Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 43

Mob No.43: [This is the 2nd fleet of the Galactic Empire Military. We are currently searching for a large-scale pirate gang. You’re the mercenary chasing them, aren’t you? Withdraw your hands immediately. They are our prey.]

After handing over the robber boy to the police, I decided to spend the night at this rest area and head to the poison salt planet Tassia the next morning.

Since there were no gates nearby, I had to proceed steadily. I left the ship on autopilot and was reading the light novel I brought, when a call tone suddenly rang unexpectedly around noon.

Since there are few acquaintances who would talk to me, I wondered who it was. When I checked the other party, it was a fleet of the Imperial Army.

While wondering what business they had, I took the communication.

“This is civilian ship [Patchwork]. What business does the imperial fleet have?”

What appeared was a rugged middle-aged male military officer.

[This is the 2nd fleet of the Galactic Empire Military. We are currently searching for a large-scale pirate gang. You’re the mercenary chasing them, aren’t you? Withdraw your hands immediately. They are our prey.]

He spoke in a haughty tone from above, but it seems they came to subdue pirates.

The story seems to be [Don’t get in our way], but the pirates I’m looking for seem to be different.

By the way, the 2nd Fleet of the Galactic Empire Military’s Central Fleet is the same as the 7th Fleet’s extermination unit that I helped before.

And the commanders and staff officers of this central fleet are almost 100% nobles.

And their attitude and thinking are very aristocratic.

Even though I didn’t say who I was, they decided I was a mercenary subjugating pirates and spoke.

Well, they’re not wrong and I don’t want them to complain later if they find out I’m a mercenary, so I decide to answer honestly.

However, then I have to be careful with my wording.

I could get fined or charged with disrespect for picking my words wrong.

“Well, that’s fine. The one I’m looking for is small fry, so it’s probably just a coincidence the hideout or escape route is in the same direction.”

[Then disclose the information if you have any. If you don’t, we’ll see you as an accomplice of the pirates.]

So I answered carefully with my wording, but it seemed there was no problem with that.

“I don’t have much information, but… just a rumor that both large and small pirates appeared around the poison salt planet Tassia. Furthermore, I’m heading there now to gather more information.”

I honestly told everything since there was no need to hide or anything.

If they had said [Don’t lie! You must have more useful information!] I wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

[Hmm… it doesn’t seem to be a lie. If you get information about the large pirate gang, report promptly to the military.]


But it didn’t seem to be like that.

Thinking calmly, it’s unlikely someone like me would solo target pirate gangs of the scale the military is chasing. Was there some kind of urgent situation?

Anyway, I can’t know the circumstances there, so there’s no need to worry about it.

To avoid complications, I let the fleet go first and then headed to planet Tassia again.

Maybe because of that, it was already past evening when I arrived at the rest area [Ruteta] on planet Tassia.

Planet Tassia, also known by the nickname [Planet of Poison Salt], looks pure white from outer space, and shines brightly reflecting light from distant stars.

Tourists also come to see this sight, so patrols by the military and police are quite frequent.

Nevertheless. No, because people gather it becomes a point targeted by pirates.

The recent subjugation of large pirate gangs has ironically increased small pirates.

Perhaps because of that, quite a number of ships, including delivery companies, were docked.

They may have been held up by pirates.


To confirm this fact, I headed to the bar inside, where quite a number of people, including what looked like delivery company people, had gathered.

I sat in a nearby empty seat and ordered a beer.

I don’t really like alcohol, but one drink isn’t a problem.

Listening to their talk, I heard some reasonable stuff.

“But think about it. We can form convoys with our ships and move together!”

“With this they won’t be able to easily lay a hand, right?”

“But didn’t Juro run into pirates before, and have his cargo stolen?”

“I heard those pirates were a pair. If it’s just two, we can win by numbers!”

“That’s right! We can swarm them like bees!”

It seems they took the measure of moving together in convoys.

Certainly it would make them harder to attack, and even if it was a beam to destroy rocks, concentrated fire would leave nothing behind.

They may have combat ships equipped as escorts, and there may be former military or mercenaries among the delivery companies.

Considering those risks, it’s the wise choice for small pirates not to attack.

But for large pirate gangs, they’re better so it becomes the perfect prey.

Still, they’re saying some big stuff even with alcohol in them.

I can’t decide if I should report this to the military or not.

So for now, pretending to be a traveler, I called out to the man who seemed to be the leader of the delivery companies.

“Excuse me. Is everyone heading to planet Nachilema?”

“Yeah, what about you?”

“I was traveling alone, but heard pirates are around here, so I want to travel together if possible. Is that alright?”

“Oh sure. More numbers work as a deterrent. Plenty of other guys had the same idea as you. But we’re leaving at 6am tomorrow. Don’t be late. We’ll leave even if you’re late.”

“Thank you! You’re a life saver!”

This could be bad.

I thought to travel together and see the reaction of large or small pirates, but this is bad.

A convoy of just delivery companies might be fine, but with an unspecified large number of people, it’s not impossible pirates are mixed in.

The pair would still be fine, but I’d have no chance against the large gang.

Even if I told them to stop, they probably wouldn’t listen.

I guess I’ll excuse myself for now and contact the imperial army.

After paying for the beer, I left the shop, returned to my ship, and contacted the imperial army.

[Yes, this is the intelligence division of the Galactic Empire Military. How may I help you?]

What appeared on the screen was a beautiful android.

Moreover, she greeted me with a smile, so it was very easy to talk to.

Far better than a real woman clearly looking displeased.

“Actually, on my way to planet Tassia I contacted the central fleet’s 2nd extermination fleet, and was told to report any information I got about the large pirate gang they were chasing, so I’m reporting in.”

[Thank you very much. Now, please provide the details of the information.]

“Yes. Right now I’m at the rest area on planet Tassia, but a convoy centered on delivery companies is being organized to leave from there tomorrow morning. There’s a possibility members of the large pirate gang have blended into it. The destination is planet Nachilema. I’m not certain, but please pass on the information?”

[Understood. We appreciate you providing the information.]

With this, they should at least come to the vicinity even if joining up is impossible.

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