Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 42 

Mob No.42: “Back then it was rampant, so I’m grateful to the previous and current Emperors for sure.”

After running into Ms. Noswile, the police didn’t suddenly come arrest me at my room, so I went to the Merc Guild to look for work the next day.

Surprisingly, there were many pirate suppression requests on the job board.

I thought the military was supposed to be cracking down, but looking at the contents I understood why.

With large pirate groups being taken down one after another, small fry activity was becoming noticeable.

I chose a pirate suppression request with pathetic damages, probably not too vicious, and handed it to Mr. Rhodes.

“Hello~ Please check the details on this one.”

“Seems there were no demands to refund payment or accusations of theft huh.”

Grinning, Mr. Rhodes passed me detailed information.

Apparently they’ve appeared around the nearby Boshilas region, around 3.6 million credits in damages so far, a two person pirate team it seems.

Not killing any crew is a plus I guess.

“Can’t stand being arrested when I wasn’t even there. And demanding returned payment’s just unreasonable.”

“Back then it was rampant, so I’m grateful to the previous and current Emperors for sure.”

Mr. Rhodes seemed completely serious.

Her current Majesty 38th Empress Amelia Flanodell Ovalls isn’t just popular for being a beauty.

Getting that information, I made various preparations then headed for Boshilas space.

Many of the planets in the Boshilas region have atmospheres of toxic gas, rain of molten lead, perpetual sonic storms, and more making them uninhabitable by humans.

Therefore in their satellites’ orbits are facilities like converted old colonies, former military bases, huge asteroids, known as service areas or rest stops.

A must for honest long range delivery services, but also frequently used by lowlife mercs and criminals to hide out.

Planet Rifus here is mostly rock, with an atmosphere largely of methane gas. Surface temperature reaches -200°C with constant 600 kph gale force winds.

Looks beautifully blue and pristine from space, but no humans setting foot on it.

The service area here, [Domirsa], is relatively used by lawful folks.

When gathering intel at places like this, delivery services are the safest and most efficient source.

Of course, it depends on circumstances, but asking barkeeps or mercs risks the intel reaching the target, who may then flee or in worse cases, come kill you.

Leaks can happen with delivery too of course, but much lower odds.

After parking my ship at [Domirsa]’s marina, I went to the vending machines near the parking area where delivery guys congregated, coffee bottle in hand.

Three veteran ossans were leisurely smoking there.


“Oh, worked hard.”


I joined their circle with the air of a delivery guy, took a sip of coffee, and sighed loudly.

As I pondered how to ask, the ossans started complaining about something.

“Lately yo…see…the military’s cracking down on pirates.”

“Good thing right? Lets us work safely.”

“But yo…seems they’re increasing again…small-scale though.”

“Remnants of the gangs they took down, trying to make their own I bet?”

“There’s one around here too I hear~ At Tassia right? That toxic salt planet. Appears around there.”

“There really?”

“Must have a base nearby.”

“I heard a pretty big pirate group attacked near Tassia.”

“Even with the military taking them down left and right?”

“Because they’re being hunted right? Fleeing about and all.”

“Dangerous stuff alright…”

The planet mentioned, Tassia, aka [Toxic Salt Planet], does have seas but salt concentration an astounding 55%.

And the atmosphere is hydrogen, oxygen, and sodium chloride, the land all white with salt.

Moreover that salt has unknown toxicity, no use for it presently.

The oxygen makes you think you can breathe, but with no nitrogen and oxygen at 40%, it apparently oxidizes you rapidly.

Anyway I now had a general location from their talk, and as I pondered how to leave,

“Oh, look at the time. Bro you better rest up more. Breaks are important for long hauls.”

The ossans seemed done with their break, putting out cigarettes and returning to their ships.

Just that talk was plenty intel, so after seeing the delivery ossans off, I was accosted by a robber on my way back to my ship.

“Hey! Hand over cash!”

A slender boy about 12-13 years old judging by appearance.

Wielding an electromagnetic knife, threatening me.

Common sense says I can fight back if able in cases like this.

Money’s fine but I won’t tolerate loss of life.

“I said hand over cash! Wanna die?!”

The shouting boy seemed inexperienced.

So I demonstrated clumsy quick-draw, shooting his gut.


I kept the power low but the explosive force must’ve hurt badly.

Sure enough, the pain left the robber boy unable to speak.

Definitely serious burns.

“Hello, police? I was robbed at the service area [Domirsa] on Planet Rifus…Yes…I see, then I’ll restrain him so please come get him.”

I called the police, stomping on the electromagnetic knife and keeping my gun aimed at the robber boy.

Luckily police ships were docked here at [Domirsa], coming to collect him immediately.


“Don’t move. I’ll shoot if you do.”

Seems the robber boy could vocalize again.

Of course, unwaveringly keeping him at gunpoint.

He glared at me resentfully but he acted first after all.

“Shit…why’re you…a creepy fat guy…”

“Well I am a mercenary. Got decent self-defense skills.

My aim’s not great so kept the power low since it’d be bad taking it out.

So I’m going easy.

A ruthless guy would’ve killed you already.”

Just then he leapt at my foot holding down the knife so I took my foot off, dodged right, and put around 3 shots in his arm area from his side.


Those 3 hits were his right arm reaching for the knife, left shoulder, and the floor.

“I said I’d shoot if you moved right?”

I picked up the electromagnetic knife and kept my gun unwaveringly on the cowering robber boy as I waited for the police.

A protagonist like Arthur would talk to reform him now, or take him in if an orphan. But I won’t and don’t want to do any such thing.

Eventually the officers and restraining droids arrived.

No bounty on some kid of course, and not my pirate target either.

Geez. Right after getting my gun maintained too.

Doesn’t suit me.

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