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Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Sentence is Death, Afterwards (Part Two)
City of SakuraDungeon Town – Dungeon #336 [Land of Eternal Darkness] 10th Floor
The trial of the 10th floor boss, “Shinigami” Asto-Wizard, is simply unreasonable – he’s basically saying “I’ll kill you now, but if you don’t die, you’re not guilty! At first glance, he might seem like some kind of psycho for imposing such an arbitrary trial.
But that’s not the case. As I mentioned earlier, most dungeon bosses in the world are the type that say, “Hello! Now die!” These battle-hungry demons impose trials (really just their own made-up rules) in nonsensical ways.
So this mummified skeleton’s actions, while eccentric, are not that unusual for a boss character.
What makes him completely unfair is the method he uses to kill.
His magic is “instant death” –
it interferes directly with the target’s soul and has enough power to kill even major character classes instantly if hit directly.
However, it has crippling drawbacks – each shot takes a long time to recharge, moves slowly, and can only target one enemy. Its high damage comes at the cost of being a specialized spike style.
Or at least it should have been balanced that way… but no dice. The boss uses his Trial Setup abilities to remove these weaknesses.
[Nullify All Attacks Except a Specific One], [Limit Defensive Actions], [Cut off Spirit Energy Supply for a Period of Time] – he imposes trials (really just rules that favor him) to rig the fight in his favor. “Trial bosses can create unfair combos by sacrificing stats and risking penalties if their trials are overcome.

This Asto Sorcerer nullifies his weaknesses through unfair rules:

  1. [Target cannot dodge until it is hit by the boss’s attack once.]
  2. [The boss’s attack is nullified until it is hit once by the boss’s attack.]
  3. [If the boss’ attack kills the target, rules 1 & 2 apply again].

No dodging, invincibility to attacks until he hits you, and rules reset when you die – a barrage of dirty tricks.
His slow cast speed is covered by rule 1, rule 2 handles the recharge time, and rule 3 maintains his invincibility…damn, what a sleazy lineup.
The concept of instant death is vicious enough, but the lack of any semblance of fairness is egregious. In the era of the game, I would have thought “what a shtty boss”.   Now, faced with these actual binding rules and the death penalty, I can’t contain my rage!   Damn it! Cheating bastard abusing unfair effects!
[Are you introducing yourself, Master?]
The evil goddess speaks directly to my indignant inner voice.
Shamelessly using [Thought Sharing] while I’m bound… her malicious nature is clear.
[Happened to be free today, Al?]
[Of course I’d come and watch if my master was in such an… interesting predicament]
Even as I face capture and a death sentence, she puts it that way. Women who don’t hesitate to kick a man in the balls are just different.
[With this attitude, even though I’m laughing at this farce, I’ll tell Fumika to punish you]
[Don’t threaten to tell on Big Sis, that’s cowardly!]
[This is dirty!!]
I haven’t done anything wrong!
But she’s right, this is a farce. I don’t like her being so blunt about it, though.
[There is no point in striking a tragic pose of resistance.]
Should I say, “Rise up even for your fallen disciples”? That might inspire you?]
[That wouldn’t help at all!]
She’s ruining the mood too much.
[The preparations for your judgment are complete.]
The solemn voice echoed through the eerie coffin-filled room.
The proclamation of the Shinigami, master of this floor and producer of many corpses, probably seemed very dramatic.
But now that Al has destroyed any sense of suspense, the mummy’s words seem hollow and comical.
Poor Asto-Wizard… Well, maybe not so much.
In the midst of these loose developments, it’s easy to overlook, but he’s been causing his fair share of trouble too.
I shift my gaze to the walls around me.
Coffins, coffins, coffins everywhere. Even the ceiling is covered.
Most likely, each of these tasteless ornaments represents one of his victims.
That tasteless bastard, posing as some kind of judge, luring adventurers to their deaths and then decorating with them like some collection.
No matter how much he tries to cover it up with edgy lines, the true nature of a death mage is just despicable. Ah, why is it that the death attribute attracts such assholes?
“Hey Shinigami, if this is really a trial, can I at least have time to repent?”
[If you need it, I will allow it].
I thank him politely and face the mummified man.
His emaciated body wrapped in bandages resembles a corpse fused with a withered tree. The percentage of stats he sacrificed for his power must be unprecedented.
“Why collect coffins? If your goal is to kill sinners, these creepy props are unnecessary.”
[The lives I end are mine to keep. So I adorn them like stars in the sky. No base reasoning necessary. It is the will of Heaven itself that governs death and rotates the constellations of souls!]
In short, “They are mine because I killed them! Lining them up looks like constellations, right? You mortals just don’t get it, I’m the Chosen One!” What a pretentious mummy lunatic.
Well, I think I understand enough. Time to end this penance charade.
“Let’s begin, Asto Wizard.”
[Very well]
Shinigami’s slender arms open like flower petals. A purple aura converges on his right hand, forming a gas-like sphere.
It’s about the size of a small watermelon. The sinister purple color oozes malice – anyone would recognize it as deadly.
—- “Go ahead and scatter.”
The finisher [Instant Death] spell is fired.


