The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – Alfred-Berg-Leuville
At the end of the straight path ahead. As I stepped into the light, the surroundings were wrapped in cheers from students and outside guests.
Of course, those cheers weren’t directed at me. The one receiving the expectations and passion of the people was naturally — The First Prince of the Leuville Kingdom, Leor-Berg-Leuville.

“Brother Leo…”

Standing proudly without a hint of cloudiness, as if to say he blocked my path as the challenger.

“Do your best Lord Leor!”
“Blast that guy away!”
“We’re expecting great things from you! Future King!”

His figure was filled with confidence and dignity, heating up the chests of the spectators too. The best proof was the cheers and passion enveloping the arena.
On the other hand, not only was there no cheers for me, it seems nobody expected anything from the start. Rather, the majority were expecting how Brother Leo would beat me down.

“I thought you would tuck your tail and run.”

“….I wanted to though.”

Clenching my fist while keeping aware of the magic ring equipped on my left finger.
The unpleasant feeling hasn’t changed. The feeling of not wanting to fight also hasn’t changed.
….Even so.

“I’m done with running away. ….From myself and from Brother Leo too.”

“Oh? It seems you’ve steeled your resolve after all.”

“Ah. I’ve made what preparations I could on my end.”

“What misunderstanding.”

What came at me was oppressiveness.
Killing intent bristled like the mane of a beast, stabbing into my whole body.

“What you should do is — Steel your resolve to admit and accept all your sins!”

As expected, talking it out is impossible… And this pressure too. It’s my first time taking it head-on, but Brother Leo’s magical power is no joke. It must be because his anger is seeping out too.


Called by the school head refereeing this match, the cheers in the arena gradually died down.

“We will now begin the Royal Lominous Magic Academy first semester special match. The representatives are Leor-Berg-Leuville, Alfred-Berg-Leuville. Come to the front, both of you.”

Following his prompt, we moved to the designated positions.

“The match will end upon surrender, or judgement of incapacitation — inability to continue the match.”

Enveloped in the silence, an invisible heat seemed to fill the arena to bursting point, feeling like it could blow any second. The extreme pressure and tension I could feel on my skin continued swelling as time passed by.

“Then — Begin match!”

The curtain, rose.

“….No need for tricks.”

In that instant, an enormous amount of magical power gushed out from Brother Leo. The roaring magical power set the air vibrating, overwhelming the entire arena.

“I’ll crush you completely.”

True to his declaration. Without even needing to probe with magic rings, Brother Leo activated [Royal Raiment Ring].

“— Howl! [Regulus]!”

What manifested from Brother Leo’s [Royal Raiment Ring] was the spirit of a lion shaking its mane. Roaring as it bared its fangs mercilessly, it pounced to attack.

Not holding back at all! If that’s the case then…!)

In order to confront the spirit wrapped in the radiance of [Fifth Attribute] which royalty possesses, I poured magical power into the [Royal Raiment Ring] on my right hand.

“Come! [Alvida]!”

In the nick of time. [Alvida] which I manifested to intercept, crossed blades with the lion as she charged, their fierce sparks bursting out from the collision of magical power. The spirits danced as they clashed fangs and blade —- eventually getting blown back to their respective contractors, enveloping our bodies and forming [Spirit Raiment].

In addition to the outfits reminiscent of a pirate and royalty, in my right hand was a cutlass. In my left a pistol. Equipment constructed from the concepts my spirit [Alvida] holds.
Brother Leo on the other hand wore an outfit combining both lion and king, wielding in his hand a ceremoniously decorated sword.

“….You’re serious huh, Brother Leo.”

“Obviously. The compensation for hurting Lucille……I will have you pay without fail!”

Brother Leo kicked off the ground, approaching at a tremendous speed.
I fired magical bullets from the pistol in my left hand to disturb him, but he didn’t care whatsoever. Closing the distance without pause despite cutting down the bullets, and still coming at me.


