Two Childhood Friends Chapter 23

Chapter 23 I’m not satisfied. ……

“Huh, Hakuhou-kun’s attack disappeared?”

“Did he stop mid attack?”

Seeing Kotaro’s attack dissipate, the confused classmates couldn’t hide it. Since there was no sign of him defending, many thought the attacker himself had canceled it.

The only ones who knew that wasn’t the case were the teacher Urazumi, and Yoshihito’s childhood friend Kirako, who knew his power.

“Your childhood friend seems to have quite the special ability.”

“He’s my prideful childhood friend. (What the, that cheater. I wanted it…)”

While smiling, Kirako secretly burned with jealousy inside. Her power to destroy an oni in one blow with spear-like force was plenty cheat-level too.

The neighboring grass always looks greener, especially when it’s Yoshihito’s.

“Is he from some special lineage?”

“No, just a normal family. (Though his parents are something else.)”

If it was someone like Kotaro from the excellent Hakuhou family line, such a strong power would be understandable.

Negation was an outstanding ability that made you think he had two or three heads more intelligent than normal.

For someone ordinary like Yoshihito to have it suddenly mutate was rather hard to believe.

“I see. I was interested in him too for defeating the oni, but…”

Urazumi stared fixedly at Yoshihito. Though she still had dark circles, the lazy-looking eyes had lost their color.

Observing. An inorganic gaze like looking at a test subject.

“How intriguing.”

And that gaze turned not just to Yoshihito, but Kirako as well…

“(…Don’t tell me I’m in her sights too? Boost Yoshihito up so you’ll overlook me.)”

For now, Kirako decided to sell out Yoshihito.

“Damn! So this is the negation Kakushigi mentioned. How bothersome!”

Kotaro continued firing light bullets without learning his lesson. Truthfully, he was properly holding back.

He didn’t want to kill anyone in this demonstration.

That was the extent of power special abilities held.

But perhaps impatient, he had completely forgotten that restraint and kept up full powered attacks. Yet not one of them even grazed Yoshihito, all negated.

“(Whoa, such bright light. It’s blinding. I can’t see a thing.)”

[Such composure.]

“(Well, there’s nothing I can do in this situation. All I can do is wait for it to pass.)”

The foreign entity in my head says I’m composed, but that’s incorrect. It’s resignation.

Frankly, I’ve got no clue what’s even happening right now. Kotaro’s serious light bullets are huge and dazzling.

There’s a flash right before my eyes then a tremendous BOOM!

If I didn’t have special powers, I’d be dead now right?

I contemplated as if already dead.

“(Or rather, isn’t this power suspicious? It’s negating things without me doing anything. Scary.)”

[Barely understanding your own power yet fearing it, strike two.]

“(Don’t talk big when you just woke up to this power recently, idiot.)”

With nothing to do, Yoshihito just kept up endless chatter. Meanwhile, Kotaro never relented, continuing his attacks… Yet not one hit Yoshihito.



“Your power’s useless against me. You should understand that after all these attacks.”

[From complaining it’s gross and weird to acting so composed, amazing.]

Seeing the exhausted Kotaro, Yoshihito went on the offensive. Showing his determined face too, combined with his good looks, he was showered in cheers from the female classmates.

Kirako got irritated at the situation, thinking he was rotten inside despite putting on such an act.

“I don’t want to admit it, but you’re right. I’ll acknowledge it. Your power is tremendous. I can’t break through it with my special ability.”

“Heh, then you should know what you have to do, right? (I was going to surrender, but looks like I can win. Yeah, I’ll trample this guy’s mentality.)”

I’ll secure victory here and feel great. Then benevolently offer Kirako and push this nuisance onto him.

I devised the perfect plan, in 0.01 seconds.

“Yes, that’s right. Since special abilities don’t work…”

Kotaro who had been catching his breath hanging his head suddenly appeared right before Yoshihito’s eyes the next moment.

“I’ve got no choice but to attack directly!”


It seemed sudden to Yoshihito. While he was stunned, Kotaro’s fist roared as it flew at him.


Guarding reflexively with his arm, the fist smashed in and intense pain ran through him. It was painful enough to make him want to cry.

[Whoa, that looks painful. You okay?]

“(Do I look okay!? He rushed me and aimed at my beautiful face! Is he sane!?)”

[He’s sane.]

Meanwhile, a fierce barrage assaulted Yoshihito. He was pushed around by attacks precisely targeting the body’s weak points.

At least protect the face, protect the face! Yoshihito desperately continued guarding.

“(And isn’t this supposed to be a special ability demonstration!? Why are you abandoning that and going into hand-to-hand!? Stop him Urazumi!)”

The special ability demonstration had been completely blown away. This was ordinary combat now. No, beyond a brawl, this was battle.

Yoshihito who had never really been in a fight, or rather always overwhelmed others before it escalated to that point, was helpless.

Glancing at Urazumi and the others but…

[That’s true. …But she doesn’t seem intent to stop it. Oh, and your childhood friend looks like she’s really enjoying it.]

“(Damnit gorilla loli! Kirakooo!)”

Anger surged out.

Do your job properly and supervise, dumbass!


Even amidst that, Kotaro’s fierce attacks continued. Having never gotten into a fight…or rather, always overwhelming others conversationally before it escalated, Yoshihito was outmatched.

“I’ve been trained since I was little. Not just my special ability, but martial arts too.”

What had vanished in Yoshihito’s perspective was Kotaro’s martial arts.

With special abilities, the difference in their power was clear.

Kotaro likely couldn’t overwhelm Yoshihito’s Negation with his Light.

But with hand-to-hand combat, he could continue one-sided attacks.

“Now’s your last chance to surrender! I don’t enjoy hurting you for fun.”


A fist sank into his abdomen. Yoshihito suppressed the instinctive urge to vomit through stubbornness, pride, and vanity.

[Well, it’s true you’re in the wrong here, and this is a good result, isn’t it? If anything, fighting the Hakuhou family evenly probably raised your reputation. Plus it was for Kirako’s sake you accepted the fight to begin with. So how about raising the white flag gracefully as planned now?]

“(Yeah, normally that’d be how it goes. That was my intent too but…)”

What the voice in my head said wasn’t incorrect.

Right now, surrendering nicely would probably not drop, but rather raise my reputation.

Yet even so…!

I sharply gaze at Kotaro.

“I can’t just raise the white flag after being one-sidedly toyed with like this…! (If I don’t make him taste suffering equal to or greater than mine, I won’t be satisfied…!)”

[Can’t you direct that determination to take him down with you towards something more positive…?]

A fed up voice in my head. Oblivious to it, Kotaro raised his fist once more.

“Come on come on, hurry up and surrender. If you don’t wanna suffer anymore!”

And his fist flew at Yoshihito…

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