SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2

Leaving aside Ohana’s incomprehensible stomach, since Awayuki and I were also getting hungry, we headed to a family restaurant for an early lunch. 
Along the way, I posed a certain question to Awayuki.  
“Don’t you think…you’re a little too much of a genius?” 
Just from what I’ve witnessed directly, there’s cooking, sprinting, calligraphy, sewing, abdominal rumbling techniques.  
The last one is a bit of a different taste, but it’s undoubtedly an ability beyond normal people.  
Meeting her a few days ago and seeing this much means I’ve likely only glimpsed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Awayuki’s total talent─I can’t quite put it into words, but something about her as a person feels off. 
“Let me answer that.” 
Seemingly grasping my vague questioning, Awayuki mimed pushing up glasses she wasn’t wearing with a pshi
“I won’t tell you, Jean.”  
…Hey, how am I supposed to react to such a blatant joke with a straight face? 
“Daikyo, you just thought I was joking right?” 
“Was it not?” 
“I was joking. Sorry, bows”  
No, no need to bow your head so seriously… 
“But it’s true I can’t tell you─because even I don’t know.”  
“It just comes from my brain. Like with math formulas, the solution pops in the instant I see it. So I can’t explain how or why.”  
She doesn’t even have to think for herself? …That’s off the charts…. it’s too different dimension. …… 

“Wait, wait a minute. Hang on… Oh I know! What about memorization-based subjects?  
There’s no way you can remember everything just reading the textbook once, right?” 
“I can.” 
“You can!?”  
For some reason, I blurted that out in a Kansai dialect. 
“Historical eras, figures, events – they rise up in my brain the instant I see them. Then, whatever’s needed comes down when it’s needed.” 
I don’t really get what she’s saying… 
But well, when it comes to academics in general, I can kinda understand even if I can’t fully comprehend. The problem with Awayuki isn’t just studying. Things involving the body can’t be explained by the brain doing this or that. 
“Then what about running super fast? That’s got nothing to do with the brain, right?” 
“Nope, it does.”  


Awayuki wagged her upright index finger side to side. 
“First, the ideal forms I’ve seen on TV of top athletes rise up. But my physical ability is way too different from a gold medalist. So that form rises back up immediately. Then using that as a base, what needs to be adjusted where so I can achieve maximum speed gets sent down, fine-tuned for each part of my body. Follow those nerve signals, and you’ve got the perfect machine to swap out world’s fastest saba.” 
So her brain automatically calculates the optimal form customized for her… Is something like that even possible for a human? 
“But, even if that’s possible, there’s no way you’d instantly reach domestic top class just like that, right? That’s way too unrealistic.” 
“Totally true. If I went from zero to hero that quick, it’d be straight up magic. If I seriously wanted to get to the top in Japan for sprinting, I’d need to devote at least a year just to that.” 
I think getting that far in a year would still be borderline magic… 
“For calligraphy, what comes down is specialized brush strokes to mimic the original as much as possible, so on the surface I can reproduce it almost perfectly. But our life experiences and feelings poured into it are worlds apart, so if a pro in the field saw it, they’d probably evaluate it as having zero artistic value.”  
Awayuki says this, but to an amateur eye like mine, it looked exactly like the same person wrote them… Being able to perfectly imitate something on the surface level regardless is still unbelievable. 
“It’s a misunderstanding that I’m at the [domestic top class currently in everything]. The truth is [in almost everything, if I try my hardest, I have the potential to reach domestic top class in the future].” 
…That’s still plenty abnormal, young lady. 
“No, but seriously…this difference between us ordinary people is fundamental, Ohana… Huh, Ohana?” 
“Hey, you asleep…?” 
“She’s asleep.” 
“Huh? …What? We’re walking though right now─ Yo, wake up Ohana!” 
“Ah! Since you two were having such a complicated talk, I ended up dozing off… Well, it’s pretty common to fall asleep even while walking, right?” 
…Is this girl for real? 
“While Awayuki’s the opposite, you’re messed up in your own way…” 
That wasn’t praise, idiot… 
After our meal at the family restaurant, we started taking action based on Ohana’s plan. However─ 
“Th-this is bad… I’m crying…unintentionally…!” 
Even after watching a movie said to make you bawl 100 times. 
“N-No way…it’s just anime…just a song…ugu…” 
Even after listening to a miraculous singer-songwriter Ameoto Namida’s live singing. 
“Uwaaaaaa! I-I should be crying but…somehow I feel refreshed!” 
“Uu…guuuuuu! It’s like toxins are being purged from my body!” 
Even after undergoing Ultra Detox Namidase Therapy.  
Awayuki kept a straight face the whole time.  

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