Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 7

“W-Whoa, Sakuma! Calm down! You’re just doing what he wants!”
“Karasuma…Tch, I know that!”
I couldn’t say that he definitely didn’t know that.
Thanks to Karasuma’s nice play, Mt. Sakuma’s eruption was somehow avoided.
While internally wiping cold sweat, I turn my gaze forward where Karasuma, similarly looking toward Netsuhara, starts to smile.
“So? What’re you planning? I’d be super grateful if you could come again another time. I mean, homeroom’s gonna start real soon, yeah?”
“Pfft, like I care ’bout that. Listen, on the first day I brought Class A to heel and took all their money. 10 or 100 thousand yen, nothing can restrain my actions.”
“You fiend…!”
Asahina-san raised her voice at Netsuhara’s words.
This guy…had been taking money from his classmates. Even if he took 200,000 yen from each one…that’s a staggering 5.8 million yen. Over ten times the initial allowance they’re given. And adding his own money, it could easily surpass 6 million.
I’m not envious…no, how evil! Unforgivable!
Everyone must have thought the same as me, shouting in anger.
“From your classmates… What are you thinking! If you do such a thing, the lives of many students will…!”
“Don’t care.”
Asahina-san’s logic doesn’t reach Netsuhara.
“Besides, maybe I said it wrong. But listen, I was ‘given’ this money from my classmates. C’mon, they happily handed it over when I politely asked. Though…I’ll stop there. I feel like I’ve gone off track from my original talk.”
Yeah, I was thinking that too.
No matter how much money he extorted from Class A.
No matter how much his classmates from that class suffered.
Frankly speaking…I don’t really care either. What we should focus on now are the ‘words’ Netsuhara just uttered here. That’s much more important.
“‘Duel Request’…right? Shithead.”
Sakuma, not even trying to hide his bad mood, and Netsuhara leisurely returning.
“Insulting me is meaningless, dumbface. …So yeah. To answer the original question, that’s right.”
His words send a tension through the class.
Duel Request. Those words hold an influence stronger than the school rules in this academy.
In that ‘battle,’ both sides must agree.
It’s not a case where he suddenly challenged us and we’re in trouble.
The fact that he came here means…he has ‘something’ to make us accept.
“…Then the talk is over. We will not accept your request. We have no courtesy to return to someone like you without manners.”
“Don’t gimme that self-righteous crap. I think you were called Asahina Kasumi? Aside from the guy who got Kirido expelled, I’m thinking of buying you the most in this class. Be my wife, ‘kay?”
He’s speaking like Kirido.
Everyone must have thought it.
Asahina rests her hand on her forehead and sighs.
“Honestly, saying such jokes again… Oh well. Please go home. It doesn’t seem like there’s anything left to discuss with you.”
Asahina declares. However, Netsuhara, who should have been lightly rejected, is still smiling.
As if he had wanted to be rejected, he continues speaking with a carefree smile.
“I’ll give you some kind advice–you’re gonna regret it.”
“Thank you very much. I’ll be sure not to regret it.”
As soon as Asahina-san says that, she closes her eyes and shuts him out completely.
Seeing her attitude, Netsuhara scratches his head in frustration, and his actions make some classmates chuckle… However, I was ruminating on the words he had said.
Certainly, if it had ended with that, it would be laughable.
Despite coming in so confidently, he retreats after being rejected. It would surely lower our assessment of Netsuhara. But…he didn’t seem to be lying.
He had seriously said we would regret it.
And there was a light in his eyes like madness.
“Welp, can’t be helped. Get your necks washed and wait, ‘kay?”
And so Netsuhara left Class 1-C.

–The incident happened the next day.



