Conversation Between S-rank Beauties Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 2

“…That’s why it was a fateful encounter. If I could meet that person again, I would like to properly thank him.”
With that lingering regret, Sara concluded her story, as if implying there was nothing more to it.
At that moment, Rin, unable to contain herself, forcefully embraced Sara.
When you looked, Rin’s eyes were moist.
“Rin-san, what’s wrong?”
“Sara-chan, it must have been scary. If I had been there, I would have driven the bad guy away. I won’t forgive the person who scared Sara-chan.”
“That’s right. I understand what Rin is saying.”
While directing an exasperated look at Rin, who was hugging Sara, Yuna also showed agreement.
Rin, who had hugged Sara for a while, finally released her and, with a glint in her eyes, spoke.
“But still, that guy who helped you… he’s really cool. It’s like something out of a shojo manga! It’s the dream of every girl.”
It would be a dream for any girl
to have a handsome guy rush to her aid like a hero, appearing out of nowhere.
Rin, while pouting enviously, had a happy expression.
“Did you get his contact information? Such situations rarely happen… he might be your destined person!”
“…Uh, Rin-san. It’s not like that.”
Sara wore a somewhat resigned expression.
Then, in a rejecting tone, she firmly stated,
“I have an arranged marriage set due to family circumstances.”
With a gentle smile, Sara explained, and Rin, realizing she had made a mistake, hung her head.
In reality, Sara’s family, the Himekawa family, was a traditional and strict lineage.
In this era, arranged marriages were considered natural for daughters of the Himekawa family.
Therefore, those born into the Himekawa family had their futures determined, and they were taught to take pride in that.
Among her classmates, many felt pity for Sara’s situation,
but Sara proudly embraced her circumstances. However, she couldn’t keep up with Rin and Yuna’s romantic conversations, and at times like these, she felt a bit lonely being left out.
“…I see. Sara-chan, you’re really mature.”
“That’s right.”
Following Rin, Yuna nodded slightly.
Sensing the atmosphere, Rin and Yuna decided to temporarily stop their love talk.
“Hey, hey. Speaking of which, I recently found a recommended cosmetic~”

scene transition

To ease the slightly tense atmosphere, Rin began to introduce a different topic.
However, even when Rin tried to change the topic to something other than romantic discussions, the students around lacked the ability to read the air.
The impact of Sara’s story was just too strong.
(…Did you hear Himekawa-san’s story? Seriously like a destined person…)
(That man she talked about is so cool… just like a shoujo manga…)
(A situation like that… it’s rare to have something like a destined person in real life…)
Whispers of students filled the classroom
as they eagerly listened to the S-class beauties’ romantic discussions. Today, Haruya was one of them, which was unusual for him.
The reason was that Sara’s story resonated too much with him.
Normally, he wouldn’t pay attention to the class’s situation, but…
(Huh? Wait a minute. That topic… it sounds familiar. Could it be related to what happened yesterday, where I saved a girl from a pickup? Similar situation… but the guy she describes seems incredibly cool. Unlike me, who couldn’t act like that in front of a wild animal…)
Impressed by the stark contrast, Haruya couldn’t help but marvel at himself.
The way the man Sara described behaved like a hero, while Haruya’s actions yesterday resembled a large beast trembling or a weak small animal.
His legs and feet were shaking, his face was drawn, and all he could do was to hold his breath.
(…The more I hear about it, the more I realize the difference between us. Let’s stop listening to this… It only makes me regret it more…)
Feeling his own pathetic side, Haruya started to think about shoujo manga once again in his heart.


