Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 3

Letting out a light sigh, I relaxed on the sofa.
However, he couldn’t help but reflect on the conversation.
(… Is Nayu wearing sunglasses because she’s embarrassed to meet in person?)
I had met Nayu several times for offline meetings, and on each occasion, Nayu always appeared wearing sunglasses.
Therefore, reflecting on the recent chat, I couldn’t help but smile at discovering Nayu’s shy side.
(She’d definitely get mad if I say it but… Nayu, you’re cute, you know?)

That night.
While the moon vividly shone its presence in the night sky, I visited a certain store I frequented to have dinner.
That store is a small cafe.
They have a large selection of menu items and large servings, reasonable prices, an hidden gem for high school boys.
I frequent this cafe up to three times a week.
You could call me a regular customer.
Perhaps due to its location being on the outskirts of the city area, both weekdays and holidays, the store interior gives off a calming, tranquil atmosphere compared to other shops.
Rather than a stylish store, the interior and exterior give off a retro atmosphere, seemingly an old-established shop, possibly selective about its customers too.
What I like most about this store is the coffee they serve.
They apparently extract coffee from special coffee beans. It has richness in both aroma and flavor.
The first thing I felt upon entering the store was the few customers.
Having passed peak hours, a calm, quiet serene atmosphere covers the whole store.
Sitting at a window seat near the back, without even needing to check the menu, I called the server.
“Um, excuse me!”
Hearing me call, an older but familiar female server approached briskly with light footsteps.
“Yes, please wait a moment!”
A voice like bells tolling reaches my ears.
─Clack clack, clack clack.
As the brisk footsteps gradually got louder, I unintentionally turned to face where the sound was coming from.
Despite being accustomed to her appearance, there was an inexplicable surge of excitement, likely influenced by her attire.
She exuded a mature aura with glasses that gave the illusion of a maid outfit, adorned with soft frills in monotone colors.
Her hair, probably reaching down to her shoulders, was neatly tied back.
With a petite and delicate figure, combined with a youthful face, she lacked any overt sensuality.
Though she might seem plain at first glance, she undeniably possessed the appearance of a beautiful girl.
The female clerk’s lips curved into a gentle smile, portraying a friendly atmosphere.
“Hello… sir.”
“…Hello, Kohinata-san.”
We exchanged brief greetings.
Then, clearing her throat, the female clerk politely and somewhat theatrically asked, “May I take your order?”
As evident from the interaction, the female clerk were acquaintances.
“The usual, is that okay?”
“Yes, the Carbonara set with a hot coffee, please.”
“Certainly. Please wait a moment.”
Following the manual-like procedure, she bowed slightly and turned away with a courteous “Peck,” leaving me to reminisce about the encounter.
She whispers softly to me, “Break time is almost here, please wait for me.”
My body involuntarily trembled, but soon I lightly nodded my head, and the shop assistant left looking satisfied.
After some time, around ten minutes later, the food was brought out. I said “Itadakimasu” before happily starting to eat my meal. Then the shop assistant, Kohinata san, sat down across from me on her break.
“Hello again, onii-san.”
“Hello, Kohinata-san.”
“What were you looking around at so curiously?”
Seeing my awkward expression, blinked her eyes wide open.
“I was wondering if it’s really okay for me to just sit down here even though it’s during break.”
“The shop is empty right now, and the manager gave me permission, so it’s fine. Isn’t this normal?”
Kohinata san narrowed her eyes slightly and spoke in a calm voice.
She tilted her head as if to say “What’s wrong all of a sudden?”
It was true that talking with her during her breaks was normal, but that didn’t mean I was used to it.
Smiling wryly while stuffing my face with carbonara, Kohinata san casually changed the subject.
“Hey onii-san, do you have a love interest or anything?”
“Huh, why so suddenly?”
I made a troubled expression at her abrupt question.
“It’s just, onii-san, you don’t really…tell me much about yourself. I figured a popular guy like you must be doing well at school, so I wanted to hear the latest.”
I am careful to keep my private life separate from everything else about myself that I show to others.
I clearly separate my stylish going-out self from my unremarkable at-school self that doesn’t want to stand out.
(I can’t exactly say I keep a low profile at school because it’s too much trouble… Even though people probably think I’m popular.)
On top of the difficulty posed by people assuming I’m popular, I don’t like talking about school.
For those reasons, I avoided telling Kohinata san or even Nayu, whom I met online, about my school life.
“Latest…? Hmm.”
As I was thinking that I don’t have any such love interests or anything, I suddenly remembered something.
One of the girls in my class had been telling a story about getting picked up and helped by someone.
“You seem to have a good lead. Please tell me if you’d like.”
“Well, there is one thing… “
I told Kohinata san about how I heard one of the girls in my class got helped after being hit on.
Kohinata san nodded with great interest.
“I see…cute girls do tend to get hit on, don’t they.”
As if speaking from experience herself, she made a small, bitter expression.
“Actually, one of my friends apparently got hit on too. I heard the story at school today.”


