The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I Turned Four…And

After giving in to curiosity and having a little “snack,” the intoxicating sensation left me stumbling tipsily. But I was still able to find Lady Elea by her scent. I was finally able to reunite with her.
“Eur!? What’s wrong!? Are you okay!?”
“Um…over there…scary stuff happened…”
I clung to Lady Elea, sobbing vaguely. Rather than asking how I’d opened the door or come alone, Lady Elea embraced me as a mother would, seating me on her lap to comfort the frightened child. She taught me something wonderful.
“You were scared, huh… It’s okay, Eur. Actually, I left some special magical tools behind to mark our path when we were brought here. My husband and Fort should be coming to rescue us any minute now. So let’s wait together, okay?”
Well said, three year old. But I’m not acting, you know? I never imagined I’d get this awful hangover from that man’s soul…
In less than half a day, Father came rushing over with hundreds of knights to save me.
Kyaa! Father’s so cool! Is Lady Elea’s husband related to Father? I didn’t notice anyone else.
Is Father military? A knight? In the end, I had so many questions about that beauty and everything else, but Father whisked me away the moment he grabbed me. I forgot what I wanted to ask, overwhelmed by his rib-crushing hug.
Father scolded me against reckless actions. He said once I’ve calmed down, I need to properly apologize to Mother and everyone else for making them worry.
But afterwards, I was bedridden. Father said it was my body reacting to the shock, but I think it was a two day worth of hangover.
Honestly! I’m never foraging anything weird like that again…!

The kidnapping case in the Holy Kingdom of Taliteld’s royal capital of Velzenia was found to be tied not only to the preceding incidents of missing children, but a plot by nobles to overturn the king. nd the second demon summoning case, the key to this incident, ended with all suspects being killed by the summoned demons.
Despite the long confinement, the rescued children were physically and mentally stable. Identifying the majority took time since they were from slums, refugees, travelers and so on without records, but most were returned to their families. Children without relatives were taken into noble protection to begin new lives.
Marquis de Brunel, believed to be the mastermind, was found as a dried up corpse. A coup by such a major noble house couldn’t be treated lightly. But due to their high status, House Brunel was spared from annihilation. Family members were all arrested and the new Marquis de Brunel was a distant relative who had remained loyal to the crown without disclosing his true identity.
Marchioness Albertine of House Caouel, believed to be the other mastermind, was also confirmed deceased based on remnants left behind. Even if it was the wife rather than family head, the crime of one of the five great duke houses protecting the state weighed heavily. For appearance’s sake towards the other duke houses, House Caouel was dismantled in name only, retaining key personnel and structure as royal custody.

“Fort… Even though it happened, it’s your fault for not being able to control your wife. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Father.”
In response to the elderly man sitting highest in the spacious conference room, Fort quietly replied.
“According to Lady Eleanore’s and the kidnapped children’s testimony, it was Marchioness Albertine’s personal grudge rather than any House Caouel scheme. As her son-in-law, you’ve avoided blame, but as that woman’s only blood kin, her two daughters lost inheritance rights. They will retain the Caouel name, but be placed under surveillance in the royal capital estate to preserve the status quo.”
“You have my gratitude…”
Fort still held a father’s love for his unlikeable daughters. Considering what his wife and those poorly behaved two had done, this was more than enough leniency. Fort breathed an inward sigh of relief.
House Caouel was effectively dismantled, but Fort had left home to avoid contesting inheritance with his brother anyway. It couldn’t be helped that supporting his father and brother would become difficult.
Rather than that, with House Caouel as royal custody, how would governance of that territory be handled? As Fort grimaced thinking about the citizens, the elderly man in the highest seat made a grinning smile.
“Speaking of which, Fort. Word has come from the pope of the Costar Church. If a “Holy Maiden” has appeared, an appropriate guardian of “status” is required. Wouldn’t you agree?”

