Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 2


Suddenly, the girls who had finished their tests loudly cheered as “moral support for the boys!”

Wondering what was going on, Raze looked over to see the handsome guys covered in sweat, crossing swords.

It was a match between Claude and Ian, the bespectacled boy and the redhead. Claude defended against Ian’s strikes with seamless, beautiful swordsmanship characteristic of a knight.

“Miss Granoli.”


While the female students were absorbed cheering them on, Raze’s turn came.

Raze specialized in mobility. While she preferred close combat fights, she was also capable at long range attacks.

She picked up a small rock that was lying around, cast a body enhancement spell on herself, then, taking aim at the target, did a side throw. To make it more interesting, she activated her specialty magic, granting high speed movement to the rock she threw.

After a delayed dull thunk when the thick target was pierced through,

“I’m done!”

“Wha-, hey wait a sec!”

The rock was so fast Mortens couldn’t even follow its trajectory with his eyes. Flustered, he rushed over to inspect the target.

“Y-you’re kidding, right?! With that tiny rock?”

There was a clean hole perfectly at the center.

What Mortens didn’t know was that the rock, now a speeding bullet under Raze’s throw, hadn’t just pierced the target – it went right through the tree in the mountains behind the training grounds.

Raze didn’t think anything of what she did as such a level of feat was basic for her.

“Did I…miss?”

When she made such an inquiry, Mortens rushed towards her.

“You, what did you just do?”

“Uh…I just threw an enhanced rock with added high speed movement…but…”

Mortens was struck speechless at her nonchalant reply.

While her actions had been simple, the level was just too different.

“I-I see. As expected of the specially admitted student… That’s fine. Thank you.”


Raze obediently nodded with a puzzled expression.

” ‘Master Addis~! Your Highness~! Good luck~! ” “

The number of cheers, which she thought had shrunk, suddenly swelled louder once more.

Looking over, the next ones to cross swords were Reuben and Addis.

“Go easy, okay?”

Addis smiled as he said that, but as someone who practiced solo every morning, his skill was certainly real.

“Come at me seriously, got it?”

Together with Reuben’s words, the two raised their swords.

Both had cast body enhancement magic, unleashing superhuman strikes that crossed blades.

While Claude and Ian’s match was also a sight to behold, these two moved almost like adults.


Raze couldn’t exert her full power at school. To be honest, she was a little envious of them.

(If only they weren’t nobles…I’d have wanted them in the army.)

While anyone would be conscripted regardless of military or knight order in large scale wars, knights were essentially made up of more nobles who usually got less dangerous jobs. Their job was to hunt ferocious beasts and mete out judgment by law rather than plunge into danger to solve problems like the military. In that sense, knights had a different position from more frontline soldiers like Raze.

(Lord Addis is better than I expected, huh.)

Seeing Addis slip and fall to admit defeat, Raze heard Hugo say so from beside her.

(The headmaster…)

When had he appeared at her side like wafting smoke? It was Harrens.

“What do you mean by that?” Raze looked up at him quizzically.

“Watch and see for yourself.”


Raze obediently watched Reuben and Addis cross swords, considering Harrens’ intent.

“I see… You mean Lord Addis?”

“Ha ha. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t make that face.

As expected, being born between the brains of Cyan and the princess known as the “[Impregnable War Maiden]” in the neighboring country, he possessed formidable inherited abilities.

Since magical activation abilities are hereditary, the difference in innate potential is frightening.

“Well, that’s how it is. With that, even if he entered the academy, further growth couldn’t be expected. That’s why, can’t you rely on him?”


Raze looked at Harlance’s face.

“Haha. I can understand what you want to say. Don’t make that face. Originally, he intended to join the knights, but Welrain forcibly enrolled him in the academy. It would be pitiful to keep him too bored, don’t you think?”

She had no knowledge of such things.

Since she was trying to keep her distance from the son of Grim Reaper as much as possible, Raze wanted him not to involve her in such matters.

“I concede.”

There, Addis, who had fallen on his backside, admitted defeat.

“There you go, he lost

Harrens shrugged as if troubled, then called out,

“Professor Hugo.”

Harrens called

“Headmaster. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Seeing Harrens, Hugo’s eyes widened.