After indulging in delusions about shoujo manga for a while…
With 10 minutes left before the start of morning homeroom, many students start sitting at their desks.
Among them, as if wanting to chat or looking for someone to talk with, the male student behind me suddenly tapped my shoulder twice.
“Hey, Akazaki, did you hear?”
I turned around, heavy body and all, to see a male student with a lively voice and showing his snaggletooth.
While surprised he remembered my name when I have practically no presence in this class, I become filled with an apologetic feeling.
(I’m grateful he remembers my name, but uh, who was he again?)
Seeing my confused expression, he seemed to realize and opened his mouth to introduce himself.
“…Oh right, I’m Kazumiya Yuki. Sorry for suddenly talking to you. I just couldn’t hold back this excitement, you know?”
Even without seeing his face, I could tell from his tone of voice.
The male student who introduced himself as Kazumiya Yuki seemed like he desperately wanted to talk with anyone.
He probably talked to me just because I happened to be sitting in front of him.
Perhaps my attitude made it seem troublesome to interact with me.
For a moment, an awkward atmosphere flowed between us, but as if hating the silence, Kazumiya changed the subject.
“By the way, Akazaki, did you hear? The conversation from earlier.”
“What conversation are you talking about?”
“The one with the S-class beauties!”
“Oh right, the ones getting attention in class now…”
“Why do you make it sound so unrelated?”
“Because it really doesn’t relate to me. I have no interest.”
“Huh, you’re kidding…”
Rather than shocked, Kazumiya narrowed his eyes as if drawing back.
Any guy would want to get close with beautiful girls.
Even if they casually say “I’m not interested,” in reality, it’s often those guys who are secretly very interested.
But after hearing my tone and emotionless voice, Kazumiya seemed convinced I genuinely meant what I said.
He could only hang his mouth open.
“…I think I understand why Akazaki is left alone with no presence now.”
Kazumiya held his head in amazed exasperation.
Because I deliberately act to make that happen, of course that’s how it turned out.
In reality, he was right, but to not reveal what I truly feel, I changed the subject.
“But you know, I did hear about it. Something about a destined encounter, right?”
“Yeah, the story about Himekawa san having a romantic encounter. Man, her partner is so enviable!”
After chatting pleasantly while chuckling for a bit, Kazumiya then cleared his throat. “But you know…”
“I heard Ms. Himekawa has a strict family. I’m really looking forward to how things will develop from here on.”
“Is that so.”
I did hear the talk about arranged marriage or something, but since I felt it was completely unrelated to me, I didn’t show any sign of particularly caring about it and gave an ambiguous response.
“Pfft, even though it’s such big news that most guys in class would be scared stiff, you really can stay disinterested huh, Akazaki.”
Even though I tried not to show it on my face, looks like I was seen through.
The reason I was listening to the talk about the S-Class beauties was because the content was similar to something I had experienced, not because I was interested in those girls themselves.
“…But you know, you should at least know the basics about those S-Class girls.”
“Is that how it is?”
I made a questioning expression, and Kazumiya nodded many times while crossing his arms.
“That’s how it is. Or else you can’t make friends and stuff. Well, Akazaki might be a special case, but you should still take some interest.”
“…Then shouldn’t you take the initiative to approach them instead?”
Kazumiya gave a wry smile as he waved his hands in refusal to my extremely obvious opinion.
“Impossible… it’s scary enough that even going near them is difficult!”
And then, Kazumiya continued.
“Aside from Ms. Himekawa, I heard Ms. Takamori and Ms. Hinode also seem to have guys they’re interested in. Well, they’re just rumors so I don’t actually know…”
Indeed, there were whispers floating around class that Yuna and Rin, two of the S-Class beauties, have “guys they’re interested in.” However, since those two get countless confessions, it was conjectured that they might just be saying that as a guy repellant. The truth of the matter was unclear.
“So yeah, that’s what it is. Anyway, what I want to say is, you should take at least a little more interest in class.”
“I’ll take that to heart.”
“Yeah, make sure you do!”
After butting in a bit, when Kazumiya finished lecturing me, I once again rested my head on the desk.
(In the first place, there’s no way I’d have anything to do with girls called S-Class beauties or whatever.)
While thinking so to myself, I immediately gave up thinking any further.

That day after school.
Having smoothly finished classes, I was on my way home alone.
“I’m home…”
Upon entering the house, I mutter so despite no one being home.
As a high school first-year living alone since this year, there were no other residents aside from myself at home, but somehow it had become my habit to greet like this.
I felt a little lonely without hearing the halfhearted “Welcome back~” I often did back home from my younger sister.
I have a sister one year younger than me. She’s cheeky and annoying but I feel a little down when she’s not around.
But I digress.
After changing clothes and relaxing, I check my SNS account.
There was one new message so I exchanged messages with that person.

Nayu: Hey, have you read that shoujo manga I recommended, Haru?
Haru: Yeah, I read it. It was really interesting.

After sending my reply, I unintentionally loosen my cheeks a little.
While I’m always alone at school, through SNS I have comrades I can talk to about my hobbies.
On a whim, I recalled how I met my shoujo manga loving comrade [Nayu].

