Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 1

Training with Father

“Today I’ll land a blow for sure Reubens!”
“Not yet! I won’t lose to Sir Reed!”
Training had gotten considerably more enjoyable after learning body enhancement from him. It still tires me out but the fatigue after moving around is less than before. Body enhancement continually drains mana so managing that becomes necessary. But it’s fun enough to make up for it. My stamina previously couldn’t keep up with Reubens’ movements but now I supplement that shortcoming through enhancement.
Even so the experience and reach advantages combined with difference in body weight and physique mean I still can’t defeat him. But the stronger the inability, strangely the stronger my will to win burns from within.
A strong will can dominate combat at times I’m told. But sometimes useless efforts remain useless. My gripped wooden sword gets knocked flying by Reubens, leaving me unarmed. However…I can still make it work! Capitalizing on the size difference between adult and child I swiftly slipped into Reubens’ bosom, seeking to kick or punch him.
Even allowing me in so close he moved leisurely. Then he caught and pinned me unable to budge, smiling cheerfully.
“Sir Reed, nice spirit but that was a bad move.”
“Haah…fooled again huh.”
Conceding defeat vexedly, I hung my head.
“I commend you for challenging me weaponless rather than giving up when disarmed. However, considering our differences in physique getting grabbed is disadvantageous in your case. Only use such techniques either against those without major size disparities or frail opponents.”
He gave constructive criticism on my actions like an instructor. Certainly, just training-wise it might’ve been fine but could’ve turned out badly in real combat. Still, feeling vexed I puffed out my cheeks glaring sharply at him. Then after broadly smiling he released me from the hold.
Once freed I picked up the wooden sword from earlier and took a deep breath before shouting “Once more!!” turning to face Reubens again. He’s strong. So I have no choice but to challenge until I can win.
“Unfortunately Sir Reed, that will conclude today’s training.”
His unusual words drew a blank dumbfounded response from me. Reubens was the grinning face Spartan education exponent. Ceasing practice this quickly was never happening. Unsure of his aim I stared vacantly at him. Seeing that he sinisterly laughed.
“Fufufu. Lord Reiner wishes to observe Sir Reed’s ability today and directly instruct depending on impressions. My regimen so far has just been…basic tuning I suppose.”
Basic…tuning…? I can’t conceive of the intense actions up til now as mere tuning. Was it just my imagination?
In any case, Father directly overseeing my training, just what did that entail? I had heard before he boasted considerable swordsmanship within the empire. Perhaps related? Seeing my quizzical expression Reubens smiled wryly.
“Lord Reiner’s instruction methodology is…special. Given our relative standing I cannot put Sir Reed through the same regimen.”
Feeling ill premonitions from his meaningful statement, Father showed up at the training grounds.
“Sorry for the delay, got caught up with administrative tasks. The tuning finished?”
Father wore more mobile clothing than usual giving an agile impression somehow.
“Yes. Sir Reed’s tuning wrapped up just prior. No issues with swordsmanship or body enhancement. I believe none his age could best Sir Reed.”
Reubens lowered his head deferentially giving Father a polite report. Lacking the casual air I normally see from him. Father nodded to his words. “Understood.” Then sharply glanced my way.
“Reed. I will see your skill for myself. Indulge my tuning. Use your enhancement as well, come at me fully committed.”
Taking the wooden sword handed to him by Reubens, Father pointed the tip my way while leisurely provoking me. I had never crossed swords beyond Reubens. Didn’t expect my first opponent besides him to be Father.
But just what was Father’s level? Curious how I measured up I sinisterly laughed.
“Fufufu…Very well then? Here I come!!”
“Good spirit…come.”
The instant Father spoke I took a low stance violently kicking off the earth. Dust swirled up where I had stood that moment. Depending on perspective it may have looked like dust suddenly blew up and I vanished.
Riding the momentum from kicking the ground I closed from Father’s feet to slash range in an blink. Attacker’s advantage, I swiftly brought the wooden sword diagonally up from his lower left to upper right for a reverse iai strike. But from the moment I kicked off Father never lost sight of my movements. Rather, he seemed to have leisure to calmly observe even.
Glancing only at his feet where I rushed in Father’s lips twisted into a grin. Then he deliberately received my slash blocking with his wooden sword. The intense collision of wooden swords echoed loudly around us. My overhead reverse iai blow was lightly stopped by Father. I frowned.
“Oh…? For one so young, such swordsmanship and body enhancement is quite fearsome even if my own child.”
Blocking my strike, Father was astonished and happily laughing. In contrast feelings of respect and vexation towards Father welled up within me.
With Reubens that blow could have cracked his guard at least a little. But Father didn’t falter whatsoever, even having room to grin. In other words Father clearly surpassed Reubens in might. I knew that but this moment truly hammered home there are always those above.
“Hmm, what’s wrong? Surely that’s not the end of things?”
“…Of course not!”


