Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 6

“Yes, I will get in your way. I was listening to what you wanted to say but… It seems you are mainly trying to destroy the unity of this class, using the fact that we had an expulsion as a trigger.”
She’s probably off base.
But even if she’s wrong, if Asahina-san herself shows any doubt in this classroom full of suspicion, the doubts of the whole class will turn to me simultaneously.
And what awaits is a world without weakness.
In other words, my expulsion.
“…Amamori-kun. Though I haven’t been able to provide reassurance so far… Let me say this clearly. Please rest assured. You are merely a victim… I absolutely will not allow such groundless accusations, no matter what.”
Asahina-san pierces me with a sharp gaze.
I could just say my usual “Who are you?” but… I’ll give her a little push on the back here.
“I see… At first… I was confused about why I was being suspected, and… froze up. Do I… look like the sort of person who could do something like that to everyone?”
“You don’t look it. Oi, don’t you think suspecting Amamori is going too far? Don’t just get swept along.”
Following my voice, the male student reigning at the pinnacle of the class hierarchy continued.
The boy with the short hair and sharp eyes. His name–Sakuma Jyunya.
That playboy…the man who completely snatched the position Kirido held, even pushing aside Karasuma. The lump of manliness with an air as if to say ‘Shut up and follow me.’ Member of the baseball club.
That was my classmate, Sakuma.
Since enrolling, he had been absent from school for just over a week with a high fever. But probably, if Sakuma had been there on the first day of school, Kirido wouldn’t have been able to run so rampant.
With his single remark, the suspicions toward me faded from the class. Unable to hide his irritation at that, Netsuhara clicks his tongue, but still walks this way… Or so I thought, but
“Tch…lost my drive. I’m not used to this whole criminal search thing.”
Saying that, he scratches his head and obediently starts walking toward the entrance.
…At that time, our eyes met for an instant.
What was reflected in his eyes was probably disappointment… The groundless assumption of ‘As expected, it’s not you huh.’ I avert my gaze from him.
Then completely losing interest in me, the guy deeply inhales before saying loudly enough for the whole class to hear.
“Welp, rather than searching for criminals, crushing the whole damn class suits me better! Hahahahahaha!”
Several people glanced at him, their shoulders tensing.
After all, what resided in those eyes was a profound madness.
Without reason, without evidence, yet with unwavering confidence.
There was no way he could fail, no way he could lose.
Such baseless, unfounded, and blind self-assuredness. In other words, madness.
It was eerie.
The classmates felt a sense of dread.
“So, yeah. If any of you happen to figure out who the culprit is, come let me know, okay? Then, the class… At the very least, I’ll make sure to help that person! Hahahaha!”
And with that, the man walked away.
I just silently watched his retreating back… However.


“That shithead bastarrrrrd!”
As expected, Kurashiki Hotaru was raging.
No curses on those who don’t touch gods. I’m engrossed in reading, and what do you know. Even though I haven’t touched her, for some reason the god came to me.
“Oi! Aren’t you pissed after the stuff that guy said!?”
“Calm down a bit… If you’re dissatisfied, I’ll be sure to make an [opportunity].”
We’re in the classroom I borrowed. Thanks to my accomplice’s abilities, this room is perfectly protected from eavesdropping and such. That’s why we can speak freely like this.
“But those who immediately resort to violence are generally troublesome. Thorough violence can only be stopped with more violence after all.”
Take Kirido for example. Well, since his violence wasn’t thorough, there are countless ways to deal with him. But Netsuhara is probably different. For some reason I’m convinced of that.
Just observing from the classroom for a short time, he’s strong.
In pure combat ability, comparable to Asahina-san… Might be overstating it, but at least his eyes are those of someone convinced they can defeat us.
Now then, how much should I intervene against Netsuhara who has started moving…
While thinking about that, Kurashiki looks at me with an indescribable expression.
“…You won’t say you can’t do it, right?”