Switching to close combat, I took a swing with the cutlass in my right hand. The issue was attribute compatibility — My [Sixth Attribute] was at a disadvantage to Brother Leo’s [Fifth Attribute].

“I won’t forgive anyone who defiles my sun!”

“Well sorry Brother but, no matter what I just can’t come to like a questionable woman like that!”

While keeping some distance I scattered shots at his feet with the pistol.
Even if it’s hard to deal damage, I should at least be able to disturb his posture starting from below.

“You doubt and even insult Lucille! You damned fool of a brother!”

Seeing him falter even for an instant, I hammered down with my cutlass blade. As expected Brother Leo showed his skill, blocking it with his sword.
Our blades interlocked, contesting, and our gazes crossed too.

“Then you should have trusted your own fiancee too! Brother Leo!”

“Silence! What brother! Don’t sully my ears!”

Shit-! Even with my disadvantageous posture he still batted me away with explosive force…!
Without pause Brother Leo swung his sword. A graceful stroke along the teachings. Sharp, swift, even taking just one would be fatal.

“With this…!”

The instant distance opened between us, I formed additional armaments on my left hand. Shaping the concepts my spirit holds.
What appeared was a grappling hook. Firing out a curved needle on the tip, I could manipulate the movements of the connected wire through magical power.

“….How’s that!”

As intended, the wire hook I fired out coiled around Brother Leo’s arm.
Hindering even his arm would make it difficult to swing his sword freely. Once the fangs of even a fierce beast are restricted, it loses its threat.

“You intend to bind me with just this?”

In a moment, Brother Leo’s body took on light.
The undulating radiance covering his whole body was as if a mane — and its pulsating rhythm was as if a heartbeat too.

“Don’t look down on me too much……Alfred!!”

Magical power burst out, transforming into raging domination.

“[Lion’s Heartbeat]!”

An enormous amount of magical power was released from Brother Leo’s body, his output rising explosively all at once.
This is…! A limited-time enhancement spell that temporarily strengthens all abilities!


Brother Leo swung the arm bound by wire through brute strength. I try my best to stand my ground but my body is overwhelmed by the momentum and before I knew it I was lifted into the air…!?



Fully utilizing his strengthened muscular strength, Brother Leo forcefully swung his arm up high, showing me.
While my body was pulled up high into the air by the wire, leaving me completely unguarded. On top of that the wire had slackened, posing no obstruction whatsoever to his sword swings…! Damn-it, what insane output…!

“Disappear. Disgraceful one.”

Having secured ample posture, Brother Leo infused his strengthened magical power into his blade.
The magical power filled in was honed in an instant, subliming into a maddened decisive strike.


That is Brother Leo’s…!

“[Lion’s Roar]!”

The swung flash. The strike like a storm. Cutting through the air, the sound approaching was as if the lion’s roar itself.
I hurriedly activated [Earth Magic Barrier] but the defensive earth wall deployed in midair didn’t last two seconds before getting pulverized by the slash.


The slashing magical power spiralled like a storm, raging, relentlessly shredding my whole body.
Though the [Spirit Raiment] made tangible through the spirit’s power boasts a tenacity surpassing steel armor, the intense slash that seemed as if it would crush through even that exceeded my defense.

The wire was cut by the strike that could even tear through steel, my body slammed into the ground.
My consciousness flickered, feeling like I would be painted over by the abyssal darkness at any moment.
Even so……I couldn’t fall here. With that one thought I somehow managed to hold on to my awareness.

“Gah….haaah….! Ugh…!”

Whipping my wounded body, forcing my collapsed body to stand, somehow getting to one knee though to show my will to continue fighting. However, even that willpower from me now was no different before Brother Leo’s golden aura covering his whole body like a mane.

“You can still stand after taking that one?”


If it was just me then fine. But this battle isn’t just me alone. Char and everyone’s futures are riding on me too.

……No, that isn’t all.

“If I fall……here….I’ll never……be able to catch up……to you……Brother Leo…..”

“…………Catch up, you say?”

At my words, Brother Leo’s eyebrows moved ever so slightly.