My eyes opened wide, and I froze for a moment.
The reason was that right after Nayu, Kohinata san had started talking about “hearing a story from a friend about getting hit on” just like her.
“What’s with that surprised reaction?”
“No, I just didn’t really have an image of getting hit on as something that actually happens.”
Things like getting hit on are a common plot device in romantic fiction like shojo manga, but yesterday was the first time I had actually witnessed it happening with my own eyes.
So the idea that it was just an everyday occurrence came as a shock.
Staring straight at my eyes, she closed her mouth modestly.
“This is hard for me to say, but…onii-san, I wanted to hear about your own romantic endeavors.”
Apparently, she wasn’t satisfied with my story.
Although I gave her an openly reluctant look, she kept her round eyes fixed unwaveringly on me, showing no sign of looking away.
Her purple irises, reminiscent of iris flowers, refused to let me go.
(I didn’t really want to talk about this…but I guess I’ve got no choice.)
I shrugged and decided to go ahead and tell the story of saving a girl who was being hit on.
However, telling it plainly would be terribly uncool, so I carefully presented just the fact that I had saved her from being hit on, omitting the embarrassing details.
“That’s so great, onii-san!”
When I finished my account, her face lit up brightly, and she relaxed her mouth.
Her eyes seemed to shine faintly.
“It does take courage to save someone from being hit on, and there are few people who would actually step in to help. But that’s exactly what I wanted to hear! I hope you can meet that person again…!”
Unable to conceal her excitement, she nodded several times in a composed manner.
“Well, maybe, but…I don’t think I’ll ever see her again.”
(And meeting her again would just be embarrassing anyway, so I don’t want to.)
I smiled wryly and averted my gaze from Kohinata san.
“That’s not true! She probably wants to properly thank you.”
I was even more convinced that would never happen, but at this point,
I didn’t know that I would be meeting that girl again this weekend and receiving her thanks.

Later that night, the time was already past 10 PM.
Sara Himekawa, having finished her bedtime preparations, was restless, tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep.
She stared at the glow of her nightlight for a while.
Sara had a little secret – she couldn’t sleep without the nightlight on.
Of course, even with the nightlight on,
there was another reason she couldn’t sleep tonight…
(I guess I’m still hung up on not being able to properly thank him…)
Yes, Sara’s mind was full of thoughts about that one man.
She held her head in frustration over not having been able to properly thank the frightening person who saved her yesterday.
Not being able to thank the man who saved her from being hit on was weighing heavily on Sara’s conscientious mind.
It was understandable that Sara, with her dutiful personality, hadn’t conducted herself politely to the man who rescued her from being hit on.
Having been relentlessly harassed by the intimidating man right up until then, she had been shaking with fear and dread inside.
(And that man…he was so cool.)
Not only his behavior, but to be totally honest, his looks were just Sara’s type too…
So much so that he made her feel as if she was face to face with a fairytale prince riding on a white horse…
“Ahh, what am I thinking…”
Feeling the heat rising in her body,
she buried her flushed face in her pillow and fluttered her legs on the bed.
(Just because he saved me from an unexpected crisis, it doesn’t mean I’m so easygoing that I’d fall for the guy.)
She strongly reminded herself that she was the daughter of the Himekawa family.
She was concerned about him because she hadn’t been able to properly thank him, that was all.
With a small sigh, Sara started up the chat app on her phone to calm herself down.
Checking the screen, she already had several notifications waiting.
They were all from the same group chat