Jolted by his words I shook off extraneous thoughts, concentrating wholly on Father before me. Then taking some distance to catch my breath first I unleashed a barrage of slashes riding the momentum from kicking off the earth. However Father lightly deflected all of those slashes guarding against them with ease.
“Still more…Still coming!!”
Spitting out words bracing myself didn’t change the fact I was on the defensive trading blows. Not a single slash had come from Father yet. He was likely exclusively defending to gauge my skill. Probably only possible due to the overwhelming difference in ability. But vexation still swelled up comprehending that. I increased slashes to no avail.
“Hmm. About time I take initiative then…”
“!! Gah…!”
Seeing I had no stronger offenses, Father took the initiative to attack. His slashes were sharp, fast, and heavy – different from Reubens’ style. At first I somehow defended but gradually my hands started going numb. Still, conscious of deflecting I barely bought time.
But when I realized it my wooden sword had been knocked away. Even so unarmed I took a stance facing Father. Seeing that he murmured without losing composure, a satisfied look on his face.
“Hmm. No issues with this level of skill.”
I grasped from Father’s words the bout had ended but at the same time tension snapped, leaving me on one knee on the ground.
Even breathing grew difficult. This was my first time exhausted using body enhancement against Father. The time facing off against him was far shorter than practice matches with Reubens. Yet it felt my concentration had faded disproportionately more.
The mana quantity and effects for body enhancement may also be impacted by mental state. As I desperately caught my breath such thoughts crossed my mind. Seeing me struggle to recover, Father sinisterly smiled starting to speak.
“Hmm. Your swordsmanship passes. Next I shall see your courage.”
“Haah…Haah…My courage…?”
Unsure what gauging my courage entailed, I turned a blank confused face to Father. Seeing that he nodded then asked me as if admonishing.
“Reed. Are you familiar with the term courage?”
“Mm-hmm!! …I believe [courage] refers to an [unshakable mental fortitude]?…”
Having caught my breath I politely answered Father’s query after considering the word courage.
“That is a fine understanding. Even in actual combat you may face someday, courage can mean life or death. Today I shall see how much courage you currently possess.”
I somehow grasped what he meant but was unsure how to assess one’s courage level.
As I wondered that Father passed the wooden sword to Reubens then took a [saber] from him in exchange. He then deliberately drew the saber, examining its entire blade.
“Hmm…No flaws or nicks in the edge. Seems fine.”
“F-Father, I hesitate to ask but…just what do you intend doing with that saber…?”
Seeing Father inspecting the saber blade’s condition a chill ran down my spine, naturally taking a step back as my face paled. Simultaneously a rejecting impulse made me subconsciously start retreating. Noticing my fearful reaction Father sinisterly laughed.
“Fufufu…As expected, courage about on par with normal for your age. This should make fine tempering material.”

scene transition

I had never seen Father looking so happy and delighted before. However the problem lay elsewhere. Hearing Father’s words with a twisted frown I couldn’t help asking.
“W-What will you be tempering…?”
“I told you didn’t I? Courage. Reed. You absolutely must adhere to what I say next.”
Father’s words elicited only ill premonitions. Reubens’ remarks about [not possible given our relative positions] and [special instructional methods] echoed through me. I felt the blood draining from my already pale face. Seeing my complexion Father looked increasingly overjoyed.
“Good reaction. Now Reed, stand stock still right there and no matter what, don’t move. Also don’t avert your eyes from my actions…understood?”
“…Yes, Sir.”
I mentally resigned myself standing upright motionless, consciously keeping my eyes on Father’s every move.
“Good. Here we go.”
Seeing my determined expression, Father, with saber at the ready, stared straight at me. At the same time, his expression changed. An intimidating aura, unlike anything I’ve felt before, emanated from Father’s entire body, focusing on me. It felt as if Father had a grip on my heart, a sensation that even my heartbeat was in his control. Under Father’s sharp gaze, my heartbeats gradually quickened, and I felt an impulse to leave this place immediately.
Father, with a completely different atmosphere than usual, aimed the tip of the saber at me as I trembled.
“…Let’s go.”
As soon as he muttered those words, Father kicked the ground and swiftly thrust the saber towards me. At that moment, as Father closed in on me, I finally understood the true nature of the intimidation he had directed at me. It was the real [killing intent and hostility].
Faced with the tip before my eyes I shuddered from the terror and killing intent radiating from Father, squeezing my eyes shut, hiding behind raised arms while letting out an undignified shriek sitting down hard where I stood. Still in that pathetic state I fearfully cracked my eyes open, Father’s blade poised at my nose.

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