A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 6 part 1

Chapter 6: The Protagonist Would Never Lose This Early Story Event – Alternate History

A village girl was walking through the forest. The crops had been ravaged by monsters, so she was gathering wild vegetables and plants in the forest to add to their food supply.

With yellow hair and yellow eyes, an innocent looking face and short hair

  • the girl named Heimi was said to be the most beautiful in the village.

At fourteen years old, her body was just starting to develop curves and bumps. The villagers all said she would no doubt grow into an unparalleled beauty.

Winter was approaching, and she didn’t want to easily dip into their savings.

Besides, she could use a little star magic, so even if something happened, she figured she could probably escape without any issues.

“Oh, I can eat these wild vegetables. And these ones too.”

She said as she steadily filled her wicker basket.

She had wandered quite far from the village, so howls from wolves likely wouldn’t reach her here.

“These mushrooms are edible too…but the Hounds didn’t seem to be touching any of the natural vegetation…”

She was slightly puzzled that the Hounds ravaged the village crops but left the plants in nature alone.

“Huh? Can you eat that? It looks pretty dirty…”


A voice suddenly came from the trees up ahead.

“Ah, don’t be startled!”

A man in a robe emerged. She couldn’t quite make out his appearance, but judged he was male from the voice.

And she felt an unpleasant premonition.

“Even though the Hounds were test subjects, they didn’t really get a chance to shine.”


“In order to summon the Holy Knights, I thought about having the Hounds mess with the crops a bit to lure them in and get data by making them fight…what a waste of dark star magic.”

The man started blathering on about something or other.

“We wasted our time with the Dark Magic. Those guys were a bit more than we could handle as experimental subjects. The teacher was pretty skilled too, I really was in over my head,” he said while scratching his head vigorously.

A simple village girl couldn’t understand his thoughts, and they were things about a world completely unknown to her.

“Well, at least I got to see a glimpse of the rumored light star magic. Even Yururu-Galestia kept herself in check. I get it. Still, with guys that dangerous around, it’s better to run away, but leaving things as they are after backing down here just doesn’t sit well with me.”


It was nonsense. She was bombarded with a one-sided explanation and felt her mind was about to short circuit.

And she determined she was now facing an abnormal person in a life or death situation.

She could vaguely make out the man in the robe. His sharp, eerie yellow eyes were like those of a snake.

  • Run away. She tried to move her feet…

“Ah, don’t move. I’ve paralyzed you with my evil eye. Oh, this is kind of disappointing. But I think I can blow off some steam with you.”


She couldn’t get her voice out properly. She couldn’t call for help, her feet wouldn’t move, she couldn’t escape.

“First let’s peel off your nails and get a look of anguish on that face. Don’t worry, I won’t take too long. Next I’ll break the bones in your feet and then stomp you flat. And finally, I’ll crush your head under my foot and let your brains splash out – that’ll be nice right?”


“You can’t call for help. My evil eyes…woah, did you just leak?

In her terror, she had lost control of her bladder.

“Gross. Well, I’ll avoid stepping there…alright, better finish this quickly in case some holy knights show up.”


She didn’t want to die. Tears streamed from her eyes as she resented her fate, having done nothing wrong to deserve this.

(Someone…please help)

She desperately pleaded in her mind. If this were a game, she would die here no matter what choices were made.

But this was reality, and an irregularity had already been born.

“Well then, let’s…”

The instant the man in the black robe approached her, a knife came flying at him from the trees. He dodged it, and it stabbed deeply into the tree trunk behind with a thunk.

A gust of wind suddenly blew through the forest as if someone had arrived.

Clip clop, the vigorous yet rough, heavy footsteps akin to a galloping horse.

“Ah geez, a holy knight showed up.”


With black hair and black eyes. An unfriendly face, and an iron sword at his waist – a knight dressed in military garb, Fei, appeared.

“Well, I’ll just kill you two quickly.”

“…Hey, can you run?”

Rather than the enemy before his eyes, he called out to the crying, immobilized girl. His tone wasn’t shrill and condescending like the man in black, but calm and businesslike – the voice of a warrior simply doing his job.

“I…I can’t…”

“….I see.”

Understanding everything, he turned to face the man in the robe. If this were following the proper course, the boy True would have arrived here instead based on the choices made.

And though he would rush over, he would be powerless before the man’s evil eyes and get killed, resulting in a game over.

“Now then, I guess I’ll just make you .”

The man in the black robe tried to command him with his evil eyes, as if playing out a game whose outcome was already clear.

But what came in response was the swing of a sword.


Sensing something off, he leapt back on instinct to dodge. Why didn’t the evil eyes work? He couldn’t comprehend it as he steadied himself and once again faced Fei.

