The Devil Princess Volume 1 Extra 1

Newly written stories – The Diary of a Little Devils

There is a world called the “spirit world” separate from the “material world” where humans live.

In the spirit world live spiritual life forms like spirits and fairies who split off and semi-materialized from spirits. At the lowest layer close to the spirit world is the “demon world” where demons, who are masses of intense negative emotions, live.





In that bleak wasteland, there were four demons moving around.

One was a pudding-like demon with black sheep horns bouncing around. Next to it, another similar looking demon with black sheep horns was rolling on the ground.

Chasing the rolling sheep horn demon was a white monkey demon wearing a pierrot mask, laughing merrily. Looking at its companions with a sullen face while slithering on the ground was a golden snake.

When they were still young without a strong sense of self, they were abducted by a huge black beast spreading violent aura. At that time, they resigned themselves to death but the golden demon they met after being taken did not eat them and instead kept them as “pets”.

This is not that rare in the demon world. Powerful demons sometimes gather young demons as playthings, make them fight each other, and take the last survivor as a subordinate. However, the golden demon not only did not starve them but also fed them, taught them how to hunt prey, and protected them.

For them, who only knew the cold, gray world without even a glimmer of light since birth, this was the first “warmth” they ever felt.

She talked to them about many things. About this world. About the outside world. She amusingly taught them knowledge they couldn’t understand like physics and chemistry. And myths told in the outside world. If there was an issue, it’s perhaps that she forgot to teach them common sense… Demons don’t need common sense but still, not knowing demon common sense is a problem.

But to them without any common sense, these were trivial things. They quickly became engrossed in her stories and aspired to become the mythical monsters she told them about. Eventually, they were able to evolve into forms they desired themselves.

The one who made that possible was a strange demon called the “Golden Beast”.

To them, she was their teacher, sister, mother, the sun illuminating this demon world, the god they should believe in.

They revered her wholeheartedly, loved her wholeheartedly. Demons don’t seek anything nor love anyone but through her “demon remodeling”, engraved with knowledge demons normally take hundreds of years to acquire in their youth, their thoughts were clearly different from normal demons.

The master they admired from their hearts suddenly disappeared somewhere. Shocked, they tried to find her but no matter how they searched, they could not find her.

“Where are you, Master?”

“Hole, vanished.”

“Hole, where?”

“We can’t find her.”

They knew she had disappeared into a hole in the ground. They knew it led somewhere beyond this place. However, even if they found other holes, they, now grown, couldn’t pass through that small hole. With their growing magical abilities, they couldn’t forcefully widen the hole like their master could.

Still, they understood that she didn’t disappear because she disliked them.

“Master…, she left.”

“Beyond, she left.”


“She left for delicious things.”

Knowing her voracious appetite, they unquestionably trusted that she left to find something delicious.

“I want to eat too.”

“Me too.”

“More delicious than mini-monky?”

“Chocolate? Cake?”


“Are humans delicious?”


“Can we follow?”

“No, impossible.”

“Not allowed?”

“Too early?”

“Yeah, so let’s search.”

And so they set out on a journey to find their beloved master. As a result, they abandoned the “Dark Beast” whose domain was bleak but resigned that it couldn’t be helped.

They don’t dislike that tyrant beast and respect his as a powerful demon. And are sincerely grateful that he introduced them to her. However, we somehow sensed that the bonds were too strong, and he wanted to go somewhere.

On their journey, there were powerful demons that were not part of the “Dark Beast’s” domain but none that the four together could not defeat.

For demons, other existences are either “enemies” or “prey”.

But the four of them were different from normal demons in appearance and thoughts, they never fought amongst themselves. Being raised by her, they had the fundamental awareness of being siblings with her as their mother.

Their way of being as proper demons were changed by the hands of just one demon.

What she attempted with them was a reckless move where they could have even ceased to exist as spiritual life forms but through a miraculous coincidence or her good fortune, they did not disappear and had begun acquiring special power as unique individuals.

And then at that time–



[ [ [ […………] ] ] ]

Something suddenly fell from the sky onto a nearby rocky mountain.

[…… What? ]]

What was that…? As the black sheep horn pudding demon looked questioningly at the black sheep horn demon, the sheep shook its head indicating it did not know.

“It’s dangerous, don’t go. “

The sheep horn demon judged so thinking of his companions but–

“Hahaha! Hey, let’s go! “


The playful white monkey cheerfully ran over and the golden snake followed. In the end, all of them went.

What had fallen was a monkey demon whose chest was torn open, tattered to shreds.

From the wound in its chest, it was bleeding thick black blood – a phenomenon unique to demons who have interacted with humans. It is because they are hallucinating the depth of damage they received that way but where had it sustained such heavy injury from?

Damn you, Golden Beast!