A few days later, a public notice was issued from the royal family to all nobles and commoners.
The second prince, formerly absent from the royal family, would return and cede second inheritance rights to the crown prince’s child, becoming fourth in line for himself. And in place of House Caouel, he would establish a new Great House bearing the royal name of “Velzenia,” together with his new first wife and still young “princess.”

Two months after that incident, I finally turned four years old.
After returning to the mansion, worried Mother captured me, refusing to let me leave her sight for over a week. Well, it couldn’t be helped.
Four years in this body… I don’t know if it was long or short, but my current life feels comfortable without issues. My demonic power has recovered somewhat, but being surrounded by Mother and the maids, my “human heart” emerges more strongly than my demon consciousness, which is odd.
I received lots of birthday presents from everyone on my fourth birthday. Rather than a fancy party like Rick’s, it was a family celebration, but I prefer this.
My new friends Sherry and Betty even came from the capital to visit.
I got a herb garden kit from Sherry so we could match. For some reason, Betty gave me a crayon abstract portrait she drew, saying it was me. But I’m happy at the sentiment. Yes, happy.
Rick also dropped by briefly.
He specifically came from the capital just to shove something at me before heading right back… What was it? He seemed a bit like “him” then.
It was an apparently super expensive necklace… Not really an appropriate gift for a four year old, right? Could it have been his awkward way of apologizing?
And from Father, enough flower bouquets to fill a carriage, all white, plus a cute tea set arrived.
That’s right… they “arrived.”
Father didn’t come himself…
Over half a year passed into spring, but Father never visited.
I exchanged letters with Sherry and Betty. For some reason, Rick suddenly came by to drop off flowers then immediately left…
Is Father busy with work? Did I annoy him by being too clingy?
Partly in reaction, I’ve been clingier than necessary with Mother while passing relatively lonely days. Then at last, a letter arrived from Father inviting Mother and I to the capital. Yaaay!

In a flash, time passed and now I was before the royal castle.
Hey, we came to see Father, right? Isn’t this where the king lives?
I mean, I had an inkling something was weird…
The letter said someone would come to fetch us, but rather than Father, it was a small carriage pulled by eight horses, practically the size of a small house. And there were ten cute feminine knights riding alongside as escorts.
The one who came was that butler grandpa. For some reason, he was incredibly cheerful, insisting I call him [Jiiya] while addressing me as [Himesama].
I wonder why… I sense obsession from Jiiya.
The lady knights straightened their backs and looked really nervous as Mother and I boarded the carriage. Well, my appearance isn’t exactly childish so it is scary.
I’m not scary, am I? I won’t eat you or anything…
Oh yeah… Something like this happened in the demon realm too… I wonder if those kids are doing well?
And then, and then at last! I got to meet Father again!
“Leah! Eurushia!”
Father came rushing out of the castle to meet us, lifting me up as I ran to him, then exchanged a fiery embrace with Mother without caring who saw. ……Sorry, I’m gonna get crushed here. But Father seemed just as lonely as I was.
“Now then you two, would you come with me?”
Guided by Father, we entered the castle with the brigade of feminine knights that resembled an all-female theater troupe.
Once inside the front gate, there was a wide open space with stained glass windows extending far back, and I was told this was just a hallway. Mouth agape, I absentmindedly wondered how they cleaned the absurdly high ceilings as Father carried me inside.
“The stained glass windows on the right depict the [Creation Myth of the Holy Kingdom], while the left side shows the [Chronicle of Royal Glory] from the innermost to the entrance.”
Father taught me stuff like that, but sorry, none of it stuck in my head.
“Let’s get you changed first.”
When Mother and I entered the room Father guided us to first, there were dozens of dresses perfectly tailored to our sizes. I was told by over ten maids and seamstresses to try on whichever one I liked.
And again, something that seems to cost so much money so easily…
“Mom, you look beautiful.”
“Hehe, Eur looks like a fairy princess.”


