Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 14

At last, the dream becomes reality.

On the other hand, among the pirates, in the current space, there remained an aged destroyer serving as a sacrifice and a space frigate, the [Butcher], left behind to bring back comrades from the aging destroyer.
Currently, the only ship in this combat-ready space under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard is [Akkeshi], and barely within the observable range, there’s the flagship [Mashu] of the same Third Patrol Squadron.
As for the enemy pirates, they have two ships left: the aged destroyer [Hound Dog] and the space frigate [Butcher], which is far newer and more high-performance compared to any ship in the Coast Guard, belonging to the same generation as the latest ships in the space force.
The Coast Guard and pirates had both promptly fled this space.
In the pirate frigate [Butcher], seeing the situation, they wavered on what to do.
“Captain, whaddya wanna do? Can’t exactly follow Oyaji’s plan.”
“Yeah, didn’t expect them all to flee. Can we leave now too?”
“Captain, hang on a sec!”
“They’re coming to board us! One landing craft inbound!”
“They saw through our intentions huh. Can’t be helped. We’ll have to scrap Oyaji’s plan and meet their boarding.”
“Still not sure which ship they’ll board.”
“It’s simple. If we leave here, they can only board that destroyer. Once decided, they’ll head that way. You guys withdraw and watch.”
“Aye aye, godspeed Captain.”
“It’s just one tiny landing craft. Combined we’ve got a hundred here right? We’ve got overwhelming numbers. If needed, wreck their ship. I can finally cut loose after so long.”
“Yes, sir. Only regret is it’s our own ship right? Wish we could cut loose boarding them instead. But I’ll be content as long as I can cut loose.”
“Me too. Alright, let’s do this!”

“Captain, the pirates are leaving, abandoning the space destroyer. Your orders?”
“Nothing we can do. Our target was that space destroyer from the start. We just follow orders and board.”
Maria skillfully piloted the landing craft closer to the clearly decrepit destroyer.
“Maria, you’ve got it. Stick us by the rear hatch. First occupation target is the rear hangar.”
Apparently the Coast Guard Inspections have theories too.
I hadn’t learned any of this at the academy, so I obediently followed Meyrica’s instructions.
Though I bore responsibility, experience differences couldn’t be erased.
I just had to be prepared to take any punishment if problems occurred.
At this rate though, things seemed to be going my way.
I couldn’t miss this chance.


…Come to think of it, someone told me the same thing long ago.
Oh right, I remember now.
it was in that line Tet-chan told me when I got rejected.
Did I recall the story of how I ended up dying right before my death?
Was that lucky or unlucky?
As I got lost in delusions, Meyrica called out to me.
“Captain, matching target velocity. It’ll shake heavily so brace for impact.”
“O-okay. Thanks for the report.”
Right after, a moderately strong shock hit the entire ship.
“Matched velocity.”
“Hatch open. All hands disembark.”
Meyrica’s voice echoed through.
It sounded like she was also quite tense.
But it’s strange there’s also someone completely lacking any tension.
“Everyone in my platoon don’t forget your [Sunflower Mk. 3]s And spare ammo too.”
“Oh, right, we can use them here. Maria, I’m really counting on you all this time. Kate, take your platoon to secure the vicinity.”
“Sis. Entry point located. Opening airlock.”
“Dominic, watch Lainey’s back. Kate, take your platoon with you to make entry.”
“””Yes ma’am!”””
“Captain, you’re clear.”
“Got it. Let’s go too.”
Right after the airlock opened, the ship’s air started rapidly flowing out into space, blowing all sorts of debris towards us.
We advanced while maintaining vigilance amidst this.
There was no way it was unmanned, so we’d run into pirates somewhere, but ideally we wanted to find them in a location advantageous for us.
The order came from Kate at the head of the group.
I hurried to her side to check things out.
Seeing me, Kate started explaining the situation.
“The hangar’s just past here, and there’s definitely people. Quite a lot too.”
“What’s your estimate on the numbers?”
“At least fifty I’d say. No, maybe more.”
“We can’t just keep waiting here. At the very least we need to confirm numbers or it’ll be said we didn’t do our job.”
Meyrica, who had followed behind me, snapped at that.
Kate and Lainey were guarding around the hangar entrance.
“No visible enemies around entrance.”
Upon hearing that, Ms. Meyrica and I cautiously entered the storage room.
Immediately afterward, we spotted pirates.
They had indeed set up an ambush.
I quietly analyzed the current situation.
There were easily a hundred pirates about twenty meters in front of us.
Truly a desperate situation.
Already, I was internally ecstatic.
This was precisely the moment I had desired.
I immediately raised my voice.
“Run! Don’t worry about me, leave this to me and go ahead!”
In the eagerly awaited moment, I couldn’t help but shout.
“I’ll handle this. Just the rest of you, survive and go back. This is my command. Now, go!”
I quickly ordered my subordinates to leave this place.
The significantly exaggerated chuunibyou (adolescent delusions of grandeur) within me whispered.
“Heh, it’s decided. Truly the perfect moment. This is what a hero is all about. Protecting subordinates with your life. This is the ultimate way for a man to die. Hehehe…”
I immediately ordered my subordinates to leave this place.
The lines I spoke were one of the phrases I had thought of in a collection of lines I had considered for over a year.
In the current situation, it was the best-case scenario I had longed for.

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