The Devil Princess Volume 1 Epilogue


[Scritch scritch]
In the ravaged demon realm, two dumpling-like demons corner monkey-like demons on the barren land.
[So tasty!]
As the two enjoy eating the hunted mini monkeys, a white monkey wearing a pierrot mask tosses around mini monkeys, laughing, on the other side.
[Kya ha ha!]
The white monkey seems to prefer playing over eating, often seen toying with captured prey.
[Caught some!]
A golden snake returns, dragging several battered mini monkeys wrapped in its tail to toss before the white monkey.
The golden snake won’t demean itself by playing with prey, but has the most aggressive personality.
[Go ahead.]
[You eat. Get strong. Master be happy.]
[Yeah, eat.]
As the golden snake and white monkey start eating mini monkeys, the dumpling duo joins them after capturing more prey, happily sharing the meal.

………Thud thud thud………
Exchanging glances at the distant rumbles like thunder and earthquakes,
[Again, doing it.]
[Still at it?]
[Yeah, weird guy.]
[Scary guy, still there.]
How much time has passed since their master vanished from the demon realm…?
Without concept of time, they couldn’t tell how long since parting from Master to remain by the side of the one he calls “him.” But gaining confidence in their own strength, they set off to search for their Master.

In the demon world, there existed a feared “beast” called the “Dark Beast”.
The Dark Beast, unlike others of equal status commanded many followers, but he was always alone due to the ferocity and preferring solitude.
He had no name, only the racial title of “Dark Beast.”
While demons of equal status took names through interacting with other races from their beginnings, gaining power by devouring the one who first summoned him then massacring all life forms there, “he” became feared in the demon realm for retaining matchless might as the sole individual of his race rather than taking a name.
None with intellect dare approach his domain.
Some demons tried sending followers to uncover even the slightest weakness, but the beast’s keen senses swiftly detected and killed them.
However, at a certain point the vicious Demon Beast restrained its rampages.
He began hunting even weaker demons than before when needing sustenance, but the odd change made demons of equal status hear peculiar rumors.
They say a golden demon, likely of the same race, has been spotted alongside the lone “Dark Beast.”
The news filled the demons with dread. Even young, being of the same race as the Beast meant damage from its actions, held in check by its solitude, could expand once it matured.
Victory would be difficult and even if won, both would be greatly weakened, exposing openings for other powerful demons to exploit.
For demons of the demon realm who take vast time to mature, a reckless Demon Beast indifferent to its own survival was purely threatening.
But a kinsman the lone Beast was raising itself could become a restraint on its actions.
Before the individual gained adequate strength, they considered whether to attack but just as several demons of equal status began forming an alliance, the demon─the “Golden Beast” suddenly vanished.
Was it hunted by another mighty demon? Or did it break ties with the “Dark Beast”?
In any case, the Beast no longer burst into destructive violence like before. Clearly furious, it trespassed other mighty demons’ realms to massacre them.
What enraged it so? Amidst the attacks, a sapient mighty demon who had slight previous interactions with the Beast made its move.
Those two merely recognized each other, not allies. Their relationship was simply not hostile enough to fight to the death.
But unwilling to see his amassed knowledge from the physical realm or created followers destroyed by the rampaging Beast, the wise demon showed himself before “him.”


[It’s been awhile… “Dark Beast.”]
The one hailing him wore scholarly robes. Without a retinue of demon troops, a small blue weasel perched on his shoulder. His form resembled black fog.
[…”Demon Scholar” Xephisel…]
Seeing that appearance, the Beast’s eyes briefly softened their fury as he muttered the name.
Xephisel was one of few sapient demons able to converse with the Beast. He was most wary of not just “his” might, but “wisdom.” Demons known by “titles” rather than racial names were especially dangerous.
[Dark Beast… Why do you rage so? There are no enemies here.]
[None of your business!]
At his spat out reply, Xephisel narrowed the two lights in the fog seeming to serve as eyes. The Beast he knew enjoyed battling mighty foes, but never slaughtered weak demons in a rage.
[Then go elsewhere. It would benefit me as well.]
Told to freely attack other mighty demons, the Beast’s anger faded slightly at Xephisel’s nonchalance. Imagining his reaction if he met “that one” brought faint amusement, but stronger sorrow and molten anger at the hollow feeling of loss.
Why did you leave my side?
Why aspire to the humans’ world?
With just us two, nothing else should be needed!
Despite ignorant of the anger’s true source, the Beast unleashed his rage once more. Sighing with a roll of his shoulders, Xephisel spread his robes like an ominous bird.
[…Get back.]
[Master, be careful.]
As the blue weasel left his shoulder, Xephisel and the Beast confronted each other.

The sudden clash between the “Dark Beast” and Xephisel annihilated all the surrounding demons, reaching such fierceness that it shattered the domain of the Demon Doctor from its very foundation. The seemingly eternal battle between the mythical demons finally concluded as the fangs of the “Dark Beast” tore through Xephisel’s core.
Swallowing the fading Xephisel left him too wounded to stand unaided, yet that victory brought not one shred of solace.
He sought only one thing…
Amidst the rubble without signs of life, the beast’s howls echoed.

[─Golden Beeeeaaaaast─!]



[The Devil Princess] Part One: A Laid-back Demon’s Tale
Volume 1: A Demon’s Dream ───── end

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