Fei’s sword accelerated even further, closing in compared to before. A barrage of consecutive strikes came raining down, which the panicked man barely managed to block with his hands. Using bare hands to stop a metal sword wasn’t normal.

The man who finished deflecting took even more distance.

“….Did our eyes not meet properly?”


“….Was it obscured slightly by the robe?”


He couldn’t understand why the evil eyes had failed. It certainly seemed their eyes had met. And he had without a doubt tried to command this man.

Yet his opponent had calmly swung his sword at him. Faced with this incomprehensible situation, he tilted his head and started mumbling to himself.

“There’s no way he has top class evil eyes! This is a dragon snake evil eye! I went through so much trouble to get this!”


As the muttering man spoke, Fei approached once more. With eyes devoid of emotion, eyes without any trace of fear, with a mechanical, inorganic expression.

Not particularly fast. But the man in the robe was on guard. Once more, the two’s eyes met.



The reply was again sword. Taking distance once more, he responded to the sword strikes with his hands.

“No way, this is a top rank evil eye! The dragon snake evil eye! I finally got this after so much hardship!”

It wasn’t unavoidable. But he had been slightly astonished by the man before his eyes after all.

The swordsman Fei pointed his blade at the robed man. The two faced off for a moment, as if pondering something.

(Calm down. He’s not that fast. Then with my physical advantage here I can…kill him)

Yes, in simple combat ability the man in the robe far surpassed the swordsman. Even in the game, Della was a decent boss. His current power wasn’t at full, but his ability easily matched Arthur as he was now.

But normally, he wouldn’t be able to fight so simply. The irregularity of the swordsman before him made him hesitate to judge.

(But why don’t the evil eyes work!? And what is with those eyes!? Not evil eyes, more like pure insanity)

(Eyes completely convinced of victory without any thought of losing to me. Clearly I seem stronger. And he isn’t even using star magic)

(I don’t know what cards he’s holding. But as someone who has researched the dark star magic to completion, I should be able to…but my stock is low. All the dark star magic I created from Yururu-Galestia was completely destroyed by the Hounds. Needlessly fighting here…)

(But with pure combat ability here…no, the eyes of the man before me are too disturbing. Why does he have eyes !?)

(Could he have some means of killing me!?)

(And that swordwork doesn’t seem like small fry either…piercing swordsmanship…)


(This is…if he’s bluffing, it’s an incredible act. But it doesn’t look that way, I sense some kind of . Fighting someone when I don’t know their hand is dangerous…)

(No, I’m not perfected yet. Yes, I don’t need to take risks here. There’s also the chance the other holy knights have grouped up, so this is…I’ll retreat)

“Remember this – I’m letting you go today.”

Muttering like a curse, the man in the robe fled as if running away. After confirming that, Fei sheathed his sword at his waist.

Then he approached the crying, immobilized girl.

“Hey, can you move?”


“As I thought, you can’t move, huh?”

With that, he gave her a piggyback ride. She seemed embarrassed that she had lost control of her bladder.


scene transition


“Ah, ah.”

“I know how you feel. But don’t worry about it.”


“I’m just doing my duty. So stay like that for now.”

With that, he simply carried her through the forest. The rays of sunlight filtering through the trees blinded them.

After walking some distance, the village came closer and closer and…


Back in the village, Heimi’s eyes welled up with tears.

And first, the blonde girl Arthur approached her.

“Fei? That girl…”

“Picked her up. She’s from this village, right?”

Seeing Heimi, Arthur realized that she’d been hypnotized.

“Hey…look in my eyes.”


Arthur and her eyes met. Hypnosis meets hypnosis.

Arthur also had the highest class of hypnotic eyes, Dragon Snake Eyes, to counter this. Arthur’s beautiful purple irises glowed.

With her heterochromia, only her left eye was purple, and it crossed with Heimi’s.

Then her frozen body regained full freedom and the girl shed tears again. She had been afraid. Of not being able to move freely forever.

“Fei, she’s okay now.”

“No…I’ll carry her to her house. Hey, where’s your house, answer quickly.”

“Huh? Um, it’s this…”

Saying that, he hurried slightly to the house so that no one would see her like this.

And he entered the house, put the girl down, and then immediately left the house.

The girl he left behind realized. He had covered her loss of bladder control with his back, then hurried to change her clothes before anyone noticed.

“Uu, uuu, ahhhh!”

A voiceless scream echoed. The relief of being freed from terror, the embarrassment of being deeply cared for by a stranger, and the indescribable gratitude. These feelings mixed and she cried.

The only one who heard her was the black swordsman, who stood at the entrance with his arms crossed and his eyes closed so that no one would enter.

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