About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 3

Anya then came to Zeke’s room. He was making test questions for school. In the slightly dark room with subdued lighting, it was just Zeke and Anya alone.
Anya closed the door to the room and slowly approached Zeke from behind.
“…What is it?”
” ………… “
Zeke turned around from his work and found Anya faintly smiling as she placed a hand on his shoulder. The warm-colored lighting in the room dyed her cheeks red. With the kids fast asleep, there was no one to disturb this time for just the two of them. The night sky outside glittered with stars.
The two gazed at each other in the dim room.
“Let’s play one more game!”
Saying that, Anya placed the chessboard she held in front of Zeke, grinning as if she had been waiting for this moment. Zeke heaved a huge sigh. A late night game or two after putting the kids to bed had become standard practice. Halting his work, Zeke put down his pen and stood up from his chair.
“Come come, hurry hurry!”
Anya pulled on his arm to rush him as the scent of black coffee enveloped the night room. Cup in hand, the two began another chess match.
“Be gentle with me, will you? “
“What should I do?”
They laugh and move to the living room, quickly setting up the chess pieces. Zeke had prepared drinks for both of them.
“I won’t let you sleep tonight!”
“…No, spare me. I have work tomorrow. And, Anya, you have work too.”
“Too bad.”
Without any lascivious atmosphere, Anya makes the first move while joking. The scent of black coffee wafts through the night, and with a cup in hand, the two start playing chess again.
Some of the roll cake remained, protected by Zeke when Anya and Yuki were about to gobble up the entire thing earlier. He had saved that cake just for this battle tonight. Although there was still a gap in their skill that Zeke could not overcome and Anya would lose, he would use the leftover roll cake to improve his wife’s mood.
As the night grew deeper, the two of them would eat roll cake together.

On a holiday at a certain cafe.
The shop was lively with customers, the atmosphere far from quiet and relaxed, but that sort of vibe was not necessarily bad.
The scent of coffee and black tea filled the cafe. There were all sorts of guests – some chatting, some fiddling with their phones, some silently reading books.
Among them were three figures huddled over a chessboard on a table.
“By the way, Yuki-san brought chess to the science club, right? “
“Yuki did? “
One was the middle-aged man Zeke, and the other two were middle school students Rain and Touri. At a glance only looking at the huge age difference, they looked unrelated like family. However, they were chatting acquaintances connected by the fact that they were all reincarnators.

Scene Transition


While Zeke originally had individual connections with Rain and Touri, after the two enrolled at the same middle school and became friends, the three of them began gathering to talk at times.
“We are a motley crew, so we used to have chess tournaments in the club and it was a lot of fun. I guess the research-oriented cultural club and the brain-intensive chess game went well together.”
“It’s pretty laidback huh.”
Zeke and Rain were playing chess as they talked. Touri sat next to Rain, silently watching the game as she joined in.
“Wasn’t Yuki troublesome? She’s just like her mom, hates losing, so wouldn’t chess tournaments be chaotic for her?”
“No… Yuki got bored of the tournament matches quickly and started fiddling with her robots, withdrawing before she could lose.”
“What’s that girl doing…”
“Didn’t you just say she brought chess to the science club?”
” ahaha …… “
Everyone made the same troubled expression. In front of Zeke, Rain and Touri used the honorific san for his daughter Yuki.
“I heard Kasumi joined the science club too. It was pretty surprising to me.”
“No Touri, rather than joining, just showing her face there is more accurate. You know how our club had some fortune-telling enthusiasts before? She’s just popping into the chem lab to fiddle with their stuff left behind I think. She has almost no interest in science club activities and is just chatting with Yuki most of the time.”
“What is that girl doing…”
“Completely unrelated but Tiffy comes by to chat too you know?”
“What are those girls doing…”
Touri was exasperated by Rain’s explanation.


“So Touri, what club did you join? Music club or wind ensemble or something like that?”
“No, Tiffy and I don’t belong to any clubs and go to piano lessons instead. Because schools normally only have one piano set up right?”
“I see.”
The level at school clubs was insufficient for Touri and Tiffy who sought to earn a living through music. To begin with, most non-music focused schools did not even own multiple pianos, so there was practically no clubs centered around piano performance.
“So you’re giving it your all on piano at those lessons and being very active huh.”
“Ah… Um…”
“Actually, my piano recently… hasn’t been going well…”
Bowing her head slightly, Touri gave a small shrug.
“What happened? Something the matter? I’ll hear you out.”
“No, I just… “
She hesitated, seeming to have difficulty speaking, before slowly raising her face.
“Teacher Zeke… What do you think creativity is?”
Zeke and Rain’s eyes blinked wide.
“Like, my piano doesn’t have any individuality or charm or charisma, you know? I’ve just been relying on technique all this time and… I’ve been thinking that this whole time so…”
“Teacher Zeke, what do you think I should do…?”

Touri looked up slightly at Zeke. His face naturally tensed up. Next she turned a questioning gaze at Rain but she quickly averted her eyes, dodging the look. Touri once more sought help by looking back at Zeke.
“Um, well… What should I say…”
The next to falter over his words was Zeke.
“I have no idea at all.”
“I know right…”
With no other choice, Touri still let out a sigh. A consultation about reaching genius was a hugely difficult task for Zeke.
“C, Can’t you ask your piano teacher?”
“[If I could explain it in words, I’d be a world famous pianist by now~] is what she said… Ah, that was a pretty good impression just now.”
“I, I see…”
Jokingly taking on an exaggerated persona, that was Touri’s reply. Zeke scratched and rubbed his cheeks.
“Sorry, it’s not something I can easily advise on if you just tell me to.”
“No, I’m the one who asked an unreasonable request… Please excuse me.”
The consultation yielded no answers. An awkward mood flowed.
“B, But I definitely didn’t expect Tiffy to show up at the science club. Will it be okay? Tiffy’s not causing trouble for that club right?”
Touri waved her hands in an effort to change the subject. Rain responded.
“Well… she’s just chatting so there’s almost no issues… Though club activities do get interrupted at times…”
“That questionable follow-up worries me.”
Touri made a bitter expression. Zeke drank some coffee before opening his mouth.
“Well, in any case, it’s good to have talkative friends. Yuki has an unique personality so friendly companions are welcome as a parent. Have you two made a lot of friends at school?”
” You guys …… “
Faced with Zeke’s words, the two made awkward expressions, averting their eyes from the elder. Zeke scowled at the evasive middle schoolers.
“W, Well you see! We have this whole [Reincarnation] business as special circumstances! So it’s only natural we don’t get along well with others our age… i, it can’t be helped!”
Waving her hands flusteredly, Touri whispered the [Reincarnation] part before rapidly prattling on. While Touri was usually very composed, most of her life was devoted to piano practice leaving few friendships.
She also did not enjoy manga or TV as much as ordinary kids, largely because reincarnation caused a disconnect with ordinary children’s sensibilities. That disconnect truly was disadvantageous, often leaving her unable to keep up in conversations with peers her age.
It goes without saying that Rain’s communication skills were exceptionally poor compared to others.
Touri’s claims were reasonably on point that reincarnation worked against them in friend relationships.
“I had plenty of normal friends.”
” ………… “
” ………… “
Zeke refuted them with life experience.
“You two should try matching the people around you a little. Even just a little.”
Touri and Rain obediently acquiesced. Zeke took the opening to carefully ponder his next chess move, finally making a satisfactory play he approved of. But when Rain moved next, Zeke’s expression tightened. Ugh…, he uttered a small voice, tightly closing his mouth as he stared hard at the board. He had received a painful counter from Rain.

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