Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 9

IX. Battle of the Royal Capital City

Prince Mars instigate a Rebellion.

Brahms could not believe his ears when he heard the news.
Why did Prince Mars, who was supposed to be leading the expedition to defeat the dubious group called HUNDRED, turn to rebellion?
It didn’t make sense. Moreover, Prince Mars, with no backing, had no military strength to rebel in the first place.
Upon carefully checking the detailed reports, it seemed that Prince Mars, along with the White Knight, headed to defeat HUNDRED. Upon joining the Black Knight Order and the Red Knight Order, he killed Bran, the vice-commander of the White Knight Order, and purged the White Knights. With the Black and Red Knight Orders, he started advancing towards the royal capital.
The connection between Prince Mars and the Black Knights was unclear. There was no impression that Chrom and Warren were close to Prince Mars. Besides, Chrom and the others disliked the royal capital, rarely showing their faces at the castle, so they had no interaction with Prince Mars.
However, they had enough forces to start a rebellion.
Brahms received a request from Prime Minister Gamaras to lead the magic order to suppress Prince Mars’s rebellion.
A momentary doubt crossed Brahms’ mind, wondering if it was okay to defeat the Black and Red Knight Orders, the main forces of the Kingdom. But thinking from another perspective, if they were gone, the only decent force left in the kingdom would be the magic order. That could lead to an improvement in Brahms’ position and even the possibility of wielding power greater than Gamaras.
After considering various calculations in his head, Brahms accepted Gamaras’s request.
Brahms hurried to the Wizard Tower. The Wizard Tower was a facility in the castle where mages researched magic day and night, and it was also Brahms’ base.
While heading there, Brahms thought about his daughter, Frau.
Frau was a genius in magic, but on the other hand, emotions seemed scarce in her. Since childhood, she had a fondness for magic, but she had no interest in anything else. Brahms remembered when Frau, for an unusual reason, was strongly opposed to dissolving her engagement with Prince Mars.
From Brahms’ perspective, being in a position where he could die at any moment, he wanted to dissolve the engagement with Prince Mars as soon as possible. However, as soon as he brought up that topic, Frau vehemently rejected it.
Rebelling against parents is something everyone goes through, but not everyone suddenly unleashes lightning against their parents and destroys the mansion.
Feeling a sense of danger at that time, Brahms decided to treat the dissolution of the engagement as if it never happened. But now, with the news of Prince Mars, Brahms was curious about Frau’s reaction.
Even though Frau had little interest in anything other than magic, she should understand that Prince Mars is a rebel this time.
At worst, Brahms thought he could lead the magic order himself without sending Frau into battle. When Brahms arrived at the Wizard Tower, he had already concluded this.
As Brahms opened the door to the Wizard Tower, Frau was standing in front of him. Behind her, the mages were lined up.
Had she already heard the news and prepared for deployment? Brahms thought about it, and Frau spoke as he did.
“Father, I want you to grant the lifelong request of your beloved daughter.”
Expressionless and with a completely monotonous tone. Frau, despite having attractive features, lacked any cuteness due to her scarce expressions. What was her lifelong request? Brahms had a bad feeling.
“Frau, this is an emergency. Prince Mars has rebelled…”


“Retire from the head of the family and let me take over, Father.”
With a face devoid of any expression, Frau urged Brahms to retire.
“The wizards also agree with that.”
Looking at the wizards standing behind Frau, they wore expressions that weren’t supportive at all. They didn’t seem to genuinely think it was okay. What kind of persuasion did Frau use? At worst, even magical brainwashing could be possible.
“Wait, Frau. I’m not at an age to retire yet. Besides, even if I were to pass on the family head, you’re a woman. Women can’t become the head of the family, you know?”
Despite Frau’s outstanding magical talent, the noble world is not lenient enough for her to succeed. It’s rare for women to inherit, almost non-existent.
“So, your answer is NO? Too bad.”
Rather than a disappointed expression, Frau answered without changing her expression. She wasn’t listening to my side of the conversation at all.
Moreover, her right hand was starting to glow blue. Spellcasting without an incantation. This was why Frau was considered a genius in magic.
“Wait, what are you planning, Frau? What are you thinking?”
Frau answered briefly and activated her magic.