Mom, who had changed clothes, looked very beautiful. But, it was a bit different from me.
The dress Mom was wearing was very beautiful, but it wasn’t the kind of dress you wear to a formal evening event. It was a simple, elegant dress that, despite being beautiful, was an extension of everyday wear.
But my dress was different. It was even more luxurious than the one I wore to the tea party and Rick’s birthday celebration, a stunning dress meant for a grand reveal.
Wearing such clothes, where are they taking me?
“You both look lovely. Now let’s go.”
Carried by Father who looked even more dashing after changing clothes himself, I nervously walked down the hall.
Father asked if there was anywhere in the castle I wanted to see, but anxiety over what was to come next left me unable to think of anything but [execution grounds].
“Has Eurushia noticed?”
Passing through a partitioned gate, there was a familiar looking garden spreading out. Yeah, I noticed. This is where that tea party was held, that huge garden.
So this garden isn’t the one with the view of the castle, but part of the castle itself? Is that why it was only noble children last time?
In that case, could it be…
The first person I saw was Lady Elea with her distinctive crimson hair. Beside her was Rick, along with an older boy resembling Lady Elea I hadn’t seen before.
Beneath the white roofed gazebo where the adults were last time, I also spotted familiar looking gentleman and lady. ……Those people were making a fuss while watching us during the tea party.
Lady Elea waved her hand. Noticing us, everyone’s gaze turned to confirm Father, then to Mother, focusing on me.
After Father put me down before an elderly man and beautiful middle aged lady… How unusual for you to set me down, Father.
“Father, I’ve brought riasteere and Eurushia.”
Saying that, Father knelt before the elderly couple with Mother.
……Hm? Father? If this man is Father’s father, does that make him my grandfather?
At my unconscious murmur, the possible grandfather’s eyes snapped wide.
“Ohhh, that’s right! I’m Eurushia’s [Granpapa]! Gya ha ha ha!”
I guess he really was my grandfather, immediately grabbing and lifting me by the armpits.
He is my grandfather after all. But I still can’t pronounce [Grandfather] well at four, so [Grandpapa] works just fine!
“Dear me, you’re being awfully greedy keeping her to yourself! I’m Eur [Grandmama]!”
The beautiful middle aged lady beside him snatched me from Grandfather’s arms. So she’s my grandmother?
“As if I’m being greedy! She’s my granddaughter, so holding her is my right!”
“You’re too strong, I fear you’ll break Eurushia.”
“Father, Mother, please calm down…”
The bulky middle aged man resembling Grandfather sighed tiredly as he slapped Father’s shoulder with hands still reaching for me. So he’s my uncle? Good thing Father took after Grandmother.
But wow, these people… Not intimidated by me at all.
“A-Anyway! Everyone’s here so let’s get going!”
As if to gloss it over, Grandfather said that. With Grandmother wryly handing me back to him, he walked off still carrying me. I see. So you’re to be my carrier from now on.
……So? Where are we going?
With Grandfather taking the lead carrying me, Father and tired looking Uncle followed along with happy faced Lady Elea and Grandmother accompanying Mother. Rick and the other boy trailed behind too.
Hang on, you’re not even going to introduce the others!?
Seemingly used to Grandfather’s conduct, Mother conversed normally with Grandmother. The other boy cheerfully gave instructions to the knight escorts in place of the adults.
Led by carriage-hogging Grandfather, we marched down the solemn hallway in procession with Father and the others, maids and servants and attendants. Arriving before a large decorated door at the end,
The waiting servants opened the magnificent doors, revealing…

It was a terrace overlooking the castle’s inner courtyard. That ridiculously huge courtyard was filled with thousands of nobles, knights, maids, and various others standing in neat lines welcoming us.
…Isn’t this practically everyone from the castle? Their eyes completely disregarded Grandfather to focus intensely on me in his arms…
…What’s going on?
“Ladies and gentlemen, sorry to keep you waiting! As you all know, my son Fort has returned to the royal family and become the first Great Duke in centuries! And this girl is Fort’s daughter, my grandchild! Her name is──”
Eurushia Von Velzenia──
Hearing my full name for the first time was a shock.
As Grandfather loftily hefted me higher, everyone’s gazing eyes gradually changed color.
“This child shall be our──Holy Kingdom’s Princess!”
In a moment of silence, followed by a resounding commotion, a vibration reminiscent of a ground tremor, and a simultaneous burst of cheers from the people gathered in the courtyard.