While it wasn’t rare for Harrens to observe classes, he seldom directly interfered.

“I want to see a match of Addis and Miss Granoli. That alright? How ’bout it,”


So he was serious about making them duel rather than joking around.

Shocked, Raze turned her gaze to Addis next to her, also looking confused as to why it had come to this.

“That’s fine, but …… “

Why me, his expression seemed to say. He had just lost to Reuben after all – making him suddenly fight a girl when he didn’t understand the reason was surely baffling.

Here Raze wished he would refuse.

“Headmaster, Addis is quite strong compared to Reuben. As for Miss Granoli, she…”

“What, don’t worry. She’s the specially admitted student I scouted, remember? Go easy on her, okay Addis?”

Harrens pushed Raze forward as he said this.

(No no no—)

Just because she was a special admit didn’t mean she could do anything. She wished he wouldn’t make such assumptions.

However, with even Hugo, her lifeline who could have stopped this, backing down after Harrens said as much, Raze soon found herself holding a practice sword.

“Miss Granoli, you understand, right?”



Harrens’ pressure was painful.

In other words, don’t lose. She wanted to complain this was nothing short of power harassment, but unfortunately, no such notion existed in this world.

Reluctantly walking over to the boys, Raze accepted a sword from Hugo.

“Did you say you wanted to do this?”

“Of course not. Why did it turn out like this? Please stop this, Professor Hugo.”

As Raze entreated, Hugo just patted her shoulder.

“It looks fun. No can do. Beat Addis and make him motivated.”

While Hugo didn’t know of Raze’s ability, he seemed to have the same idea.

Raze heaved a sigh and took a two-handed sword stance, thinking that since it had come to this, she may as well get it over with quickly.

(When’s the last time I used a longsword against a person?)

Favoring agility and speed, Raze generally used knives for one-on-one combat. Against magical beasts with their large bodies lumbering about, she would hack at them with a sword. As such, she wasn’t too thrilled to employ this weapon against a human opponent.

(Can I control my strength…?)

Just as Raze looked uncertainly at her sword, Addis showed up before her.

“I’m not too keen on fighting a girl, but are you okay with this?”

I feel like this was the first time he properly spoke to me.

“Well…I guess I’ve got no choice since the headmaster told us to. Thank you for your concern.”

If we were going to do this, then so be it. I steeled myself.

“Please, go ahead.”

Raze lowered the sword and faced opponent before her.


Noticing the change in my aura, Addis’ expression also grew serious.

They moved to a different spot, took our distances, and readied our swords.


In the strange atmosphere, Hugo gave the signal to start.

The first strike. The moment swords clashed, Addis’ let out a shriek.


The frustration on his face multiplied as he was overpowered.

Paying him no mind, Raze continued to push back the sword Addis barely managed to block.

Unlike the knights who showed their opponents grace and sincerity, Raze sword held not a shred of those…


Hearing Hugo call an end to the fight, Raze withdrew the practice sword held to Addis’ neck.

The place, which at some point had attracted everyone’s attention, became deathly still.

She had handicapped herself, using absolutely none of specialty magic, only body enhancement.

“Thank you for the match.”

Unlike when she lost to Reuben, Raze bowed deeply to the dumbfounded Addis.



The girls who watched spectated:

“He still had fatigue left over from the match with Prince Reuben!”

“That was just luck!”

“Lord Addis would never lay his hand on a woman, even if she’s a commoner!”

But Raze left the scene without paying their conversation any heed.

Carne and Folia rushed up to her immediately.

“Raze, amazing!”

“Raze, incredible! You surprised me!”

Glancing at Harrens, slowly nodded once – mission complete, it seemed.

“Thanks. But it was just luck.”

Relieved, Raze answered the two.

(That was a bit too much attention…)

She was able to witness the Grim Reaper lookalike’s shock. An experience she likely wouldn’t get again. Once more, Raze snuck a peek at her defeated opponent.

Without a word, Addis lowered his gaze to his own hands, but–abruptly looked up.

She hastily averted her eyes.

(No…I should have refused the headmaster’s request no matter what…)

She wanted to believe the glint of silver eyes that met hers was just her imagination.

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