Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 4

“You see, the reason I’m not tired is because Lord Byleth changed his policies…”
“Oh, policies?”
“Yes! First, if I have unfinished school work, that takes priority over my duties. And when Lord Byleth retires to his chambers, that becomes my free time.”
Elena makes a strained face at how Sia describes it happening “to her.”
Like saying “…surely it’s not supposed to be this way for all servants, right?”
“Um, so in other words… he’s prioritizing Sia’s studies and lightening your workload? Normally a servant’s duties would come before anything and you’d have to keep working until Byleth went to sleep, right?”
Either oblivious to Elena’s true meaning or excited like a child with a new toy, she raises her energy telling this story.
“Lady Elena! What do you think would happen if I tried to continue my remaining duties during my free time?!”
“Hmm… he’d praise you for being so diligent even during your leisure, right?”
“No, I’d get scolded!”
“He’d sternly tell me [‘Your work can wait till tomorrow, now go rest’] and promptly shoo me out of his chambers!”
She beams brightly.
And her report was still not finished.
“Also! The next morning the places I left unfinished would be cleaned…”
“You don’t mean… Byleth was finishing the cleaning for you?!”
“I can’t think of any other possibility! He insists on not knowing, but it’s the only time my composure wavers a bit!”
“What an idiot. From Sia’s perspective, he must seem like quite the brag-worthy master though.”
“Fufu… he really is something to brag about!”
While nodding deeply, she seems shy as she narrows her eyes.
“You’re right, Byleth is truly out of the ordinary.” “Do your classmates at the Academy know about this?”
“Since I answer when asked……yes!”
“Then, has he become popular among the servant girls? That one”
“It’s possible! When I talk about Byleth-sama, about ten people gather around!”
“T-That many!?”
“My classmates at the Academy believe my views rather than rumors about Byleth-sama!”
Says Sia casually, but Elena instantly understands the strategy.
“It’s thanks to you, Sia. Absolutely. You’re happily grinning from ear to ear like ‘My master is amazing!’ bragging, right? There’s no way they wouldn’t believe it”
“T-T-That’s not true! I don’t grin like that!”
“Liar. Your face is still melting even now”
In noble speak, she’s saying Sia has an uncouth face.
To hide her face from onlookers, Sia instantly covers her face with her yellow-white hair.
“Then, I have one good thing I’d like to ask you about, Sia. I’d also like to hear your views.”
“It’s about Byleth. Apparently he has a date this weekend with Luna-san.”
“Eh…! A date!? With Luna-san!?”
Sia is shocked to the extreme. She opens her eyes wide and recoils her upper body.
She was the one who told Byleth that “Luna doesn’t play,” and now she learns this information.
“It’s no mistake. I never imagined Byleth would be acquainted with Luna-san and even invite her out for fun…”
“Luna-san’s reply was a letter, right? You certainly found out well, Elena-sama!”
“Actually… I heard it directly. In our classroom.”
“My explanation was sloppy, sorry. Luna-san came all the way to our classroom, you see.”
The bookworm Luna who never leaves the library except for commuting… Sia knows this about her too.
Precisely because she knows, she finds it hard to believe.
“It’s natural to react this way, of course. Everyone else in the class was surprised too.”
“Um, do you think Luna-san… might actually like Byleth-sama…?!”
“There’s no mistaking she has taken an interest. It’s less that she likes him, and more at the stage of being curious, I’d say. Byleth said something like ‘To not further crush my reputation,’ but for Luna who values her time more than anything…”
“As they say, she’s famous for turning down all invitations…”
“With the excuse that ‘It’s absolutely pointless to invite her since she’ll refuse,’ right?”
The two have no discrepancies in the information they know. So it’s very possible Luna likes Byleth.
Sia clutches her head with a groan.