Waiting for me were adventurers who looked like model party members – a swordsman, warrior, cleric, mage, and thief.
Behind them sat my father the king on his throne, with a troubled and perplexed expression. He’s the type of person who didn’t even properly investigate when my mother died. As long as his own life is spared, he doesn’t care who wins.
Beside him as usual stood the bloated chamberlain Gamaras, with a relaxed expression.
The mage was chanting some spell, probably Gravity to target me. It’s been a while since my body felt so heavy. I even felt a sense of nostalgia.
“You can’t move now, Prince. We’ve restrained you with magic, you see? Though I was surprised by your sudden revolt, I had hired these A-Rank adventurers in case something like this happened. Soon, troops will gather from around to provide reinforcements. This is the end for you,”
Gamaras declared loudly, convinced of his victory. It seems he thinks he’s restrained me with magic. So the adventurers don’t look ready to attack yet.
For now, since it’s hard to move, I decided to take off my bracelet – the one my master gave me that triples my body weight.
With a thud, I dropped the bracelet on the floor, and in an instant my body felt lighter.
I tried swinging my sword, and it made a nice sharp sound cutting through the air. My movements feel sharper than before.
“Hey! What’s going on! Weren’t you hit with [Gravity]??”
Seeing me in excellent condition instead of being weighed down, the swordsman who seemed to be the leader of the adventurer party yelled at the female mage.
“It’s on him! He should definitely be under the effects of [Gravity] right now!”
The flustered mage shouted back, pointing her staff at me again as if to confirm her spell.
“Oh don’t worry, [Gravity] is definitely in effect. I’m just used to [Gravity],”
I gently explained, since the mage looked pitiful.
“…Huh? Used to [Gravity]? I’ve never heard of such a person!”
The mage shrieked hysterically.
At the same time, the thief rushed towards me with agile movements and threw something.
I deflected it with my sword.
It was a pouch, and the powdery contents spilled onto me when I deflected it.
“Paralysis poison! Now you can’t move! Get him while you still can!”
The thief man said with an I’ve-got-you look.
Poison? Come to think of it, my body feels tingly. Since I’m feeling a little off, I decided to take off my poison ring for the first time in a while.
Immediately, my body’s resistance that had been weakened by the counterpart ring returned, and I didn’t feel any effects of the poison anymore.
However, the warrior, believing I was immobilized, charged in with his sword raised.
He must usually act as the party’s tank. He tried to restrain me.
As expected of an A-Rank warrior, his speed was considerable. I reflexively swung my sword at his torso. Without the bracelet and ring, I can’t control my strength well.
The black blade easily sliced through the warrior’s raised shield as if it were butter. In that moment, the expression on the warrior’s face was indignation at the unreasonable death approaching him.
The jet-black vicious blade cleanly bisected the battle-scarred warrior, armor or clothes alike, into upper and lower halves. I’ve grown accustomed to sights like these after fending off assassins countless times. It can’t be helped. My life comes first.
Seeing the gruesome sight, Gamaras and my father the king averted their eyes.
“Hey! Can’t you heal him somehow!?”
The swordsman now yelled at the female cleric.
“That’s impossible! Divine power has its limits too, you know! If you wanted to revive that, go ask a necromancer or something!”
The cleric shouted back irritably.
Yeah, if those two halves got reattached and revived, it’d probably be some kind of ghoul.
“You bastard, to do that to Heinz!”


