I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 14

I delved into the vast collection of books in the Durkis family and conducted research at the White Mage Association. …But in the end, I couldn’t find any leads to the “Blessing of the World Tree,” and information about “Resurrection” was kept secret and inaccessible.

In that case, I joined the party of the Hero, Letty, who belonged to the 【Attack】 class, hoping to gather information near the hero. …But all of it turned out to be fruitless.

Impatience and anxiety grew day by day.

Despite four years passing, I couldn’t even find a single clue. My heart grew disheartened by the current situation.

I never forgot about Ray. I always thought about him.

…But I was scared. I was scared that such magic didn’t exist. I wondered if all of this was in vain.

So, I decided not to let anyone important enter my life. I treated everyone coldly. Although I knew it was impossible, I was afraid that by getting close to someone dear, my feelings for Ray would fade away.

In the midst of that… I met this young man.

He was strong. Incredibly, unbelievably strong… even more than Ray.

At first, I was jealous of his strength. I envied how he could overpower enemies without even getting injured. …If Ray had possessed power as strong as this person’s, he surely wouldn’t have died.

I disliked him. Disliked him for being stronger than Ray… and above all, for resembling Ray.

When we met again, for an instant, I mistook him for Ray. Because the young man had red hair.

I tried to avoid getting involved. I tried not to talk to him.

…But when I saw the magical tool the young man took out–the “Sky Soaring Boots,” I couldn’t help but approach him. It was exactly the same as what Ray had.

He was a young man who closely resembled Ray. Almost identical, to the point of being reincarnations, in personality, actions, everything was so similar.

Without realizing it… we started talking more often.

Even though I wanted to reject it, talking to the young man who resembled Ray so much… it felt as if I was talking to a revived Ray, and I couldn’t help but feel happy.

So, using the excuse of giving him a ticket, I selfishly took him around the city, dressed him in the same armor Ray used to wear, and indulged myself. …I feel terrible. This person is definitely not Ray. It’s someone else entirely.

As the students disappeared, I saw the figure of the young man plunging into another world alone, just like Ray who went into battle alone, lying about that day. I became anxious that he might die, so I forcibly went along with him when he said he would follow.

I was supposed to be different from who I was back then.

I learned almost all healing magic except for “Resurrection.” I worked hard, desperately trying not to let anyone die, to be able to heal even when injured. That’s what I believed.

“…It’s my fault.”

But no matter how many times I cast healing magic on the young man, it didn’t work, and he died without being able to do anything.

In the first place, if the young man hadn’t thrown away his sword to protect me, this wouldn’t have happened. In other words–because I forcibly went along, I ended up letting him die.

I haven’t changed. Nothing has changed from that time.

Even though I thought I wasn’t weak anymore. Even though I worked hard for that… I was still the same as back then, helpless. All I could do was watch as the young man died.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

Even though I should feel sad, tears didn’t flow because of the contract with the spirits.

Just a single tear… a single teardrop–

–Fell on the young man’s cheek.


In that instant, a mysterious light enveloped the young man’s entire body.

A soft and fantastical light, like a seven-colored aurora.

Ignoring my stunned gaze, the light continued to radiate and converged on the empty space where the young man’s heart and his lost left arm were. And–

For a split second, the young man’s fingertips moved.

“Whoooa!? Ugh!? Geho, gehoo!? What the hell is this, my throat hurts like crazy…”

My consciousness awakened, and I sprang up.

“Where is this… a cave? What was I doing…?”

Confused by being in a dim cave, I looked around… Since I was unreasonably thirsty before, I moistened my throat with “Water Generation.” The water tastes amazing.



When I looked around again, I locked eyes with Eve, who was staring straight at me with wide-open eyes, her mouth moving up and down. Eve, who usually didn’t move at all, showed a dramatic change in her expression. Unusual.

“What… what… why–“

“Hey, wait a minute… I’m trying to remember too.”

Interrupting Eve’s muffled voice with a scratchy voice, I tried to recall what happened, what the situation was.

…Or rather, why is my head pounding so much? My memories are also blurred… What’s going on, seriously.

“Um, I think I was fighting Enri… Did I win…? And–!?”

By accelerating my thought process with “High-Speed Thought,” I quickly came to a conclusion. I remembered everything. I was–

“–I was dead, wasn’t I?”

