Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 11 part 1

Chapter Eleven: Voice of the Unseen

Today for some reason I have to transform to collect data.

Called by Reima, I go to the underground training ground and attach the ‘Proto Morpher’ he gave me to my arm. Listening to Reima’s voice, I get ready.

‘Now, Katsumi. We’ll collect data on the prototype equipment. You’ve attached the Morpher to your arm, right?’

“The equipment is already on?”

‘Of course, no mistakes. It may feel a bit different but don’t worry. …Now, try equipping it.’

Like usual I press the button on the side of the Morpher three times in succession. Apparently it’s quite a different process from the Justice Crusaders’ transformation, and when they transform they do two-step authorization, so it’s like that.

Mine can be transformed into by anyone, but it’s dangerous because of that.






While thinking about that, I complete the transformation.

I expect it to be the same suit as always, but various things have been added to each part.

“Both arms, both legs, and the neck area. Kind of like a bike muffler.”

It’s hard to move and feels all clunky.

‘That’s a mechanism to radiate excess energy and convert it into propulsion.’

“Excess energy?”

‘The energy produced when you crush enemies by constantly outputting beyond the limit. What’s attached now to your proto suit are prototypes to make maximum use of that.’

So it uses energy that would have been wasted for something else.

Since it’s a prototype, if there are no issues it’ll be installed in the next proto suit, right?

‘The proto suit is perfectly compatible with you, but it wasn’t made specifically for you. For you who can always exceed the limit, it should be packed with appropriate functions and weapons.’

“Is this it?”

‘Yes, without a doubt it will be equipment specialized for you.’

It still doesn’t feel real that a suit is being made for me.

But if I try to be positive about my current circumstances, maybe I can also accept changes to the suit.

‘First try moving around and check it out.’


‘If there’s any danger, I’ll detach it immediately.’

I start moving like normal.

The instant I raise the output just a bit, the attachments on my arms, legs, and neck activate, extending white energy like tails.


‘Good, success! As expected. Now move around without overdoing it!’

I dash out and keep accelerating.

Usually I utilize inertia from momentary acceleration, but with this it feels like I’m continuously accelerating.

I keep moving at high speed, running on the ground, kicking off walls, running on the ceiling, using any place as a foothold.

“This acceleration is…!”

The white tail extending from my neck waves like a muffler, making a sharp Vviin! sound and spurring on the acceleration.

‘Alright, fight some virtual enemies lightly.’

Humanoid robots appear, sliding out of the ground.

The moment I see them, I unleash a flying kick then without decelerating crush the next robot’s neck, slipping past all the enemies that appear and dealing with them in an instant.

After handling the virtual enemies that appeared in a moment, I finally stop moving.

‘What are the measurements?’

‘Virtual enemies, silenced in 2.31 seconds…the performance is overwhelmingly superior.’

“It’s amazing!”


The additional parts attached all over my body spew smoke as if releasing heat, then peel off the proto suit in shreds, falling to the ground.

“Wha- It broke!?”

‘No, don’t worry. I just remotely detached it. It can’t withstand your movements anymore.’

“I see…that’s good…”

I was worried I broke it.

But this is just a prototype? I think it has quite outrageous specs even now.

‘What was attached to the proto suit is unfinished. It’s not even 30% of the values I idealize. That’s why the suit I’ll make next will be…a supreme masterpiece surpassing our imagination.’

Will we still be needed, I wonder.

To be honest, I still feel like there will be more fights, but Reima also seems to be in a hurry.

‘I’m also making enhanced equipment for the Justice Crusaders in parallel, incorporating your combat style. Let’s protect this Earth vigilantly in preparation for what’s to come.’

Hearing the other staff’s laughter from the speaker behind Reima’s voice, there’s no mistake he’s a well-liked adult.

‘Alright, shall we move on to the next one? Mr. Oomori, the tokusatsu otaku, prepare the next equipment.’

‘The tokusatsu otaku part is unnecessary! cough… Anyway, Black Knight, we’re sending the next prototype equipment so please try it out.’

“Yes, understood. …Oh, thank you for the 3-color warabi mochi the other day.”

‘No no, I’m glad you enjoyed it!’

After thanking Mr. Oomori, I take an attache case out of the box that came out of the training ground wall.

I place it on the stand, press the button to open it, and prototype equipment comes out amidst the smoke.

‘Someday you’re going to be taken advantage of by an awful man.’

‘I don’t give things to awful people. I’m just giving this with feelings of gratitude, that’s all.’

I take out the weapon inside.

Gauntlets? There’s also something like an American football helmet, is this my weapon?

“There sure are a lot of things. I’ll try them as told.”

There’s stuff for Red, Blue, and Yellow too. I’ll test their new weapons while they’re at school.

I’m also indebted here, so I should eagerly cooperate where I can help out.

After testing the prototype weapons, I visited the medical room where my attending physician Dr. Shirakawa was, as Reima told me.

She looks about the same age as me, and while writing in the documents at hand like always, she tosses questions at me.

“Now, Kattun. Did you sleep well yesterday?”

“I slept.”

“Are you eating plenty?”

“Eating properly.”

“Are you exercising?”

“2 hours of training every day.”

“Looks like you’re living a well-regulated life.”

She asks me the same kinds of questions every time.

I answer her seriously while annoyed, and looking somewhat relieved, she places the binder in her hand on the desk.

“Good good. You’re mentally stable too, so maybe I can approve outings sooner?”

“It’s not like I particularly want to go out.”

“I think you should go out. Kattun is a bit oblivious to other things.”


I’m not even aware myself, but I don’t know if there’s really that much appeal out there.

If I don’t have to wear the suit anymore, that’s fine with me.

But after that, what I’ll do…I really hadn’t considered at all.

“Are you that afraid to interact with people?”

“It’s not like that…”

“I see. You’re afraid that people you get involved with will suffer, right?”


I’m shaken.

Looking up at her as if my heart’s being seen through, my eyes meet Shirakawa’s.

“That’s why, when your mission ended, you planned to die.”


scene transition


“No, I didn’t…!”

“Or did you plan to die for someone else?”

The words to deny it don’t come out.

What is this?

It should definitely be wrong, yet the important words won’t come out.

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