Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6 Modest Date

Around two weeks later, on a certain day.
[Master Byleth, let’s have you wear this embroidered dark blue suit today.]
[Let’s tidy your hair as well. I’ll assist you right away.]
[Please be sure to arrive at the meeting spot 20 minutes early.]
[Both your and Luna-sama’s outfits will stand out even downtown, so please be sure to spend time only in safe areas.]
Seen off by Sia, somehow acting prickly despite her crisp attitude—no, ever since going out to play with Luna was decided, I had arrived under the large brick clock tower attached to the church.
“…Doesn’t look like Luna’s here yet.”
This was our meeting spot for today.
I glanced around and confirmed she wasn’t there, then looked up at the clock tower.
The time was 1:10 PM.
(20 more minutes… Right on schedule.)
After checking the time, I took a seat on the nearby bench, looking down to avoid the gazes directed my way.
(Like Sia said, we’re standing out… Especially feels like I’m being watched by women, but they don’t think anything weird, right? Sia’s the one who chose these clothes for me, after all…)
While I trusted Sia, it still bothered me.
To hide my restless feeling, I was rubbing my thighs when—
“Why are you ignoring me, Byleth-St. Ford?”
A familiar voice called out right beside me.
“I’m right here.”
“S-sorry! I couldn’t see you there… You were already here?”
“Yes. I was sitting on the bench in the back, but you’re right, it is hard to see from this position.”
My desperate excuse worked because Luna was short.
The fact was I hadn’t noticed because her atmosphere had changed so drastically.
Her blue hair, normally tied, was let down long, she wore a wide-brimmed hat, a black jumper dress, and a pale yellow coat.
Luna still had the same expressionless, sleepy-eyed look as always, but the modest fashion and her appearance were drawing attention from those around her.
“Hey, how long were you waiting here, Luna? I figured you’d show up like 5 minutes early.”
“I just arrived now.”
“Really? You’re not borrowing lines from a book?”
I tried joking since she loves books, but surprisingly, I was correct.
“You saw through me well. The truth is I arrived an hour ago.”
“What, that long ago!? I’m really sorry, making you wait.”
“Please don’t worry. I simply didn’t know the criteria for when to arrive. I’ll come 20 minutes early next time.”
“Ahaha… I should have discussed that too.”
If she had read romance novels, she probably would have understood around when to meet up, but she must have taken that as fiction.
And the rumor that [she declines invitations] must be true too…
I should have made more plans with her beforehand. I reflected on that.
“Um, were you okay waiting…?”
“What do you mean?”
“No one bothered you or anything? That outfit really suits you, Luna, and your hair down is pretty too so…”
At that, Luna abruptly pulled her wide-brimmed hat down lower.
“Around 10 people spoke to me? “
“Th-that many!? I heard only 4, but for some reason they all clicked their tongues at me. I don’t understand the meaning.”
“Clicking tongue? Let’s see… …… Maybe, but it’s because you didn’t respond to anything, isn’t it? Luna…”
Because I know her, I could guess why.
With her usual expressionless face, showing no interest and ignoring them—that must have been her response.
“Ignoring strangers is only natural. They didn’t introduce themselves and I don’t know them.”
“Y-yeah. I can’t really say, but maybe respond a little? Like shaking your head?”
“I see. That was rude of me.”
“Well, the other party should introduce themselves first if they have important business, so I don’t think you need to consciously change. But still…”
Her non-reactions that I could predict thanks to knowing her led to her getting clicked at apparently.
It probably made me look bad since I invited her out.
“Ignoring strangers is reassuring behavior for family and lovers, you know?”
“Because they believe I won’t accept strange invitations?”
“Yeah. And I’d be happy about it too. Firmly turning down invitations from the opposite sex.”
“You too?”
“I’m asking if you too, is what I said.”
When I answered, she looked up at me sharply with a somewhat provoked expression.
“Oh, yeah I’d be happy too. Same for Luna, right? If I—not me, but the person you love—got spoken to by the opposite sex and seemed amenable, wouldn’t you feel anxious?”
“Certainly, I would feel unpleasant. I might reprimand them later.”
“Ahaha, right? So thanks. I’m glad you’re taking this stance even after everything that happened.”
“I should be the one thanking you. The reason I’m out today is to spend time with you, after all.”
“I, uh… You’re welcome.”