The next day’s homeroom.
One seat in the class was empty.
“That Manabe guy was attacked by someone yesterday.”
Understanding the ‘meaning’ of Sakaki-sensei’s words, I internally sigh.
The other students made shocked or confused expressions, but come on, even an idiot can understand. –It’s Netsuhara’s doing.
“W-What!? Sakaki-sensei! In other words, um, is Manabe okay!?”
“Calm down, Karasuma. Looks like he was ambushed when he went out to the convenience store last night. Thankfully his injuries aren’t too serious but…they’re not light either. Consider it enough that we teachers have decided he should take off school to recover.”
In other words, it’s worse than when I was punched by Kirido.
Speaking of Manabe-kun, he’s the guy who during self-introductions said ‘I’m married. Ah, let me say upfront I’m not interested in the 3D world. My wife is in the 2D world’ and made that crazy explosive remark, earning him fame as a guy recognized as an otaku by himself and others.
He was highly ranked in my ‘Normal Friends I’d Like to Make’ list. If not for the Kurotsuki incident, I really wanted to become friends with him right away… Dammit! I won’t forgive you Netsuhara! Asahina-san, it’s on you!
“…So there’s no mistake the attacker was…Netsuhara-kun, right?”
Asahina-san’s unusually sharp voice makes Sakaki-sensei groan.
“Well…I do think it was probably him. However, there’s absolutely no ‘definite proof’ he attacked. The only testimony is Manabe himself saying ‘I was attacked by Netsuhara.’ But…”
“Tch, it was that bastard for sure. He’s probably saying stuff like ‘There’s no proof I did it. Rather, Class C is trying to frame me.'”
Sakaki-sensei deeply nods at Sakuma’s words.
“That’s right. I’m certain but…there’s far too little evidence. I have no doubt it was done after grasping the locations of security cameras.”
“Then that means…”
Kurashiki mutters uncomfortably.
Responding to her reaction, an unexpected voice comes from outside the classroom.
“There’s no proof so I can’t be punished, riiight?”
Our gazes simultaneously turn toward the entrance at the echoing voice.
Standing there is Netsuhara with a thin smile.
It’s homeroom time…so scolding him probably won’t work.
After all, he’s here precisely because he breaks school rules.
“Did you enjoy my gift?”
Sakuma flies into a rage at Netsuhara’s words.
However, Sakaki-sensei stops him with one hand.
“Now, Sakaki…sensei. But–“
“I know. …Netsuhara, was it? What do you mean?”
Sakaki-sensei’s expression is unusually angry. Even the ever-optimistic, hedonistic her finds it unacceptable for her class to be targeted.
“Huh? I thought I gave Sakuma-kun a present this morning… Was I mistaken?”
“Answer seriously. I’ll expel you.”
“If you do that, the Class A homeroom teacher will hold a grudge against you, you know?”
Netsuhara doesn’t even show signs of flinching at Sakaki-sensei’s threat.
Sakaki-sensei can expel Netsuhara without question.
However, if she does that without reason, the Class A homeroom teacher whose student was suddenly expelled will be displeased. At worst, he may expel Class C students for similar flimsy reasons. That would be a never-ending revenge battle…the worst case scenario.
Sakaki-sensei furrows her eyebrows while my classmates gnash their teeth in frustration.
Amidst that, Netsuhara doesn’t lose his nonchalant attitude.
“So, have you thought about what I said yesterday?”
“…You mean the Duel Request issue, Netsuhara-kun?”
There’s no mistaking the anger in Asahina-san’s voice to anyone listening.
Her emotions are overflowing with rage, she’s gnashing her teeth in vexation, recognizing the person before her eyes as an enemy.
I can easily imagine her feelings from her back. That’s how much killing intent there is.
“You said you wouldn’t accept, right?”
“Yes, I firmly decline. Let’s start over tomorrow. In the meantime, I may kill time playing some ‘games’ huh? I might~”
He knows what ‘game’ means.
In short, attacking Class C students from the shadows.
…This guy would probably seriously do it. He already got Manabe-kun after all, and I think the violence won’t stop regardless of gender.
Even if we completely secure the school and prevent assaults for a day or two, we can’t keep that up for the next three years. There will definitely come a day we’re attacked by him.
…To prevent that, we have no choice but to accept his proposal.
Moreover, in just a single day, our positions had been completely reversed.
“But for me, I’ve been in a good mood lately whether you accept or not, y’know?”
His voice is tinged with provocation.
“I’ve really been into this game recently of sneak attacking monkeys walking around off guard from behind. It’s just so fun, so fun…I can’t stop, y’know?”
“…In other words, unless we apply for a Duel Request under disadvantageous conditions, the attacks will continue indefinitely…”
I’m impressed at Asahina-san’s words.
I see, that’s good thinking.
With no evidence we can catch, we have no choice but to request a duel from Netsuhara, with the condition of ‘Class A will not attack Class C.’
In other words, Class C has to be the one extending the request.
Then Class A can demand outrageous returns for that condition.
Netsuhara laughs loudly, then voices his wish.

“I’ll accept, ‘kay? But if you lose, all of you get expelled.”

An outrageous return.
Class A’s condition for accepting the Duel Request.
It was the worst.

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