My encounter with Nayu goes back about two months.
At that time, having just finished taking high school entrance exams, as a reward for getting through the exam studies, I diligently read shoujo manga, one of my few hobbies.
Reading books after long exhausting exam studies felt supremely comforting.
For most people, once suppressed urges explode the moment they are released. I was no exception.
I held back until exam studies ended, and now I digested the shoujo manga I had stocked up and posted impressions on SNS.
That became my routine.
The reason I posted impressions on SNS was because I wanted comrades to discuss impressions with.
Around this time, I didn’t interact much with others so even though I read interesting shoujo manga, I had no comrades to share with and discuss them.
Due to that frustration of having no one to discuss with, I created an SNS account to post impressions.
I named it [Haru] taking part of my real name [Haruya].
I didn’t actually expect to get replies to my impression posts. It was just to get out feelings I couldn’t contain, to the extent of venting them. But…
Turning points come suddenly I guess.
I read interesting shoujo manga and posted impressions of them.
It happened one day while I was going through that routine. My impressions section was colored.
[Sorry for the first reply. That manga is interesting, isn’t it. I totally get it. The subject is kinda minor but that’s exactly why it’s good and… Haru, you have good taste!]
A comrade sympathizing with my impressions appeared.
Their account name was [Nayu].
In excitement and delight that a comrade had appeared, I immediately replied back, and from then on Nayu also showed sympathy by replying to my other posts.
Through our exchanges, we gradually realized our tastes matched in shoujo manga story developments and genres, bringing Haru and Nayu closer over SNS.
We started conversing more personally, and even found out we live near each other.
Now, while keeping private talks to a suitable degree, we recommend each other shoujo manga and sometimes meet up to talk about impressions face to face.
That’s how we built our relationship.

Nayu: Hey, are you listening? Haru?
Nayu: Helloooo, I know you’ve read it.
Haru:…Sorry, I was lost in thought.

Noticing I hadn’t to reply from Nayu, I hurriedly replied back.
I obviously couldn’t say I was reminiscing about how we met, so I could only ambiguously gloss over it.
Even though it’s through a screen, I can vividly imagine her puffing her cheeks sullenly.
Unintentionally, I smiled wryly there and, as if to change the subject, I started the conversation.

Haru: Speaking of which, something amazing happened today, want to hear it?
Nayu: What, amazing thing…?
Haru: Actually, there was an incredible talk in class today.
Nayu: Oh really, what talk?

After confirming she showed interest, I promptly started sharing the story.
What I talked about with her was a female classmate who got helped by a guy when getting hit on.
Having just yesterday experienced a similar thing myself, coincidentally saving a beauty from a pick up artist, the talk about my female classmate left an impression.
Although, up until now I had convinced myself pick up artists were fictional, so that might also be related to why it made such a strong impression.
When I finished telling that story, she immediately replied back.

Nayu: Pick up artists themselves are pretty common but… this surprised me.
Haru: Hmm? What surprised you?
Nayu: Actually, I heard a similar story from a friend today too.
Haru: Oh really, is that so.
Nayu: Yeah, so it’s an amazing coincidence.
Haru: Maybe pick up artists are more commonplace than I thought.
Nayu: Yeah, seems like it.

─And at that point, when the conversation naturally hit a stopping point, I put a good mark on her last message.
Just as I try to put away my phone thinking our talk had ended, a notification immediately comes to my phone.
As expected, it was from Nayu.

Nayu: Hey, don’t suddenly end the conversation.
Haru: Sorry, was there something else?
Nayu: …What do you think was the purpose behind contacting today?

I’m asked a question in return.
Her fed up expression transmitted over vividly.
Apprehensively, seeming apologetic, I replied back to Nayu.

Haru: To talk about impressions of shoujo manga… right?
Nayu: Yes. So, come on, you know… that.
Haru: That?
Nayu: Yes, that.

Even though she says “that,” I was completely drawing a blank.
As if she lost patience from me taking time to reply, she sent another reply right away.

Nayu: …The offline meeting, the offline meeting.
Haru: Ah, the offline meeting huh.
Nayu: Yes, don’t make me say it. It’s embarrassing!

“Nayu,” feeling embarrassed to meet face-to-face, replied that way.
Haru apologized with a simple “Sorry,” then they proceeded to discuss the specific schedule for the offline meeting with Nayu.

Nayu: How about next weekend? Are you free?
Haru: Yeah, I’m free, so it works for me.
Nayu: Alright then, let’s aim for next week. Haru-san, make sure to find some interesting shoujo manga during that time, okay?
Haru: Got it.

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