Two Childhood Friends Chapter 22

Chapter 22. Oh, my……

“Now then, what do you think? The audience is just our classmates, so it’s small scale. But the info of me beating you will spread to other classes. Meaning, I’m the superior man.”

Kotaro Hakuhou spoke to Yoshihito with an air of superiority.

He no longer considered even the slightest possibility of losing.

He could only envision the aftermath of defeating the man before him and gaining fame.

And while he was certainly arrogant, it wasn’t baseless delusion.

After all, Kotaro was the child of the Hakuhou family, one of the seven heroic families.

While ordinary people only find out if they have powers with the special ability exam they undergo near middle school graduation, Kotaro had taken the exam at an even younger age and trained since then.

There was no way he could lose to someone who had only recently awakened their power.

“I see. But determining human worth through combat ability seems questionable to me…(What’s with this guy. In the end he just wants the girls’ attention over me. Let me make this clear: the rich, easy, girly students are mine.)”

[That’s an unbelievably scummy remark…]

While seeming to worry for Kotaro, Yoshihito thoroughly looked down on him. He could easily multitask like that.

He had no intention of relinquishing the classmates who would support him, even if Kotaro took the rest.

“Just being strong and expecting our female classmates to like you for that alone is an insult to them. I ask that you correct yourself.”

Yoshihito said sharply.

It wasn’t like Kotaro had actually insulted their classmates.

But with Yoshihito phrasing it that way, it did kinda feel like that to them. The classmates listening felt Yoshihito was protecting them, and that Kotaro looked down on them.

It is a manipulation of impression.

“(Kyaa. Aww, really Hakuhou-kun, you’re so lame ……)”

This man would never forgive being made light of or scorned, yet he still held a favorable impression of Kotaro.

He’d definitely make chances to lower Kotaro’s reputation and raise his own.

And take Kirako off his hands.

“(Now this is what I’d call my best friend.)”

[Your criteria for deeming someone your friend is awful.]

Kotaro, arbitrarily designated as Yoshihito best friend. Pitiful.

More so, Yoshihito calling someone he only sees as an accessory to make himself look better his best friend showed how rotten he was to the core.

“Are you ready?”


Urazumi’s voice.

Come to think of it, I had to battle Kotaro now.

Yoshihito was all set to casually raise the white flag and push his childhood friend onto him, but recalling he had gotten caught up in this annoying affair, his impression of Kotaro instantly worsened. He was quite a moody person.

“You seem pumped up, but remember this is just a demonstration. To show what kind of thing special abilities are and how dangerous they can be. Don’t overdo it.”

“Of course. Though the dangerous one is probably just Kuchinasi-kun.”

“(This punk looking down on me? Unforgivable…)”

[So prideful!]

Kotaro thought that overwhelming and surpassing Yoshihito here would make more classmates look up to him. And that there was no way he could lose to the man warily watching him.

Yoshihito was seething internally, unable to settle down unless he kicked Kotaro down.

“I’ll teach you what happens when you don’t watch your step.”

“Looking forward to it.”

The two laugh lightly. Truly, worthy rivals.

The female classmates’ hearts race at the masculine exchange. Though one aims to casually raise the flag and push his childhood friend onto the other fast.


And there was a girl who knew that future and could never allow it.

Kirako Kuromitsu is her name.

A girl set on casually finding a convenient man, leisurely mooching off him, and living in luxury.

Her figure was truly one worried for Yoshihito’s sake.

As his childhood friend anxious over him fighting for her sake…

“You absolutely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely have to win, ‘kay!?”


Big mistake.

She was just poking at him.

—— will kill you if you lose easily.

The number of “definitely”s felt like impending punches.

“Yeah, of course. (Uh oh…)”

[Scary…how much she hates Hakuhou-kun…]

The terrified Yoshihito and parasite were on the same wavelength in their reactions at least.

“Ah…well, just don’t overdo it to where I have to write you up. Okay, begin.”

Urazumi seemed reluctant, but was in a slightly better mood since she didn’t have to instruct everything from scratch.

Right after the match start, a light bullet assailed Yoshihito.

It landed slightly off, hitting the ground a small distance away.


He glanced at the point of impact.

The firmly packed earth was gouged out.

That incomprehensible power held such destructive force.

What would happen if it hit a human body?

At worst, it might pulverize bone and destroy organs.

Seeing that, Yoshihito immediately racked his brains and reached an answer in 0.1 seconds.

“(Ah, no good. Can’t win. Gotta run.)”

[So fast!]

“(You fool! It gouged the ground!? Getting hit by an attack like that would definitely kill me! Why can some human gouge the ground in one shot? That’s messed up! I don’t wanna fight a gorilla like that!)”

Strategic retreat.

Though he had been fully intent on raising the white flag and accepting defeat from the start, that moment was rapidly approaching sooner.

“Since I have the advantage of having been exposed to special abilities for a while, I’ll give you a handicap regarding my power.”

As I was thinking about this, Kotaro began talking proudly.

He probably wanted to show off his superior position.

But with a short fuse like Kuchinasi’s, the lead for an explosion was already there, and it ignited.

“My special ability is [Light]. With it, I can gather and attack with light. Isn’t it a power suitable for someone as radiant as me?”

“Oh, it’s beautiful.”

“Heh, you get it, don’t you?”

Basking in the praise from his foe, Kotaro grew even more pleased. However, he was unaware that the ridiculously short fuse, which had been just a few centimeters long to begin with, had already burned out.

“But, it seems like the one wielding it isn’t that great.”


Rather than surrender, it’s better to taunt your opponent first.

This is Kuchinasi’s spirit.

Kotaro’s eyes turned cold in an instant.

There was a strong sense of hostility emanating from him.

As he taunted while trembling, Kuchinasi recalled the advice from Enbi.

“For starters, don’t let the young master think too much. He’s incredibly impatient, you know. He’s intelligent, but just by provoking him a little, you can easily make him lose his cool.”

“If you can still run your mouth, that’s great. It’ll be interesting to see how long you can keep it up!”

Kotaro fired bullets of light from his palm.

The number of shots was tremendous, and the power had increased as well.

Compared to the earlier warning shots, this was on a whole different level.

If you were hit in the wrong place, it would likely be a near-death experience.

“Let’s just have him keep shooting light for now. Special abilities aren’t something that can be used indefinitely, especially for the young master, who doesn’t have much stamina. Let’s have him shoot until he gets tired.”

But what if I gets hurt in the process?

Kuchinasi Yoshihito, a man who knew nothing about fighting and had always skillfully avoided confrontations with his classmates.

He had no confidence in buying time.

However, he had plenty of room to taunt verbally.

“No, no, doesn’t Kuchinasi-kun have an incredibly powerful special ability bordering on cheat-like?”

Even though she was hiding her presence, Enbi had a mischievous smile on her face.

Kuchinasi was beginning to feel like she had sold him out to some extent, but it was for his own good, so he was okay with it.

Of course, he had decided never to trust her as a person.


One of the light bullets finally hit Kuchinasi.

It caused significant damage.

That’s what Kotaro, Urazumi, and their classmates thought.

“(You should kill him already, he’s fine!)”

The only one who didn’t seem to care was Kirako.

Right after it hit, the light bullet dissipated in an instant.

Yes, Kuchinasi’s special ability was formidable— Nullification.

“What the…?”

“(Th… that sound…)”

However, the fear of almost dying didn’t disappear or get nullified.

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