Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 15 

“Stop it, I’m falling!”

Now is the moment when my long-held, twisted fantasy are about to comes true.
While I’m momentarily lost in my delusions, Ms. Meyrica and Maria are engaged in conversation behind me.
“Maria, can you handle it?”
“I’ll be fine. Please believe in [Sunflower No.3] that we made for times like these.”
“Oh well, I do have some reservations, but let’s go. Just in case, I’ll also prepare the explosives I had made earlier.”
“Aw, come on, trust us. But it’s okay. It’s important to be cautious, right?”
After such a conversation between them, the situation unfolds.
However, what happens next is completely different from what I had hoped for.
My orders given earlier have been completely ignored by my subordinates.
Yes, my orders were easily disregarded.
The only one who had followed my command, Ms. Meyrica, had a single remark.
“As if we’d let that happen.”
I’m a Second Lieutenant.
Her superior.
What’s with that statement?
No matter how much of a coward I may be, is this an appropriate response as an organizational person?
Is this acceptable?
As I try to retort, Ms. Meyrica quickly issues another command.
“Maria, it’s your turn.”
“Yes, Ms. Meyrica.”
The one called was Maria.
But from every angle, neither she nor all the squad members she led seemed like women that aren’t suited for a brawl. Moreover, their numbers were significantly fewer than the pirates, only fifteen in total.
My finest moment, the moment I had staked my dreams on—protecting my subordinates and sacrificing myself—seemed to vanish into thin air.
Reality seldom goes as planned,
and, to make matters worse, it was heading in the worst possible direction.
I could foresee a future where these women, seemingly unfit for combat, would be easily defeated by the pirates, suffering uniquely female suffering—humiliation, followed by rape and murder.
The opponents were none other than the infamous pirate group, the “Hishiyama group.”
Furthermore, they were the Four Heavenly Kings of the Hishiyama group.
Even if these women stood on their heads, they wouldn’t be a match for them.
“What, you’ll let this happen?”
As I desperately tried to revoke Meyrica san’s order, I was struck on the back of the head from behind.
“Captain, you’re in the way.”
Kate, who served as Meyrica san’s vice-commander and led another squad similar to Maria, struck me from behind. She seized the back of my neck and dragged me behind Maria and the others.
Huh? Huh?
I’m the captain, right? I’ve just graduated from the academy, I’m an officer, your captain.
And yet, what’s with this treatment?
Isn’t it too much?
Moreover, what’s the meaning of “in the way”?
Even if I’m a recent graduate, I’m still the captain, your captain. And “in the way” for a captain?
I wanted to protest vehemently, but with my neck grabbed and being dragged, I couldn’t even make a sound.


Despite my concerns, the pirates enjoyed it with obscene laugh, anticipating the violence to come, while I were being dragged away.
The pirates were delighted by the unexpected turn of events when they spotted us.
“Brother, this looks delicious.”
“Oh, more fun awaits us after this.”
“But personally, I wanted to fight someone with a bit more fight in them.”
“Well then, aren’t you enjoying this?”
“I didn’t say that. Anyway, are we good to go? I can’t wait any longer.”
“Oh, they brought us a treat. Go ahead, make it happen.”
With that said, the pirates simultaneously rushed at Maria and her squad, swinging their battle axes.
Witnessing this, I trembled.
Indeed, death is frightening.
Though the fear of death is terrifying, what’s even scarier is the possibility that my misjudgment could lead to these women being abused.
In the past, I experienced a harsh ordeal and wished for death, but now, I, trembling with fear, am more afraid of death.
However, Maria and the others stand calmly before me, pointing what they call [Sunflower No.3] at the pirates.
“Don’t let it happen, Maria.”
“Yes, Ms. Merica. Is everyone ready? Okay then, get ready, aim, and fire~!”
With Maria’s cute voice, simultaneously, the items in the hands of the entire squad unleash a burst of flames.
A thunderous sound… shouldn’t be audible in a vacuum, and as it is, there is no sound, but it appears as if a thunderous noise occurred. At the same time, the pirates approaching in front of us collapse.
Maria and the others, one after another, unleash flames from the items in their hands, defeating the pirates.
Currently, the only squad in battle is Maria’s, with only fifteen members.
The remaining squads are just watching, no, cheering on Maria and the others.
As the pirates are defeated one after another, the the cheering becomes more and more intense.
Jumping around, shouting loudly, clapping hands in excitement.
The pirates inally recognize their disadvantage and start fleeing around the time half of them are defeated. Still, Maria and the others mercilessly continue to defeat the pirates from behind.
When the last pirate falls, the excitement of the squads led by Kate reaches its peak.
Except for Kate, who hasn’t fully embraced the excitement.
Speaking of Kate, though, since she’s been holding onto my neck from behind to ensure I don’t interfere with Maria and the others, she couldn’t jump around or clap her hands in excitement.
Nevertheless, she’s excitedly watching as the pirates are defeated one after another.
When the last pirate falls, Kate, who is still holding onto my neck, tightens her grip on my hand.
Wait a minute!
It’s a bit tricky when you’re in a power suit and you tighten your grip on the hand holding the neck. It’s kinda dangerous.
Stop it, if you put more strength into the hand squeezing me, oh, it’s bad.
Ugh, ugh, it’s hard to breathe.
I-I’m gonna die, stop it, it’s bad, this can’t go on!

scene transition

Look, I’m falling, I’m going to die, so stop.
No matter how much I scream in my mind, Kate is completely unaware.
Ah~, I die.

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