The one consisting of Sara, Yuna, and Rin, nicknamed the S-Class Beauties Chat.
Seeing the message contents, Sara’s eyes widened in surprise.
In disbelief, she unintentionally let out a confused voice.
Considering that Rin and Yuna don’t usually talk much about romance, Sara was shaken to see them actively discussing it now.
What was unfolding on Sara’s screen was this exchange:
[Listen up you two! So, at my part-time job, there’s this regular customer I’ve kinda had my eye on for a while now. And just like I thought, something happened that made me even more interested in him!]
[Ohh~ What happened, Rin?]
[It’s similar to Sara’s case – he saved a cute girl from being hit on!]
[Huh…hit on?]
[Why the surprise, Yuna?]
[Well, actually, the guy I’m interested in happened to mention a story about getting hit on today too!]
[Wow~ What a coincidence, Yuna!]
Their bright, cheerful conversation was visible on the screen.
Somehow feeling left out, Sara felt her chest tighten sharply.
Perhaps noticing that she had read the messages, Rin sent a reply to Sara.
[It’d be nice if you can properly thank him too if you meet that guy again…!]
Yuna’s reply came right after Rin’s.
Sara said [Thank you] and then put her phone away, deciding to just go to sleep now.
(It would be nice if I could meet that man again…)
While Sara was already half-resigned about it,
she didn’t yet know that she would be meeting him again this weekend.

Well, it’s been a while since then.
And so, time passes quickly. The weekend had arrived.
Haruya could be found in an apparel shop adjoining a large commercial complex.
Dressed fashionably, Haruya had come to replenish his wardrobe.
(It’s clothing sale day today… I found out from a flyer. Luckily there aren’t as many customers as I expected.)
Living alone, he had to be frugal even with parental support,
Therefore, Haruya had no choice but to take advantage of this sale day.
He browsed the sale items, picking out several tops he liked.
Comparing them carefully to his wallet’s capacity, he selected what he could afford and headed to the checkout, when something happened.
A woman passing by Haruya’s side seemed unsteady carrying an armful of clothes, on the verge of stumbling over.
Seeing that she was in jeopardy of falling down at any moment, Haruya couldn’t look away.
And just as expected, the woman began to topple over.
Haruya rushed over and caught her slender shoulder.
“Are you okay?”
Haruya supports the woman by putting his hand on her slender shoulder.
He had helped purely on instinct seeing her about to fall, nothing more.
Just from the glimpse of her back, one could tell this woman gave off a charming air.
The white blouse and black vest she wore over it suited her, but were perhaps too tight, warping the buttons over her ample bust.
“…Oh, thank you.”
The woman peered up at Haruya’s face and spoke in a slightly quivering voice.
A few seconds passed.
Haruya blinked in disbelief.
The woman seemed just as taken aback, frozen stiff as she blinked several times.
(Could she be…no way.)
What crossed Haruya’s mind was the girl who had been hit on about a week ago.
Although her outfit was different, there was no mistaking that innocent face, sparkling eyes, and glossy hair.
Standing before Haruya’s eyes was without a doubt the same girl from back then.
“You’re…from that time…”
She was the first to speak.
Inwardly Haruya retorted “What a coincidence!” but it was questionable whether she would take it as a mere coincidence.
An overly contrived development, he worried about seeming like a stalker and tried to slip away from the situation.
(Okay…I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.)
Smiling wryly, he started to turn his back and leave.
But Haruya felt his shirt hem grabbed by the girl.
“W-wait! Please let me…let me thank you properly…for last time too…”
“I think you have the wrong person.”
Saying that with a gentle smile, she looked bewildered for a moment but immediately turned serious and continued.
“Please…let me thank you…”
(She’s completely ignoring me!?)
Although he thought that, Haruya relented with a sigh.
“I don’t need thanks…I really didn’t do anything special.”

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