Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 3 

The days grew longer as the young ladies busied themselves with intensive skin protection measures.
While her classmates took classes in the classroom, Raze was in the library finishing her biology report for the special curriculum class. With it being class hours, there were almost no students in the library. The occasional adults she saw were probably researchers who got access permission. When third years start using it for their graduation assignments in the second semester she heard, but for a good while longer this timeslot would likely remain for her to have to herself.
So when the loud reverberating gong of the bell reached her ears, she jerked her face up from the reference book with immense momentum.
“Oh crap! I did it again!”
Ms. D was always telling her to come back to the classroom by the time lessons ended, but when the bell rang, more often than not Raze still remained in the library. When she found an interesting material she would get absorbed into reading, completely losing track of time. With no students around her to give a reminder, it was extremely painful.
She hurriedly returned the open reference books on her desk to their original places. Picking up the report she left discarded, she rushed out of the library.
“Miss Gra–no…”
“M-Ms. D…”
However, waiting at the library entrance was Ms. D, twisting her usually sleepy-looking face to appear even more bothersome.
“I’m always telling you, aren’t I? Come back before the period ends…”
At Ms. D’s disgruntled voice, Raze shrunk.
“Every single time, you hole up in the library the whole lesson duration. When are you planning to give feedback? You’re going to scold me for neglecting my duties, right?”
I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
As expected, it was the tongue-lashing unique to Ms. D. Raze repeatedly nodded apologetically and first handed in her report for today.
“Despite always being in the library until the last minute, it’s properly done…”
As she leafed through it nonchalantly,
(She can see right through that I was absorbed in something other than reports…)
Raze let out an awkward laugh, attempting to bluff her way through the situation. Seeing her like this, Ms. D pondered for a moment before opening his mouth.
“The librarian told me you haven’t been slacking. If you’re that interested in biology, how ’bout coming to my lab?”
A completely unexpected offer rendering Raze stunned speechless.
“You can drop by when you’re free. Well, think about it. Seems like you’ve got little class time anyway.”
With just that, Ms. D headed for the teachers’ office. Raze hurriedly chased after.
“Professor, tell me more about that offer from earlier!”
“Can’t today. Gotta prep for a meeting later. Next time, ‘kay?”
She nonchalantly cut off the conversation and left.
Now alone, Raze unconsciously touched her side over her clothes. Her stomach then let out a gurgling noise, reminding her what time it currently was.
“It’s already lunch break!”
She realized she was keeping Folia, who always ate together with her, waiting. To avoid possibly missing each other, she speed walked to the classroom.
And there, in a less crowded corridor, she found Folia.
But Raze stopped herself mid-call and hid her body.
“Miss Crecias, I think you should follow Miss Granoli’s example too.”
The one who said that to Folia was Wendy.
Even from a third person perspective, she could tell the air between them wasn’t amicable.
She was of course shocked at her own name coming up, but at the same time even more shaken at the fact she reflexively hid herself. Her body had reacted to the malicious vibe and distanced herself from Folia, who was in trouble.
“Otherwise, even Lady Carne may misunderstand you’re cozying up to her.”
“No…I don’t intend…”
From her hiding spot, Raze listened to Folia’s flustered voice.
“Even if you don’t intend so, if there is someone inferior next to Lady kana, they will be seen that way. She’s a wonderful person, after all.”
Seeing a Carne follower suddenly come into light, Raze was lost for words.
“Right now, everyone is impressed by the compassion of Lady kana, but you are still in a situation where you could be looked at with suspicion at any moment, you know? “
In the game, Wendy appeared as one of kana’s entourage. She had known Carne since a young age, it seemed. Apparently at her core, even with kana’s change in personality from her past life, Wendy’s devotion remained unchanged.
(Lady Carne sure knows how to charm people…)
With that beauty and occult charm from regaining memories of her past life, she naturally garnered affection – Prince Reuben would certainly not release such a popular person from their engagement, either.
“Just because your specialty is healing magic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use basic magic no matter how long you have.
” ………… “