I tilt my head, not understanding Kurashiki’s words.
Washing dishes. That act is troublesome yet simple.
In terms of feeling, dealing with Netsuhara now is similar to crushing Kirido before.
Troublesome but not to the point of being unable to handle.
“Of course, I haven’t considered whether I can defeat him or not.”
No matter what moves he makes, I can respond and would normally win.
If I as Amamori Yuuto think I could absolutely defeat Netsuhara, then Netsuhara cannot defeat me. Since I think that way, Netsuhara cannot win against me. So I’m considering what comes after that.
“The issue is how to connect things going forward. I do think I should encourage Class C’s growth but…”
“Eww, disgustingly condescending.”
Contrary to her words, she was smiling very happily.
“…By the way, what’s the easiest way to crush Netsuhara?”
“Unfortunately, I won’t take that method. I want to move as little as possible.”
“So in other words, it’d be instant kill if you made a move huh…”
Kurashiki looks fed up, as if to say ‘Obviously.’
She deeply exhales and sits back in the chair, then crosses her arms and looks up at me.
“So, whatcha gonna do? Should just crush guys like him quickly right? That’s the limit.”
“Well… you have a point. Depending on his actions, Class C could suffer devastating harm too. But…”
I return my gaze to Kurashiki.
As she tilts her head curiously, I speak.
“Still, I’ll leave this matter to Asahina. Kirido went too far so I crushed him, but if we make every move, Asahina’s accumulated achievements from now on will be diminished.”
“Oh… I see that line of thinking.”
In other words, proactive versus dependent on others.
Kurashiki is the ‘Just [do it yourself] and quickly crush any troublesome guys’ type.
On the other hand, I’m the ‘Have them [take care of] troublesome issues, and make use of their growth’ type.
The end result of crushing them is the same.
I’m just considering how to connect the events after that.
“Certainly… When you put it that way, they’re gonna be crushed anyway so it’d be a waste if they didn’t amount to something. Retiring undefeated is kinda sad huh.”
That’s right. Now that I think about it, I really did Kirido wrong.
He probably had a better way to go out too.
I should have wrung him completely dry, sucked him down to a dry husk, then thrown him away.
I’ll learn from that mistake this time, and completely utilize Netsuhara’s malice.
If he’s going to be crushed anyway, let him be crushed by Asahina Kasumi. And use that as her track record to raise Asahina’s fame—that’s the first choice. However, that Asahina-san has issues too.
Frankly, right now she is too weak. Lacking any threat despite her speed.
In combat strength…and other aspects like intellect too.
Above all, Asahina Kasumi appears mentally fragile.
She won’t be able to endure the ‘battles’ to come unless she grows more.
Well, that’s not just limited to Asahina alone.
“Well, that’s how it is. Once you understand, think up a plan to sic Asahina-san on him. You’re in charge of the surface-level progression.”
“Man, you gave me a pain-in-the-ass role.”
Even as she complains, her eyes are blazing.
She’s probably thinking up ways to mess with Netsuhara.
Glancing at her figure, I return my gaze to the light novel I had been reading.
Now then, leaving Netsuhara to Asahina-san and Kurashiki.
If everything goes well, I can get started on another issue without worries.
But what if Netsuhara turns out to be the type of guy who exceeds Asahina and Kurashiki’s expectations?
“…Ah, what a pain.”
I mutter and lightly scratch my head.


The next week after the weekend, Monday.
That day was the lift of the ban on Duel Requests.
Most students probably won’t have many chances to use Duel Requests much.
I also don’t foresee having almost any chances to use it.
That’s why I didn’t consider it very important.
At least, not until this moment.
“A ‘Duel Request.'”
Before homeroom started.
When everyone had gathered in class, 15 minutes before the bell.
Netsuhara, appearing no different than last week, stated that as if it were natural.
“Didn’t hear me, you earwax-clogged morons? I’m pickin’ a fight.”
Ooh boy, this guy’s still talking to Kurashiki-san so rudely.
Kurashiki, who just went “…Um” in response, has tightened up.
I can’t even imagine how much rage is burning inside her without my head starting to hurt.
“First year, Class A, Netsuhara Nagashi. …You’ve come again huh. What a guy with nothing better to do.”
“Hah? Oh…yeah, there was a mountain boss wannabe mob character from Class C huh. At the point you’ve become the successor to some instant kill small fry named Kirido, I know your level. Shut it.”
Our boss, Sakuma, said that sarcastically.
Even though Netsuhara responded with 100% malice, I feel like Sakuma is also about to snap. This must be what they call a hair trigger situation.

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