I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 13

“Before… Ray said, ‘Don’t rely on me.’ I was really sad at that time… But now, looking at it this way, I understand. Maybe he said that so we wouldn’t depend on him. Maybe his always cold attitude was to make us independent as individuals.”

Tiz’s words, as she gently embraced me, made me realize the sad and painful truth that I couldn’t retrieve. That the person I longed for was no longer here. This truth made me cry, endlessly, in her arms.

Somewhere deep in my heart, I believed that Ray would survive. I had an unfounded confidence that Ray wouldn’t die. I thought that I would return to the ordinary days of teasing and rude remarks from Ray, that I would see him again. That’s what I thought. I really thought so.


–From that day on, Ray never woke up again.

Among them, the most significant event would be the establishment of an educational institution accessible to all within the Magi Cosmaia Kingdom, as well as the implementation of policies by the government to provide a minimum income for livelihood and facilitate job placement.

As a result, people living in slums or poverty-stricken conditions gained the opportunity to receive education freely, ultimately leading to an economic boost.

Initially, there was considerable resistance and opposing views. However, the opposition mostly came from the affluent nobility, while the majority of the population supported the policies, resulting in their implementation despite the opposition.

These policies were enacted to respect Ray’s intentions, which had saved the country, and to eliminate the distrust of the citizens towards the government.

After Ray was buried, various facts came to light.

Firstly, it was revealed that the “Righteous Thief Incident,” which had caused turmoil in the kingdom, was actually Ray’s doing.

If it had ended there, Ray would have been perceived as a mere criminal. However, it was discovered that all the nobles whom Ray had killed had engaged in some form of heinous and criminal activities, and it was revealed that they had connections to slave traders who dealt with slaves, which should have been considered as criminal acts. Those slave traders were also later found dead.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the country had provided accommodations for all the illegally enslaved individuals who were previously owned by the nobles. The slum dwellers, who had been neglected by the government, were taken care of until they could become self-reliant.

In other words, Ray had saved not only us but also others. That was the reason he would occasionally disappear and not return.

Additionally, the confiscated wealth from the murdered nobles had been distributed among the impoverished citizens who struggled with their daily lives. Ray’s acts as a righteous thief greatly moved the people. Numerous books and fictional stories were created about the hero Ray, and numerous fan clubs were established despite his death.

Initially, there was already a growing distrust among the citizens towards the nobility. However, due to the nobles’ failure to properly address the frequent incidents of commoners being kidnapped, the distrust towards the government intensified. The accumulated distrust eventually erupted, leading the citizens to hold demonstrations.

As a result, policies were implemented to eliminate poverty disparity, including the establishment of accessible educational institutions and support for those in poverty. All of this was thanks to Ray.

“Oh, by the way, the ‘Hero’s Celebration’ will start soon. It’s a festival to honor Ray… Everyone will dress up with red hair like Ray.”

The Hero’s Celebration was an annual event held to commemorate the hero Ray’s actions in saving the country. Since this was the first time it would be held, the townspeople were preparing with great enthusiasm.

“And here… This.”

I took out a rectangular piece of paper – a pair of tickets for an exhibition held during the Hero’s Celebration, showcasing ancient artifacts.

“These are tickets for the Ancient Artifact Exhibition. The competition was fierce, but I applied and won… Isn’t it amazing?”

I proudly displayed the pair of tickets for the “Ancient Artifact Exhibition,” which was organized by the Durkis family, a noble family who possessed numerous ancient artifacts and had information about the contracted magic related to the “Water Spirit.”

“But, I won’t be able to go this year. I still… haven’t found it at all…”

I lowered my gaze to the ground, frustrated by the lack of progress.

A year ago… I had already accepted that I would never be able to see Ray again. I couldn’t convey these feelings anymore; that opportunity was gone.

But… after crying my heart out and running out of tears, I suddenly remembered something. It was about a certain magic that I had heard a little about from Ray before.

  • “Blessing of the World Tree.”


It was a dubious healing magic that appeared in fairy tales. Unconditionally reviving someone, it was a legendary magic.

The necessary amount of magical power and the method to acquire the “Blessing of the World Tree” were entirely unknown, and only the name and effects were widely known. However, I discovered one documented case after researching numerous texts. It was information about a “Holy Maiden in a Brave Party” who had cast that magic long ago.

If that’s the case… there might still be a chance. I might be able to see Ray again.

…Since that time, I had been filled with regret. Why did I rush towards Ray back then? It was pointless to ponder such things now; it was a hypothetical scenario that would never happen again. But… I couldn’t help but think about it. If I hadn’t rushed to him, maybe he wouldn’t have died.

Everyone kindly comforted me, saying it wasn’t my fault, that it wasn’t my doing.

However, witnessing the sight of black magic emanating from my own body being absorbed by the dragon, I couldn’t help but think that Ray’s death was my own fault.

Moreover, my healing magic seemed to have weakened since then, only capable of healing minor cuts… Correspondingly, the disasters I could cause were also limited to the same degree.

This was something I had been longing for all along.

Now, I no longer have to kill anyone. There should be no reason not to be happy, but… my heart sank, and I couldn’t find joy in it.

“So… next year. Maybe it’s impossible, but… it’s okay. Someday, someday, I will definitely–“

Ray said before, “Heal in proportion to the damage you inflict.”

Ray’s death was my fault. I hurt Ray.

If that’s the case… then I–

“–bring you back to life.”

I know it’s a foolish idea. It might take years, decades even, and it might not even be possible to find such a dubious magic. It’s an insane notion.

But… even so, it’s the only option I have left.

Because I have no hope of seeing Ray again without it. That’s why, no matter how long it takes or what sacrifices I have to make, I will definitely find it. I will find it and prove it.

“So… wait for me.”

Muttering quietly while gazing straight at the grave where someone dear sleeps.

You gave meaning to my life, who was nothing but a dull gray. You gave me the name Eve and turned me, a demon, back into a human.

You were brusque, selfish, and rude… always seeming indifferent and cold. But even so, whenever I was in trouble, you always lent a hand and secretly cared. There was certainly kindness in you.

“Well then… see you again. It would be nice if we could go together next year.”

With those words alone, I walked away without looking back.

–Because I caused your death due to my own foolishness and immaturity.

If that’s the case… then I will bring you back to life using the method you taught me.

There are so many things I want to do and say.

I want to talk about magical tools and be praised for my best-dressed appearance.

And, although I can’t say it now, when we meet again–I want to convey these feelings.

Even if I’m hated or rejected.

If I can just say one word and it brings you happiness, that’s enough.

Even if Ray has someone he loves, and it’s not me who he chooses… Even though I hate it, I don’t mind.

…I might not be able to give up right away. I might end up desperately pursuing his affection.

So… when we meet again someday, I will express these feelings–

–That’s what I thought.

“Ahh… aaahhh…”

Clutching onto the young man’s lifeless body, I let out a sob.

I thought I had changed. I thought I had become someone different, no longer immature.

I enrolled in the Magic Academy to find the “Blessing of the World Tree,” studied desperately, maintained the top position, and graduated at the age of fourteen through accelerated advancement.

Recognized for my proficiency in healing magic and achievements at the academy, I became the adopted child of the Durkis family, who studied the “Water Spirit” and “Holy Maiden.”

To ensure I didn’t fail in acquiring the “Blessing of the World Tree,” I persevered to increase my magical power as much as possible and formed a contract with the water spirit at the shrine.

…As a consequence, my gray hair and eyes changed to blue, and I could only move my expressions properly when experiencing strong emotions.

Even so, such things were trivial problems if it meant achieving my goal. It didn’t matter how difficult it was.

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