Two Childhood Friends Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – I Want to Be a Role Model for Everyone

I look at myself in the mirror, my body wrapped in bandages here and there.

I look so pathetic.

It’s just too pitiful…

Seeing myself like this, I can’t help but feel angry at Hakuhou for doing this to me, at Kakushigi for egging him on, and somehow at Kirako too.

Damn them, may they rot in hell.

…But strangely, the longer I look in the mirror, the cooler I start to see myself looking.

A wounded hunk.

…Yeah, it’s a good look.

Yup, I make anything work.

“What the… what the…?”

I was thinking that when Kirako looked at me like I was being weird.

What’s your problem?

And don’t just casually come into my room like you own the place. You’re polluting the clean air!

“What exactly are you wondering about?”

“Well, your power is supposed to negate others, right? So how’d you blast Hakuhou away like that? It’s scary, but…”

“This fight was your idea, yet now you’re complaining…!?”

I was just going to quickly surrender…!

If Kirako hadn’t opened her big mouth, I wouldn’t have had to fight Hakuhou to save face.

She’s the root of all evil.

One day I’ll have to deal with this nemesis.

“Anyway, I dunno. One moment Hakuhou was there, the next he was flying away.”


Kirako looks at me in disbelief. But really, I have no clue.

I didn’t even think I had powers to begin with. Having a random power of negation is confusing enough, and now there’s another random power I understand even less? It’s all so confusing now.

“Well, I guess this is my power, or talent, or gift, or innate ability… anyway, something like that.”

“Your self-congratulation is nauseating.”

“Look who’s talking.”

I know all about you.

You see yourself as the world’s greatest beauty without a shred of doubt, don’t you?

You may look good on the outside, I guess. But your insides are like a cesspool left festering in the summer sun for a year – making it utterly impossible for me to feel any romance for you.

“Also, isn’t some weird, unexplained power kind of scary?”

“It is scary. I barely understand negation, and now there’s an even more confusing power. It freaks me out.”

I immediately nod at Kirako’s question.

Yeah, it’s scary.

I never fully trusted these powers to begin with. If they just popped up out of nowhere, how could I instantly rely on and use them?

Some weirdo might be able to, but an upright guy like me absolutely can’t. These powers appeared suddenly.

So there’s no guarantee they won’t suddenly disappear either. If that happens when I’ve come to depend on them, I’ll never be able to stand on my own again.

That’s why they scare me.

“And anyway, people are only supposed to have one power each. So why do you…”

“Because I’m the Chosen One.”

[Just a minute ago you were creeped out by these powers, now you’re acting like this… I wonder why?]

Being different, being able to do what normal people can’t… those words make me happy.

But is it really a rule that people can only have one power each?

[I didn’t know that either.]

Because I had zero interest in powers. Never imagined I’d develop any myself.

I was just laughing at all the losers forced to enroll at the Special Powers Development Academy, so why…

“Oh well, I’ll give you credit for blasting Hakuhou away. At least I won’t be passed around as some kind of prize because of losing.”

“I’ll give you away for free.”

“Trying to get yourself killed? I’m a national treasure.”


Kirako spouts outrageous stuff like it’s nothing. Just how self-confident can you be…?

To me, you’re about as valuable as toilet paper nearing the end of the roll. Thank goodness you’re so precious.

[I can hardly believe it, but it seems you have two powers.]

“I’ve got two powers apparently.”

“Um, I’m the one who just said that… why are you repeating it…?”

I’m just parroting whatever the parasite says.

And didn’t I say I don’t need any powers?

So why do I have two?

[I’m guessing one is a counter-type power that reflects damage dealt to you back at the opponent. When you blasted Hakuhou away, it was probably from the damage you’d accrued until then.]

I see.

That idiot Hakuhou had dealt that much damage to me?

That’s not okay. I’ll report him for assault and battery. He’s apparently from a good family, so I’ll squeeze some compensation money out of him…!

So my second power reflects any damage I take right back at the opponent.

Meaning it’s useless unless I get hurt first…

…Completely useless.

[No, it looked like it amplified the damage by 1.5x or so.]

…Why amplify the damage a little?

Wouldn’t that mean it doesn’t directly reflect the same damage back?

[Powers manifest from your feelings. Like your negation stems from your desire to reject everything.]


Can’t deny that.

[What were you thinking when you were fighting him?]

Prompted by the parasite, I recall things I’d rather not remember.

Let’s see, when Hakuhou was pounding me…

Stuff like, what happened to demonstrating our powers?

And Urashima has no qualifications as a teacher if she won’t stop this.

It’s unacceptable that I’m the only one suffering painful injury like this, you should suffer even more painful injury.

Stuff like that, probably.

[That’s it…]

I see.

So that was the root of my second power.

I look back at Kirako, who stares at me quizzically.

Then I tell her:

“It seems I got this power from thinking I don’t wanna lose and I wanna be a role model for everyone.”


“You’re such a liar. There’s no way you’d have such noble thoughts. If that was really true, I’d do a naked dance for you.”

Kirako snorts derisively through her nose.

Tch! You didn’t fall for it.

Well, deceiving her has no benefit anyway, so whatever.

“Says the one with a man’s body.”

“I do have one! Take a good look!”

The crazed Kirako suddenly tries taking her uniform off.

Fool! Who benefits from this development!?

“Stop it! It’s because of your loose behavior that Kakushigi beat me to a pulp, you know!”

I desperately try to stop her. It’s because she barged into my bath like always, and Kakushigi was peeping. That led to today’s tragedy.

Kakushigi got mad about mw seeing her naked, so She made Hakuhou picked a fight with me, leading to that battle… Looking back now, I did absolutely nothing wrong.

Yet why am I the only one suffering such awful treatment? Just because I happened to be in the bath first, and saw Kakushigi and Kirako’s naked bodies, they say.

Even though I was completely, utterly unmoved… why…

[That’s not it?]

While we’re scuffling around, I hear a clicking sound. Clearly the door opening.

…The door opened?

“What… are… you… doing…?”

The room is empty. But I know that voice very well.

Gyaaaaah! Not this annoying woman catching me in another compromising position!

And what’s with barging into my room like she owns the place, damn her!

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