“Long live the king! Long live the Holy Kingdom!”
“Princess Eurushia, Banzai!”
“Glory to the princess!”
Wait, huh!?


I am the granddaughter of His Majesty, the King of the Holy Kingdom Taliteld, and the princess of the ducal family with the same name as the royal family, Eurushia-Fon-Verzenia.
There seem to be various complicated stories, but I wasn’t told detailed information because I’m just a child.
My position is, um… Initially, I was the daughter of the second wife of the duke? I was the third daughter of the duke, but the first wife passed away? The duke’s family disappeared, and somehow, my father became the grand duke? My mother became the first wife of the grand duke? As her daughter, I became the “First Princess of the Grand Duke’s Family”?
Even if I list it, I don’t really understand why things turned out this way.
Originally, my mother’s position was delicate, and there were few people who knew of my existence. Somehow, various issues were resolved, and everything seemed fine.
The proclamation that I, the granddaughter of His Majesty, am the “Princess of the Holy Kingdom” is because the grand duke’s family had not existed in Taliteld for several hundred years. The grand duke’s family is formally under the royal family, but it is considered the same royal lineage as the royal family. As the daughter of the grand duke, I am also recognized as a member of the royal family and given the right of succession to the throne. …Really?
This world is truly arbitrary. Is this okay? Even if I regain a bit of demonic power, I can’t let my guard down at all. Let’s live modestly.
The excessive enthusiasm of those people, the knights and maids who admired the “princess,” in this country where there are only royal boys like Rick… It’s romantic.
My father was originally the second prince, and even after becoming a duke, he was the second in line for succession until the eldest son of my uncle, who is the royal prince, reached adulthood. As the grand duke, my father relinquished the second-in-line position to the eldest son of the royal prince, and Rick, his younger brother, became third in line. Complicated.
So, my father became fourth in line for succession, and I became sixth in line.
Who is fifth in line? Originally, being the third daughter of the duke means there are two elder sisters, right? Aren’t my elder sisters princesses? Why is there only one slot available? Why am I the “First Princess”?
“Well, whatever.”
I give up on thinking deeply and get out of bed to look down at the city from the window at midnight.
After becoming a princess, I left the familiar mansion and moved to the main residence of the former duke’s family in the Tour Territory with my mother and everyone from the mansion.
In my room, which is many times larger than the previous mansion, and much larger than the mansion itself, I stare at the city lights while contemplating alone.
I am a “demon.” If I expose my true nature as a demon, I will become an evil beast that devours people.
Even so, if I’m among humans, the “human hearts” that have grown will ripple in my heart.
Someday, I might cause trouble for my beloved father and mother.
Other than these two, I don’t care about anyone else. I don’t care if anyone else dies.
…I thought that way, but as I lived among “humans” with “human hearts,” the number of people I cared about increased.
I will live as a “human.”
So that I can love the people I care about as “humans”…
I will live as a “demon.”
Loving the foolish and beloved humans in the midst of sorrow and suffering.
The “demon” is hungry for love.
I love humans. As a “human”… and as a “demon” that devours souls.
Ah… I can hear it.
The heartbeats of the humans living in the city seen from this window, their breaths…
The precious screams of humans frightened by the darkness.
It’s okay… my dear “lambs.”
I won’t give any of you away to anyone else.
Offer your love to me…
In return, I will make you mine.
As the “Devil Princess”…

“The ‘Devil Princess’ will eternally love even your souls… Fufu… Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha!”

─In the northern mountains, in the southern sea, across every land on this continent, beasts howl simultaneously, birds take flight in fear, and those who live in the darkness look up to the sky.
No one knows what that is now.
In the holy city of the Holy Kingdom, the demon gave an evil cry, blessing humans.

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