As soon as I understood, I forcefully moved my body and stood up. If that’s the case, it’s bad, I need to… I need to hurry–

“Eve, what happened to him? How long was I dead?”

“Ahh… eh…?”

I asked Eve, who was right beside me. She seemed to not understand the current situation and let out an incomprehensible voice.

Ignoring Eve’s confusion, I rapidly fired off questions, “The enemies I was fighting… Enri. Where is she now? Did she die?” If she’s still alive, it’s bad. If she attacks me now–this time, I’ll die.

“Oh, I haven’t seen her since then… but…”

“That means… she’s dead, right?… Well, never mind, how long was I dead?”

“U-um… about thirty minutes, I think…?”

“I see…”

While remaining highly vigilant of my surroundings, I pondered. It seems I wasn’t dead for that long. He didn’t attack me during that time, so it’s reasonable to assume that Enri disappeared.

“《Magic Detection》, 《Clairvoyance》, 《Heat Detection》, 《Imperial Barrier》, 《High-Speed Thought》–“

But just in case, I activated detection magic for the entire surrounding area and protective barrier magic to protect myself, as well as self-enhancement magic that I remember as much as possible. I prepared myself to handle anything that might come.

And then–


《Heat Detection》 picked up reactions other than me, Eve, and the corpses of the students and guards.

I immediately held my sword and stayed on guard. There was no magical aura, just a faint reaction. It was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand… it was a reaction that didn’t exist before I died.

With trepidation, I approached the location where the reaction occurred. There–

“? What’s this… a coin?”

–On the ground, a small, single coin had fallen.

Considering the possibility of some trap, I used several types of “Disillusion Magic” on the coin as a target. …However, nothing changed, and it remained just a coin.

I picked up the coin lying on the ground once I confirmed it wasn’t a trap and held it in my hand.

“A coin… Huh? It’s really dirty… and weathered. I can’t tell what kind of coin it is… Restore Cleanse

I used restoration magic on the coin I picked up to remove the dirt and rust.

“A ‘10,000 Rien’ coin? Why would this be here…”

As the dirt and rust came off, a golden coin with the profile of a woman with long hair appeared. It was a ‘Lien’ coin, widely circulated throughout the world and the continents.

I examined the Lien coin in my hand from various angles, looking for any noticeable changes. However, there was nothing strange about it—it was just a regular 10,000 Lien coin. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

Since I couldn’t come up with an explanation, I decided to leave it be. I had no idea why there would be a Lien coin lying here. With no reaction from Enri, it was probably some kind of magic or spell that automatically triggered upon death. Most likely.

Besides… regardless of whether we were alive or dead, we needed to stay vigilant. Right now, the only thing on my mind was to leave this place and find somewhere safe.


I used Resurrection on the bodies of the students and guards. To ensure they wouldn’t wake up immediately and forget this event, I added a modification using Hypnosis.

In addition, I performed the resurrection on the soul of that person… What they did was unforgivable. This was just my ego, my self-satisfaction.

Continuing, I intervened in the ritual of the Otherworld where the creator was absent and rewrote the control authority to myself.

…With this, it became possible to Spatial Transfer from this location. Now, I just needed to synchronize the magic power of the sleeping students, Eve, and myself, set the coordinates, and…

“Alright, it should be fine.”

I registered the destination for Spatial Transfer as the location we were in before entering, allowing for simultaneous transfer.

Since there were many targets for transfer this time… it seemed to take some time. Five minutes later, we would transfer together… Well, I suppose that’s to be expected. It’s still quite fast considering the number of people. That’s a relief…

“Hey, hey… why… are you… alive?”

Just as I was feeling relieved, Eve approached me with a perplexed expression, as if she were seeing a ghost. Wait, why is she surprised… Oh, right, I didn’t tell her?

“Sorry, I forgot to mention… I can ‘come back to life even if I die.’ So don’t worry… I’m not a ghost.”

I reassured her, but Eve continued to look confused and shook her head.

“Well… I guess that’s to be expected. After all, I made this magic myself.”


Dimensional Resurrection.

That’s the name of this magic. I created it when I was little, around nine years old, by tinkering with the spell formula I remembered.

The effect is simple.

When the life activity of the target ceases, it automatically activates and resurrects them.

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