Unable to refute the truth in Wendy’s words, Folia fell silent.
“Miss Granoli understands her own position perfectly well, doesn’t she? While studying diligently, properly keeping up with her training too. Even compared to other young nobles, she doesn’t fall short in the least. Going around in pants like a servant even though she’s a girl, attending to Lady kana… I was also moved by that attitude.”
Working hard at studies and training was natural for her as a military academy graduate who enrolled as a specially admitted student with a tuition waiver here. Wearing pants in casualwear was simply because she didn’t have any skirts.
Not realizing she was being interpreted that way, learning that her actions had been taken as such, Raze shuddered.
“I didn’t notice at all… So that’s what Raze was doing.”
Covering her mouth in admiration, the ignorant Folia was impressed.
“That natural behavior, fooling everyone… She’s no small fry.”
Wendy also nodded heavily.
(You’re wrong! I mean, you’re not wrong, but that’s not it!!)
Raze’s plea vanished within her chest.
In any case, as that’s how things are…If you’re trying to get into Lady kana’s favor, I will show no mercy. If you don’t want to be seen that way, then work hard.”
With that parting remark left for Folia, Wendy turned her back on her.
Unable to correct their misunderstanding, Raze averted her eyes from them and sighed in frustration.
Changing her feelings, Raze emerged from around the corner.
“Folia, sorry! Did I keep you waiting?”
“Oh, Raze…”
Having overheard their conversation, Raze now understood why Folia seemed down.
“Let’s go eat!”
But acting oblivious, she walked alongside Folia.
While the things Wendy said had been harsh, they hit quite close to the mark.
“Hm? “
“I’ll do my best.”
That was why, without asking “what”, Raze answered,
“Don’t overexert yourself, ‘kay? If there’s anything troubling you, feel free to rely on me too!”
And smiled.

And then the next day.
When classes ended in the morning and she was about to go eat with Folia as usual, it happened.
“Raze, sorry. I won’t be able eat together at lunch for a while.”
–Time stopped.
At those words from the angel, Raze sucked in her breath.
“I’ll be getting special magic training from Young Master Luca at lunch and after school…”
Folia apologetically gave her reason.
(–Why not me?!)
The moment she heard that, she panicked, wondering if Folia disliked her, but apparently the enemy was someone else.
“I-I see…”
The shock was too much and Raze found herself lost for words.
“Yeah. I’ve gotta properly get the hang of attack spells before the test!”
Seeing Folia brimming with motivation, Raze barely managed a reply to see her off, but the damage to her heart was significant.
Despite break starting she couldn’t move from her seat for a while.
(Even though I would have happily gone along no matter how much magic training…)
This was a scenario from the otome game. The story was progressing with Luca, who wielded the greatest magic ability among the capture targets.
(Damn you scenario…)
At school, Raze thought she was closest with Folia. Blaming this on the scenario that stole her relaxation time with the angel.
“What’s wrong, Raze? Aren’t we eating?”
Just as she was left standing bewildered, Carne came over to her.
“Lady kana…I was just about to go eat. Folia will be training magic with Young Master Luca as of today…”
Carne too realized this was part of the game scenario at Raze’s words.
“…That’s right. She’s progressing well with Young Master Luca, huh…”
She muttered gravely.
It was inevitable she would react sensitively to the scenario.
No matter which route the scenario took, eventually the villainess would meet her downfall. Of course she would feel uneasy.
“It’ll be fine. Because Lady Carne has His Highness accompanying her, correct?”
But for now, Carne had Reuben by her side. There was no confirmation of him interacting suspiciously with other female students, and even without investigating, it was clear how much he admired kana.
As long as the prince himself continued properly fussing over the goddess, his power of love should somehow help with any other difficulties – or so Raze hoped.
However, Carne still couldn’t bring herself to trust Reuben.
Even with them being lovey dovey, her unease from the scenario wouldn’t fade, and this endlessly left those observing them with heartburn. Raze wanted to get her to be more confident.
The two headed to the cafeteria to continue their talk.
“Come to think of it, the First Prince’s birthday is coming up soon, right?”
Raze changed the topic for kana.
Next month was Reuben’s birthday. Not just important in the otome game sense, but an event Carne as his fiancee couldn’t miss either.
“The scenario has everyone celebrate with a school party, apparently… What do you think will happen?”
The kingdom’s first prince’s birthday. Considering his popularity and all, it wouldn’t be odd if it was somewhat like a festival. Holding a celebratory party would be more reasonable in terms of school discipline rather than causing an uproar in the classroom.
While it didn’t seem decided yet, Raze was guessing the birthday party would happen.
(I wonder who’s hosting it? Is His Highness doing it himself?)
As she pondered, Carne checked their surroundings before replying.
“Actually, it’s already been talked about.”
“What? It has?”
“Claude and Addis asked…if we could borrow a room somewhere and hold one.”
It seemed events would unfold as the scenario stated.
“In that case, you’ll have to celebrate to your hearts’ content on the day itself.”
Without any worries, Raze casually replied, but Carne fell silent.
“What’s the matter?”

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