(Somehow getting complimented by the fashionable Luna makes me lose my cool…)
It looks like it’ll take some time to get used to her, so different from normal.
Honestly, if I let my guard down I feel like I might become infatuated.
“Oh yeah, I’ve been wondering for a while, Luna, but you’re slowly backing away as we talk, aren’t you?”
“I’m doing no such thing.”
Her shoulders jolted for just a moment. A reaction of definitely not doing any such thing.
“Ah, could it be you’re a little embarrassed to walk side-by-side in public because my outfit is…kind of flashy?”
“That is not the case….I think it’s lovely.”
Luna, touching and pulling her hat down lower again, continued speaking.
“Please don’t misunderstand. This is merely me being nervous. I’ve never waited to meet up or played outside before, so…”
“I-I see.”
“And it’s also my first time seeing you in casual clothes… I’m not used to it.”
“Well, the tension should dissipate soon, so let’s relax and enjoy ourselves, ‘kay? That goes for me too, haha.”
Luna bowed her head politely and continued.
“Um, what are the plans from here on?”
“I was thinking we could walk around Ron’s Street in the shopping district. I hear they have lots of goods, so we can both have fun.”
“Understood. Then shall we head that way?”
With that talk, just as I tried to move my feet towards our destination—
Luna did something completely unexpected.
“Here…please take my hand.”
For some reason, she held out her slender hand to me. Stretching out a hand unmarred, white as snow.
“My sister taught me. When being escorted, you must always hold hands, she said.”
(They have a rule like that!? I know you hold hands when going down stairs and such, but… No, if Luna’s sister said so, she must be right.)
My mind blanked for a moment, but I quickly accepted it and switched gears.
“Then pardon me.”
Saying that, I grasped her white hand and gently applied force so as not to let go.
I wasn’t used to things like this, but showing tension would only make both of us feel awkward.
I made an effort to act composed.
“Alright, let’s go. Feel free to speak up if there’s anywhere you want to go, Luna.”
“U-um…sorry. On second thought, let’s unlink our hands. I didn’t think it would make me this nervous.”
“Hmm? Let me have you endure it for safety’s sake.”
(No really, that’s right after thinking about it. Since I invited her out, if anything happened to Luna…)
There’s no way I could take responsibility.
Sia must have advised this too, including that meaning in [please be sure to spend time only in safe areas].
“Byleth-St. Ford… Pl-please don’t be cruel. Do you want to make me this nervous?”
“You’re the one who suggested it first, Luna.”
“Oh dear…”
“A ha.. ha..”
She tried waving her hand and pulling away, but gave up right after I applied more strength.
She truly had little resistance strength.

After that, we took a carriage and arrived in the bustling shopping district.
Luna restlessly looked around.
For her who spends time in the quiet library at school and reads quietly in her room on days off, the lively atmosphere must feel novel, if also uneasy.
“…There are so many more people now.”
“It’s a shopping area for you.”
“We’re…still holding hands like this?”
“I actually think it’s better to stay close in a crowded place like this.”
(If we got separated here, it’d be the end…)
If she did get lost, the unlikely-to- shout Luna wouldn’t be able to let me know her location.
While holding hands in a crowd is embarrassing for me too, I have to endure if we’re to spend time without incident.
“I should make clear now that if any schoolmates see this and spread strange rumors, I take no responsibility.”
“You’re the one who suggested holding hands first, though, Luna.”
“Yet you’re the one still refusing to let go.”

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