Two Childhood Friends Chapter 24

Episode 24 Eh?


Kotaro bolts upright in bed.

He was lying on a soft mattress.

“W-where is this…?”

Kotaro looks around, utterly confused.

Hadn’t he just been fighting that despicable Yoshihito Kuchinasi?

Yet now he finds himself waking up in this room?

“The nurse’s office, young master,”

“It’s the infirmary ……?”

a disembodied voice calls out to him.

It’s his lifelong supporter, the heir to the Kakushigi family, the invisible Kakushigi Enmi.

“Why am I here…? What happened in that fight!?”

“The fact that you are here and Kuchinasi-kun is not here shows the result.”

“…I see. So I lost after all…”

Kotaro murmurs in dismay.

Waking up in the nurse’s office could only mean one thing.

The setting sun shining through the window also indicates the passage of time.

The quiet room brings Kotaro no satisfaction or understanding.

“What happened? His powers only should’ve been ability cance. There’s no way he could’ve incapacitated me like that. Let alone beat me in close combat!”

“You’re right, you were clearly at an advantage, young master. The other classmates had a really bad reaction though.”

“What!? Why!?”

Kotaro recoils in shock.

He only fought Yoshihito because he wanted to be more popular and well-liked by their classmates. To have achieved the exact opposite of that goal is certainly shocking.

But Enmi just sighs.

“Well, it’s not a good look when the heir of a prestigious family beats up a regular person. Especially since Yoshihito is so handsome and kind – he’s helped out a lot of your classmates too.”

Both Kotaro and Yoshihito are sociable with their classmates.

There aren’t many boys with powers, so the interested girls take the initiative to talk to them.

But the two boys differ in one key way.

Whether it’s their personality or choice of conversation topics.

Kotaro goes on about how great he is, intent on impressing the girls in front of him.

But most people find self-aggrandizement boring, even if it comes from a good place of wanting to be liked.

Perhaps adults would politely entertain it, but these are still immature teenagers. Of course they find him obnoxious.

Meanwhile, Yoshihito listens to the other person.

He can’t be bothered to choose conversation topics himself, though he doesn’t make that obvious.

So the girls see him as a kind, attentive listener.

Additionally, Yoshihito’s strategy of just listening works well.

Meanwhile Kotaro tries to gives advice out of the goodness of his heart,, but the girls just want him to listen, not offer unsolicited opinions.


On the other hand, Yoshihito doesn’t care one bit if his chatterbox classmate is boring.

He knows listening would be ideal, but and can’t be bothered to pay attention , so he stays silent.

As a result, most classmates naturally prefer Yoshihito’s company.

“So really, it’s good you lost. At least you avoided being hated,” Enmi says bluntly.

“No, that’s not it! Why did I lose? I was clearly in a superior position…”

The reaction from his classmates was shocking enough, but even more concerning to Kotaro is how the fight played out.

He has no memory of it.

There seems to be no reason he should have lost.

So what happened?

“I think you should reflect carefully on why you lost. I’m going to see Yoshihito now, bye!”

Enmi’s presence disappears.

She seems rather fond of Yoshihito too.

“Hey wait, you didn’t answer me!” But Enmi repeats herself before leaving Kotaro hanging.

“You did nothing wrong, young master. You fought well, I just didn’t anticipate a close combat fight, so I couldn’t advise you properly.”

“What did you just say? You betrayed me? You were spying for him?”

Kotaro stares at the invisible Enmi in disbelief.

He can’t see the expression on her face because she is invisible.

But rather than address his accusation, she continues explaining.

“You really almost won. Something unexpected happened.”


“His second power,” Enmi says plainly.


Kotaro can’t believe what he’s hearing.

But Enmi repeats herself –

“Yoshihito has two powers.”

Flashback to the fight


Kotaro’s fists and kicks rain down relentlessly on Yoshihito.

He tries desperately to defend himself, but it’s futile.

Yoshihito is just an amateur.

He’s no trained soldier or pro fighter. There’s no way he can compete with Kotaro, honed as the heir of a prestigious family.

Such a brutal beating would quickly break any amateur’s fighting spirit…

“Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no(Damn you! How dare you recklessly pound my beautiful body! Your foolishness knows no bounds!)”

[Isn’t your self-image a bit inflated, Kuchinasi-kun?]

But Yoshihito’s resolve doesn’t falter one bit.

His anger and hatred at Kotaro for injuring him still drives him forward.

“Come on, just surrender already!” Kotaro taunts him.

“This fight…it’s not just for me,”

Yoshito replies to Kotaro’s taunting.

“I have to demonstrate my powers like a role model for our classmates. I want to be helpful to the girls.”

[Whose mouth is saying that?]

Of course, he doesn’t care about any of that.

He just can’t forgive Kotaro for hurting him.

But in this world, it’s better to get angry on behalf of others than for yourself.

So without thinking, he spouts some generic, noble-sounding drivel.

“And most of all…”

Yoshihito glares sharply at Kotaro, gritting his teeth.

“I can’t let you take Kirako like some prize, just because I lost! (I hope she goes to Hakuhou voluntarily, that girl!)”

“Yoshihito…! (He’s acting cool, but it’s all to make himself look better. What a guy!)”

The two share a moment, glaring intensely but hiding their delight at each other’s conviction and performance.

Inwardly they fiercely denounce each other, yet somehow find unity. Strange world indeed!

It is a perfect performance.

“Hah! Big talk, but without my powers, what can an amateur like you do?”

Kotaro mocks, mocks Yoshito as if to shake him off.

However momentarily impressed by Yoshihito’s intensity. He pulls back to create some distance.

Now’s his chance!

“Raaaaaah! I’ll surpass you! (I wonder if I’ll get a power up if I say something nice!)”

[Your vague yell somehow resulted in such a cool line?]

Yoshihito’s voice shakes the air, conveying his determination (lol).

The onlooking classmates are sucked in.

“Hahahaha, as if!”

Kotaro laughs loudly in the face Yoshihito

Getting stronger in a pinch, growing in battle – that only happens in fairy tales.

So he laughs freely at the wide-open Yoshihito.

Even if he charges, Kotaro is ready…

But, something unexpected….



Kotaro is blasted away before he can even react, ragdolling across the ground until he finally rolls to a far stop.

Motionless, like a broken doll.

The winner is clear to all – Yoshihito stands while Kotaro is down for the count.

But the abrupt ending leaves everyone speechless.


Enmi is dumbfounded.


So is Urazumi.


Kirako too.


The classmates as well.


And so too, Yoshihito is left dumbfounded.

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