In a rage over his comrade, the thief threw a knife at me this time. The warrior, split into upper and lower sections, seems to be named Heinz.
Unlike the paralysis poison pouch earlier, the thrown knife had considerable speed. I twisted my body to dodge it instead of blocking with my sword.
However, I couldn’t fully evade it and the knife grazed my arm.
“Damn you! That knife has poison from a Poison Lizard on it. This time, you’re finished!”
The thief grinned savagely and pointed at me.
I’ve eaten Poison Lizards before. They were black with lots of purple spots, had a slimy appearance, and spit poison liquid.
With its obviously dangerous, poisonous look, I didn’t want to eat it, but my master forced me.
“Poison Lizard huh. That meat really was unappetizing…”
I recalled the past while looking at the wound on my arm. Of course, I barely feel the poison’s effects.
The thief had a look of having his expectations betrayed.
“You ate it? A Poison Lizard? That’s a lump of poison, you know? No, Poison Lizard blood is traded as a poison ingredient!”
“I see, that’s why it tasted bad. I’ve only eaten that meat once.”
The thief had a “What is this guy saying” look and seemed exasperated.
Wait, doesn’t it hurt more when I’m looked at that way?
“Chad, stop talking and restrain him! Mika, stop the useless Gravity and prepare attack magic! Luida, support me with buffs!”
The swordsman barked orders at his party members. Hearing his words, the shaken adventurers came to their senses and began taking action.
The thief called Chad moved around me at blinding speed, the mage seemingly named Mika started a new chant, and the cleric Luida prayed to give the swordsman divine blessings.
Meanwhile, the Gravity effects disappeared for me, and my body felt even lighter. Gravity had been in effect after all. Like this I could easily keep up with the thief’s movements.
I fired off [Sonic Blade] in time with the thrown knife from the thief at a distance.
The literal blade of wind deflected the knife and sliced through the body of the thief called Chad.
He barely avoided a direct hit by dodging at the last moment, but Chad’s body was nearly severed.
“[Sonic Blade]? Why does that guy have a Sword Saint level sword technique!?”
The swordsman was shocked by [Sonic Blade]. He looked to the cleric Luida to see if she could heal Chad.
“He’s nearly cut in half! It’s not like sewing up a doll! If I could heal that, I’d quit being an adventurer and make a comeback as a holy maiden!”
Luida waved her hands dismissively in a “No way!” gesture.
“Interesting bunch…” As I was thinking that, in the meantime the mage Mika had finished her chant.
“O flames of purgatory, burn all to cinders!”
It was the advanced fireball spell, Inferno. The flames twisted and writhed towards me like a giant snake, impossible to evade.
I instantly deployed an invisible shield to block the spell. As a kind of magical barrier, the invisible shield can block spells if my magic power exceeds the opponent’s.
The Inferno spell slammed into my invisible shield and scattered explosively.

scene transition

“Even my best magic…”
Mika slumped down in a sitting position. Her confidence in her magic was shattered when it had no effect.
“A magical barrier? Only some high level monsters can use that technique!”
The swordsman had a dumbfounded expression.
Yes, yes, it took a lot of hardship to learn this. I fought Magic Apes many times, eating their meat each time, before I finally acquired the skill. I’m glad you’re surprised.
The swordsman’s face was pale. The mage Mika sat slumped over, and the cleric Luida seemed to be looking for an escape route, glancing around nervously.
They’ve completely lost the will to fight.
“Could you move aside? I don’t intend to take your lives.”
In the momentum of removing the bracelet and rings, I killed two of them, but I don’t really hold a grudge against the adventurers. If they wanted to run, I wouldn’t mind.
“After…after you killed Heinz and Chad…there’s no way I, an A-Rank adventurer, could withdraw!”
The swordsman roused himself in anger over his comrades being killed. He took a proper stance with his sword, demonstrating his will to stand against me. The Luida who was just beside him earlier dashed at full speed to the wall to avoid getting caught up.
The swordsman closed the distance in an instant and slashed at me. It seems his physical abilities were boosted by the buff spell from Luida earlier.
I blocked the strike with my sword, but he immediately launched another attack, relentlessly pressing on without pause. In simple power and speed I’m superior, but as a swordsman, his skill excels. With a continuous barrage of flowing attacks, he doesn’t allow me to counterattack.
Indeed, if this were merely a swordfight, he would have a chance of winning.

If it were merely a sword fight.

The instant our swords locked, I unleashed a roundhouse kick at the swordsman.
The swordsman’s body bent sideways as he was blasted flying, crashing into the wall.
He probably broke some bones, but the swordsman struggled to stand, using his sword as support. Blood dripped from his mouth.
“…Foolish…a kick…? Are you a monk rather than a swordsman…?”
“I don’t know? Well, my master fought like this.”
In fact, this was how the Sword Saint Cassandra fought. With the principle of using anything available, she was not particularly attached to the sword, and would sometimes beat monsters to death with her bare fists. It was painful to watch.
Perhaps hearing those words, the swordsman collapsed limply.
Hmm, as I thought, without the bracelet and rings, I can’t control my strength well. He might be dead.
“Now then. The only one left is you, Gamaras.”
After having killed three people in a rush, I approached Gamaras to cover up the uncomfortable aftertaste.
Gamaras was pressed against the wall, his face twisted in fear.
My father the king watched dispassionately as if it was someone else’s business.

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