“And she glared at me, you know.”
“She g-glared!?”
“With a woman’s intuition, I think she felt envious and ‘That’s not fair’ about us being in the same class.”
Getting additional information, Sia groans even more.
“Fufu, even you, who’s usually so sensible, can feel jealousy, huh?”
“Tha…that’s not…! My job is to sincerely serve Byleth-sama without causing any trouble!”
“Your expression and line don’t match. You’re looking all stern now.”
Emotions like jealousy could cause trouble for her master.
Naturally, as a servant she shouldn’t show, must hide, any such improper feelings, but sixteen-year-old, innocent Sia hasn’t mastered that skill yet.
Given her personality too, it’s the trait she’s least compatible with.
“Sia, I won’t tell anyone, so you can be honest with me.”
“…I don’t want Byleth-sama to have a lover yet.”
When Elena urged Sia like this… there would be no awkwardness. Sia answered immediately with puffed-up cheeks.
“Oh my, that’s quite frank of you.”
“I-I’m sorry!!”
“I don’t mind at all, hehe. So, why don’t you want him to have a lover?”
“W-Well… it’s because he’ll have less time to spend with me… If Byleth-sama has a lover, we won’t be able to walk to and from school together anymore. We won’t have time to talk at the mansion. I don’t want that…”
With words implying [Is that your real reason?], Sia expresses her true feelings.
“If Master Byleth were to find a romantic partner, we wouldn’t be able to walk to and from school together anymore. We wouldn’t have time to talk at the mansion either. I don’t like that…”
This is different from the previous Byleth.
The distance between the two has closed, and a close relationship has been built.
For Sia, who has worked hard and is now seeing the results, this is the most enjoyable period. Her honest feelings are that she wants to protect her territory.
“That’s really cute, for that reason. I never thought about it like that.”
“So, Elena-sama, what do you think?”
“Please, Elena-sama, share your thoughts. This is a fair exchange.”
For her, who affirmed the principle of “equality for all students,” Sia’s words were valid. No, she chose these words precisely because she knew that.
“T-This is just a hypothetical scenario, okay? Just a hypothetical scenario… but I can’t help but think that maybe Byleth should have asked me first instead of Luna-san…”
Her composure from earlier had disappeared, and with each word, Elena’s voice grew quieter. Her eyes wandered, and her face turned red as she muttered.
“Uh, Elena-sama, do you… like Byleth-sama?”
“Why would you say that!”
“It’s just a woman’s intuition.”
Now, Sia was staring at Elena without blinking, overflowing with consideration. If Byleth were here, he might have said something like, “Your face is all red, but are you sure you’re not running a fever?”
“Um, well, you see… I-I mean, it’s not like I like that guy or anything. I just…”
“Is that so?”
“Really, really?”
“Really, really?”
Sia stared at Elena without blinking.
“P-Please don’t look at me like that… I really don’t like him that way, but, well… I guess I kind of think it’s okay. Honestly…”
Unable to withstand the silent interrogation, Elena turned her face towards the scenery outside the window with a tsundere attitude, and continued speaking with her eyes downturned.
“Sia probably knows, but from my position, there are times when you have to get engaged to someone you don’t even know, both in appearance and personality… to form a political marriage.”
“It’s a political marriage, right?”
“Yes. I can refuse a proposal now because I’m a student, but it won’t work in the future because getting married is my job. So, it’s better to look for someone early, isn’t it? Someone I could possibly come to like…”
Marriage is a commitment to spend a lifetime with someone. And the desire to marry someone you love is a wish that everyone has.
“Sia, I have something special I need to tell you…for now, my number one candidate is…him.”
“O-oh, there’s no need to be so surprised…as it turns out, he’s actually a pretty good guy. He’s humble, kind even to those of lower standing, acts without expectation of reward, and he’s smart too. Sure he may lack some tact and can be a bit cheeky, but when it counts he’s reliable… “
This part I can’t say directly. I smile coyly and add “Isn’t he good enough as a candidate?”
“So…I got a little jealous. Of him going on dates. It’s an ugly feeling but I wish I didn’t have eyes for men the same as Luna does…”
“Please don’t be distressed m’lady. I am firmly against Lord Byleth seeking a partner at this time.”
“In Sia’s opinion, how many more years should Byleth wait before pursuing a romantic partner?”
“Hmm, that’s a difficult question…one year? No, three years…no wait, six years…I mean eight years!”
“I should play a trick on Sia and tell Byleth she’s been bothering me.”
“W-what!? No, that’s not true at all!”
If she’s waited eight years, it will be time for an arranged political marriage.
Elena’s perspective is understandable, but Sia was just answering honestly.
“You know, he’s quite popular nowadays. I suppose there’s a gap since he turns out to be a good guy after all.”
“Quite popular indeed!”
“Does Sia want to become his partner?”
The topic changes suddenly.
“I mean, you receive his candy and whip more than anyone, right? After being strict for so long, it’s not so strange to grow fond of him now that he’s gentle. You’re the type to always think it’s your fault, fear being disliked, and want to please others. That sort of person could easily fall for him, no?”
“N-no, that would be far too presumptuous! I’m not of the same status as Lady Elena!”
She seems quite flustered, as one would expect from such an obvious implication.
“Status or not, it’s possible for a servant to become a mistress or concubine, right? Hypothetically, if Sia did act on it, then I could confirm things with Byleth much sooner than waiting eight years.”
Teasing words receive an alarmed Sia, who replied “But!”
“Wait, you’re right – that wouldn’t be appropriate!”
“Why is that?”
“Ah, if I think that way, I might cause trouble for Lord Byleth. I’m selfish, spoiled, and jealous… I tend to direct those feelings towards him.”
“Fufu, it’s not a big deal.”
“Byleth sama wouldn’t get angry about something like that. And since you’ve been treated harshly until now for whatever reason, you should let out your feelings a little and get retribution. If anything happens, I will definitely protect you.”
The words of the eldest daughter of the Earl’s family are truly reassuring.
“And if he didn’t get angry……doesn’t that mean it would be okay to ‘think that way’? It’s not a bad thing, right?”
“Ah, ah, th, that…”
Sia’s face turned redder and redder before her eyes. As if imagining how things might turn out well in the future.
“Oh…you ended up liking him after all, didn’t you? I guess the carrot and stick approach worked.”
“T, that’s not the case at all!!”
This secret girl talk between them continued until the start of the next class.

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