Despite the close range, it approaches at a speed I can easily follow. The pronouncement of death inches closer… closer… closer… then reaches my heart. The [Instant Death] spell explodes with a bang, then fizzles out in an instant.
No tricks or gimmicks required. The 3D existence simply can’t affect the 4D existence – an inviolable law.
[Let’s end this farce.]
[Gyoi. Deploy 4-dimensional defense.]
With the invocation of the Goddess of Time, the perception of the world shifted entirely to something else.
A monochrome background, time ticking away in a slightly choppy manner, and complete silence.
Heat being robbed from the skin—no, it’s not that simple. Sensations like hot or cold, those kinds of feelings, they’ve vanished.
In this lonely space where many elements that make up my world are missing, reality still moves on, ticking away.
The death spell closing in. It approached, getting closer and closer, until finally reaching the core of my heart. The “instant death” spell exploded grandly, then dissipated quickly.
No seeds, no traps. It’s a natural law that three-dimensional beings cannot interfere with beings in the fourth dimension.
“Fourth-dimensional defense,” an absolute defense skill that nullifies all attacks by stopping my own time. Whether it’s a sword, spiritual technique, or a curse of instant death, as long as I activate this spell, it’s all useless.
Of course, since this is the Kyoichiro version, there are plenty of weaknesses, but in terms of simple defensive capabilities, there’s no doubt it’s invincible.
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, cheat for cheat.
Sorry, Death Mage. You might be able to bring death to others, but my partner is the master of time, the administrator 4th dimension.
The outcome was decided from the start. How’s that for a taste of your own medicine?
[Using someone else’s underwear to act all high and mighty. Truly the mark of a master. You’re the best at pulling off those cocky moves.]
[Hahaha! I’ll even forgive your sarcasm for now!]
In high spirits after dropping [4D Defense]. The world’s colors return, along with a nasty itch and heartburn…
ugh, this is why I hate [Freeze Time].
[Impossible…! Why are you still alive?]
“Because it didn’t work, you chuuni mummy. Your so-called trials are bullsh*t!”
My body screams in protest at the backlash, but I endure it to taunt him.
It’s too soon to rest. Our turn to counterattack has finally come. Time to go all out!
[You have survived my test. Now go ahead.]
“We’ll get to that after we return what we owe! [We will attack you!]”
Immediately, the black ropes binding me disappear.
In their place, four black ropes shoot out from the wall coffins, binding the Shinigami before he can react.
The Reversal Effect of Overcoming Rule 1 – [The boss cannot dodge enemy attacks until it is hit once].
“A reversed trial strikes back at the rule setter – the risk of your authority over the rules is something you must have known well.”
That’s right. The seemingly invincible Trial Set boss type has a fatal weakness:
That is the effect of the ordeal’s reversal, Reversed Trials.
Buffs become debuffs, resistances become weaknesses, advantages become disadvantages.
A defeated trial turns back on its creator.
Good trial setters balance stat costs and reversal risks.
Unfortunately, this Shinigami was too focused on attacking.
Well, it can’t be helped.
Asto-Wizard is nothing but a mid-boss at the lower level.
Despite not having impressive specs, this chuuni mummy had to bear the level of risk that could end everything with even a single failure to create an unprecedented combo of extreme evil.
Due to the cost, it couldn’t fight properly, and its attacks and evasions were restricted by the reversed rules.
Now, this guy is nothing more than a crappy loser even compared to the goblins of the “Moon Eclipse.”
“How does it feel to go from someone who controls death to someone who just waits for it? Oh, you don’t need to spew your chuuni nonsense. Haven’t I given you time for repentance?”
[—-Those words from back then, could it be!?]
Too late to realize now. You wasted your precious confessional on pretentious drivel about being the Chosen One. The rules here are judgment after punishment, right?
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I’ll judge you according to the rules of the ground, so just die, sinner.”
Faced with this reality, Shinigami’s face finally turned.
[Wait, sinner!]
“I won’t wait.”
[Let me explain!]
“I don’t want to hear it.”
[Have mercy!]
“I will give none. Oh, looks like it’s time for the energetic hangman to make his entrance.
Carefree footsteps approach, shaking the ear. The light, almost frolicking pace sounds like he’s on a picnic.
“I’ve kept you waiting, Haruka. It’s finally your turn.”
“Wow, you really took your time. I was so bored I almost fell asleep.”
No trace of worry or relief in Haruka’s eyes. Just husual nonchalance.
Whether facing unprecedented enemies or instant-death wielders, her demeanor says “so what?”. The Celestial Wolf unsheathes his blade.
“Hamburgers, chopped meat, three quick slashes… hmm, kebabs and ground meat sound good too. Can’t forget grated, or I could just juice it…”
Murmuring as if deciding on today’s menu, the Space Case considers which cutting techniques to try.

[Stop! Sinner! What are you talking about??]
“Huh? You probably don’t need to know. Telling the cow its fate would be too cruel… hmm, steak, steak is it!”
Haruka’s eyes light up as if he’s decided on the menu.
“I’ve got it! Diced steak it is!”
In the interest of Asto-Wizard’s dignity, I will refrain from describing his gruesome end at the hands of the spatial psycho.
Diced steak, or rather psycho-diced steak… yes, that crazy guy.

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