. They started to cuddle me, check if the sheets were wet, and even prepared a bunch of stuffed animals for me to sleep with.
“It’s okay! It’s okay!”
“Is it true, Eur-sama!?”
It is true!
Despite the late hour, the maids crowded in to take care of me. I calmed them down, cuddled with them, and then kicked them out of the room, slamming the door shut.
As the adrenaline rush settled, I felt my ears and face heat up, realizing I was burning up with fever.
My father, once a prince, now a grand duke. My grandparents were the king and queen. Snacking on “treats” was delicious. Staring at the city’s night view with a strange tension, I thought, “Oh, oh, I’ll love you!”
No, no! Sleep!
I crawled into the enormous canopy bed and, with my head buried, began to sleep like a sulking child.

“What is this…?”
I found myself in a strange world.
Buildings reaching the sky made of stone, iron, and glass.
Elaborate furnishings adorned with brightly colored wooden carvings of dragons and lions, lining a grand avenue.
A rough pile of rocks that might be considered art, or maybe just a house.
A white castle with seamless, wet glass-like textures.
A dilapidated golden carriage.
A cookie and candy-crafted, intricate tank.
A floating carpet with no apparent way to ride it…
There were old-fashioned things and things beyond my understanding in this cityscape, a mishmash of ages, places, and even physical laws that defied my knowledge.
And that’s not all…
“…Department store…?”
A building made of stone, tiles, and glass, resembling a mall, with various stores and colorful signs displaying [English] and [Japanese] characters.
“…Did I get reincarnated again?”
No, that’s not it. If I raise my hand, I can still see my chubby, childlike hands. My hair, shimmering disgustingly golden at the edges of my vision… the fur of a “demon.”
If it’s not reincarnation, maybe summoning?
I’m still in the silk-like pajamas they put me to sleep in, and when I look up at the sky, a pitch-black night with a sword-like crescent moon greets me.
…… Where am I?
Contrasting the dark sky, the city is illuminated with dazzling lights, yet there’s not a trace of any living creature.
If there’s a world as absurd and nonsensical as this─

“Yes. Of course, this is a dream, young lady.”

Suddenly hearing that voice, I turn around with a sense of acceptance rather than surprise.
“Who are you?”
“Aren’t you surprised?”
“Well, I’m a bit surprised.”
The person—’person’? Probably in his mid-twenties with black hair—smiles as he narrows his eyes in response to my answer.
Not pure black. His dark blue hair, reminiscent of a deep ‘night,’ and the equally colored tailcoat give him an air of elegance. With gentle red eyes fixed on me, he snaps his fingers with theatrical flair.
“How about some drinks?”
Abruptly, spotlights illuminate the previously empty night sky, revealing a glass tea table and chairs made of glass. Unexplainably, a maid skeleton in crimson attire and a panda in a crimson butler outfit are awkwardly brewing tea. Very crimson.
“Well then.”
Extending his hand, my sleepwear transforms into an outfit resembling Alice from a fairy tale. Despite no recollection of moving, I find myself seated, sipping tea.
I see… this is a ‘dream.’
However, the man in front of me is an unearthly handsome being, exuding adult allure and charm in amounts unseen before…
“Absolutely not feeling any excitement.”
The words slip out involuntarily. Honestly, being straightforward isn’t always a virtue.
Yet, as he swirls the red liquid in his glass, he seems genuinely amused by my words, a big smile on his face.
“Well, that’s understandable. In a way, you and I are like ‘siblings.'”
Saying so, he spills the red liquid on the table, and it morphs into squirming, entirely red hamsters. They help themselves to the table’s sweets without permission.
The crimson skeleton and panda, when turned into liquid, transform into countless puppies and kittens, playing around on their own.
“Things that share a high affinity naturally gather and might lend a hand. Doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll obey, though.”
Is that… ‘blood’? Well, whatever.
“Just in a sense… Eurushia.”


Right, I am Eurushia. Despite the name revealing my demonic nature, being in this strange space makes me almost forget, causing my existence to blur.
Dangerous, dangerous. But was it a coincidence, or was it part of his plan that led to this?
Or perhaps… did he call my name before it happened to remind me?
“Who are you?”
To my question, he smiles, tilting his head ever so slightly.
“Well… I’ve been called by various names depending on the era and place. The original ‘name’ is quite long”
He pretends to think impatiently and slowly opens his mouth.
“so for now… call me Mephy.”
Your name sounds kinda girly. It’s probably a nickname, but just revealing a part of that “name” already put a load on my demonic soul.
Ah, this is getting dark.
“I came to talk with you tonight, Eurushia.”
“…With me?”
As Mephi nodded, his figure danced like a bright red mannequin under the spotlight.
“Eurushia, you’re interesting. I’ve never seen anything like you in the endless ages. To become an entity like you, it usually takes the randomness of lower beings evolving into intelligent beings and time.”
With a clink, he shook the glass in front of me again, and I tilted my head in response.
“That’s what I’ve been told. …… “
“Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming you or asking for anything. I’ve traveled through various worlds, and I must be grateful for the ‘coincidence’ of meeting you in a world like this.”
Not asking for it… Even though he said that, there was ‘heat’ in his eyes.
“What is this world, then?”
“This is a world of dreams for one night, where my known world, your known world, and someone else’s known world intersect.”
“If that’s the case, are the words of the light world I dreamt of part of my knowledge or yours?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been traveling for so long that I can’t tell.”
Long time… Long journey.
Mephi must have traveled an unimaginably long time, alone.
Inadvertently, he wanted to talk to me after meeting me by chance…
In that process, did he also visit the ‘light world’ I dreamt of?
But still, that ‘[cheat]’…
I can’t deny that I’ve done something so absurd.
As I twisted my neck, Mephi leaned on the table, chin on his folded hands, looking at me with narrowed eyes.
“Just a piece of advice. No, maybe it’s meddling? Don’t rely too much on that power. You’re still so small and cute.”
He’s saying something scary. Is he trying to frighten me or praise me? Which one?
I know there are strange people among humans, so I won’t be overconfident, okay? Maybe living modestly was the right choice. (Proudly)
“I hope you stay ‘you.'”
The conversation is getting complicated.
Mephi slowly stood up, dressed the red teddy bear that was suddenly there with a coat, approached me, and touched my hair.
“It’s time to say goodbye. Eurushia… Thank you for talking to me.”
Saying that, Mephi gently touched my forehead with his lips.
For a moment, I froze. W-What is he doing, this person! Probably not a ‘person,’ though!

scene transition

“Maybe we’ll meet again… but who knows. Well then──”
Mephi, who distanced himself from me, spread three pairs, six dark blue bat wings from his back, the same color as his hair, and danced up into the night sky with the bright red moon.
“Goodbye. …To the girl of the ‘same kind’ I finally met in tens of thousands of years…”

Waking up in my oversized room in the grand duke’s mansion, with the soft morning sun pouring through the silk curtains, I checked my tiny self in the still unfamiliar canopy bed and sighed in relief.
Somehow, that dream felt incredibly important!
Well, for now, more than that, I touched my forehead where that ‘sensation’ still lingered, muttered a sigh, and said softly,

Another peaceful day begins today!

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