“Ah, that’s right. Because……Brother Leo is………”

I clenched my fist. I stood up. Because I wanted to say this while standing on my own feet, looking Brother Leo in the eye.

“…………my, aspiration.”



I still remember even now.

“Look. That guy’s the so-called [Ill-fated Child].”

Etched into my head.

“His Majesty must be quite disappointed too… For such a [Cursed Child] to be born from the royal family after all.”

No way I could forget.

“How ominous. Would be terrible if his curse reaches us too. It might’ve been better had he not been born at all…”

Ever since I became self-aware, only contempt and disgust were constantly directed my way.

Be it [Ill-fated Child]. Be it [Cursed Child]. My magical power symbolizing misfortune was always nothing but a huge nuisance to those around me seems to be the case.

I would always be the first suspected whenever any accident occurred, and even lacking evidence I would still be badmouthed from the shadows, “It’s because that inauspicious thing exists that these accidents happen.”

Of course, seeing I held the peerage [Royalty] nobody said anything to my face.

But the palace rumors would somehow — inevitably reach my ears.
Everyone’s whispers. Gossiping. Backbiting. I could hear everything clearly.

It didn’t take me long to realize [I am an unwanted person] [My very existence itself was a sin].

“…..Hey, Brother Leor.”

I think I asked that question on my sixth birthday.

I turned down any exaggerated parties. They would only be painful anyway. Realizing how I felt, my parents prepared a modest party with only family.
But I quickly left my seat to be alone. Only Brother Leo stayed by my side though.
My tense heart somehow relaxed……and I couldn’t endure it anymore. There was something I consulted Brother Leo about then.

“Do you think……It might’ve been better……Had I not been born…?”

Tears suddenly overflowed and dripped down messily.
No words returned in response to that question I squeezed out amidst my sobs.

— What came back instead was Brother Leo’s fist.

“Ow……! Brother….Leor…?”

“Don’t you ever say something like that again. Not even jokingly!!”

It was also my first time seeing Brother Leo so angry, as well as getting hit by him.

“But….everyone says so too……?”

Don’t take those good-for-nothings’ words seriously! You are a member of royalty aren’t you! ….More importantly who are those scum sprouting such idiotic things! I’m going to pound each and everyone of them!”

While I was shocked seeing the usually kind Brother Leo get so angry, more than anything — I felt happy. I felt happy that he got so serious over me, this worthless brother’s sake.

“………They call me [Ill-fated Child] and [Cursed Child]……Aren’t I just causing trouble for everyone…?”

“As if that was ever the case. Not even once have I thought that way.

……Besides, being able to have such a kindhearted brother like yourself is also my pride.”

“Kind……? Me…?”

“Those tears you shed are out of consideration for us family right? One who can shed tears for another’s sake even while hurting yourself, you are truly a kind child.”

Brother Leo hugged me. Without minding my tear-soaked clothes getting all crumpled.

“………Our family takes pride in having a kind brother who can shed tears for others.”


They wouldn’t stop. No matter what I did the tears overflowed unceasingly, spilling, wouldn’t stop.
I was happy. Happy to be loved. To have my existence accepted.

“—Uuuuuu……! Uwaaaa–!!”

I cried. I cried a lot.
Raising my voice shamefully I continued bawling. All the while Brother Leo kept hugging me, not voicing a single complaint even as his clothes got soaked with tears and wrinkled everywhere.

“Uu….sob…Brother Leor….”

“Go ahead and cry your fill. It’s your birthday today after all. I’ll have to make do as your handkerchief since I couldn’t prepare you a glamorous party.”


“Oh right, I haven’t given you your present yet.”

What Brother Leo gifted me was a picture book.

“Seems it’s quite a popular picture book. I secretly went to town to buy it. I could’ve gotten someone else to go but……I wanted to purchase your present with my own hands.”

“Thank you……Father let you off easy for going to town? “

“………Well, actually. I went without telling Father about it.”

“Eh……? Was that……alright?”