The monkey demon with a red wound on its forehead could not suppress its anger as it bared its fangs and gnashed its teeth.

The monkey demon achieved evolution by being summoned to the material world and fortunately devouring a high quality soul. However, there was a demon where it was before that had sworn revenge after being scared away by the monkey demon and now, it mercilessly tore it apart and devoured its demon core.

The demon core governs the fundamentals of a demon and as long as it is intact, it can resurrect in the demon world after being destroyed in the material world.

But why had the monkey demon whose core was eaten not been destroyed?

It was because while it achieved evolution triggered by devouring the high quality soul cultivated by intense negative emotions, the monkey demon could not digest such a soul right away and barely escaped by substituting that soul in place of itself on the spur of the moment.

It was a dangerous gamble where if that ruthless demon noticed anything, it would have been tortured for eternity but its opponent was satisfied with that soul and the monkey demon won the bet staking its existence.

“Looks like my form degenerated badly after losing my medium but I will soon regain my original form. “

It had taken the human body as its medium after the high quality soul belonged to a human in the material world but was now back to its original monkey form after that got destroyed.

However, it was originally about to evolve right before that happened. The trigger was the human soul and human flesh. It had taken in about one third of that substitute soul as well so while it was in a state before evolving, its power had increased compared to before.

“Don’t take me lightly, Golden Beast! I will gain power once again, return to the material world and definitely make you taste destruction! Bwahahahahahahahahaha! ….ha? Huh?”

[ [ [ […………] ] ] ]

When the monkey demon noticed, there were four little demons at its feet staring at it.

When did they get there? From their appearance, they did not seem to be high ranking demons but the four showed no fear towards the monkey demon who was once a high ranking demon and still retained its power, and stared fixatedly with cloudy eyes so the monkey demon was confused.

“What are you all!”

Ignoring the threatening voice of the monkey demon, the four demons began to speak without averting their eyes.

“Master-sama, we know.”

“This one, we know.”

“The world of humans, painful.”

“Master, there.”

Feeling a momentary chill from the calm narration of the small demons, the monkey demon, as if to intimidate them, created a massive fireball.

However, without answering the question, the four demons gazed up at the monkey demon.

“What are you all saying!”

As the monkey demon shouted as if trying to shake something off and slammed the fireball, a massive crater appeared in the aftermath, with flames billowing up.


“Arji-sama, found.”

“Yatta, found.”

“But, can’t find.”



The four demons were no longer there, already positioned around the monkey demon.

“You little devils! You dare speak nonsense, ignoring my great words!”

As the monkey demon shouted, the four demons, speaking calmly without any intonation, began to chuckle mockingly.

“Is that so?”

“Run away?”

“Master, you run away.”

“You ran away.”

Those words wounded the pride of the monkey demon, who had escaped without fighting the “Golden Beast” in the demon realm, threw away even the contracted soul, and fled without accomplishing anything in the material world.

“…Shut up!!”

Driven by anger, the monkey demon swung down its mighty arm from its nearly three-meter-tall body.


What was that?

Its earth-shattering blow was blocked by the pudding-like body of the black sheep horn demon.

No, not blocked but… The arm strength, speed, impact, even the magical power unleashed by the monkey demon disappeared the moment it touched the sheep horn demon’s body without causing it any pain or irritation. But where had that power gone?



The next instant, a huge amount of magical power like a beam shot out from the mouth of the sheep horn demon and gouged out the right arm with the shoulder of the monkey demon.

“Don’t come near me! “

The monkey demon threw countless fireballs at the four demons in panic, no longer having any pride or composure left. But for some reason, the fireballs that should have hit did not graze them at all and the white monkey demon with the pierrot face was laughing loudly at the sight.

What are you bastardssss!?

The monkey demon’s feet took a step back as if to run away, still not understanding the identity or meaning behind the four demons. But behind it was the most aggressive of the demons.

“Don’t run.”

Glared at by the vermilion eyes of the golden snake, the monkey demon’s whole body turned ash gray and froze solid before shattering from being coiled by the snake’s tail. Finally, the genuine “demon core” rolled out from the scattered remains of the monkey demon and the white monkey picked it up as the four demons simultaneously bit into it.


Their beloved “her” who cherished and raised them had disappeared somewhere.

With her gone, they were once again painfully aware that this world called the demon world was truly a dark and cold place.

Their only wish was to see her warm “smile” by her side.

That was why they worked hard to become strong, chased after her footsteps, wanting to be useful and earn her praises.

They found her but the place was still somewhere they could not reach yet.

The “material world” where humans and living creatures live… Hearing that she was there, the four demons who were searching for a path leading there swore to each other that they would become even stronger.

“””Master, we will definitely come to get you, absolutely!!””””

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