“It was nowhere near alright at all. I got found out immediately and received an earful along with some knuckle sandwiches. See, I still have a bump at the crown of my head here. Father truly knows no mercy.”

chuckle…What’s that. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! “

It was a common story about a village boy going on a journey and eventually defeating the demon king to become a hero.
Even now that picture book depicting the importance of companions,

the strength to believe in others, the power of bonds.
Pushing through with your own will, lighting the flame of hope in people’s hearts.
In the end even reconciling bonds with the enemy demon king — His figure resembling Brother Leo was just so cool.

“Brother Leor is……so amazing….”

Always composed, admired by everyone, constantly working hard without compromise.
Exactly like the hero from the picture book. My hero.

“If only I could……become like Brother Leor too….”

I aspired to.

“Let me introduce you, Alfred. She’s my fiancee, Charlotte.”

That person who held everything I lacked, I aspired to.

“Listen Alfred. The people appearing in those books are all doing what they can. The same goes for you. Even with different magical abilities, there should still be things that only you can do.”

While I can’t be a hero.
Like a Demon King who formed bonds, I wanted to become someone who could be a hero’s strength…
“…There’s something that only I can do.”
When I thought about it, the first thing that came to mind was the figure of the Demon King from the picture books.
A Demon King who formed bonds with the hero. But that power was feared by everyone, and it couldn’t come to the forefront. So, lurking in the darkness, I chose the path to support the world’s peace.
—-Walking the path of light, as the shadow of a hero.
“…I’ve decided, Leo-niisama.”
I thought there was nothing but villains. No… from the beginning, this was the only option left for me.
“I am… going to be a shadow.”
If Leo-nii behaves like a royal, then I’ll behave unlike a royal.
Language, attitude, everything. To enhance the shining example of Leo-nii, who is like a model royal.
“I’ll be Leo-nii’s shadow.”
I can’t become a hero. I’ve given up on that from the beginning.
Becoming a shadow. That’s the only thing I can do.

The feelings, thoughts, and emotions I held as a child are overflowing now.
“Leo-nii had everything I didn’t. Magical power, popularity, even a fiancée… he had everything I wanted. It made me jealous. But, with Leo-nii, I accepted it. No… I thought it was only natural.”
I never envied him. Leo-nii always worked hard, and I had seen that.
It’s only natural. A person who worked so hard should be allowed to be rewarded.
“I am a [cursed child], a [child of ill omen]. Everything about me is different from Leo-nii. …So, I gave up. I thought, with what I lack, there’s no way I can do it. I had no choice but to give up.”
That was until recently.
“…But, when Charl became my fiancée… watching her unyielding figure… I wanted to struggle too.”
Even if I’m clumsy and awkward.
She never gave up.
“I also… want to be like Leo-nii. I want to chase after Leo-nii’s back. Not as a shadow, a villain, or anything like that—- I want to be a hero like Leo-nii! I want to chase after the dream I gave up on once! That’s what I thought!”
The restraints in my heart were released. What I had been holding back overflowed all at once.
“I really didn’t want to have this kind of fight! I didn’t want to fight Leo-nii like this! I wanted Leo-nii to acknowledge me properly!”
I didn’t want such a forceful and reckless duel.
I wanted Leo-nii to acknowledge me, and then I wanted to fight.
“…Am I, your idol?”
He muttered.
“Is this me—-a hero?”
Leo-nii uttered the words, seemingly dumbfounded.
“Yeah… that’s right. Leo-nii has always, always… been my idol, my hero………… Yeah. Even now, I still think that.”
Step by step, Leo-nii slowly approached me.
And then, Leo-nii sheathed his blade—-
—-and slammed his fist into my cheek.
“Don’t mess around.”
As I staggered, Leo-nii followed up with a sharp kick to my abdomen.
Bent in a ‘く’ shape, my body was slammed onto the ground, rolling.
“Cough… Leo-nii…?”
What floated on Leo-nii’s face was—-anger.
“Don’t mess around, Alfred. In the end… you haven’t seen anything about me.”

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